Friday, March 17, 2017

Rebellion is as witchcraft

St. Patrick’s Day
    This is a continuation of what happened last summer. I have waited before saying more giving time for things  to restore themselves without undue publicity. They haven’t. Last summer Sr. Mary Judith came home for her home visit. We gave permission for a  French family of five children and one pregnant mother to come along. Sister came home with a soiled habit, unable to speak clearly or logically in English, let alone in French.  She and her friend Madame Margaret Beaudon de Mony Colchen kept talking about that sister can start a new religious order, then go to France and “offer herself as a sacrifice” which will be so much better than teaching school according to Beaudon . Sister would say I am 33 years and you can’t stop me ! Beaudon and Sister began to heavily drink in Saskatoon at her sister’s place and did not stop for the three weeks. It seemed obvious that Beaudon took drugs. We were not allowed to be alone with our daughter for five minutes. Beaudon would be near by for every conversation and would not let any private conversation. Beaudon acted like a controller who would not let her prey go .        
    When I wrote a blog telling people that our daughter is involved in a death cult I was attacked for soiling the reputation of a Noble family which was apparently supposed to be more important than the life of our daughter.  That is still the position of the Beaudon family. Apparently they expect people to kill themselves for their career advancement since our daughter’s death was suppose to help re- establish the monarchy in France and Beaudon would be queen as she and Sister would tell the children.

    Sister was stopped from killing herself . She went to France but Beaudon decided that Sister did not belong there.  Sister in obedience spent five months of discernment in Texas. But Beaudon did not leave her alone for a minute. She constantly kept e- mailing and communicating with her in various ways. We tried to phone the Beaudon home many times and wrote two letters to the family at their Austin address. Our calls are immediately blocked so that we can’t even leave a message.

    Sister said “I am still confused about what happened this summer.”  Her Dad immediately wrote a letter explaining a few of the things that she had done. I also wrote three letters to her Illinois address. To this day she has not even opened the letters. When we mention that she was trying to kill herself she immedately says “ I was not.” yet she can’t remember what  she did this summer, although she remembers that I taught the girl to read and advanced the reading levels of the others.

    Although Sister’s job in the Austin Catholic school system remained open to her she.  that has slammed  doors to us and to others. At times she seems very proud of the many people that she has hurt.   She still seems under the control of Madame Beaudon. Her Dad has had visions of Sister with streams of tears down her face. I have had visions of her dressed properly in her full habit determined to do things properly.  In our opinion she was and is incapable of making decisions because she still seems under the demonic control of Beaudon . Beaudon speaks highly of sorcerers who have helped her family. She claims her son was healed by one.  She most certainly does not believe in the sanctity of human life. People in a lower social scale are there to be used for her benefit.  To quote a priest exorcist last summer: “ She is a very dangerous woman” and our daughter continues to be under her  control. Gay

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Looniest of Loonies

Feb.28, 2017

    Kevin O’Leary, Liberal who has entered the Conservative leadership race on behalf of George Soros, aspiring One World Controller said in Montreal, Quebec that pro- life and marriage are dead issues.
    He will not be taking part in the Edmonton, Alberta debate for fear it is becoming obvious that many Canadians do not agree with him. Kevin grew up in Montreal but is very proud to report he doesn’t speak French and has no intention of learning.  He is really good at avoiding  anything that taxes his brains like logic.

Kevin states that people can do whatever makes them happy. His definition of happy is being killed or having someone kill you. It is not clear why he is so sure that being dead by murder or by your own hand creates a future of happiness.  Perhaps he has the same spiritual source as George Soros. George is really keen on murder ever since he helped the Nazis round up fellow Jews when he was fourteen years old.

    Let’s focus on the alleged death of pro- life and marriage . O’Leary says that he doesn’t care if a person marries his dog.  Well perhaps The Society for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals could restrict O’Leary’s passion for diversion. We have noticed that living in a northern community without fancy things like vets that dogs are really keen on procreation and on relations with other dogs of the opposite sex.

  O'Leary wouldn’t stop at bestiality. If the marriage issue is dead then anything goes.: Polygamy ( one husband, many wives), polyandry (one wife, many husbands , random liaisons, and incest of any kind. In every culture there is a univeral taboo against incest. But there are no taboos including rape of children for O’Leary. All that is a dead issue.
So is infanticide, abortion , killing the elderly etc., etc. . Surely even Liberal liberals would not go as far as this deranged hedonist.

    It is said that Hitler wrote everything that he was going to do in MEIN KAMPF but nobody believed him. There really are evil people like George Soros and his son and they really do use silly, dangerous people like Kevin O’ Leary.

    Since O’Leary has no scruples of killing anyone or allowing people to use anyone or anything sexually what about those other niceties like honesty, public responsibility, protecting the citizens of Canada against aggressors inside and outside our borders. Since Justin Trudeau took ten holidays the first year of office maybe O’Leary will take twenty holidays or just not bother to live in Canada at all. The climate is better in Boston.

    At one time people who could not tell right from wrong were considered mentally ill and were considered dangerous to themselves and others. By that definition O’Leary needs a padded cell or an actor’s award for the looniest of loonies.  We could even make it a Canadian only or partly Award out of respect for our beloved loon bird.  But what ever you do don’t hand over our beloved country, Canada  to this mad man.

    If you are 14 years or over you can help protect Canada and stop the killing. Take out  a Conservative Membership . Phone 1-866-808 -8407 for your membership. Do it now.. Time to Cheer for Scheer.  Gay

10 Truths we mustn't say in Canada

Feb.27, 2017

     At present, in Canada under the Liberal Hate Laws there are a whole lot of things that a person can’ say or write .These laws do not target criminal acts but are directed at views and opinions.   Under Stephen  Harper these laws were removed. Mark Stein in MACLEAN’S   Magazine wrote CANADA RETURNS TO THE LAND OF THE FREE  Justin Trudeau and his Pretty Young Things aka Cabinet are returning to Thought Crimes with a vengeance.    It is very difficult to determine actually what can be said or what cannot be said. The general outline is if it is a tenant of Judeao- Christianity or is completely logical  you can’t say it.  The laws are enforced arbitrarily so fear and caution reign. Fortunately Canadians still have a remembrance of freedom and many continue to say and write whatever they want...but don’t expect to be published or be interviewed in any mainstream media.

Here are examples of what you shouldn’t say or write.

1. Islam is a religion of intolerance that preaches hate and murder to those with whom they disagree.

2. Homosexuality is a sin. Therefore one can repent and stop homosexual acts.

3. There are two genders .male and female.  One’s sex  is determined at conception and is never erasable or changeable.    Sexual mutilation and hormone therapy does not change one’s gender.

4. Allowing Islamic terrorists into the country causes Islamic terrorism.

5. A lot of people will lie if the government will give them a lot of money as a reward,
 no questions asked. This includes some natives who didn’t even have to prove that they went to residential school to get $ 200,000 plus.

6. Legalising suicide causes an epidemic of suicides 

7.  A lot of elderly are pushed into death because the government wants to save money and some relative wants to inherit money.

8. Giving people welfare cheques to do nothing helps a lot of people to do nothing.

9. Parents should be allowed to choose the education of their children just like the constitution of Canada says.

10. The Supreme Court should stop telling us what laws we can pass or must pass and Parliament should have the authority to legislate just like it did since 1867.

That’s a starter. Gay Caswell

Saturday, February 25, 2017

O' Leary:Soros' Puppet

Feb.25, 2017

    In Holland, the country we liberated in WWII from the Naziis, they are murdering handicapt and elderly without the patients’ consent . A woman with dementia had said definitely that she did not want to die. The doctor put a sedative in her coffee without her permission. Even with that FAMILY MEMBERS had to hold her down while the doctor lethally injected her. Now the euthanasia pushers want to make this a legal precedent so they can  murder anyone they want . This makes the Naziis amateurs of the Final Solution.

    This is what Kevin O’ Leary wants for Canada. He says that “we should make peace with our seniors” and what makes them happy is death. Have you noticed how everyone is happy at a funeral especially if the person has been murdered or has committed suicide? No. Neither have I.

    He also says that marriage is a dead issue. Nobody cares if the institution of marriage that is one man , one woman united for life, is gone for ever. No children raised in families, just a pool of random individuals raised by the state. That may be very expensive so maybe there’ll have to cyanide the orange juice to cut costs .  Remember, pro- life according to O’Leary is a dead issue. Thus the survival and existence of future generations is a dead issue.

    O’Leary says it doesn’t matter if someone wants to marry his dog.  Well actually there’s no procreation in the O’Leary world. He loves death. It makes hm happy and he is sure that is what Canada wants.

    O’Leary is playing an actor  role. He is doing it for himself and George Soros. Soros knows that his puppet, Justin Trudeau is no longer of use to him. He is finished.  Soros also knows that his plan for Canada will never happen if a true Conservative is chosen so he has to get an actor to run a campaign to push the Soros agenda. The Soros agenda is chaos. Then control. He creates chaos . Then he takes control for a One World Order where he and a few are on top. Lots of people will be murdered but they are the deplorables who are of no value. Kevin O’Leary is doing a gig for George Soros.  A vote for O’Leary is a vote for George Soros which is a vote for the destruction of Canada.
     One needs to get a Conservative membership immediately .    Then you can vote for a true Conservative who wants the country of Canada to exist. Call 1-866-808- 8407 or google Conservative  immediately. This is your ticket to ensure Multi Billionaire One Worlder George Soros and his actor O’Leary do not destroy the most wonderful country on earth.   Our Canada.       Gay

Friday, February 24, 2017

God deals with us individually.

    In Margaret Epp’s autobiography WALK IN MY WOODS she states “ One thing I know, Jesus deals with individuals, and deals with us individually.” Margaret Epp (1913- 2008 )  was a Mennonite from Waldheim, Sask. who taught herself to be a writer by working almost eight hours a day. Her books stress that it is not enough to be a Mennonite but one needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. An ethnic culture, even a Christian ethnic culture cannot lead one to heaven. God deals with us individually.

    God deals with all of us including ethnic natives individually. Isn’t it time that all our Church leaders deal with us as individuals?. We don’t need pow wow music in a Saskatoon Park to be reconciled with... what ? White men? er sorry, white persons? other natives? the pain and suffering of the residential school we never went to?  We need to be reconciled with God . God has given us the Sacrament of Confession . We confess our sins, that is our individual sins , state an act of contrition ( an I’m sorry statement ) and the priest on behalf of Christ gives us absolution. It’s a deal , In exchange for our sins, once we confess , Christ wipes our slate clean.
    The Communist political organiser aka Native Studies professor states natives have to understand that they are victims. White culture is the oppressor . There is no place for sin. Therefor there is no place for accountability. Northern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate per capita in Canada because ... there are more oppressed natives? Or is it really because for fifty years they have been taught that they are not accountable but only victim?

    One of the alleged victims of residential schools is Noel Starblanket . He received a huge sum of money because he went to a residential school.  He also I understand was named as an aggressor by residential school students when he was employed at the school. I mention him because I encountered him as a would be - rapist in my university student home.

    So Noel Starblanket was paid with tax payer money because he went to residential school. His alleged victims ( no proof needed) were paid with tax payer money because of the actions of Noel Starblanket.   Starblanket is rewarded with government money. His victims are rewarded with government money . No accountability all down the line. 

    A priest offered to cook fish and bannock for the “victims” of residential schools. These so called victims were busy leading the prayers and the singing at Mass . And their wives make very good bannock. It would seem the priest should stick to the confessional where he is needed and let the good cooks of the parish stick to the bannock and the fish.

    Non- natives get to have Confession not pow wow music. Non- natives get to be repentent sinners and Christians. We natives just get to be victim of the system. By some priests we are never encouraged to examine our conscience and our actions and to truly repent so our slates can be wiped clean.

    Of course natives like me who refuse to play the victim game are cast off as not really native but people who should be silenced and kicked out of the North. Like all Communist systems nobody ever gets treated like an individual who needs a personal individual relationship with Christ. Fortunately there still are priests who believe that natives are sinners who need a Redeemer, not a sociological excuse.  Gay

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sol Alinsky is still polluting the Faith

Feb.22, 201t7
    Last summer there was a “Reconciliation” event in a Saskatoon park. Then Bishop Bolan was there but Confession was not on the agenda . There was Pow Wow music that disturbed a lot of the Indians who attended. A native lady who said that she was a Minister talked to a woman with four children. They were discussing how much they disliked the music. The lady Minister said that she too was opposed to it “ but she would pray over the children and cover them so that they would not be harmed by the pow wow drums. ” Is there something wrong with this picture? Why is a bishop promoting a pagan rite that offends Christian natives? When do we get to tell him that we don’t want to be involved in pagan music that offends our spirit?

    One thing is certain that it won’t be I who will tells him. Now Archbishop Bolan spends a great deal of time talking about me but never, never talks to me. Perhaps he considers as part of preferential option for the Poor he only talks to people who already agree with his assumptions and is quite certain that I am only a long term short of money person and not The Poor.

    Bishop Bolan told a former colleague from the legislature that he is very opposed to our school and to us. Now the non- Catholic good fellow lives in Moose Jaw, never to my knowledge part of Bolan’s diocese.  We live 800 miles from Bishop Bolan and have never met, never talked on the phone , never exchanged letters. Is this Bolan’s idea of Social Justice, never give the Enemy a hearing and don’t let her or him know that the Verdict has already been given?

    But he doesn’t stop at talking to us to a Moose Jaw non- Catholic. He contacts our sons in Chicago and tells them what we are doing wrong and what we aren’t allowed to do.  At present our Archbishop is His Grace Murray Chatlain whose Chancery office is in Le Pas , Manitoba . It is not Bishop Perry in Chicago ( although that would be very nice).  Fr. Joshua and Fr. Nathan are wet- behind- the- ears good priests whose only authority they have over us is that they are priests .

    I can imagine what Bolan says about us but I would rather not discuss imagination. but issues and that face to face. For starters it was a Liberal government in about 1966 under Communist Lester B. Pearson that began funding heavily the revival and creation of
“ Native Spirituality”. The “ missionaries” were Sol Alinsky trained Company of Young Canadians . They flooded Indian reserves to convince the natives that the Catholic Church and the Priests were your enemies and are there to deny your true culture and to stop you from having your conscience raised to understand that you are victims of Canadian - British Imperialism.
    Their target was the Catholic educated native leaders that needed to be weaned from Catholicism. Since this was difficult to do it had to be done in stages of polluting the Faith. The Federation of Sask Indians was established so people like the late Ernie Tootoosis had lots of money and resources to recreate and create a new so called Traditional Religion.  This new religion was needed  because the long term plan was to bankrupt the Churches over bogus claims against residential schools. A new religion had to be invented so the claim could be made that the Churches deprived natives of their culture . It was a long term, well thought- up Communist Plot of at least fifty years.  Stay tuned and hold on to your feathers boys. Gay

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hood Robbin: How Justin steals from the poor to give to the rich.

Jan.19, 2017
Epiphany for the Ukrainians

     Robin Hood, at the time of the civil war between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in England had a band of merry men who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Our Prime Minister has a band of merry persons who steal from the poor to give to the rich.  They do not wear linden green as camouflage in the forest but prefer private tropical islands in Nassau. 
     After the exposure that Justin Trudeau and his family has taken ten holidays out of the country in his first year of office he must have felt rather peckish . After all he is not used to being criticized or made accountable . Therefor he decided to take a holiday at New Years to Nassau to visit his, according to him, very old bud who is a long time family friend , the Agha Khan , the spiritual head of a Muslim sect.

    Well it wasn’t really a holiday but according to him a working holiday. That is why the party flew a government plane to this Caribbean paradise and included the Liberal Party President . .  Psst. The Liberal Party really isn’t a branch of government. Perhaps she was included as a reward because in the Lethbridge by- election the Liberals got 23 per- cent of the vote.  They landed in Nassau then took the Agha’s private helicopter to the Agha’s private island.

    The Agha is a philanthropist. That means that he is rich and gives a lot of money away, to what he deems,  worthy causes. Justin therefore gave this rich man $45 million of Canadian tax payer money. This incidentally, coincided with the arrival of Trudeau’s carbon tax. As stated in the PA Co-op a man had an 80 dollar fuel bill which jumped to $120 after Trudeau’s carbon tax and Premier Rachel’s carbon tax.
    There is a tax on the man’s truck, and every piece on farm machinery . There is no tax to the Agha’s helicopter or on the government jet liner.  If you’re rich and are an Agha you don’t pay carbon taxes .  The ten international holiday plus this one are fueled  by air, as Trudeau apparently believes or are fueled by the Canadian tax payer which according to Justin is the same thing.

    Canadians have a $110 billion  projected deficit that Trudeau created after the Tories had a balanced budget.  It would seem this is not the time to give away $45 million dollars to a rich man even if he throws a good party. It would seem that there are people who need the money more. Why not give to St. Theresa of Calcutta’ sisters while they work among the poor including in northern Alberta? Or to the Mennonite Central Committee people who risk their lives helping people fleeing Muslim terrorists in Syria?

    Oh, Justin and party prefer the Agha’s spread over a bowl of cracked wheat in a Calcutta slum? Or refugee camp rice bowl?

    Just to keep the Agha party going Justin has promised another $55 million of Canadian money in 2020. He won’t even be in office then.  Gay