Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hood Robbin: How Justin steals from the poor to give to the rich.

Jan.19, 2017
Epiphany for the Ukrainians

     Robin Hood, at the time of the civil war between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in England had a band of merry men who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Our Prime Minister has a band of merry persons who steal from the poor to give to the rich.  They do not wear linden green as camouflage in the forest but prefer private tropical islands in Nassau. 
     After the exposure that Justin Trudeau and his family has taken ten holidays out of the country in his first year of office he must have felt rather peckish . After all he is not used to being criticized or made accountable . Therefor he decided to take a holiday at New Years to Nassau to visit his, according to him, very old bud who is a long time family friend , the Agha Khan , the spiritual head of a Muslim sect.

    Well it wasn’t really a holiday but according to him a working holiday. That is why the party flew a government plane to this Caribbean paradise and included the Liberal Party President . .  Psst. The Liberal Party really isn’t a branch of government. Perhaps she was included as a reward because in the Lethbridge by- election the Liberals got 23 per- cent of the vote.  They landed in Nassau then took the Agha’s private helicopter to the Agha’s private island.

    The Agha is a philanthropist. That means that he is rich and gives a lot of money away, to what he deems,  worthy causes. Justin therefore gave this rich man $45 million of Canadian tax payer money. This incidentally, coincided with the arrival of Trudeau’s carbon tax. As stated in the PA Co-op a man had an 80 dollar fuel bill which jumped to $120 after Trudeau’s carbon tax and Premier Rachel’s carbon tax.
    There is a tax on the man’s truck, and every piece on farm machinery . There is no tax to the Agha’s helicopter or on the government jet liner.  If you’re rich and are an Agha you don’t pay carbon taxes .  The ten international holiday plus this one are fueled  by air, as Trudeau apparently believes or are fueled by the Canadian tax payer which according to Justin is the same thing.

    Canadians have a $110 billion  projected deficit that Trudeau created after the Tories had a balanced budget.  It would seem this is not the time to give away $45 million dollars to a rich man even if he throws a good party. It would seem that there are people who need the money more. Why not give to St. Theresa of Calcutta’ sisters while they work among the poor including in northern Alberta? Or to the Mennonite Central Committee people who risk their lives helping people fleeing Muslim terrorists in Syria?

    Oh, Justin and party prefer the Agha’s spread over a bowl of cracked wheat in a Calcutta slum? Or refugee camp rice bowl?

    Just to keep the Agha party going Justin has promised another $55 million of Canadian money in 2020. He won’t even be in office then.  Gay

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Quebec Health Plan:Rob and Kill

Jan. 10, 2017               
    While watching one of many short documentaries on George Soros I saw familiar footage of Jews lying on the grass after being stripped of their possessions and then shot. The documentary explained that George Soros while a boy of 14 posed as a non- Jew to deliver notices  to confiscate Jewish property before they were shipped away to be killed. It struck me this is like the Quebec Health Care Plan of today.

1.Quebec Health makes well to do people wards of the state. In this case our nephew then 30 was declared schizophrenic after his father died in2004. We went to Quebec to the province’s Supreme Court . The law clearly stated that the person to be considered to be confiscated as state property was to be brought before the Judge. Our nephew was not in court nor have we ever been allowed to see him.

2. When we arrived back in Saskatchewan in the mail was  letter dated BEFORE  our court appearance and stated that the Public Curator had made our nephew a Person in Need of Protection .  We are named as my brother’s heir and responsible for his son as much as he needs help.

3. The Quebec law states that a decision of the Court makes any will null and void after a person is declared public property and all assets are confiscated. There is no compelling reason to help make someone well and independent but a great incentive to make or pretend to make a person sick and independent.

4. Our nephew has sent us a picture the first page of the will which verifies what the social work has told us when she phoned us in Brabant Lake, with a last name other than my brother’s. Our nephew has also sent us financial statements, photos of bank and credit cards and other documents. The assets would be at least around 2.5 million.  Our brother knew we were building in northern Saskatchewan and wanted to help us. He also with good reason did not trust his son to Quebec authorities so put him in our care although it would seem with a bit of help this person with at least two years of University could live fully and independently.

5. We know our brother’s lawyer because his name is on legal documents that we were sent. His name is Mr. Stephane La Rose Q. C.. He refuses to deal with us after pressure which includes the public curator’s office sending back our letters to him.

6. We hired a Montreal  legal firm Samuels and Samuels.  They betrayed us, did less than nothing for us and said “ Oh well you didn’t pay us very much.”

7. The nephew is still alive due to our continual contact. If we stop we assume that they will decide that he needs to be euthanised . 

     In court the judge stated that we were treated no differently than any other family. The social worker ( who liked us ) said a lot of families don’t like that we take over their gamily member but then they eventually accept it.

    They accept it like the Jews accepted being robbed by the Nazis. They had no choice.
    By the way my brother’s name was Eric Wallace White. His accomplishments as head of the Canadian Space Agency can be seen on the Canadian Five Dollar bill.   Gay

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

10 reasons why Justin Trudeau must RESIGN NOW

Jan.03,  2017
Feast of the Holy Name

    Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada as a puppet to foreign interests of Canada.  He does not support our democratic institutions. Our heritage, our history our economic interests.  The voters and tax payers of Canada are not his boss. He has other bosses. Ergo , he is the country’s enemy. Here are ten reasons why Justin Trudeau must resign as Prime Minister of Canada NOW.

 I.  Justin Trudeau wants to dissolve Canada into a soup of One World Government ruled by an elite. In short he wants Canada as the Dominion, the Country of Canada to be destroyed.

II. Justin is in the pay and is  loyal to George Soros and his elite. George Soros is a communist aka progressive, socialist, globalist who funds and creates groups that will help bring about a one world government that is anti Christian, anti democratic, and anti Jew .

III. Justin wants the organised killing  of undesirables who are not in his best interests to exist.  His Liberal Party is a tool to rid Canada of the “ useless mouths” and political enemies of his world view.

IV. Justin expects Liberal Party Members to get rid of their own family members who are undesirables through abortion, suicide , and euthanasia . Trusted  Liberals are instructed  to deny pro- life family members access to targetted individuals who are wanted for extermination. Children are expected to help get  rid of their own parents who are guilty of Wrong Thought or are dependent on help from others.

V. Justin gives away Canadian tax payer dollars to countries, groups, individuals without Canadian parliamentary authority, approval or even knowledge. He began this practice BEFORE he was sworn into offivce.

VI. In Justin’s first year of office Canada went from a country with a balanced budget to a country with a $110 billion deficit. He wants Canada bankrupt to make it easier to hand us  over to George Soros and the ONE WORLD ORDER crowd.

VII. .Justin supports the myth of global warming and the fantasy of global warming because Canadians drive trucks and  combines, and feed and water cattle. He wants to grab more taxes to give away more of our money to communist regimes like China.

VIII. Justin aligns Canada against our allies and protects our enemies. He refuses to fight ISIS , which is a proven enemy of Canadians. He refuses to protect Canadians from terrorists inside our borders and wants to open our borders to more terrorists .

 IX. Justin wants free speech for only certain groups of people with certain views and lifestyles. Not only does he want to repress the views of those who support families, Christian morality and the public protection of the Bible, he travels the world at our expense to preach intolerance of Judaeo- Christian morality.

X Justin Trudeau works to pit Canadians against Canadians. He wants to divide us according to our ethnic origins, to put Canadian Indians into a political compound run by people of his choosing making us no longer Canadians but puppets of a One World Government to be eventually exterminated as genetic undesirables or useless  deplorables.    Gay

Friday, December 16, 2016

I Want Harper Back!

Dec. 16. 2016

    Last night I watched a horror movie. Horror movies are not my preferred but John thought this should be educational . It was starring an arrogant double faced, duel citizenship  Liberal called Kevin O’Leary who is toying with the idea of buying the Prime Minister spot in Canada. He is pretending he is a Donald Trump waiting in the wings. He thinks Canada won’t notice that there are a few differences besides the hair.  He says Canadians are great military peacekeepers. That is our role but it doesn’t matter what side we’re on.

    Kevin is trylingual. He speaks French, English and Globalism. Canada doesn’t need an independent foreign policy. We get to be the police man on the block while others get to decide the rules. Are you on the side of ISIS, peaceful Muslims, Israel? Forget it. We’ll be the international bouncers keeping the drinking tidy while others create slaughter houses like Rwanda and Syria.

    Marijuana ? Oh Kevin is very enthusiastic about marijuana. .He wants it legalised to control it.  Really. We’ve lived in northern Saskatchewan where marijuana was made virtually legal by virtue of no prosecutions.  There are  burned out young people who short of a miracle will never hold a job, never get married, never sire a child or become pregnant. They started toking up at 10 years old. Now , Kevin how does one control poison by making it legal?

    Assisted suicide? He said and I quote. “ It’s time to make peace with our seniors.”  We’ve got to make them happy they do in Switzerland. Make our country as a place for death tourism ?  That sounds like the proverbial “ We had to destroy the village to save it. So Kevin wants to make our seniors happy by killing them.

    There’s more but that was more than enough. This person honestly thinks that Canadians can be deceived into voting for him as an alternative to a mindless pot head who has exactly the same views as he, except he claims he can create jobs. What kind of jobs? Efficiently killing the brains and bodies of young people while making seniors happy by happily killing them?

    I want our Prime Minister Stephen Harper back.  The CBC voted against him. George Soros and the Clinton crowd paid the bills for his defeat. Prolifers like Jim Hughs gave the defeat an assist. Campaign Life Coalition put out a newsletter that was mailed three weeks AFTER the election that detailed the sterling pro- life , pro- family record of the Tories.  Prior to the election and in the election time tere were no bill boards, no public pamphlets, no serious pro- life activity . And the Tory advertising campaign? .
Hows this ? “Stephen Harper isn’t perfect but he’s balanced the budget.” That from the Tories!!!

    Well we have a Prime Minister who is perfectly terrible, perfectly irresponsible, perfectly fascist in his idolisation of Fidel Castro. Are the Tory back room boys and girls happy?
    The Patriot Channel has got it right. Andrew Wilkow has stated that it was American help that defeated Harper. It was the same American source when Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State threatened Harper that there would be very serious consequences against the Canadian economy if he continued in his prolife initiatives.
There’s a new crowd in Washington and I want our good, sensible, Christian Stephen Harper back in Ottawa leading the Tory caucus which is full of good sensible pro- life people.  Gay

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lock him up!

Dec.07, 2016

    On Day 85 of the American count down to their election we discovered PATRIOT CHANNEL.  After the Trump Victory we heard that he was president of just the United States of America and not like Obama, President du Monde ( President of the World ) so we relaxed and started checking out what’s happening on the home quarter, that is Canada.

    We discovered THE REBEL Channel and rediscovered Ezra Levant. What fun .  Here is a sample of Levant Rant.  Levant is describing a member of the Establishment Media.
  “He gets out his adult colouring book and stares at a picture of Justin Trudeau until he calms down.”   The description  is perfect.
    Ezra is describing the reaction of the Media- Government Establishment to an anti- carbon tax rally in Alberta where for 20 seconds people chanted ‘Lock her up’about Mrs. Notley NDP Premier of Alberta.
    A bit of history flash back folks. When Papa Trudeau was Prime Minister he drove past some unemployed demonstrators . He rolled down the window and shouted ‘ Mangez la merde!”  ( eat s—). People were incensed that the prime minister would say such a thing to peaceful demonstrators. Now the Prime Minister can do and say anything and the people of Canada especially unemployed westerners are ridiculed, censored and treated with disgust.

      Let’s get the bad guys and the good guys straight. Our Prime Minister just told the
 world that he admires and revers a Communist Dictator. Fidel Casto had turned a sustaining tropical economy to one where doctors have to prostitute themselves to get enough to eat.
Everyone spies on everyone and everyone is afraid of everyone. This tyrant murdered , and terrorized a people for 60 years.  Our Prime Minister puts up this  Castro as a larger than life figure, a role model and is proud to call him a family friend.  This is bad, very bad and very serious.
    Canada has a Prime Minister who admires tyranny and brutal control. This Prime Minister just bought, no competition allowed , a one and a half billion IBM computer . He claims that this would make weather reports more efficient.  We need a one and a half billion dollar improvement on our weather reporting? Or is it a one and a half billion dollar better system to spy, report on and control Canadians?

     To enslave people a tyrant or a tyrannical clique first ridicules and degrades people such as Hitler did to the Jews. You reward others who are willing to despise them.  You treat the despisers as part  of the elite, the in- crowd and the despised as inferior humans who are disposable and an impediment to your lifestyle   Trudeau does this to people who live by Judeo- Christian values, who have to work for a living or are vulnerable such as the aged, the handicapt , the unemployed and of course, the unborn.

    Trudeau has only contempt for Canadians and for Canada. He admires tyrants and wants to be one. That is very bad and very serious. Some people shouting “ lock her up” for a few seconds to a politician who is taking away their jobs is just part of the scenery of a country who is being herself again.   Gay

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Justin Trudeau- Red Diaper Baby

 Nov.30. 2016
St. Andrew’s Feast Day

    Now that Canada’s Prime Minister has got the attention of the world thanks to his faux pas of praising murderous Castro at Castro’s demise , I’ll take the opportunity to give a quicky history of why Canada is killing her own people  and why our Prime Minister praises despots.

    Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson of Canada  was a Communist.  He was part of the Cambridge University  Spy Ring , known as The Cambridge Four but actually the Cambridge Five as astute historians will point out.  Pearson became the leader of a once free enterprise party, The Liberal Party of Canada.  Gouzenko , a clerk in the Soviet embassy of Canada defected bringing  a sheaf of evidence to the OTTAWA CITIZEN into the hands of reporter Paul Jackson.  Gouzenko  shocked America and Canada by naming names, convincing the RCMP and the CIA of deep entry Communist infiltration. Many were not amused at the scrutiny of Senator McCarthy and the Committee of UnAmerican Activity.  McCarthy was vilified, persecuted and dismissed as being on a witch hunt. The epithet McCarthyism was coined and was defined as a person who has an irrational fear of the political left and who smears reasonable people.  The problem was McCarthy and his committee unearthed a lot of Communists who were indeed Communists nd a threat to the Free World.  Here is one example:
    Herbert Norman was Pearson’s choice in External Affairs for what is known as the Suez Canal Crisis.  Washington was not pleased to have a person with known Communist connections in such a sensitive position.  They objected.  Norman was upset about the alleged smear campaign against him. He supposedly killed himself because  his reputation was tarnished and he could not prove his innocence .   In reality Norman was indeed a Communist taking orders from Communist Pearson who was controlled by the Soviet Communists for their interests. In reality Norman was pushed from a building in Cairo, Egypt by the Communists because they feared he would be exposed as their agent.

    There is considerable evidence that Norman’s spying helped bring about the Korean War . He stated that Washington would probably let Korea go Communist . Thus the Soviet Union believed that Korea could be taken. 

    Pearson recruited Socialists Marc Lalonde, Jean Chretien , and Pierre Trudeau into the Liberal Party. None of them were members of the Liberal Party at the time. Pierre Trudeau had a magazine CITE LIBRE , which was communistic . His left views were so extreme  that the Quebec NDP rejected him as a candidate.  Marc Lalonde becama Minister of Health and advanced abortion even for the to the purpose of fetal experimention. Chretien became Minister of Indian Affairs and other portfolios.  Pierre Trudeau, without being elected became Minister of Justice.  It is very unusual in Canadian politics to have a cabinet minister  who is not elected to any seat in Parliament.

    P. Trudeau quickly did some house keeping, destroying all the Gouzenko papers and the files on P. Trudeau. In the Liberal Leadership race Trudeau styled himself as the young and cool choice by lying about his age. When he became leader more than one delegate knew that they had lost their party to the Left.

    Trudeau talked about turning the direction of the  Ship of State just a few degrees left so eventually the course of Canada would be greatly changed.  He nationalised as much as he dared. He attacked provincial jurisdiction , thus flouting the British North America Act. He diminished and demoralised the military.  He flagrantly aligned himself with Communist regimes such as Cuba ,the Soviet Union and Red China. Castro was an old school buddy and long time family friend .

         Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  son of Pierre,  was what is known as a Red Diaper Baby . He grew up in the Communist Faith and in the practice of abusing the Catholic Faith to gain political power. What Prime Minister Justin said in his eulogy of Fidel Castroo was not  just the result of toking up too much but reflected the family tradition of despising Canada and praising Comunist regimes.

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's time for Justin to go.


    Justin Trudeau , Prime Minister of Canada hates Canada and virtually everything about Canada. He hates democracy and parliamentary procedure.  He has proven that, by pushing through the legalised  Murder Bill after a few hours of debate.  He believes that the purpose of Parliament is to rubber- stamp the knee- jerk machinations of nine appointed Justices of the Supreme Court. He hates Life, preferring instead Death especially the death of the unborn, the sick, the elderly , the handicapt.  It disturbs him that this huge, vastly underpopulated country doesn’t have more abortions. He insists that the killing should be increased everywhere especially in provinces which have driven out abortion.

    Now he has reminded us that he loves cruel dictatorships like his father did before him.
    Fidel Castro, a dictator of fifty seven years has died a few days ago. Castro turned a tropical paradise where everyone could at least feed himself and his family to one in which there is massive starvation . Women and girls sell their bodies simply to stop from starving to death.  In a climate and land that could support three or four crops a year people  beg tourists for the chicken bones off the table.

    In July 26 ,1959 Fidel Castro drove into Havana, Cuba’s capital, on a military tank amidst cheers and flag waving.  Around his neck was a crucifix. He used Catholicism to assure the people that he was one of them.  However his true position became apparent. He said : “The Church is the scaffold on which I will build my revolution.”   A scaffold is the structure that is erected  to build something quite different and permanent. Then the scaffold is torn down.  Just so ,Castro pretended to be loyal to the Church to gain power.  Then he attacked the Church , the Catholic people, Catholic schools, Catholic property and Catholic teachings of the Sanctity of Life , respect for justice, and the Conscience of the Individual.  He drove out many priests and imprisoned, tortured and killed others who remained
    Likewise, Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin used and are using Catholicism to attack all that is Catholic, especially the basic Right to Life.

    The Trudeaus are long time cronies of Fidel. In the height of the Cold War with Communism at its most exposed and blatantly ready for world subjection  Pierre Trudeau went on a world hugging Commie tour. Mao Tse Tung, Khrushchev, Castro, he loved them all.  As for Justin , even NDP leader Mulcair couldn’t stomach his loyalty to Red China.

    According to the constitution of Cuba “ the Communist Party is the highest leading force of the society and of the state.”   Castro, Cuba’s communist dictator,  attended the funeral of Pierre Trudeau and his son brags about it.   Justin wrote a  public a eulogy praising  the accomplishments, the family, his brother, everything about the late Fidel.  When the praise of a tyrant is criticised in Canada and the United States Justin defends it with no equivocation..

    On the strength of that letter alone Justin Trudeau should resign from being the Prime minister of a country that he despises . He hates democracy. He loves Communistic dictorships. He hates prosperity. He loves poverty and starvation. He can’t think. He can’t care. He doesn’t see suffering and cruelty. He is a robotic cheer leader for oppression. It is time for Trudeau to go . It is time for Canadians to restore and rebuild Canada to the Christian and democratic  country it once was.  Gay