Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Winnable War that must be Won


Sept.29, 2016

    John and Gay Caswell of Brabant Lake are continuing their fight against Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. They use the name that Canada’s Cardinal Collins uses: Legalised Murder.
    Gay Caswell states “ The law was brought in with coercion and subterfuge. The traditions of democracy were crushed under the Gestapo feet of bullying and deceit. No bill of any significance is ever passed in a few hours of debate and then have enforced enclosure . This bill changed Canada from a country with a Christian ethic to barbarism, from a democracy to a tyranny of eleven unelected , unknown people. There was absolute no need by any constitutional , traditional or Charter reason to pass such a bill.

    Under the Charter of Rights if the Supreme Court makes a decision that is in error, is itself against the Charter or is considered undesirable to one or more province or the country as a whole. democracy is safeguarded by  THE NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE .
A legislature, provincial or federal can pass a bill that states that ‘ Notwithstanding the Charter’ et c. et c.  And nullify the Supreme Court decision. That could have been done immediately after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Assisted Suicide.

    Parliamentarians and the public have been deceived that the Notwithstanding clause has to be ratified by all provinces and passed by Parliament by a long complicated process. In fact the Notwithstanding Clause CANNOT be removed from the Charter because it is already there.                               

    John and Gay Caswell will be speaking in Eston Bible Institute on Oct.03, at Athol Murray Collegiate, Notre Dame in Wilcox on Oct.04 and on Oct.05 at Briercrest Bible Institute, Caronport.     

    They encourage other communities and school especially fellow Northern ones to invite them. They appreciate the efforts northern communities are making to stop the suicide epidemic following the onslaught of the Liberal legalisation of murder.

For more information : Gay Caswell at 306 -758- 2041 (home) , 306- 758-2046 ( school)
Note: Brabant Lake does not have cell phones.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our Saskatchewan

August 31,2016
     Two natives stopped at a farm house near Biggar, Sask. The farmer felt threatened  and shot one of them. He is presently on bail and charged with second degree murder. I have no opinion or special knowledge of the incident but I’d like to tell you of an incident in our life.

    We were travelling home from a speaking engagement in Hafford, Sask. when we got a flat tire. My husband is not at present physically able to change a tire let alone one at 10:30 pm.on a very dark night. I put up my hand in the hopes of getting help. I thought this would be easy on  Highway 102 our home gravel stretch but no one knows us on the shellbrook Highway.

    In three minutes a car came to a sudden halt, backed up and parked a few feet ahead of us. Two natives leapt out of the car and came to us in a fast run . As soon as John told them the problem in a few words, one man was on his back ,under the truck getting out the spare tire. A woman came to me and invited me to sit in her car to keep warm although it was already spring.  There were two children and a baby in the vehicle. Usually if you’re travelling with tired children at night you’d think that someone else can help this couple. She told me that they came fro Big River Reserve, that they recently got married and showed me her ring . She said that they had become Christians less than  a year ago. The radio was on gospel music.

    In twenty minutes the men were back, the truck was ready and the tools were back in place. They never asked for money or gave us time to offer some.

    Next day we got another flat and were helped at Bear’s Camp. Coming back from La Ronge we got another flat as the graders are really good at digging up the sharp stones after the ice is gone. Adam O. Charles from Stanley Mission helped us expertly and quickly. In a few weeks our social life on the road ended when a donor bought us four 8 ply tires.

    I just want to tell you about Our Saskatchewan. Gay

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Sinner for All Seasons

August 28, 2016

     By the time he was 16 yrshe was a dissolute and bored youth. His father could not afford to continue his education at that time so he did absolutely nothing except learn and practice immoral behaviour. The Christians shrugged their shoulders and said “ Oh well, he’s not baptised yet . When he decides to be baptised his sins will be cancelled.” His mother was appalled at her brilliant son wasting his brains and life and shed tears that would continue to flow for 27 more years.  Prayers were as plentiful as the tears. His father was a pagan in a pagan and licentious world.

    At 18 he had sired a son and shacked up with his son’s mother for fifteen years. In a burst of moral conviction he dismissed the mother and the son whom he loved dearly. However rather than accepting Christianity and Christian morality he floated from one religious sect to another that appealed to his vanity and intellectual snobbery. He had at least sufficient intellectual integrity to recognise the limitations and inconsistencies in the philosophies and shed them as quickly as he had adopted them.
    He had gone to the University of Carthage which was particularly pagan and particularly decadent.

    After dismissing his girlfriend he shacked up with a male. His mother continued to pray and continued to cry.  She could not stand to be in the same room as he . One day the evil of his lifestyle and his empty intellectualism hit him. He had been under the influence of a leading preacher who not only refuted his false views but personally liked him. He found this startling.

    One day it hit him. In ran out into the well groomed and spacious garden ,sprawled under a tree and wept. He cried out to his companion . “ What we are doing is filthy! Filthy!”

 On the next  Easter he was baptised. He established a Christian communitywhose members included his mother and brother.  The house rules were frugal, prayerful and disciplined. Hospitality was very important. One thing that was forbidden was gossip especially against people in their absence.  A statement to that effect was on the wall of the dining room.

    He was called to be a bishop although he protested. He reigned as the Bishop of Hippo for 37 years. In that time he fought various cults and heresies, some of whom practised terrorism and often resorted to murder to those who opposed them. His sermons, books, and letters continue to be published, distributed, studied and discussed. His best known work is THE CITY OF GOD. He is the great Augustine ( 354- 430 AD ) whose champions include Protestants as well as Catholics.
    No Christian ever told him that sin was just a lifestyle option.  Gay

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Liberal is For Death

August 25, 2016
    What is a Liberal? A Liberal is a Canadian liberal who wants you dead, our country dead, brain cells dead, conscience dead, compassion dead, logic dead  and maybe, but not always himself dead.

Justin Trudeau hs one economic plan: to drive Canada into debt by reckless spending so that we are no longer are a viable country, independent and self- directing. We will be forced to dissolve into a people ruled by an elite.

Trudeau has one social plan: to drive Canada into a moral abyss where nothing is unthinkable, where all is tolerated and approved except moral absolutes . There is no right and wrong except the possibility of Right and Wrong.

Trudeau wants more abortion.Why? We are the most underpopulated country in the world. We have no laws restricting abortion but abortion is killing unborn babies so more abortion is needed.

Trudeau wants and got euthanasia and assisted suicide . He would not allow it considered, debated , deferred or amended. He pushed for and got legalised murder. Anyone can kill anyone ne on the OPINION he or she wanted to be dead.  Canadians are now stalked for snuff films and death cult victims.

A girl for most of her 35 years hated her parents. She wanted them dead. She told three thugs to kill them. She said “Nothing will happen to you. Everyone hates them.” That failed. The thugs aren’t even thugs  anymore.  When Justin and the Liberals became the champions of death she saw her goal realised. She actively worked for the Liberals and was a drug distributer for them among the natives.  She constantly waits for a chance that can be construed as a medical crisis so she can approve of their death.  Her parents cannot afford the risk of seeking medical care under Medicare for any reason. She is a classic Liberal in good standing.

Trudeau won’t let the Canadian Forces fight ISIS. In ten months he has driven up a debt of 31 billion at least. He has made Canadians vulnerable to predators from their own family members to to human trafficking. He is at present the No. 1 enemy of Canada and the Canadian people. He must be deposed.  Gay

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Breathe. Who Told You to Do That

June 18, 2016

    Once health care was about care and health. Now it is about coercion and extermination.

 A few years ago I had a very bad cataract, a very kind and exceptional doctor and a very successful operation although I was terrified of Queen Victoria Hospital. I had never been a patient in a hospital that does abortions before. Then my second eye developped a cataract. I went to Dr. Dakow.  He started a series of test none of which he asked my approval. He asked if I had been taking myinsulin. No , I said. I control my diabetes with diet and health care. He said emphatically : “WHO  TOLD YOU TO DO THAT!”Note, he didn’t say who advised you to do that? Or do you think that is enough? He said Who told you to do that and it was  a statement , not even a question.

    Recently I thought I would mention to a priest who, like many Canadians escaped from a Communist country, that I was pregnant and asked for his prayers.  He became angry and said “ WHO TOLD YOU THAT!”  Did a doctor tell you that?   “No,” I said.  “I am terrified to go to a doctor.” He said “ Go to a doctor”  and walked away.

    Now, in recent history I encountered a clinic nurse who would not give me antibiotics for blood poisoning  until I admitted that I was pregnant. I encoutered a doctor who told my daughter , who hates my pregnancies, full term or otherwise, that I was pregnant but she wouldn’t tell me . It was all over the North and as far as Chicago. I was ordered  to go to La Ronge in three days “for tests” but I was never told why.  I did not go. That pregnancy, like many others,  did not last .

      When I was in La Ronge Hospital for gangrene, I was given an abortificient without my knowledge or permission in the i.v   I prefer to believe that the pregnancy was already not viable.
      Now my usual procedure is at about eight months inform a trustworthy doctor that I a
am pregnant so he will know when to expect some more night work. It worked well for seven successful pregnancies . I did not have to be told that I was pregnant . If we cannot say that we are pregnant unless a doctor certifies it then we are on the way to having only authorised off spring to exist. We are well on the way to following or surpassing Red China in coercion.

    Don’t forget we have a Prime Minister who is a creature of the late  Maurice Strong and the Power Group who adore China’s Coercion.

    And the Canadian Reign of Terror continues. So does my pregnancy.  Gay

Monday, June 6, 2016

Euthanasia and assisted suicide:NOT YET LAW!

June 06,16
D- Day
Canadians land at Juno Beach to begin offensive in WWII, 1944
    New York Court Victory : No Right to Assisted Suicide
 New Hampshire Assisted Suicide Study Bill Defeated
 United Kingdom Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated 330- 115.

And in Canada : After a few hours of debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demands closure, insists on Party Discipline. The Bill that allows anyone to kill anyone without legal punishment passes. Thus democracy dies and protection of life dies in Canada. When a bill cannot be debated, when members don’t even have time to study a bill, when elected members are not allowed to speak in the House of Commons, when staff and Members of Parliament are verbally and physically abused by the Prime Minister we no longer have democracy . This bill was not passed within parliamentary procedure and therefore is invalid . If a bill that attacks everyone’s right to life can stand then we no longer have a constitution. We simply have mindless brutality .

Justin Trudeau must resign or be impeached.  As a Catholic Justin must be excommunicated by the Catholic Authorities in Canada and/ or in Rome.   Bill C-14 must be scrapped as invalid . All killing by active or passive euthanasia must cease or practitioners must be charged with homicide according to the Canadian Criminal Code presently in effect. The Supreme Court cannot have a provincial legislature rewrite the Criminal Code . The British North America Act of 1867 clearly states that the Criminal Code is Dominion or Federal Jurisdiction A province cannot write a law that reverses or strikes down federal jurisdiction.  The Quebec Euthanasia Bill is obviously invalid in Quebec and anywhere else in Canada. There have been at least 50 reported deaths due to active euthanasia in Quebec Those murders were done while while even the Supreme Court ruled that the law was not yet in effect.  

         Bill C-14 did not pass with parliamentary procedure and should not even be considered by the Senate. However the Senate can kill this rogue obscenity . .    EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE IS NOT YET LAW IN CANADA AND NEED NEVER BE THE LAW. Gay

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Murder of Law

May 24, 2016

    We came home from a three day trip to discover that our dogs could not eat their food because they were not given any water in or out of the dry dog food. The oldest of the three dogs was panting, fighting for breath , could not move his hind legs, could not  stand when pulled up to his feet .  His eyes showed extreme shock. All the dogs have recovered simply by giving them water.  Now I know a little bit of what it’s like dying of thirst.


        Wait a minute. Who gave a hospital in Surrey , B. C.  the authority to remove food and water from a patient for the purpose of killing the patient. It took a long time for her mother to die. That means they were not removing food and water from a dead or even soon to die person. They bluntly , intentionally murdered this woman.

    A medical student came home and told her mother, a doctor that her supervisor wrote on a chart, no food and water, turned to the class and said “ in a week she will be gone.” A week is as long as it takes a healthy person to die after being deprived of basic survival needs. That happened ten years ago.  What authority did this man have ten years ago to murder a patient? And to teach medical students to do the same?

    Not surprisingly the Catholic Hospital in Surrey, B.C. was recently closed. The Constitution and Natural Law details freedom of Religion. What about our right to practice our Christian Catholic  Faith ? When people want to murder they cannot stand anyone whose actions affirm that there is a right and wrong and murder is wrong. Coercion is always part of the dehumanisation process.

    Saskatchewan is not exempt from the extended  murder rage.  A local teacher told us in our living room with other guests that her mother was at St. Brieux Nursing Home but her brother moved her to Watson Nursing Home. At St. Brieux they lifted her with their hands. At Watson they used a hoist. The care was inferior in Watson so she had to have her mother put down.  The care was not as good in Watson as in St. Brieux according to her daughter so the mother was murdered by the approval of her daughter. When did being moved by a piece of nursing home equipment become a justification for capital punishment to the patient? 

     Many times we have heard of patients who had to be removed from one nursing
 home to a Catholic home because the staff decided it was time to starve the resident. And what will happen if Catholic Nursing Homes will be deprived of medicare funds?

    For at least twenty years doctors, nurses and nursing home staff have been murdering patients.  All of these are legally and morally homicide.  There must be a massive investigation into the  extent of these practices. It is not enough to pass a law that puts the law in line with practice. The practice must be put in line with the law. The difference is barbarism or civilisation.   Gay