Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Restore Father Phillips, Now

First Day of Christmas

             Pray for the Persecuted Church as we enjoy the joys, the blessings of these Holy Days.
 Help us always to  oppose any attack on our Faith and Freedom .
 A review : Father Phillips is the founder of the Order of the Canons Regular of st. John Cantius. He restored the Church of St. John Cantius that was scheduled for the wrecking ball in downtown Chicago. The parish was reduced to forty- four members. Today there is at least two thousand.  Already there are twenty- two converts studying to enter into the Church this Easter.
    Last year on Palm Sunday four hench men from the Chancery interrupted the Mass to inform the worshippers that Fr. Phillips can no longer be their Pastor, that he cannot say a public Mass, that he cannot be the head of the order he created and cannot enter the Church that he saved from bing a parking lot.  The congregation fought back. Regular readers of this blog will remember that two people in northern Saskatchewan, Canada also fought back. A few weeks ago the brothers and priests of the Order were informed that they are exonerated in every area, that they may continue with their specific ministry of Restoring the Sacred, that they are free to hold elections for a new head.

    Wait a minute. Fr. Phillips and his order are completely exonerated . No wrong doing has been done by Fr. Phillips. He has broken no criminal, civil or canonical law . So why is he banished to St. Louis, Missouri to a private chapel belonging to another order ? Cardinal Cupich has stated officially that the Canons Regular may continue to be the Canons Regular , practising all their ministries including promoting English and Latin Masses while evangelising Chicago .  So why is Fr. Phillips, their founder exiled?

    The motives of Cardinal Cupich pushing this “ Cruel and Unusual Punishment “ on this man who by his own admission has been declared innocent can only be guessed . His motives are possibly of the darkest violation of the sin of jealousy . The more important issue is when will Fr. Phillips get back his Ship to steer at the Helm as before?  This is blatant religious persecution from within.

     Restore Fr, Phillips to his parish on Carpenter Street , Chicago. Immediately.
Merry Christmas from Canada who owns the North Pole.  Gay

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Look World, No Cane!

Nov.28, 2018

    My husband, John Caswell now walks without a cane. The exact dates and years are blurred .   The events span from 2014 to now.  John was taking more and more Ibuprofin and Motrin. His stiffness in his hip was getting worse. Not surprisingly since those pain killers destroy cartilage . We discovered this from an old magazine dated 2003. The Southend Clinic still  passes out Motrin for everything from boils to severe arthritis . After a 45km trip in a madical taxi, neighbours who can’t walk come back  with Motrin and nothing else.  I hid the Ipubrofin, restricted it, then eventually it went out. We never went shopping without getting Tylenol.  Then John quit the Tylenol habit. For @ years he used no pain killers .  We began with bottles of shark cartilage but due to pressure from any number of people who began a long and insistent campaign that he needed surgery and because they didn’t seem to do anything he resented taking twelve large pills.  At St. Mary’s Church in Saskatoon a fellow stopped him to tell us of the wonders of Newman Grape Juice. At Thompson’s Camps , Otter Lake a fisherman  stopped to tell us of Krill Oil. We’re still using those things.

    For about a year John would sit for hours and  feel sorry for himself. This sitting of course would make it worse.  I got him to his feet . We would move the couch, start saying the Rosary . His hands  would be on my shoulders and I’d walk backwards.  Eventually we’d stop after a decadeand he would take a few steps independently . Then resume again  When he took twelve steps by himself I told everyone in the village.
    We have a Chi machine . He theoretically is to spent the time to stay a rosary for 25 minutes on the machine. Like all regimes it doesn’t always happen but progress continues.

     We learned a lot about people.  One La Ronge businessman publicly ridiculed John for fifteen minutes .  He is noted as a Christian.  In Nipawin we opened the door of a restaurant and a lady we never knew shouted “ Well, well ,here comes Speedy Gonzales! “
 We all laughed . Nicholas Blum at St. Mary’s in Saskatoon watched John make his way to the Communion Line and back came up to him afterwards and said “ John don’t you know, you’re not suppose to run in Church ?.” We soon learned the difference between people laughing with you and those deriding you.
    In Moose Jaw , a woman , leaving a restaurant kept screaming “ he needs a walker! He needs a walker ! “ This time, I ,not so politely, let her know, we are not amused.

    John could walk without much pain before he abandoned his cane. When he defintely decided to give it up , I quickly made sure it was on its way to the dump.

    Those who want who want Our Lady of the North School and mission to collapse are definitely not happy.   They refuse to tell anyone that John can walk independently and is getting better everyday.  The mission never depended on perfect health for either of us. This is our home. This is our trench in the battle.  We carry on.

     Oh and some of your Advent almsgiving would help. Our furnace needs repairs . Since we live  200 km from the repair centre , it will be very expensive.  Have a blessed Advent and Carry On.    Gay           -30-

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Protect our moose not the Wolf Cult


    Brabant Lake is a community that depends on moose. Moose is the major source of healthy , abundant good meat. Many people were involved with hunting for their annual supply.  People here have a track record of being efficient, skillful hunters. They never waste meat . They are generous to share the meat with non- hunters and the elderly. In addition every moose hide is used. Unlike many Northern communities we still have people who are experts at making tanned moose hides. Southend, Reindeer Lake has too much  access to government money. They don’t seem to have any or few people who want to do that much work.  Entrepreneur Tommy Bird delivers hides to craftsmen and crafts women here who work in the heat of summer and the cold of Fall to make hundreds of excellent smoked hides. Then Tommu Bird of Southend goes to the Far North and sells them. Brabant Lake hide makers nurse their sore shoulders, legs and backs . They go on to work at getting their moose . This year there was a serious hitch.  The wolves got our moose. No one got any moose.

    Sam Boutin and his parents originally from James Bay, Quebec, have brought a lot of fresh wilderness skills into our community. They have also brought a lot of clear thinking. Wolves are eating our moose supply. They estimate there are at least sixty wolves around Brabant.  Therefor you work at eliminating wolves to protect our meat supplies.  The wolves are also a direct attack on the family income. The store in Brabant Lake is now called Brabant Lake Resort. He wants to encourage the tourist trade of hunters and fishermen.

    Sam Boutin shot a wolf. There needs to be at least twenty more wolves eliminated.. Wolves boldly  stroll down the streets in broad day light. At least two sets of three have been spotted.  Three of them were wearing tags.  There is a case that one shouldn’t walk in the surrounding community and in the streets without being armed. It also helps if you know how to shoot a gun and do it carefully in a populated area.

    Then Sam Boutin , after doing a logical and in many ways necessary activity got fined. Worse he got fined because Tommy Bird who runs his dogs in Brabant Lake roads reported him to the SERM office. Apparently  Sam doesn’t have a license to kill a wolf.

    Sam, being from a real Northern community, one not full of people living off  petty bureaucratic rules and welfare thinks that he should solve a problem , not flaunt artificial perks such as whether or not some one is treaty, metis or defines himself as person. Period.

    In Saskatchewan one has a right to kill a wolf or coyote that is attacking your sheep or livestock.  Moose is a public resource of the people who live in the North.  Wolves attack Our resource . Logic is that Northerners have a right to protect our food supply as much as a farmer has a right to protect his income and food supply.

    What Tommy Bird did is petty and shameful. H e lives in a community twenty times as large as Brabant Lake. He makes money by selling our hard working efforts.( By our , I mean community members. I know how much work hide making is and prefer something easy like gardening in the wilderness.)
    SERM , drop this fine. And Tommy , run your dogs in the confusion and congestion of Southend until you apologise to Brabant Lake via Sam Boutin.  Gay

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Residetial school funds go directly to National Indian Brotherhood


     Yesterday I learned that my on going criticism of the Residential School School Scam was understated, naive and incomplete.
Fact: As stated by many people, there was no usual due process procedures used. If people could come up with a good story they got money. If people didn’t come up with a good story, they could use some one else’s story. If they didn’t have a good story or borrow one they got money just by stating that they attended. Sometimes and often they never attended at all. Two examples are: A woman was in the Tuberculosis Sanitorium as a child for two years. Her sister- in- law put a claim in for her that she attended residential school for that period or longer. It was readily accepted ,no questions asked.  A man got $250,000 for attending residential school. At the time claimed he attended the Northern Lights Day School , Ospwakun Sepe in Brabant Lake. A quick look at the School registrar established that.

i    On Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation a chief stated:” You don’t have to have been abused to get money. If you experienced compulsory religious services you can get money. Now I don’t know of any residential school that does not have mandatory religious services, including Eton Public School, Great Britain, Ravenscroft, Notre Dame of Wilcox et c.  Children attend school because their parents gave persmission. They fully understand that there are mandatory religious services and would be shocked if they became voluntary.

    After the initial huge pay outs there was an extension. No reason given. As stated by a Northern mayor just about all these were fraud. Now we know that one didn’t have to really exist. There are millions of unclained funds that never had a person attached, a file, a registered treaty number or anything. There were millions that were released from the Federal Government that went directly to the National Indian Brotherhood.  These funds were not only unclaimed, these people may not have existed now, nor have ever  existed.

     These funds are held in The National Indian Brotherhood Trust Funds whose headquarters are in Akwesasane, Ontario. The chairman is Mr. Keith Martel . The reserve is famous for AKWESASNE NOTES , a Red Power Propaganda newspaper, no longer printed.

    The National Indian Brotherhood is under the Assembly of First Nations headed by Mr. Perry Bellegarde. All people holding a treaty card get “free” education from Primary to , Post Secondary Education including a living allowance. They already have a financially secure education if they so desire and if they meet the standards of the Institution.  There is no need for such a trust fund and for one built on the fraud that thousands of children were forced to attend residential school where they were abused.

    It is time the residential school scam becomes reconciled with the Truth . There needs to be a thorough criminal investigation which includes lawyer Tony Merchant and his off shore bank accounts to Perry Bellegarde et al.    Gay

Friday, November 2, 2018

Let's get the real northern criminals!

Nov.02, 2018
All Souls Day

    It’s time to get the real criminals out of the North and out of this community. Mounties come and mounties go but who influences them and controls them goes on forever.  When John Caswell was on council he was chosen to be police representative. People were delirious with joy. However Shirley Cook was furious because only she gets to tell the mounties what is her version of reality. So John Caswell POOF was not the representative and Shirley and Gideon Cook continued and continue to be Law and Order Man in Brabant  Lake while they have been involved with criminal activity up to their eye balls for three generations at least.  I have tried to politely educate the RCMP ( police) but they want to serve in the Southend area for two years or less and get the something out of here . The last thing they want to do is hear the Real Story of what is going on.

    Another and a main pocket of organised crime is the La Ronge Municipal Office coupled with Northern Lights School Division. As stated in two blogs past they have acted like drugs were legalised when the District of Northern Services ( DNS) drew an imaginary line and started playing People’s Republic of Northern Saskatchewan.  We’ve had fifty years of brain damaged, mentally ill people destroying themselves and others. We have had fake education and fake health care which is more akin to a eugenics sweep to get rid of Northerners as functioning , independent people.

    When John was continuously  bringing up the issue of drugs at meetings , Administrator Val Antoniuk decided that he was in a conflict- of - interest issue , fired him from his job at the water treatment plant, took away his keys to the town office and locked him out of running for re- election as mayor.  Gideon Cook became mayor by default . He promptly gave his sister , his son , his brother in law main jobs. All this was fine with Val. She was and is always ready to fund a tax funded drunken bashes at the bidding of Northern Lights Staff.

    The Northern Lights School had their doors open at best half the time. The main staff is a user and distributor of alcohol and marijuana. Hallowe’en is the Number I Sacred Rite for Northern Lights Schools. Gideon Cook tells people that God can’t be mentioned in school. (This is not the  U.S.A. Catholicism and Christian Religion in Education is protected in our Constitution.) But this year the staff forgot about any pretense of a party. Joyce McLeod,  and the janitor ( girl friend of her son )took off  before  noon on Oct.31, didn’t even pass out candy, which is tax funded , and made sure the tax funded booze was well distributed . They are coming back after the major damage is done. I  have written about these tax funded booze parties  many , many times.   They usually result in violence leading to police sentencing. All this is protected in the name of education while Our Lady of the North School provides a solid, real Kto 12 education with proven results. We get No tax money although Catholic education and educational choice is protected by law.

    Now Gideon Cook , who ran the Water Treatment Plant since he became mayor , without any training , has done thousands of dollars to the Plant and we are presently without water , while we are trying to put on a deferred All Saints Party. No booze, no tax funding.
    There is consistent misuse of public funds, criminal negligence resulting in threats to peoples’ health, false and harmful deception of a pretense of education, inciting violence, harming children with blatant distribution of alcohol and dugs while being in a position of authority .... and we haven’t even discussed perjuring yourself and deliberately misleading the police..... Isn’t this enough ?   Gay

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Drug Complicity of Northern Lights Schools

Oct.26, 2018
    It is safe to say that the legalisation of marijuana would not have happened if it had not been for Northern Lights School Division. Sounds unlikely?  Will start with geography. Northern Lights School Division has the monopoly on education in the Northern half of the province of Saskatchewan.  It was created after the NDP gave socialist radicals everything north of Prince Albert to do as they please.

    They ,as they explained to a Ministry of Education official, created Northern Lights School Division precisely to get rid of Catholic Education. . Therefor they would not tolerate ANY Catholic School. They didn’t have to add the obvious , especially one run by Caswells.
Now unfortunately the official and the Northern Lights spokesman missed the obvious. The Constitution of Canada , the British North American Act 1867t y specifically protects Catholic Education as does the Saskatchewan Act of 1905.  Getting rid of Catholic Education is a legal impossibility .  But a lot can be done through thuggery.

    When I returned to the North  in 1995 marijuana and any other drug was apparently treated as legal , acceptable and any attempt to stem the flow would not be tolerated. One literally could get high on taking a walk around the village on Friday night. The teacher would go to La Ronge on Thursday night and sell drugs from the teacherage all Friday.

    There is really no local hiring.  All is done by the central board in La Ronge. In the last twenty - five years there is one drug user teacher after another. If they are not users and think school should advance acceptable educational standards they soon leave often by Thanksgiving ( early October).

     Marijuana has been legal for nine days. It has been pushed through Northern Lights
 network for at least forty years.   We often pass out pro- life and pro- family materials in La Ronge and in other communities.  When I went to the NORTEP apartments I was well received by students . However when I went to the area where an ex- lawyer now on staff lived the drugs of cocaine, marijuana plus were so intense it was chemical warfare to walk through it. As well he phoned from the College to threaten me.

    Former Prime Minister Chretien said in the Throne Speech that the number of native people in jail would be decreased. This was code language for marijuana would be legalised. His minority government fell but Trudeau carried through. Of course the number of people jailed for marijuana was very minuscule. People jailed for serious violent crimes is already increasing because marijuana creates indifference ,leading to cruelty, leading to violence.

    In addition to pushing a drug milieu Northern Lights cannot tolerate educational choice.  Their low standards demand a monopoly.  Even one student being outside their clutches drives them to threats to the parents and serious threats , such as they will phone The Child Grabbers ( ICFS) or black mail them because of some alleged crime that would be ignored otherwise.  We had a Northern Lights teacher who would constantly phone parents and bluntly demand the child go back to their school.  One such, who was really good at this was Mrs. Rose Campbell. She worked on the parents relentlessly. Everyone knew the children were going to school , everyone knew that they were learning at a high level. It was obvious the parents and children were happy to use Our Lady of the North School . Therefor the parents were harassed until they gave in.
    One teacher from B. C., pulled from retirement, is already used up at the Northern Lights School.   We seem to be a very serious threat what with our renewed energy, part time help, improvements and repairs, plus our anti- marijuana campaign.  Rose Campbell, fully pensioned who gloats when she can kill parental choice, we have  been told , is returning.
If two teacher pensions won’t satisfy the Campbell household why doesn’t she teach in her Spiritwood area? Perhaps Spiritwood knows about parental rights, the right of Catholic Schools to exist, so what fun is that to a person who likes to bully?  Gay

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Liberal Communist Agenda for Canada


Canada has been under serious attack since the identified Communist Lester B. Pearson became Prime Minister and  replaced the great patriot John G. Diefenbaker in 1963.
Igor Gouzenko, a clerk in the Soviet Ottawa Embassy defected to Canada and unkeashed what is known as the McCarthy Era and the Congressional investigation of Un -American Activities.  Rather than this being a Hysterical Witchhunt it was found that there are indeed Communists in High Places and with great influence. Lest Pearson was identified by Gouzenko quickly . He said “ He ( Pearson ) was always known as one of us”  ( Communist loyal to the U.S.S. R. ).

    Pearson’s first bill was the creation of the Company of Young Canadians which was unanimously passed. It unleached Sol Alinsky-style communist organisers to places such as Winnipeg North, Toronto inner city, Montreal where they teemed up with the FLQ., a Quebec terrorist group, and Indian Reserves. They created a well funded polished group of Professional Indians who are with us today with the same agenda. Like all Communist activities their major target was and is to attack the Churches especially the Catholic Church.

    FSI, Federatrion of Saskatchwan Indians now FSIN to enforce the myth that all Indians were a nation that was conquered by the cruel Whiteman. In actuality many Indians were immigrants fleeing from the Americans and seeking refuge where they were welcomed by “ Altar and Crown”, Church and Monarchial Government.  Prime Minister John A. Macdonald was a strong  ally to these hunted refugees.

    FSI never takes any position that speaks to the real concerns of Indians.  It never takes a position that is against the interests of  The Liberal Party of Canada. They never speak against abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide. Yet native youth are twelve times more likely to commit suicide. At the time when Justin Trudeau pushed euthanasia in Canada after a few hours of debates reserves were erupting with violence, murder and suicide. FSI said nothing.  Natives have always been by nature pro- life. When we tried to help natives to join with us to the Regina Pro- Life rally FSI stopped them.

    Northern Saskatchewan is per- capita more violent than Chicago. There is considerable and mounting evidence that FSI has networks in the Central and South American drug industry.  FSI has never spoken against the legalisation of marijuana not surprisingly.  The legalisation of marijuana has been promoted by the International Drug Cartel for decades. They know that marijuana is a gateway drug.  People on drugs die.  The market needs replacements. Marijuana gives them a replacement and expanded market.   It is now becoming a hard drug as the  high THC component increases. The old line between soft and hard drugs is now blurred and non- existent. FSI silence is screaming.

    Meanwhile the Residential School Scam continues. We now have huge pay outs for those who went to an Indian Affairs Day School where religion was taught and tolerated. The only issue that FSI and its fellow travellers care about is whether any Christian prayers or lessons were taught. On that basis alone people have got huge lumps of money. There is no other agenda than to stamp out Christian education in schools. As usual they’re starting on the Indians. The rest of you are next. Gay