Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SaskPower claims no responsibility for metre

Jan.16, 2018

    In 2008 after we distributed 5000 pro- life newspapers in the North and a few other
acts of similar deplorable  behaviour against the higher -ups aka northern mafia the push to kick us out was intensified. We were fighting to own our home as we had been for ten years. Our lawyer had negotiatiated that if we could come up with $ 25000 by MAY 30 ,2008 the house  was ours.
    We were fund raising via our son, then Brother Nathan selling a devotional book at the back of his parish church.  La Ronge Municipal Housing stopped water delivery , then a Sask Power Truck travelled the 350 km round trip to take away our electric metre . He entered our yard and yanked it from the wall of our house with out our permission.  We now own our house as we have since that date.

    Sask Power , a few months ago changed all the metres in Brabant Lake because they were considered unsafe. There had been houses burned down throughout Canada due to the metres bursting into flame.  Sask Power did not change our metre nor even advise uus of the danger.

    On Thursday  January 11, my husband John had gone with the tow truck to get our truck fixed in La Ronge . He was staying over night. At 9 pm the lights began to flicker, then go out. Soon there was no phone connection, no water no heat . A few lights were still on but no heat came from the stove.  It was 45 below that night . No other homes seem affected.

    I was waiting for the store to open at  9 am when my neighbour came to tell me that John had been  phoning him and that he had come to check on me. For the third time we  checked the fuse box.
    John phoned ABBEN Heating. By 1:30 the electricition was her. By 2:30 the power was temporarily restored.     SaskPower will not come to replace the metre. SaskPower will not pay one cent to help pay for the cost. SaskPower has made it abundantly clear that they will do nothing for us, now or in the future.   The metre was melted and could have easily burst into flames and burned the house down as has had  happened in other places.  SaskPower knew of the danger because all other homes had their metres changed.
    The metre, SaskPower claims is our property, therefore our complete responsibility.
Then why do they come every month, walk on our yard and send us a bill ?  If we don’t pay that bill, the metre , which they claim belongs to us can be turned off. In 2008 they walked into our yard , and yanked the metre off  the wall while we wer in the process of buying the house and was not in any arrears to Sask Power.

    People like to throw out the boogy man that conservatives will privatise SaskPower and we’ll all freeze in the dark.  Well folks without us knowing it, SaskPower has privatised electricity on Block 1, Lot 2 in Brabant Lake.         Gay 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Throw out Genesis one and the church is gone

Jan.08, 2018
Baptism of Jesus

    The first verse of the Bible is Genesis 1: 1. In the Beginning God created the Heavens and Earth . The first statement of the Apostles’ Creed is I believe in God , creator of Heaven and Earth .  The first statement of the Nicene Creed is I believe in One God, Father Almighty Maker of Heaven and Eath and of all things visible and Invisible.  There is nothing ambiguous about the statements and no contradiction between the Bible and Catholic Teaching. St. Francis Xavier taught the Apostles’ Creed to illiterate people in many dialects and tongues of the Far East.  Farmers would sing the twelve points of the basic beliefs of Christianity while they plowed their fields. In this way the great missionary set the Eastern World Afire for Christ. If you wanted to be a Christian then you must believe that God created you and the world as a starting and necessary point.  No ifs, maybes or on the other hand.

    No body believed otherwise . It was never an issue until the nineteenth century. Darwin was on an agenda against God so he went on a trip to find evidence.  The evidence did not come first and the analysis later. One person who clearly saw the consequences of his theories was the Captain of THE BEAGLE , Darwin’s ship. Captain FitzRoy , great grandson of King Charles II spent many months in close quarters with Darwin, saw the same so called evidence that Darwin saw and drew very different conclusions. He opposed the work and conclusions of Darwin all his life.

    Evolution is not science. It is a theory with an ideological agenda.  It is not logical, not reasonable, and completely unprovable.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI while the Pontiff had put on a Conference THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF EVOLUTION in Rome. All the papers were available on the Internet.

    I asked Mr. Richard Fangard of CREATION MINISTRIES in Canada why he did not do an article about it for their magazine. He said that he had never heard of it. Apparently no Catholic publication has officially heard of it either.

    While marking the 500 years after Martin Luther’s thesis was nailed to a door on October 31, 1517 much nonsense with no historical basis was said. The worse was on a Catholic Radio programme where it was said that Catholics don’t have to believe Scripture about Creation because we don’t believe Scripture Only.
    All the early Church Fathers who wrote on the Subject believed in the inerrancy of The Creation Account including that a Day in Genesis was the specific word of a 24 hour period.  The Catholic Church compiled the Canon of the Bible . There was and is no contradiction between The Bible and The Church Tradition . Nobody in 1517 questioned the Creation Account of Genesis. Throughout the ages there has been difference of opinion in some details but what clearly contradicts historical Biblical and Church Tradition has never been accepted as a Belief Option.
    Billions of years of death, decay violence and arbitrary mistakes is not the Very Good that God saw on the seventh day.  Evolution throws out everything : Adam, Eve, original sin , a need for a Savior , a purpose and goal for Man. Throw out Genesis and the whole Bible is gone .  The Apostles understood that. That is why the first tenant of Faith is I BELIEVE IN GOD. CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.  Gay

Monday, January 1, 2018

And now for the truth.


Jan.01, 2018
Mother of God Feast

    In the Canadian Constitution, the British Northern Act of 1867  Confessional Schools, that is Catholic Schools are protected.  In 1905 Sir Wilfred Laurier, Prime Minister said that there would be no Province of Saskatchewan and no Province of Alberta unless Catholic Schools would be protected.  That has meant in Saskatchewan that there has has been full and equal funding of Catholic Schools.

    In 1971 the Socialists, called the New Democratic Party were elected. A left ginger group called the Waffle, threw their support behind Allen Blakeney as opposed to an alleged  moderate Roy Romanow. Blakeney of whom I once said ‘ The best disguise for  a socialist and a scoundrel is a gentleman and a scholar “ had an embarrassement on his hand. His Waffle supporters were long haired , as commonly described, pinko commies and looked and acted like it.
    Blakeney then devised a brilliant scheme to make them disappear in the public eye while he went about nationalising businesses one after another and buying up farm land to be owned by the government.  He created an imaginary line called District of Northern Services or DNS . The alternate life style, marijuana toking ultra lefties could then have the northern half of the province to create their very own socialist fantasy affectionatwly called  by them, “The People’s Republic of Northern Saskatchewan. “

    In the North education was Catholic Education, at least religious Christian Education. Because of the wilderness mileu there were no roads. The highways were the rivers and lakes. Settlements were established where there is water and an accesible fur trading post.  The missionaries brought rudimentary civilisation and founded the first schools. The Apostle to the North was Bishop Charlebois who travelled thousands of miles by foot , dog sled and canoe.  He brought Christianity to an illiterate and pagan people who were scattered in little settlements, often temporary and consisting of a few individuals or families. Bishop Charlebois died in 1933 leaving behind first generation Christians in Cree and Dene communities.

    To facilitate the work that the missionaries had begun through the Anglican, Methodist and Catholic churches the Federal Government funded residential schools. Natives signed treaties with the government. One major reason for signing treaties was because schools such as these were promised. Bishop Charlebois and the government insisted that students should come from converted parents and attend the Church school of the parent’s denomination.  Only about 10 percent of children could attend. It was a privilege that would benefit the family and the community in many ways.

    Pope Pius XII called northern Saskatchewan and area a jewel in the Crown of the Church. North.  He said never has there been a people who rose from paganism and advanced to civilisation in such a brief time. This was because of the nuns, particularly Grey Nuns and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate Priests who gave their lives to serve these new converts and to educate them. Once you were in a community or residential school you seldom if


 ever could leave. Likewise the students could not easily visit home and had to stay at least the full year without a break.

    The people were  very devoted to their priest.  At Black Lake the entire  community would line up for Confession at 3am.  This Christian culture was disgusting to the communists . They were determine to smash the allegiance of the people to their priests.  The key to destroying the native’s loyalty   to the Catholic Church was to wrest education from the Church to the socialist government.  According to Bishop Emeritus LaVoie at least one murder was committed in the Ile -a- la- Crosse area by the secular pushers. We could easily add to that number.

    Recently the Government of the day in Regina asked  Northern Lights Public School Board why they are so opposed to The Lady of the North School ?. They replied “ we formed Northern Lights School Board precisely to push out Catholic Schools. The obvious reply would be that Catholic Education is protected in the Dominion of Canada   Constitution so you have to leave the Caswells alone. However Regina has had a 40 year policy of letting the Northern Socialists to do whatever they want. The civil servant duly reported this to me to explain why the Catholic School is not wanted.  So??

    About thirty years ago Northern Lights School Board passed a resolution that only members of the NDP can teach in the North. The actual operating rule was and to some, still is, you can’t live in the North unless you’re NDP.
    In the mean time while the first  Trudeau was wrecking the country and Blakeney- Romanow were wrecking the province, a farmer and University Professor Grant Devine came on the political scene to take over a growing but still small political party called The Progressive Conservatives . He won every seat in the province except nine.

        Meanwhile John Caswell was fighting for survival in a pre-med programme at the University of Saskatchewan. He and his wife, produced a newspaper called THE DREADNAUGHT . It exposed in 1981 fetal experimentation this prestigious Medical School. It described how aborted babies had their brains removed, ground up by a mortal and pestle and then had various tests done on the remains.  No pro-life  media or group, no mainstream media picked up the story. No one refuted it. No one threatend to sue us . That was thirty years earler than the international stories of harvesting aborted babies.

    John applied to medical school three times. Each time he almost made it. Later while   I  was knocking on doors a medical student who had marked John’s lab work yelled at me that she stopped him because of his pro- life views.  In the process he gained a Bachelor of Science , two years in the College of Nursing in addition to a Professional A Teaching Certificate. A concerted effort to discredit John persists that he never went passed Grade  Ten.    Our children were told that at the Christian School where they attended. Most ,if not all believed or believe it. His degree  from the U of S has been on our wall since 1980.

    I asked for help from the leader of the Campus Pro- Life Group, Mrs. Jacqueline Owens. Her reply was “  Protestants are stupid.” When I became elected , it got worse. I had a bill that included among many other pro- life  matters, conscience clauses for medical and nursing students. By  very irregular means it was sent to the Court of Appeals , not defended

and dismissed, I was not allowed to speak on it clause by clause as I should have been in Second Reading. If it had reached Third Reading it would have passed by at least fifty- five  to nine. Gordon Dirks , Minister of Social Services and Gary Lane, Minister of Justice conceived the plan to avoid a recorded vote. Thirty years later I was forced to sit at a table at a PC Reunion where Mrs.Lane and Mrs. Dirks monopolised the conversation letting none of the rest of the table of 12 to say anything.  It would appear that they had personal conflicts on the issue.

    In 2008 we made a special effort to go to the Pro- Life March in Regina, Capital carrying  a Balloon Rosary Kit. We weren’t allowed to speak and years later I heard a staunch pro- life speaker say that there isn’t a problem with conscience issues in the health science but students are fearful for the future.

    In the election of the Devine Sweep I won the safest NDP seat taking it from the House Speaker , John Brocklebank. We had no personal income, no initial team . Nobody even bothered to track  the likelihood of my win. When the voting  closed the first result showed I had won in the centre of a union seat. The province erupted. Now people knew anything was possible. It  had Bibilical proportions. We were called Giant Killers. My comment, widely quoted was: “Our job was to knock off Brock so we knocked off Brock.”

    In the next election union thugs were transported from Manitoba and took up residence in poorly run apartment buildings.  Electoral fraud , violence, and vandalism was the norm. When our supporter, the real  Orest Devernichuk went to vote he was told that Orest Devnichuk had already voted. Later we discovered that Orest Devernichuk had voted in at last five polling stations.  Even in Saskatchewan Orest Deverinichuk is not a name found five times in two blocks.                           

    At least since April, 1982 our house, home phone, office phone , fax, and school phone has been tapped. We never have had any security in Saskatoon and have had none in the North.  Our mail has been destroyed, opened, and diverted . We like to think that the situation has improved.
    If I tried to straighten out the latest piece of disinformation at the dinner table the trackers would tell the children otherwise.  I would try to tell the eldest the other side outside the house  in a restaurant so he could straighten out the others. They then particularly worked at corrupting him.

    In 1984 So Gordon, Planned Parenthood Sexologist sued me based on a letter that I had written to Sakatoon city Hall objecting to his scheduled  appearance.  At the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon on May 13, 14 and 15 I defended my words that Sol Gordon has a philosophy akin to pornography.” My lawyer asked me if I would change anything?  I said, I would say ‘ he is a pornographer” Amongst other things including copies of  U.S.congressional hearings we used Sol Gordon’s film ABOUT SEX. Our team financed by suppers in Church Basements won. We won on the basis of Truth : A right thinking person would arrive at the same conclusion.he   

     It was publicly known that the NDP consider me Public Enemy #1.
    The socialists were back in power in Regina and we were very unemployable.  We

decided that we would return to the North where I had been before I was married. I thought, on the Reserve, which is federal responsibility I could get away from the NDP. In 1995 the North was on fire. John decided that he would go fight fires.  He did so while we lived in tents.  I cooked for evacuees from a little village south of Southend called Brabant Lake.  We thought we had teaching jobs lined up for the fall.  We discovered,nothing is ever nailed down and every decision made by one can be reversed by another.  John taight for a few weeks. But  the NDP- Liberals who work hand -in - glove had sent out the word to get us out of the North.  We made the effort to go to Air Cadets in La Ronge which is a two hour trip. Constable Clause pulled John aside and told him he was under arrest and was going to jail. The ostensible reason was our licence plate were late in being renewed. Since he had been in the bush fighting fires he had not the opportunity to go 350 km round trip to get a plate sticker.  John was taken away in the RCMP truck to jail.  I and five children were left on the road ,45 km. from our lodging at the time of a friend’s basement.
    Mr. Adam Hardlotte picked us up and took us home.  This act of bravery has made us firm friends throughout the years. The RCMP detachment was beside the house where we were. They refused to open the door to me .  The house had no phone so I was phoning out on the road at night but the RCMP refused to answer.  Not until I launched a complaint to Prince Albert would Staff Sergeant  Hebert talk to me. I learned that John would be in jail for two weeks. No one goes to jail over a plate sticker and no body goes to jail without a trial.  We were learning DNS thuggery and of the corruption of the Mounties. In the mean time   Richard Jobb , Director of Education and a great NDPer refused to give me John’s pay.
     In Southend we were told that if a student is on drugs we were not to tell the parents. When I got a job in Brabant Lake the teacher was hot plating at school in school hours. Her boyfriend was selling drugs from the teacherage. Our daughter was told that anyone who rats on drugs get shot. I was only fired.
    We opened Our Lady of the North School on March 25, 1996 at the kitchen table of the Northern Lights Teacherage . We had five Caswell students  plus one more.

     We are the only Catholic School north of Prince Albert  We exist totally by private donations.

       On  June 06, 1944 the Canadians met their objective at Juno Beach in Normandy.
 They had met their objective of making and maintaining a beach head.  We have managed to establish and maintain a Catholic School and mission for 22 years.. We’ve endured drugs, violence ,jail and attempts to jail us.  It is time now to expand and grow not just to endure. We must build on our victories.   More to follow at a future date.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Scripture only, Luther Only

    While switching to Ste. Kateri Radio 98.7 from EWTN I heard a man say Luther was wrong and Scripture Only is wrong because “ Otherwise how can we change things?.” The answer is we can’t.

    St. Peter says “no scripture is open to private interpretation.” Therefore the Church, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church  has to rule on difficult passages. Otherwise we would end up with 30,000 denominations as we have now plus one more. But more likely as Mark Twain said,    “ It’s not the things in the Bible that I don’t understand that bother me. It’s the things that I do understand.”

    That is why we need a central authority on Scripture so we turn to the compilation of
the Bible that was ruled about 400 AD that the 73 books we now have are THE BIBLE, are Holy Scripture.

    The Bible was written over 3000 years by various men. It is the inerrant Word of God. Yes, that really means Genesis is scientifically correct, and historically correct . If there is a teaching that says we are here by Time and Chance then that is wrong because it contradicts Genesis 1( plus logic, plus science et c..)  It contradicts Pope Benedict XVI in his opening remarks of his Papacy .

    If there is a teaching trend that says homosexuality is not a sin then it is wrong because it contradicts the many , many passages in the Old and New Testament that state otherwise.

    As my good friends in the Church of Christ taught me. “ We are saved by Faith" but Luther added “ We are saved by Faith ONLY." Pope Pius IX pointed this out in His Syllabus of Errors . Luther decided that the Book of James should be torn from th Bible.  He called it Straw but the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church had got there before Luther by about a thousand years so he couldn’t do it or even try without being WRONG.

     The Book of Revelation states that anyone wishes to take away or add from this Book shall be added unto him the plagues written in this Book. Some may say that only applies to Revelation ( Apocalypse) but it is the end of The Book of Books that the Church decided is One, called Holy Scripture, not holy scriptures.
    Luther did not really believe in Scripture Only but Luther Only. He decided to be his very own Pope. He could decide what is true and what is not true, what fit his theology and what did not. He spawned 30,000 other popes, that is those 30000 who started their own
     As in the days of Noah “ Every man did what is right in his own eyes”, today for many truth is only what he or she decides what it is, a mere personal preference with no more authority than any other’s personal preference.  Read the true and inerrant account that has left much scientific and historic evidence to see what happens when we are our own Bible and own Pope.  Gay

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Other Side of Northern Lights Hype

NovEight a.22,2017
Happy Birthday, my brother, Mr. Warren White
Happy Birthday Mrs. Sandra McConnell Krawciw,

    For the other side of this blog, I recommend the video available on the Internet of NLSD ( Northern Lights School Division ) Proud, re. Brabant Lake.

    In February 1996  we were living in the basement of the house of the late Mrs. Marie Cook of Southend . I received a phone call from Mr. Gideon Cook, the chairman of Brabant
Lake . He offered me a job as  Teacher Aid . Of course since both of us were presently unemployed I said yes. Mr. Cook said , there is about 20 students but our five children are the only ones who go.

    We immediately moved to Brabant Lake. All the children of the community immediately began to attend.  The teacher Ms. Carole Riviere hot plated ( burning dope) in the kitchen and was absent from the classroom many times. She often screamed in the halls and classroom. I, however thought things were going just fine as the school became a school. Only one or two older students could read.  Eight and nine year olds did not know their letters or sounds.

    Ms .Riviere ‘s boy friend,  Paul Montgrand  sold drugs from the teacherage. He and Carole would go to La Ronge every Thursday to pick up drugs to use and to sell. On Friday night one could get high just by walking out the door onto the road.

     In a day in early March I was informed there would be a meeting that evening. The Superintendent, Mr. Lobe would be there.  The teacher said people here don’t want to learn. They just want a baby sitter. Mable Charles, then ten years old ,told us that they were going to fire me because I was against drugs.  Naomi, our daughter rushed in the house yelling “ Mom, I was told  people who rat against drugs get shot.!"      I had my topic for my speech.

    Gideon Cook was the chairman. Some people took the opportunity to criticise his girl friend, Shirley Cook . The actual complaints were vague and forgetable.  I got up to speak and the Chairman left the room. The meeting according to him was over. The purpose was to fire me. I spoke about drugs and the drug behaviour of the teacher. This is the first of many occasions in the North in which I learned that the accused is not allowed a hearing.

    I attempted to find another teaching job, had a good interview at Senator Myles Venne School but I had been black listed.  We had no money and no reason to move. On March 25, 1996 we established L’ Ecole Notre Dame du Nord/ Our Lady of the North School. The first classroom was the kitchen table belonging to Northern Lights School Division . The second was an abandoned radio shack.  We began with six students, our five and one more.

    Gideon Cook continues to do everything including ordering murders to stop the school. The school continues.  Gay

P.S. Ms.Carole Riviere was killed by Paul Montgrande in the teacherage at Dillon, Sask. Mr. Montgrande received a sentence of five years. This was his second proven murder.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Of Poison and Murder

Nov.18, 2017

    Dominique Morin of Southend, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan was murdered a few months ago.  This is the fifth child ,of seven children in the Albert Morin family who has died a violent death. His uncle , Gideon Cook delivers water at our house. Gideon told my husband,  John that “ there are people who know things but they are not coming forward.”

    Here is my initial contribution to “ coming forward “ plus  a  bit of current events. About sixteen years ago Iasked Mrs. Gerdie Cook , who has since passed away if Gideon and Shirley are involved in drugs.  She said “ Shirley hides drugs for Albert in Brabant Lake.” Brabant is 4 km. South of Southend.

    Dominique was a regular drug connector for our neighbour Jesse McLeod .  Dominique would  come from the town entrance at Can - Am Store , walk at the back of the village hall , go along the path back of our property and enter McLeod’s from the rear of their property. He would have to pass our dogs. Chester and Mocha. They would inevitably bark when Dominique passed our property. Mocha was near the McLeod house. He was killed with poison.  Chester, who was near our neighbours’, Solomon and Lydia Hardlotte, was killed with a Coneybear Trap . He was thrown into Waddy River. Mrs. Lydia Hardlotte found him as she was rinsing hides. John Caswell took a picture of the dead Chester clamped to the trap, made posters  and put them all around town.  He definitely contacted the RCMP ( police). Nothing was done about it Locals know that Jesse stole coney bear traps from a trapper’s cabin up the Lake. Jesse never traps but snares pet cats .Ms. Nancy Charles reported him to the police. John drove her to court in Southend so she could pursue her complaint.  We do not know if anything was done about it.

    Gideon and Shirley Cook are the main source of “information”,usually disinformation from Brabant Lake to the Southend Police.  Mounties come and go usually in two-year or shorter
stints. The Gideon and Shirley Cook’s  influence and frienship to the police seems to go on forever. When John was deputy mayor of Brabant the Local Advisory Ctte. appointed him as police representative. Shirley immediately informed the police and everyone else that she, not John was the police representative and it had nothing to do with the LAC.  Another source of information to the police is Can Am Store. Gideon, as the store’s employee, spends hours there giving his twist on everybody and everything.

    We always have had dogs. Some of them even got to die of old age. We were reduced to two. We decided to start again. We got a little black one and a tan one who are brothers. I trained them to follow me to school, wait for me and come home. They immediately come when they are called by me. When we travel we take them with us in carriers.  This Tuesday they were poisoned by anti- freeze.  Death usually comes within 24 hours.  At  this point they are still alive. They have blue colour in the whites of their eyes.  They still reek of  anti- freeze five days later. One won’t eat anything.  I force a little  water down his throat with a squirt bottle and shove a little honey in his mouth. I thought one had disappeared to die so I decided it’s time to call the police.  Constable Carrier said that they can’t take it to court  because I am not an expert . I need to get evidence from a vet. The closest vet we know is in the town of Hudson’s Bay about 700 miles away.

    Maybe Dominique Morin would still be alive if the police had investigated the killing of at least five dogs .  His death goes through the wide drug trail which goes directly through Brabant Lake.  Gay

update: The pups have recovered thank God and St. Francis

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Getting Away with Murder

Oct.07, 2017
    Norhern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate in Canada per capita. Why ? Read on. It may explain a whole lot of things.
    Corporal Brian Herzinga of the RCMP came to our home and said “ Gay, this is a nice little town. Why don’t you leave. I explained that we don’t want to leave. We own our home. It is the only home we have. If it is a nice place, it is because we did our share of making it that for the last ten years. He brought up the subject more than once. He also brought up the alleged suicide of a man whom everyone knew was murdered insisting that I accept it as suicide. He also said( empasis mine.) A SHAMAN CONTROLS THE TOWN AND THEN CON TROLS  THE PEOPLE.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?  The obvious answer is that Canada is run by Canadian law, not by shaman law or shaman lawlessness.

     The shaman could be explained as a Communist political officer in a soviet but the communists who flooded into the North after the Allen Blakeney NDP  win liked to dress up their totalitarian  ways with feathers .   The fantasy “ people’s republic of northern Saskatchewan” which never existed legally, was very keen on being a law onto themselves and to teach others to submit to their game.

    Cpl. Herzinga was being an obedient player in the northern shaman game. Gideon and Shirley Cook who according to the shaman rule are the most important people if not the only important people in Brabant Lake . Gideon and Shirley Cook do not like the Caswells. The Caswells do not accept the Gideon and Shirley Cook  control of Brabant Lake. Therefor the mounties who should respond to “ the community”  order the Caswells to leave.   The Caswells who are Canadians in Canada and believe that Brabant Lake is part of Canada do not respond.  Caswells as usual hold the fort. Herzinga leaves.

     Under the patronage of Prince Charles and  under the Harper Consevative government the RCMP began working at restoring their tarnished image. However the G.Cooks continue to enjoy their respectability as they continue their lawlessness.

    In the “ peoples republic of Northern Sask.”nothing was more enforced than the uunconstitutional policy that no school should have any Christian content , no Christian or Catholic school should exist and God and Country should be equally dismissed. From the beginning this policy was enforced by murder. See the book of Bishop Emeritus Lavoie..

    In Brabant Lake murder has occurred many times and many times covered up. Their were at least nine murders before we came in 1996, not all directly connected to education but  the victim was often a leading Christian.

    Here is a partial list of people alleged to have been ordered killed by Gideon and Shirley Cook. I use the legal term “alleged” because it has not been proven in a court of law and no conviction has been made. The alleged does not mean “no evidence.”
 * Ms. Alice McKenzie
* Mr. Opipikew, a young man
* Mr. Keith Hardlotte
* Mr. Bert Horan
* Mr. Elias Charles
* Mr. & Mrs. John Caswell (no murder ,but only attempted murder, more than once )

      There are many murders with no apparent connection to any shaman but when the “higher ups” can get away with murder, murder becomes a common practice in fits of rage , drunkeness or on drugs. As Mr. and Mrs. Romanow of Youth Addiction Services told us , many times prolonged use of marijuana results in murder of one’s partner.

    Often the controllers are not drug users but use marijuana and other drugs to push people into murder.  Black mail is a strong and very common tool to push people into obeying the order for murder.  We do not always know what threats are used to make sure the murder happens or is attempted.  We do know getting people into a compromising position and threatening them with exposure that could lead to disgrace or jail including prison is a common practice.