Friday, February 12, 2016

When you're not allowed to buy with YOUR money.

    Many people fear the prophecy that in the future  unless one has a government 666 tattooed on them they will not be able to buy or sell,. I am not an authority on prophecy but at present it seems according to the La Ronge Branch of Conexus Credit Union one has to have 3 letters tattooed on his or her soul: NDP   Perhaps “ Coralee”, the manager could explain it more fully. Sorry last name unknown.  Coralee has made it very clear that she dislikes us, no despises us. Recently she arbitrarily put a hold on our account and blamed our gardening company. Thus we couldn’t mail parcels . On Monday Feb.08 I deposited a donation large enough to buy a truck. It was from a person who had donated previously. The anger and hostility displayed by the teller and Coralee was amazing and inexplicable. I assured them that I had never robbed a bank and had no intention to do so. She stated that there would be a ten day hold on the money. I said that I was going South to pick up the truck. I left  She made phone calls to the donor. She had me understand that the cheque was clear. She then reversed herself , When we got home we got the rest of the story from our messages ( saved) and from conversation with our donor.

    Here’s the story from the donor. Coralee aka That Woman  phoned and said :
“ How long have you known Gay?
  Have you ever been up here?
  How much did you make out the cheque for?”
The donor said I could tell immediately that the issue wasn’t the cheque. It was about YOU. I said that she wanted to harass you so that you would never give again or would cancel the cheque. Donor: “ Exactly! I should have told her to mind her own business!” When the donor said that the cheque was good Coralee said to her “ Of course if you phone up anybody they’d say that their cheque was good.”

    On the third day the donor went to her bank, and then  asked Coralee to talk to her banker. Coralee did so. The banker said “ I gave her all the information that she needed to know.” The donor said to us “ There , that’s settled. Now there should be no problem”.  We assumed that was the issue. Surely Coralee would remember that the purpose of the Conexus Credit Union is not to  to carry on personal vendettas against a couple who don’t even know why they’re so hated. Friday , after banking hours we discovered that there is still a hold on the money and will be 15 days after they took our cheque.

    Here are some of the things Coralee said to my husband.
“ From now on I could put a hold on all your cheques from America.”
 Our donors give from $20 up . In 20 years not one donor cheque from anywhere has ever gone N.S.F.
“ If you had been regularly getting large cheques like this we would have let it go through without a thought. But you usually deposit cheques of a hundred or so we couldn’t let this one go through.”
   “ My superior said that I should put a hold on the cheque and what I did was right..”
    Sometimes banks take away vehicles or don’t let you buy one because you are asking for a loan and/ or defaulted on financial agreements. We all understand this . However this is the first time that I ever heard of a bank or a credit union expecting you to ask their permission before you buy one with YOUR money.     Gay.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Fantasy trapped in Reality

    Being a tom boy is an obsolete if not extremely dangerous activity. A tom boy is a girl who likes to do traditionally male things. At Girvin School Sandra and I would run t the ball diamond as soon as the bell rang and grab the best positions for a game of scrub. Scrub is a ball game with not enough players for two teams.  The shortest distance to the diamond was the boys’ door so we bolted from there. The boys, irate at our advantage or at my pitching went to Mrs. Bain and complained.  She yelled at us that if we would not stop this we would be permanently assigned to that door for the rest of the year. We saw this as a threat and possible punishment as she intented. Now there are no boys’ and girls’ doors and any female who likes to play ball is in danger of being psychologically and sexually mutilated for the rest of her life. We were not “ males trapped in  female bodies.”  We were girls who wanted to play ball.

    In the 1970's we were told that there is no difference between male and femals except cultural conditioning. Females were to be in combat roles in the military even if it ment lowering standards. Males were to be secretaries but for some reason there were few who wanted the job.  Unisex was a created word that went viral. Barber shops were gone. Pant suits replaced skirts . Housewife became a dirty word but househusband was trendy. Women were given preferential options in law school. medical school, plumbing and engineering. Wives who wanted to stay home and raise their children found that their husbands were constantly rejected for jobs or advancement due to feminist quotas.

    Now we are told that there are female characteristics and activities that range from long hair, pretty clothes, non- contact sports, language courses for girls, and rough play, physical work, pants and ties for males. If your preference include any of these stereo types on the other list than your gender you are a candidate for mutilation. It is called a sex change operation and is financed by Medicare . The sooner this operation is done supposedly the better. So five year olds in Toronto are bullied into a mutilated existence for the rest of their lives if they are a boy and like cooking or if they are a girl and like jeans and pick up a foot ball.

    The operating assumption is that your so called  private parts define who you are. Change what is between your legs and you are changed.  But,being a female or a male means you have an xx chromosome or a xy chromosome in every cell of your body. These affect not only your reproductive potential but many things besides including the  possibility of colour blindness and many other gender specific strengths and weaknesses. Sexual mutilation will not change any of these things. It will not heal trauma or confusion from sexual abuse or misuse.

This whole sex- change industry is a form of violence and hatred towards children and adults
perpetuated by people who are themselves confused and in rebellion. Ms. Wynn , the Premier of Canada’s largest province according to her, is really a male. This she discovered at 25 years and after a failed marriage. She also discovered that she has an obsession to mess up as many children as possible by political and governmental coercion.  Her sadism is now the educational objective of the NDP Alberta government.

Wynn and others live in a fantasy trapped by reality.   Gay

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Results Are In!


    In 2012 the state of Colorado voted to legalise marijuana. Incredibly they used the selling point: “ More jobs for our people. More money for our schools.” No one noticed that people doing marijuana don’t want to work and often are incapable of working?  No one thought that brain cells and undamaged short term and long term memory were needed for education ?
According to stats released in the ATLANTA magazine: Marijuana is the biggest problem in Colorado schools. Children as young as 6th grade show up for school stoned.
One year after pot was legalised 11% of Colorado’s 12 to 17 year olds were pot users. There was a 40% increase in drug related school suspensions and expulsions, most of which were  marijuana expulsions.

Marijuana related drug- related traffic fatalities  doubled from 2009 to 2014 to 94 dead.

In 2014 when retail marijuana businesses began operating, there was a 38% increase in the number of marijuana- related hospitalizations in only one year 

Parents state that not only is the legalisation harmful but marketing campaigns to marijuana attract children. Businesses sell bagged marijuana , marijuana pills, candy, cookies, gum and beverages.

These are only a few of the effects of legalising  marijuana three years ago in Colorado, U.S.A.

Northern Saskatchewan has had marijuana functionally legal if not officially legal for 40 years. The results are in:
Schools where not only students but teachers are marijuana users.
Plunging academic standards. Grade 12 students who are functionally illiterate.
 More and more government money hasn’t solved the problem and isn’t going to do so.  Northern Saskatchewan has the highest per capita crime rate than anywhere else in Canada. 
There were 65 reported murders in 2014.
Many young men and their families  are on welfare rather than working because they are drug users.

And recently: Four dead and seven wounded from a seventeen year old young man in La Loche

A sixteen year old from Brabant Lake began marijuana in Stanley Mission . Last week he attempted an armed robbery.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On to Ottawa

Jan. 26, 2016

NEEDED: A cavalcade to Ottawa led by natives plus others who have experienced suicide in their family and community. Who ever finances their trip: individuals, churches, band money, grand councils, businesses, pro- life individuals and organisations, medical personnel who want to be healers not hit men, charities, it would the most useful money every spent.

    When Judas, after betraying Jesus committed suicide the gospel writers stated “it would be better if he had never been born.” They said this not because he betrayed Jesus. At some level all the disciples, except John, did that. They said it because he committed suicide. More than one family has made it clear that the worse thing that ever happened to them was suicide.
    When police and others dismiss murder as a suicide without investigating it further they are doing the family a great disservice. Whether or not one knows the Bible, it is far easier to live with the reality that someone has been murdered than someone has committed suicide.
    Green Party candidate Koch who is a nurse, made as his campaign issue the marked increase in suicide. No candidate including himself connected the obvious. In February 2015 The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Assisted Suicide is part of health care. Immediately there were two murders in our immediate communities and according to Nurse Koch in La Ronge a huge surge of suicides. Their country had spoken as far as they were concerned. Murder including murder of oneself was now okey and government approved.

    The Federal government had asked the Supreme Court an extension to legislation of six months. The Supreme Court gave them four months with approval in the meantime kill away if the person whines enough.
    When an elder in our community had locked himself in his bedroom with a loaded gun telling people he was going to kill himself people in the kitchen were saying , letting him, it’s his choice. They were also afraid of the gun. I quickly said “ but suicide is illegal. If we let him kill himself , we have broken a law and we will be in trouble. Mr.Anthony McKenzie quickly said my words in Cree. John Caswell, got the door open and took away the gun. .  When John took away the gun the local shaman ( witch) was outside  furious that a suicide had  not occurred. The man thanked us that we had stopped him months later. He died a natural death with prayers and family some years later

    What is going to happen if suicide is approved? Individuals and agencies will think that they would be depriving the person of health care if they intervened. People will be afraid of being arrested for stopping or trying to stop people from killing themselves. Medicare for the mentally will be at an end. We will be exactly where Nazii Germany was : emptying mental hospitals and wards by suicides.

    We must do what John Caswell did for one individual. Stop the Supreme Court and the Federal Government from committing suicide of our Canada. Organise that Cavalcade.  Call the media. Choose a good date of arrival. Make sure the House is in session and knows about it. Get ready. Get set. Go.  Gay

Saturday, January 23, 2016

If Abortion is not bad,what is?


   While listening to LIGHTHOUSE CD of Relativism by Chris Stefanick on St. Kateri Radio 98.7 FM, Brabant Lake, we heard Chris explain the horrors and suffering of Canada’s Human Rights Commission and Hate Laws. He told how an Albertan Pastor was fined a huge amount and was told to write a letter to the paper recanting his view on Biblical Morality. The pastor did not recant and after paying all legal and court cost had the decision overturned. His persecution was financed by the tax payer.

    The CD was made before former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Tories struck down these Nazii- like hate laws. The story was carried on the front page of MacLeans : CANADA RETURNS TO THE LAND OF THE FREE. Jim Hughes of Campaign Life Coalition wrote a small article entitled HUMAN RIGHTS ROLL BACK.  I have never met a prolifer in  Saskatchewan who understood that this was a great moral victory and that it even happened.

    Thirty years ago a pro- lifer in Ontario was greatly agitated by the House of Commons passing legislation to have internment camps for dissidents. She thought, correctly that pro- lifers such as herself would be considered dissident. She went to Jim Hughes to ask him to put an article of this public legislation in the prolife newspaper. Mr. Hughes refused and said  that he “ would have nothing to do with conspiracy theories.” How could an Act passed in the House of Commons in Ottawa by the reigning Liberal Party be a conspiracy theory? The internment camps are a reality  and are not a theory.  It was not a secret. One can still read about it in Hansard of that year.

    Jim Hughes and Campaign Life Coalition never supported my Freedom of Informed Bill similar to the Akran Ohio Ordinance that passed the Supreme Court of U.S.A.  Likewise they do not support a present push to Parental Consent Laws in Saskatchewan. To switch the issue they say that they support defunding abortion. No one in the prolife movement disagrees with that and such a clause was in my bill of 1985 that they did not support. The key is to derail another prolife initiative.

    A Front row and centre Catholic in the Prince Albert Diocese was ranting on how she hates Stephen Harper at the time of the election. A lady mentioned that Junior Trudeau would not even let her be in the Liberal Party since she is a Catholic so of course is prolife. She said that was not important.

     Why are there so many prolifers in Canada , especially in Saskatchewan and yet so little gets accomplished? In 1969 we were not told prior to the election that Pierre Trudeau in Bill One  would legalise abortion. The The Supreme Court of Canada defended Morgenthaler’s abortion clinics and struck down all abortion restrictions. No one in Canada had a choice in these things.  On October 19, 2015 we did have a choice. We knew that Junior Trudeau was going to support euthanasia and assisted suicide. We knew that Harper and his Conservatives were opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide and did not permit abortion funding in International Aid. “ Prolifers” like Jim Hughs, kept these things as quiet as possible telling his mailing list, not the public, After the election. There is obviously Liberal Henchmen running key prolife organisations. There is obviously Catholics that have not the least idea or intention of the basics of their faith. 
    As Mother Theresa of Calcutta said “ If Abortion is not bad, what is?”
According to some self proclaimed Catholics and Pro- Lifers not being trendy like air head, pot- head Junior is bad. Gay

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Government: biggest racketeer going


    Salinger, Premier of Manitoba, has made the government position on marijuana very clear. Marijuana is about more money for the government. He says if marjuana is legal he wants it sold in liquor board stores. Once again the government gets to be the biggest racketeer going. Gambling is bad, but if the governmnet does it , its okey.  Killing is bad and exploiting women is bad but if the government brutally aborts babies, physically and psychologically harming women its okey. Suicide is bad but if its done with the help of medicare its therapy.

    No one is seriously looking at the harmful effects of marijuana. Yet they have been known for a long time. The mission was given boxes of Readers Digests from the 70's and 80's. In every way they were superior to todays’ issues. They had many documented stories of dangers of marijuana. Why the silence now? There was a very effective poster sent to Reserve Health Clinics 20 years ago on the effects of marijuana to various parts of the body. Why no posters or pamphlets about marijuana in clinics now? The product hasn’t got safer. The human body hasn’t changed. But the censorship of the truth of pot has become almost total.

    It is very easy to determine the harmful effects of marijuana. Just visit northern Saskatchewan long enough to really listen to what people are suffering.  Northern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate per capita than anywhere else in Canada. How come? For forty years the DNS gurus made drugs not only legal but virtually mandatory.  The police weren’t chalking up crime rates over people toking up.  Last year there were 65 murders. That’s not counting the murders that were dismissed as suicides or the ones done by staff in hospitals.

    Mark Romanow of Youth Services in La Ronge for twenty years has been telling people that marijuana causes violence including murders yet people still persist in believing that pot makes one peaceful and loving and full of flower power.

    Once marijuana becomes legal the government will never seriously reexamine its harmful effects because it will have a vested financial interest in keeping the cash flowing through taxes and their very own drugs and booze joints.  There will have to be more police more mental health services, more costs of  vehicle and industrial accidents, more children in foster homes and more people on welfare instead of working. In the long run the cost of legalising marijuana will far out weigh the boost to government coffers.  Not only do people like Salinger and Justin have a death wish , they are in a compulsive hurry to destroy us and this country.  Not only does Justin have a passion for assisted suicide he wants to assist Canada and the Family into suicide.

    Marijuana kills. It kills your conscience. It kills your thinking process. It kills compassion. It kills your body’s functions includig reproduction.  It leads people to depression and suicide even without help.   Stop, think, examine the evidence. Stop the rush to legalise poison.  Gay

Letting Murderers Win


    In the Campaign Life Coalition Newsletter I discovered what should have been on bill boards across Canada four months before the Federal Election : Quote:

...The Conservatives , stacked as it was with pro- life MP’s managed to hold back much evil, for example:

1: Keeping abortion funding of out Canada’s Maternal and Child Care Initiative

2: Defeating an opposition euthanasia bill

3.Defeating two incarnations of the dangerous transexual “ Bathroom Bill”

4. Restored anti- prostitution laws after the Supreme Court tried to legalise it.

So why are we hearing about these things three months after the election?? Prime Minister Harper had to endure an advertising team which put out an ad that stated “ Harper isn’t perfect but....”
Everyone knows that no person is perfect but for a campaign so called conservative team to put out such an ad is political sabatoge.

The Pro- life movement has their own political sabateurs. Since 1969 we have had no opportunity to make any headway on the pro- life issue in the House of Commons. For the first time we had a party that allowed any legislation to come to a vote.

 Please get this straight and please quote me at every opportunity. There is a time to discuss “mixed reviews” and Harper’s caution et c. The 2015 Life or Death Election wasn’t it.  Harper’s resistance  was probably engendered by threats from U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who can cause financial retaliation if the PM got too pro- life.

 Many Conservatives do not want to make pro- life an issue because they find economic issues more comfortable and they are not sure that pro-lifers pay their political debts but only want politicals martyrs who will sacrifice their party and seat, if not our country for the cause. I am not so sure either.

In the last week of the campaign I received a mailing showing which candidates returned their pro- life score card. People should have been activated months in advance to not only  vote but work for the pro- life and Conservative candidates. It was already clear that no NDP and no Liberal candidate was going to be prolife. They were long silenced or kicked out of the party. So the whole effort was a waste of time and money. Pro- lifers should have been manning the phones, putting up signs and informing everyone in public media such as TV, radio ads, billboards, U- tubes, Face Book et c.months before the election. They should have worked at getting more workers for the Conservatives and thus inadvertently more pro- lifers in strategic positions.

Where we live some people may not know what an economy is and aren’t sure if they have one or not.  They would however have understood a bill board that said “ The Liberals and NDP want to kill your grandmother.”  Or “ Isn’t she cute ?( Large photo of native baby ) The Liberals and NDP want her dead” Or how about a picture of a young man with the words
“ He committed suicide.  The Liberals and NDP want to help others do the same.”

You may say but that’s not our style, or it’s in bad taste. This isn’t about your style . It’s about saving lives and saving our country. Murder is in bad taste. It was our job to stop the murderers from getting into power  and we blew it. Learn. Change. Or rather : Repent. Act.   Gay