Friday, April 28, 2017

Bernier receives O'Leary's kiss of death.

April 28, 2017
      With Maxime Bernier we have candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party who: 1.- is divorced but had a girl friend with past connections to the Hell’s Angels.
         2.- leaves sensitive NATO documents at his girl friend’s apartment who kindly returned them to the RCMP.
        3.-wants more centralised government in Ottawa but wants less government he says.
    So in the second largest country in the world stretching from the 49th. parallel to the North Pole, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans Bernier wants more centralised government from a city in Ontario. Have you ever noticed that Ottawa- Toronto does not always reflect the views and needs of Nunavet or Saskatchewan or Newfoundland and more?

    4. Bernier is proud of his Libertarian views. That means he thinks people should be allowed to kill themselves or their grandmother, or call any liason a  marriage. As his friend O’Leary says he doesn’t care if you want to marry your dog. Just think at State formal occasions Kebbles will be served.

    5. Bernier is NOT pro- life. He says that he would allow a vote in the House  of Commons. So what? That doesn’t mean he would encourage it, support it or help arrange it. It means that he would still allow votes. Even Justin Trudeau does that long as the debate doesn’t go past two hours.

    6. O’Leary , once the front runner dropped out of the leadership race a month before the vote. He then threw his support behind Bernier. Bernier’s views are O’Leary’s views. O’Leary’s members and finance lists are now Bernier’s.  That means Bernier wants to make the Conservative Party libertarian. The Libertarian philosophy means anything goes except moral absolutes . Libertarianism begins with alleged freedom but leads to chaos which leads to coercion.  George Soros , the multi - trillionaire  Socialist who wants to run a globalist world states that he uses and creates chaos and instability . From there he garners power and control. That is why Soros funds black racism, extreme environmentalism, and more. Soros uses Justin Trudeau to do his bidding. Soros knows that the Trudeau puppet is no longer useful.  He therefor is looking for another Canadian puppet. O’Leary made his Soros views too clear. So who would be the next Canadian Soros darling? The best quess is someone who has the same views as Trudeau- O’Leary . The answer is obvious : Bernier.

    A Bernier or Trudeau choice in 2019 would be no choice at all. Canadians would get Soros or Soros.   As stated Time to cheer for Andrew Scheer.   Gay

Monday, April 24, 2017

Justice Layh's Attack on Parents and Religion

April 24, 2017

    Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donald Layh in Yorkton, Sask. has made a ruling that “ non- Catholic students may not be funded in Catholic schools in the province as of June 30 th , 2018 .” He said “ provincial government  funding of non- Minority Faith students attending schools is a violation of the state’s duty of religious neutrality” under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    This is false. This is absurd.  Justice Donald Lahy has not read the Constitution nor the Charter of Rights and has given us 200 pages to bamboozle us because of his own biases and prejudices. THERE IS NO STATE DUTY TO RELIGIOUS NEUTRALITY. There is the country’s long standing duty and practice of protecting religious freedom.  The Constitution, that is the British North America Act  and the Charter of Rights clearly state that it is the parent’s right to decide the the education of their children. Got that. IT IS THE PARENT’S RIGHT, not the state’s , not the Minister of Education, not Donald Layh’s right to decide the education of their children.

    Sir  Wilfred Laurier clearly stated that there would be no Confederation unless Catholic Schools were protected.   Quebec would not form a country with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia , and Ontario unless the right to have Catholic as well as protestant schools would be enshrined in the Constitution.  It is the strongest and most long standing statement of religious freedom in the world . At a time of religious persecution in Ireland and elsewhere  the Dominion of Canada was formed with respect for Christian differences within the same country.

    When Sir Wilfred Laurier , now Prime Minister came to the issue of creating the provinces of  Saskatchewan and Alberta , he stated there would be no new provinces unless Catholic schools would be permitted. This is one of the great and most important speeches in the history of the Dominion of Canada.  This statement is the basis of the Saskatchewan Act and the Education Act of 1905. The right of minority faith students in a community to  attend schools of the majority religion is emphasised in that they MAY, not must , have religious education for a half hour of their religion while and in the school.

    If  parents want to send their child or children to a Catholic school while not Catholic they have the complete right to do so by the most overarching law in Canada,  Religious Freedom must exist with the right of choice and choices.

    Here in Brabant Lake the Catholic School is constantly attacked. Students, including adult and children are afraid to read out loud because they know the classrooms are tapped and the Community Enforcer ( Bully) may hear them read God words.

    A six year old and her parents were  told that she can’t read the word God . The little girl was refusing to read the word God because she was told that her parents would be in trouble.  However I insisted that she read all the words . So the spyers heard “ Jim thanked God for Zip.  Jim thanked God for his cake.”

    This is not happening in Red China or North Korea. It is happening in a Catholic ,school in a little village in Saskatchewan.   The person  and his wife run the Northern Lights School, Ospwakun Sepe> They have no jurisdiction in L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord or Our Lady of the North School yet for 21 years they have been harassing us, our parents and students and threatening people, adult or child who’d consider using our educational services . Gideon Cook stated when we arrived in 1996 that  “ religion has no place in education”. That continues to be his position and one assumes the position of Northern Lights School Division . They will do and have done virtually  anything to enforce this.  This is where Donald Lahy’s crowd wants to take us.   Gay

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just Local Politics?

April 13,2017
Holy Thursday

    When Father Dumong came up from Saskatoon to be our priest we, as well as everybody else were so happy. We had a real priest who would give us Masses. We’d forgive him everything, his confusing sermons, his rant about names, his strange posters, his absurd politically correct comments,rias long as he would be our priest . I even said he likes us. You can tell he likes us.  Meaning Northerners even Caswells. Then reality hit.  When our two sons who are priests came home for their annual visit they stopped at La Ronge and two hours later we got a phone call. They were late in arriving home because they had a long visit with Father Dumong and had to straighten him out because he was saying that we should leave. I parked this conversation and thought I d’d deal with Dumong after the boys left.  I assumed that Fr. Dumong would contact us. I then realised the truth. Fr. Dumong hates us. He is working at kicking us out of the North. How could a priest come up to our home neighbourhood and in a few months start campaigning to kick us out? Do priests have a right to come into a parish and start kicking out people?people who had been here for 22 years, own a school, gardens, green house, chapel, home, the only one we have? Some more of Fr. Blum who would run constant insults and isolation tactics at us?.

    I had been well. My my diabetes was under vcontrol. Soon  I developed psoriasis on my face, scabies on my arms, itching all over my body. I couldn’t or didn’t get out of bed. I used Nix on the scabies. In sunlight the poison of Nix reacted and I had rivers of hives worse than the scabies.  I kept repeating “ spare the flock, spare the flock and threw up over and over until the bed was soaked but I didn’t have the strength to change the sheets or do the laundry. John came home while I was in this mess and began to look after me with considerable skill and patience. For five days I kept mostly in bed, kept repeating that I can’t say anything against a priest. I asked my husband “ Are you Daniel?” Daniel is our son in Saskatoon . There is quite a lot of difference between him and my husband. . Then,  I knew  I had to get up and fight back or I would go into a coma and possibly die. My foot was already swollen with pus oosing from an ulcer on the sole. It had been there for over a year but kept at the same level. Through Lent I usually don’t write blogs . But I got on our radio and started telling some of the story. I fought back. We quit going to Mass because Fr. Dumong had made it clear that we should leave the North.   He kept smirking and making pointed remarks that “ we’re both struggling.” I am not quite sure why being homeless in Saskatoon or Prince Albert would be good for our health. Hadn’t they tried this on in 2008? At any rate I discovered that not all priests are opposed to euthanasia especially if it comes to us. Hospitals are dangerous to us ( and others) so we do everything possible to avoid them. I doubt very much if I would even be allowed admission
    After a month without prescription drugs the psoriasis began to disappear. My foot drained of long term deep infection and the ulcer completely closed. I can walk through the ruts, ice and mud of Spring Thaw.  A long term concussion mysteriously lifted and the pressure was gone after at least thirty years.  Gay
    In the time of  Fr. Blom the Confessional had been switched so that the penitent has to sit on the late Fr. LeMay’s chair and the priest sits where the lay person used to kneel . Fr. Blum would kick the door open with his foot to let people know that he is ready for the next one. No one can kneel unless he is prepared to have his feet out of the Confessional and the door ajar. The prayer of contrition so conveniently on the wall was no longer available.  Fr. Dumong left things as they were. I went to Confession and he told me to stop I thought if I was prepared to have the door ajar so I could kneel it was my business. Then I went to Confession at the rectory near Christmas. I said that I wanted to say the Act of Contrition. He wouldn’t let me. I said that I wanted to anyway. I did.  He said that when you go to Confession you already have made it clear that you are sorry so you don’t have to say it. When he came to our house to explain his good intentions and innocence John said in the Marriage Sacrament the couple don’t just stand up at the front of the church and expect that erveryone knows why they are here. You have to say “ I do” to get married so you have to say “ I am sorry “ to receive absolution.  He was not impressed with this logic .  He said that you have to make sure that people understand what they are saying. Later I read the Act of Contrition over the radio and said “ what possibly coul not be understood? “ I am sure that the elders know that prayer in Cree and/or  English and others can read it.  Everyone has to say I am sorry to God to be a Christian.

    That week we heard on Catholic Radio what the Catholic Catechism says of Confession.   The prayer of Contrition must be said as part of the Sacrament .

         I was explaining that there are those who have used their son’s body to gain influence..  There are people who do witch craft . Father’s Dumong’s eyes glased over and a very bored look covered his face. He said “ How can I avoid local politics? “ I never said anything else . John carried on the discussion. “ Local politics” is a discussion as to whether we will have a winter carnival or not.  Fr. Dumong asked for no explanation or offered no criticism. He had been in the North before and surely had encountered witchcraft, people who practise it, people who believe they are victims of it. It is not local politics and is certainly very pervasive. If a priest doesn’t believe witch craft  exists a great many other people do. It deserves at least a serious discussion. The Bible could shed a great deal of light on this issue.  As for people using their bodies or the bodies of their children, adult or otherwise to gain influence , to get a bottle or drugs, or get out of trouble , this is not local politics. It is a sin. I don’t think Fr. Dumong actually believes sin exists. But I never asked him. Gay


Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Catamite Industry

April 09, 2017
Holy Week Sunday
Anniversary of Victory at Vimy, France 1917

    In 1978 then Premier Allen Blakeney tabled legislation to include sexual orientation in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. We still have the letter in which the Premier states that due to the public reaction “ he would be very much surprised if the legislation would go ahead at this time.” The socialists had to wait to 1991 to reach the goal of giving the homosexual lifestyle preferential protection.  Many people worked to stop the legislation in 1978 but to the radical homosexuals the credit goes to John and Gay Caswell. They have not forgotten and we have never asked forgiveness.

    Is it about time to rethink the practice that one lifestyle is protected from even reasoned criticism, debate or public objective facts ? HUMANAE VITAE , Pope Paul VI’ encyclical opposes contraception, and sterilisation because, among many reasons, that these things can lead to coercive contraception and sterilisation. Those prophetic words have been proven over and over. Even abortion has become compulsory in many places. We don’t have to cite just Communist China. There are many examples of people pushed into abortion and sterilisation in northern Saskatchewan.
    In 2008 the northern socialists were determined to take away our home and thus drive us out of the North. While we were literally barricading ourselves in our own home a young woman was being pushed into an abortion. At the time I asked “ if they are doing this  what will they do if we leave?” The obvious answer was more of the same.  However abortion is not the only issue.

    We noticed that many people believed that using young boys could not be and should not be  challenged. One could get out of legal difficulties by handing over yourself or another boy to certain lawyers or even judges. Gormley’s book LEFT OUT touches on one example.It has taken us two decades to realise how extensive is the practice of pushing boys into homosexuality for personal gain.
    Planned Parenthood, the international anti- human organisation officially promotes homosexuality as a population control policy.  That has been the policy in many instances in the North. Young boys are pushed into the homosexual lifestyle while marriage and even heterosexuality is discouraged.  It is not just a lifestyle option that people choose. The “political officers” aka shamons aka “ higher- ups “ actively discourage couples from having a relationship while a ring leader rounds up young men for the La Ronge market. Promoting  marijuana addiction is a routine part of the package.

    While some people still believe that the issue is that an honest investigation of the coercive nature of homosexual recruitment will harm someone’s self esteem a growing catamite industry is developing.  Note: a catamite is a boy kept for sexual purposes. A spin -off to that is a boy or man kept at home to increase the prestige of a household  can provide services to those of influence.  Gay

Friday, March 17, 2017

Rebellion is as witchcraft

St. Patrick’s Day
    This is a continuation of what happened last summer. I have waited before saying more giving time for things  to restore themselves without undue publicity. They haven’t. Last summer Sr. Mary Judith came home for her home visit. We gave permission for a  French family of five children and one pregnant mother to come along. Sister came home with a soiled habit, unable to speak clearly or logically in English, let alone in French.  She and her friend Madame Margaret Beaudon de Mony Colchen kept talking about that sister can start a new religious order, then go to France and “offer herself as a sacrifice” which will be so much better than teaching school according to Beaudon . Sister would say I am 33 years and you can’t stop me ! Beaudon and Sister began to heavily drink in Saskatoon at her sister’s place and did not stop for the three weeks. It seemed obvious that Beaudon took drugs. We were not allowed to be alone with our daughter for five minutes. Beaudon would be near by for every conversation and would not let any private conversation. Beaudon acted like a controller who would not let her prey go .        
    When I wrote a blog telling people that our daughter is involved in a death cult I was attacked for soiling the reputation of a Noble family which was apparently supposed to be more important than the life of our daughter.  That is still the position of the Beaudon family. Apparently they expect people to kill themselves for their career advancement since our daughter’s death was suppose to help re- establish the monarchy in France and Beaudon would be queen as she and Sister would tell the children.

    Sister was stopped from killing herself . She went to France but Beaudon decided that Sister did not belong there.  Sister in obedience spent five months of discernment in Texas. But Beaudon did not leave her alone for a minute. She constantly kept e- mailing and communicating with her in various ways. We tried to phone the Beaudon home many times and wrote two letters to the family at their Austin address. Our calls are immediately blocked so that we can’t even leave a message.

    Sister said “I am still confused about what happened this summer.”  Her Dad immediately wrote a letter explaining a few of the things that she had done. I also wrote three letters to her Illinois address. To this day she has not even opened the letters. When we mention that she was trying to kill herself she immedately says “ I was not.” yet she can’t remember what  she did this summer, although she remembers that I taught the girl to read and advanced the reading levels of the others.

    Although Sister’s job in the Austin Catholic school system remained open to her she.  that has slammed  doors to us and to others. At times she seems very proud of the many people that she has hurt.   She still seems under the control of Madame Beaudon. Her Dad has had visions of Sister with streams of tears down her face. I have had visions of her dressed properly in her full habit determined to do things properly.  In our opinion she was and is incapable of making decisions because she still seems under the demonic control of Beaudon . Beaudon speaks highly of sorcerers who have helped her family. She claims her son was healed by one.  She most certainly does not believe in the sanctity of human life. People in a lower social scale are there to be used for her benefit.  To quote a priest exorcist last summer: “ She is a very dangerous woman” and our daughter continues to be under her  control. Gay

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Looniest of Loonies

Feb.28, 2017

    Kevin O’Leary, Liberal who has entered the Conservative leadership race on behalf of George Soros, aspiring One World Controller said in Montreal, Quebec that pro- life and marriage are dead issues.
    He will not be taking part in the Edmonton, Alberta debate for fear it is becoming obvious that many Canadians do not agree with him. Kevin grew up in Montreal but is very proud to report he doesn’t speak French and has no intention of learning.  He is really good at avoiding  anything that taxes his brains like logic.

Kevin states that people can do whatever makes them happy. His definition of happy is being killed or having someone kill you. It is not clear why he is so sure that being dead by murder or by your own hand creates a future of happiness.  Perhaps he has the same spiritual source as George Soros. George is really keen on murder ever since he helped the Nazis round up fellow Jews when he was fourteen years old.

    Let’s focus on the alleged death of pro- life and marriage . O’Leary says that he doesn’t care if a person marries his dog.  Well perhaps The Society for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals could restrict O’Leary’s passion for diversion. We have noticed that living in a northern community without fancy things like vets that dogs are really keen on procreation and on relations with other dogs of the opposite sex.

  O'Leary wouldn’t stop at bestiality. If the marriage issue is dead then anything goes.: Polygamy ( one husband, many wives), polyandry (one wife, many husbands , random liaisons, and incest of any kind. In every culture there is a univeral taboo against incest. But there are no taboos including rape of children for O’Leary. All that is a dead issue.
So is infanticide, abortion , killing the elderly etc., etc. . Surely even Liberal liberals would not go as far as this deranged hedonist.

    It is said that Hitler wrote everything that he was going to do in MEIN KAMPF but nobody believed him. There really are evil people like George Soros and his son and they really do use silly, dangerous people like Kevin O’ Leary.

    Since O’Leary has no scruples of killing anyone or allowing people to use anyone or anything sexually what about those other niceties like honesty, public responsibility, protecting the citizens of Canada against aggressors inside and outside our borders. Since Justin Trudeau took ten holidays the first year of office maybe O’Leary will take twenty holidays or just not bother to live in Canada at all. The climate is better in Boston.

    At one time people who could not tell right from wrong were considered mentally ill and were considered dangerous to themselves and others. By that definition O’Leary needs a padded cell or an actor’s award for the looniest of loonies.  We could even make it a Canadian only or partly Award out of respect for our beloved loon bird.  But what ever you do don’t hand over our beloved country, Canada  to this mad man.

    If you are 14 years or over you can help protect Canada and stop the killing. Take out  a Conservative Membership . Phone 1-866-808 -8407 for your membership. Do it now.. Time to Cheer for Scheer.  Gay

10 Truths we mustn't say in Canada

Feb.27, 2017

     At present, in Canada under the Liberal Hate Laws there are a whole lot of things that a person can’ say or write .These laws do not target criminal acts but are directed at views and opinions.   Under Stephen  Harper these laws were removed. Mark Stein in MACLEAN’S   Magazine wrote CANADA RETURNS TO THE LAND OF THE FREE  Justin Trudeau and his Pretty Young Things aka Cabinet are returning to Thought Crimes with a vengeance.    It is very difficult to determine actually what can be said or what cannot be said. The general outline is if it is a tenant of Judeao- Christianity or is completely logical  you can’t say it.  The laws are enforced arbitrarily so fear and caution reign. Fortunately Canadians still have a remembrance of freedom and many continue to say and write whatever they want...but don’t expect to be published or be interviewed in any mainstream media.

Here are examples of what you shouldn’t say or write.

1. Islam is a religion of intolerance that preaches hate and murder to those with whom they disagree.

2. Homosexuality is a sin. Therefore one can repent and stop homosexual acts.

3. There are two genders .male and female.  One’s sex  is determined at conception and is never erasable or changeable.    Sexual mutilation and hormone therapy does not change one’s gender.

4. Allowing Islamic terrorists into the country causes Islamic terrorism.

5. A lot of people will lie if the government will give them a lot of money as a reward,
 no questions asked. This includes some natives who didn’t even have to prove that they went to residential school to get $ 200,000 plus.

6. Legalising suicide causes an epidemic of suicides 

7.  A lot of elderly are pushed into death because the government wants to save money and some relative wants to inherit money.

8. Giving people welfare cheques to do nothing helps a lot of people to do nothing.

9. Parents should be allowed to choose the education of their children just like the constitution of Canada says.

10. The Supreme Court should stop telling us what laws we can pass or must pass and Parliament should have the authority to legislate just like it did since 1867.

That’s a starter. Gay Caswell