Friday, March 17, 2017

Rebellion is as witchcraft

St. Patrick’s Day
    This is a continuation of what happened last summer. I have waited before saying more giving time for things  to restore themselves without undue publicity. They haven’t. Last summer Sr. Mary Judith came home for her home visit. We gave permission for a  French family of five children and one pregnant mother to come along. Sister came home with a soiled habit, unable to speak clearly or logically in English, let alone in French.  She and her friend Madame Margaret Beaudon de Mony Colchen kept talking about that sister can start a new religious order, then go to France and “offer herself as a sacrifice” which will be so much better than teaching school according to Beaudon . Sister would say I am 33 years and you can’t stop me ! Beaudon and Sister began to heavily drink in Saskatoon at her sister’s place and did not stop for the three weeks. It seemed obvious that Beaudon took drugs. We were not allowed to be alone with our daughter for five minutes. Beaudon would be near by for every conversation and would not let any private conversation. Beaudon acted like a controller who would not let her prey go .        
    When I wrote a blog telling people that our daughter is involved in a death cult I was attacked for soiling the reputation of a Noble family which was apparently supposed to be more important than the life of our daughter.  That is still the position of the Beaudon family. Apparently they expect people to kill themselves for their career advancement since our daughter’s death was suppose to help re- establish the monarchy in France and Beaudon would be queen as she and Sister would tell the children.

    Sister was stopped from killing herself . She went to France but Beaudon decided that Sister did not belong there.  Sister in obedience spent five months of discernment in Texas. But Beaudon did not leave her alone for a minute. She constantly kept e- mailing and communicating with her in various ways. We tried to phone the Beaudon home many times and wrote two letters to the family at their Austin address. Our calls are immediately blocked so that we can’t even leave a message.

    Sister said “I am still confused about what happened this summer.”  Her Dad immediately wrote a letter explaining a few of the things that she had done. I also wrote three letters to her Illinois address. To this day she has not even opened the letters. When we mention that she was trying to kill herself she immedately says “ I was not.” yet she can’t remember what  she did this summer, although she remembers that I taught the girl to read and advanced the reading levels of the others.

    Although Sister’s job in the Austin Catholic school system remained open to her she.  that has slammed  doors to us and to others. At times she seems very proud of the many people that she has hurt.   She still seems under the control of Madame Beaudon. Her Dad has had visions of Sister with streams of tears down her face. I have had visions of her dressed properly in her full habit determined to do things properly.  In our opinion she was and is incapable of making decisions because she still seems under the demonic control of Beaudon . Beaudon speaks highly of sorcerers who have helped her family. She claims her son was healed by one.  She most certainly does not believe in the sanctity of human life. People in a lower social scale are there to be used for her benefit.  To quote a priest exorcist last summer: “ She is a very dangerous woman” and our daughter continues to be under her  control. Gay