Thursday, June 21, 2018

Same Face Same Agenda

June 21,2018

    In World Book Encyclopaedia (1980) the favourable article of Pierre Elliot Trudeau states that Trudeau married Margaret Sinclair in March 04,1971 which shocked the Canadian public because there had been no evidence of romance between the two.  It also states that Pierre and Margaret Trudeau separated in 1978. He got full custody of the children, a rather unusual arrangement at that time.

    Dare we speculate that the reason that there was no evidence of romance between Pierre and Margaret was there was none?. Dare we speculate that the reason Margaret did not get custody of the children was that she may have decided to take them to their father, Fidel Castro?

    It is not uncommon for communists to make marriage arrangements according to the good of the Cause or the Party. It is expected of them. Trudeau most certainly had connections to and in the international communists scene. He went to school with Fidel Castro. Margaret’s life and lifestyle are not so well known because they didn’t appear to be of public interest. She publicly stated that she did not agree with traditional marriage. What did that mean?

    It is time to review current and past Trudeauian actions in light of the strong possibility that Justin Trudeau is in fact the son of Fidel. Why did Justin Trudeau give 10.5 million dollars to Omar Khadr, a known Terrorist who killed American and Canadian soldiers by his own omission and bragging? The simple explanation is because Justin and Khadr are on the same political side .

    Why is Justin Trudeau determined to bankrupt Canada ? The obvious knee- jerk explanation is because Justin has contempt for Canada and wishes to be a star in the international non- border world of socialism like the late  Fidel, George Soros and of course the late Pierre Trudeau

     Why did Justin immediately write a glowing straight- from- the - heart eulogy to the late Fidel Castro which was politically unsound, internationally shocking, and an expose of his true loyalties and those of  Pierre Trudeau?

    We have seen a lot of pictures of Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro. One picture series that is not immediately available is Justin, Fidel Castro  and Pierre Trudeau. The good ole World Book article shows a picture of Pierre Elliot Trudeau with absolutely no resemblance to the present Justin. We could also throw in the mix the accusations that Pierre Trudeau was a practising homosexual with communist connections and that is why all the Gouzenko files and the files of Pierre Trudeau were destroyed when young Trudeau senior was Minister of Juustice. The internet , the tabloids , and the international papers can have a lot of fun and outrage over this but some facts are facts: Justin Trudeau has been working to financially and morally to bankrupt Canada. That is enough to show why the Liberals must be destroyed as they have been in Ontario and in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Gay

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ordering the Troops to Abandon Their Posts

June 06, 2018
When Canadian Troops landed on Juno Beach, Normandy, France 1944

     While Fr. Phillips, pastor of St. John Cantius in Chicago and founder of the Canons Regular is on house arrest, while a report written by Canon lawyers from Rome is on the desk or in the waste basket of Cardinal Cupich , the Cardinal has ordered, note ORDERED all priests to go on a resort retreat from June 19 to June 24 . That means according to the Cardinal that there will be no Masses, no Confessions, no counselling, no scheduled  weddings, no priests visiting the sick and dying and giving the last rites, and no baptisms for four days.

    The firemen, the police, the emergency rooms, the hospital wards  will still be opened but the priests who are needed in matters of life and death, heaven and hell, discouragement and despair are to abandon their posts to recreate by orders of the Chicago’s spiritual general.

    According to investigator Michael Voris of the VORTEX , Cardinal Cupich is committed to advancing the homosexual agenda with an enthusiasm only exceeded by Cardinal Tobin of Newark, New Jersey. THE LATIN MASS printed in Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia mentions Cardinal Cupich’s commitment to the LGBT cause. So why has the Cardinal worked at destroying Fr. Phillips by publicly kicking him out of his pulpit on Palm Sunday and ordering him not to say a public Mass for anyone?

     The Cardinal accused Father Phillips of Inappropriate Behaviour with three men ... of what? Did he tell them that a homosexual lifestyle is a sin?  Did he tell them that the Church Authority is Scripture And Tradition and both Scripture and Tradition confirm that homosexuality is a sin?   I ask these questions because the Report states that Fr. Phillips has broken no civil or criminal law . It is publicly known that there is no Canon Law broken by Fr. Phillips . So why is he confined to his former residence and cannot see any of the priests, brothers and lay people of his parish and his order?  Since he has done nothing wrong one can only conclude that he has offended Cardinal Cupich by not supporting enthusiastically the Cardinal’s pet causes which include equating global warming  as important as murdered babies, snuffing out the Latin Mass and advancing the homosexual agenda.
    I do not understand the motives of the Cardinal. But on top of persecuting Fr. Phillips does the Cardinal despise and denigrate the Mass and the Sacraments by trying to deny Chicago the living  Body and Blood of Christ for four days?  Gay

Monday, May 21, 2018

Innocent but cruelty continues

May 21, 2018
Queen Victoria Day

     This man has been declared to have broken no civil or criminal law . However  since March 18 he has been denied access to his place of work, his associates , is on house arrest but not at his house . No one is allowed to communicate with him by telephone, letter or in person.  This event occurred(a) in the Soviet Union circa 1970
                     (b) in North Korea last year
                      © to King Louis XVI in 1789
                      (d) in a Japanese Prison Camp in 1943
                       (e) none of the above
    The answer is none of the above. It is happening to Father Frank Phillips in Chicago, U.SA.  This situation continues and grows worse daily as more restrictions are put on the members of his religious order every day.
    Fr. Phillips was publicly removed from his pulpit, denied the right to say Mass except privately by himself and was stripped of all his rights and responsibilities of heading the Order of St. John Cantius, which he founded in 1998 .
    The members of his order issued a statement after his removal from his pulpit . Cardinal Cupich ordered its removal from the order’s web site. The members visited with Fr. Phillips. Recently Cardinal Cupich rescinded this and stated that no Brother or Priests of the Order are to communicate with him in anyway. As the absurdity of the accusations become more and more apparent Cardinal Cupich becomes more and more cruel and obsessive .
    The accusations of “ inappropriate behaviour “ were made by Cardinal Cupich aided by three men , two brothers called Sofio, and Daniel Town . This Daniel Town has visited the mission here in Brabant Lake about 10 years ago . I do not recall that he did anything particularly useful , nor did he follow camp rules unless he felt like it. The Canon Lawyers’ report stated that these three men have a terrible relationship with their fathers. Often young men who do not want to follow the rules of their fathers have terrible relationship but it is not necessarily the fault of the father.  I do not believe  the report said so but clearly these three  do not like authority , rules and restrictions and therefor do not like Fr. Phillips .
    The question is does Cardinal Cupich have such  a great dislike for Christian evangelisation and growth that he has lost his balance and sense of justice over Fr. Phillips who is a humble servant of restoration and renewal?  Gay

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Springtime of Evangelisation vs Maintain the Decline

May 17,2018

    Down the street where we lived in Saskatoon there is a small church called Westmount Mennonite. We stopped in one time . John was immediately invited to Men’s Saturday Breakfast Fellowship . They explained that this church, whose building is smaller than most houses on the East Side , supports fifteen overeseas missionaries. Since St. Paul responded to the Macedonian cry  it has been proven many times the parishes ( or church communities) that support missionaries endure and grow.
    Since St.John Paul II we keep hearing about a new spring time of evangelisation. Many are taking up the call in many ways . However while we and others are working in the springtime seeding and planting of our mission patches a different theme is triumphed in Chicago by Cardinal Cupich ( pronouned supich) .  The Westmount crowd and others sing the song Send the Light, the blessed Gospel Light.  The Chicago version seems to be MAINTAIN THE DECLINE.  Now what is that? Translated : Keep on Falling Downhill ?  There are over  350 Catholic Parishes in Chicago. Sources tell me there are six hour long meetings of priests and nuns to decide what has already been decided, what of these 350 + parishes should be closed.  Rather than send the Gospel Light it sounds like six hour long meetings to turn off the lights.

    Chicago likes to run their own show, and play by their own rules. Outstanding citizens include Al Capone who cooled his gangster heels in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Capone  buddied up with the Bronfmann rum runners and helped them become  the intergenerational fundraisers for the Liberal Party of Canada. The Chicago livestock yards were owned, at least in part, by Pat Burns of BURNS lard and founder of the Calgary Stampede.

    The City of Big Shoulders may be admirable when it comes to enterprise and not so admirable when the enterprise becomes the Mafia.  The Chicago style becomes a deadly virus when it enters the  Archdiocese offices.  Case in point:

    On Palm Sunday two henchmen from the Chancery Office interrupted the service at St. John Cantius to remove Fr. Phillips as head of the Order of the Canons Regular of  St. John Cantius and pastor of the parish. Fr. Phillips saved this church from the wrecking ball to turn the parish from a 44 head count to more than 2000. He revived the community , a true mixture of very poor and  very rich, of Hispanic, black, Polish, German, Italian et c et c Americans. The Cantians went to the streets in Pro- Life Marches, Fatima Processions ,and personal evangelisation.  Fr. Phillips is considered a Saint, the Ultimate Community Organiser and an irritant  to the Spiritual Euthanisers whose goal appears to be to preside over the funeral  of the Chicago Church.

    Fr. Phillips was sent back to his Resurrectionist Order. Canon Lawyers from Rome were hired, a report was made. Cardinal Cupich to date is not releasing the report. Parishioners state the accusations were made public. The Report should be made public. Cardinal Cupich apparently has heard that an accusation is sufficient for destruction of a Founder, an Order and a Parish.  The parish, the world including many people in Rome are  not accepting this Hit and Run attack on Fr. Phillips.  It is time to restore Fr. Phillips to his parish , and  to the head of the order he founded .     Gay 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Open Season on Parents

May 04, 2018
    In our community a man regularly got drunk and beat up his father.  The father did not press charges for fear of retaliation. Recently the father was killed by this son. After serving  five years the son was released from jail. The rationale was the coroner said the father didn’t die of the beating but of  a heart attack. The obvious issue is that the repeated beatings brought about the heart attack.  Parents in the North are assumed to deserve the beatings because they supposedly terrible parents. The Higher ups and change agents side with the beaters and the murderers. They want no part of family loyalty they do not believe the Commandment: Honour your father and mother. This is followed by a period. There is to be no evaluation of whether or not the parents deserve the honour.

    In Southern Ontario an exemplary large Catholic family has a son who terrifies everyone. When his parents asked this adult to leave he went on a rampage destroying many things in the house, especially those of family souvenirs an photos. He is in jail but the mother phones regularly to see if he has escaped.   Both parents live in terror.

    In a southern city an offspring has kept up a regular campaign to convince people that the parents are dying. Due to this campaign the parents see as little as possible of this family.  Rather than stopping this campaign the absence is fodder to more extreme disinformation. The plan is apparently to have everyone get used to hearing how sick and dying are the parents so that when the parents are trapped in a brief  hospital stay no one will question the lethal injections that cut short their productive lives.
    There are no brakes to euthanasia and assisted suicide. There is no accountability. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are just means of making the vulnerable and the not so vulnerable such as the irritating voice of parents who want to live and to sound the alarm that their lives are  in danger as expendable as lives of its other victims.  Gay

Friday, April 27, 2018

Pray for the Perscuted priests in the U.S. and in Belgium

April  27, 2018

    Three years ago an errant nun told  me “ Oh, all Latin Mass priests are homosexual , don’t you know that? It’s the same all over the world, wherever you go. They’re always homosexuals.” I thought little of what she said since at that time, she wasn’t making sense of a whole lot of things. Then when I discovered recently that there is a system in place in the U.S. called The Dallas Charter in which a person can discredit a priest and destroy his vocation by a mere phone call of accusing the priest of...unwelcome touches? being friendly to a minor?  advances of friendship? inappropriate behaviour?( Undefined) There doesn’t have to be any corroboration , any witnesses, any what is normally consideered evidence, let alone proof. The rationale is since sexual sins are so serious and supposedly so wide spread that it is justified to suspend the usual process of a person is innocent until proven guilty. An accusation is sufficient to kick out a priest.

    It is obvious when an accusation is sufficient to destroy someone that there are plenty of accusations and plenty of destroyed priests. Some people hate priests. Some people hate their mothers. The reason is the same. The priest and your mother is a symbol of what you are supposed to be or to do. If a person is not living according to how they know they are supposed to be, rather than change , they hate the person or persons that turn on their conscience.

    Some people who hate priests are priests or bishops.  There appears to be an  irrational hatred against priests who practise the Latin Rite.  I do not understand this.  I first encountered a  Latin Mass when I was 18 years old at Peepekesis Reserve . I was involved in an interdenominational summer mission. I was at that time a member of the United Church. Mrs. Elisabeth Pinay took me to the Mass .There was a little book that had the Latin on one line and the English on the other.  Everybody who could read or remember the words could easily follow along.
    Now we have bishops who grew up with only the Latin Mass asking parishioners at a Latin Mass“ How do you know what is being said?” The English is still there just like it was at the Mass at Peepekesis Reserve , Saskatchewan , Canada.

    Belgium is known as the Sick Man of Europe. It has euthanasia, assisted suicide,  pornography as industries.  Then in 2015 a new order called The Fraternity of Holy Apostles was established.  Their services began filling the almost  empty historic churches. The sick and elderly were visited, bringing hope and likely giving people strength to resist their medical killers. Then the order was dissolved by Rome.  Apparently one of the reasons was Latin can be heard again at the services.  Some bishops did not like the group that made their conscience uncomfortable and attracted young people.  It is not a good idea to let the disgruntled, jealous and cynical to win.

    Pray for Belgium, pray for the persecuted priests in America, pray that His Holiness, Pope Francis restore The Fraternity of Holy Apostles now.   Gay ( Mrs. Gay Caswell)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Throwing our priests to the Enemy

April 19, 2018

    I’ve pointed out in two blog posts  that priests are not treated by the media and the courts by the usual standards of due process , that is innocent until proven guilty. Now upon further research I discover this is entrenched in a sixteen  year old document called The Dallas Charter ( Charter for the Protection of Young  People) written by bishops of the United States.

    Thomas Guarino on May 21, 2015 writes “ One of the most significent problems facing priests today is that the standard for removing an accused priest  from ministry is not clear and convincing evidence or even a preponderance of evidence but merely that an accusation is “ credible”, the least reliable standard of assessment.”....... Cardinal Avery Dulles has pointed out that accusation can be deemed ‘ credible “ simply because they are not entirely groundless.”

    A priest does not lose his civil or his God given rights simply be being a priest. There is a natural law throughout the ages and in every country that screams against such legal farces. The accused  has a right to defend himself by a fair trial . The alleged victim must be willing to show some evidence or corroboration.

    Of course there are credible arguments for every accusation. The Bible says that we have all sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. That is why we have the Sacrament of Confession and the Examination of Conscience of which the Faithful should avail themselves regularly. That includes priests. It is credible that anyone could possibly break any of the Ten Commandments . That includes sins of impurity in thought and action. That includes jealousy leading to lust, and stealing the body of another .

    It is a priori possibility that anyone is capable, if not probable actors ,of any sin.  To let a policy stand that any accusation is taken as proof is in itself serious and very evil abuse of priests. It is also a very dangerous precedent that can lead to thug tyranny for any and everyone.

    The bishops are to be shepherds not just for the lambs ( the frail laity) but for the sheep (the stronger laity and  priests) and for other shepherds ( priests under them.)) Such an outrageous policy is throwing accused priests to the hungry wolves of the left media, and of the Christ and Church haters.

    It also assumes that bishops themselves can do no harm, that they always act without jealousy, spite, cowardice and cruelty.  We must respect our bishops but we cannot assume that they always act perfectly. We and they also cannot assume that they will never  be victims of false accusations themselves.

    Priests including bishops need the protection that is offered by natural law and due process.  Gay