Thursday, February 20, 2020

Where is Gay? She's on

John and Gay now have a  video blog  that features a chapter of  Holy Scripture read and a comment on current trends  and history. Please come and visit  us on

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tales from the White house part 4

This is last in the 4 part series. You will hear about Christmas concerts, Christmas at home,and proper education. The story of the chief engineer for the Canadarm and other fascinating facts are told to you by Mrs. Gay Caswell. There are historic pictures to fill out the story in this presentation put together by Mr. John Caswell. Please let us know how you like this series Our phone is 3067582041, email is

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tales from the White house part 3

This is the third in the four part series Tales from the White house. 
narrated by Gay Caswell formerly Gay White. Produced by John Caswell who appreciates practicing using Videopad for combining pictures with the voice track.  Check out the other two and watch for part four. which hopefully will be more polished.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Tales from the White house part 2

This is the second of a series of 4 of recollections by Gay Caswell  formerly
 Gay White of growing up in near Girvin and Davidson Saskatchewan. John her husband helped get these productions ready. We hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Friday, October 11, 2019

The Choice is Life or Death!

 Oct. 11,2019

    Canada is facing a choice that has never been clearer. It is the same one that is presented to the Israelites as written in the book of Joshua.  Choose ye this day whom you shall serve----- death or life Joshua 23:15. Jacques Cartier made the choice for Canada in 1534. He landed on the shore of the Saint Laurence . He erected a cross and carved the words FOR GOD AND KING. He named the new country New France. . At least since 1604 when de Champlain came this county has been called  by the Indian name CANADA. The historic Christian History  of Canada is everybody’s history.  The history of Quebec is incomplete without the Cross. The history of Canada is incomplete without Quebec.  That secular history is not history but a lie and merely propaganda for a secular and socialist state.
    For generations French Canadians understood the logical political home for  their province was the Conservative Party because they wanted to conserve who they were and who they are.

    The Bloc Quebecois  has foreign  roots  in Communism, Secularism and against family and against life. The Bloc is against home. The language may be French,  or it may be English but it still is the Culture of Death. Everything that is wrong with The Liberals, The Green Party, The NDP is wrong with The Blo.

They are all part of The Culture of Death
 1. They are for abortion,, euthanasia, assisted suicide.

 2 . They are for the legalisation of drugs , including marijuana   The Liberals have said they will legalise all drugs eventually . So far the NDP , Green Party have made no statement against that. 
3. They are against development  They prefer  tragedies like Lac Megantic, Quebec rather than safe pipelines to haul fuel. They prefer Canada to be dependant on foreign oil instead of our domestic sources that we can control.

    Only one party is allows Life , freedom of conscience, freedom of the media, freedom of religion, including freedom to choose the Catholic Faith in her entirety while not infringing the right of other Christian expressions and non- violent religions. Choosing life in 2019, Oct.21 is voting for the guy who is for you. Andrew SCHEER , The. Conservative    Gay

Tuesday, October 8, 2019



    THE GLOBE AND MAIL is one of Canada’s oldest newspapers . It was founded by George Brown, one of the leading Fathers of Confederation. It has always been Liberal in opinion. In recent years there has been a decided shift to the Left. However when Trudeau was handing out millions to buy friends who would protect him, THE GLOBE AND MAIL refused the money.  Now this rebellion from The Establishment continues. The editor has an  article concerning Trudeau’s activities at West Point Grey Academy . Trudeau got an injunction to stop the story from appearing on Oct.07 as publicly planned. Now whatever The G&M is or isn’t it knows the libel laws of Canada.. If they have a story it is well within the safety of the law. But Trudeau can get an injunction to stop the story from being printed. Since when is the court’s business to protect politicians from bad press?  The court’s job is to defend the truth. The courts also have the obligation to protect the most vulnerable such as children , especially in a situation away from their parents . Especially where attendance is mandatory such as compulsory school attendance.

    While doing research for this series of blogs I have been forced to expand my vocabulary to such words as groper and to see pictures that are at best suggestive to down right pornographic.                               
    We see children in a classroom with a man wearing a kilt exposing his legs to a swimming trunks level. Kilts are traditionally just above the calf meeting the socks.   The public deserves to know what Trudeau was doing in these pictures?  And to whom? There is enough evidence to launch an inquiry with police involved.  There is also enough evidence that Trudeau with the help of the courts obstructing justice. Again.

    The BUFFALO CHRONICLE of New York, U.S.A. printed an article on Oct. 7, 2019 that raises a number of questions.. It’s a good read. Obviously THE G&M has more facts or Trudeau wouldn’t have bothered getting an injunction.  If THE G& M has lost their freedom of the press , then we have lost our freedom of the press and our freedom of the right to know what our elected politicians are doing.

     The Trudeau era, son and father has been  marked by bullying. They have bullied us to accept orders - in-council, legislation without debate , suppression of the true nature of foreign affairs policies and above all we are not allowed to hear anything of the true nature of their immoral lifestyle including possible Child Abuse . Canadians are finished with being bullied by the Liberal Courts . Gay