Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Post Office Blues

Sept. 19, 2017

    If civilisation can be measured by the efficiency and ethics of the postal service civilisation is in serious trouble.  While many people simply opt out of snail mail and live on the computer , there is a point for even the most avid tweeter, that the system fails. One needs to obtain one’s  Landsend t-shirt by mail. All the services that deliver anywhere in Canada, or U.S don’t. One place that they don’t is Brabant Lake and other communities of northern Saskatchewan.  

    A friend of mine and I launched on a project to restore letter writing. The ingredients are a pen, preferably fountain pen, stationery... non existent except for the size that enables you to say thanx.   I make my own by cutting and pasting pictures from magazines and seed catalogues. It works well except for the delivery . It is difficult to have a thinking, developing conversation with someone if you never know they got your last letter and will all the news be out of date, irrelevant or absurd because you can’t remember what you said a month ago?

    However the whole crux of the difficulty comes to a head in La Ronge Post Office. La Ronge Post Office operates on the DNS Northern Assumption. DNS was an imaginary line that determined north of here Socialist Fantasy Rules. Any rule, law or touch of reality the higher ups didn’t like, doesn’t exist.  Ergo the Caswells who do not run on socialist fantasies should not get mail service. So for years they ripped off our stamps and sent theletters back. They especially did this to letters addressed to our credit union.  Now they just put them in the mail bag for Prince Albert and we wait a month or a few days while the letter travels 800 miles or so.  When we get a donation by a cheque in the mail we mail it to the credit union.  We can do this Monday or Thursday .When the credit union picks up its mail , which is not always daily it goes to our account. But in that process there is plenty of opportunity for politically sensitive fingers to interfere.
    At election time we were supporting Rob Clarke, Conservative. The post office decided it was not in the NDP’s best interest for us to have money that could be used for gas to travel back and forth on Highway 102 passing out literature and putting up signs so no envelopes to the credit union were delivered until AFTER the election.

    Now we are waiting for an envelope to be delivered to the credit union, two blocks away from the post office. The post office claims they have not seen it and thus Conexus has not seen it.  And thus we are waiting for money to travel to La Ronge for supplies. Poof magic disappearing act.

    Of course we have no idea how many letters and donations never are put in our mail bag. We can only assume that the same lack of ethics and efficiency applies here.
    We used to complain to a Mr.Gord Luit in Winnipeg but now it is impossible to talk to a real person in the Canada Post Empire. One can write a letter but... the limitations of complaining about mail service by using mail service are obvious.

    Keep on sending donations please even through the mail but pray for their safety. May we suggest electronic transfers?

    Now this may be unfair to the kind and friendly people we encounter at the Post Office Counter when we ever get to La Ronge. But it is the Post Office who will have to determine who the bad “ THEYS” are. We’re just the victims.  Gay

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Communist all the way.

Sept.06, 2017
 Pierre Elliot Trudeau , leader of the Liberal Party , Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979, from 1980 to 1984 was a Communist from his early adult life to his death. His son Justin has views indistinguishable from him. Justin became Prime Minister in 2015 riding on the myths and nostalgia surrounding his father, Pierre .  Justin has not deviated from the direction of his father on economic and  moral  issues but has expanded and embellished them Therefore it is important to look at the father to understand the carnage of his son.
    Communism is a totalitarian philosophy that puts the State over the individual. It began in 1917 in Russia and like Mary’s prophecy to the Fatima children “ spread its errors throughout the world.”  It is indistinguishable from Naziism. It has been responsible for the slaughter and starvation of 100s of millions throughout the world particularly in Red China.

    Pierre Trudeau was a well known Communist insider . He was trusted and helped by Communists such as Lester B. Pearson, Norman, The Cambridge Spy Ring, and Mao Tse Tung. The Communist Revolution in China of 1949 was a brutal blood bath. Children and youth were pushed to beat and murder their parents and teachers. They were ordered to create mayhem and chaos to destroy existing loyalties and disciplines. No western news sources   or politicians were allowed to enter China at the time.     However,Trudeau was welcomed in China at the height of the brutality and returned to Canada from China in 1949. He apparently saw nothing of which he didn’t approve.  He had a life long loyalty to Red China. He made sure that Communist China was recognised as the legitimate country as opposed to the democratic Formosa. He strengthened economic and cultural ties with China as he did with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, The U.S.S. R.
    In the height of the Cold War when the U.S.S.R. was threatening the very existence of the Free World, Trudeau visited the Evil Empire of Captive Eurasian nations and had Premier Kosygin visit Canada five months later.

    When Quebec Separatists murdered Pierre Laporte and kidnapped James R.Cross of the British Consulate, Trudeau declared the War Measures Act. He then allowed the kidnappers to fly safely to Cuba where they were welcomed with open arms by Dictator Fidel Castro who to quote Justin “ was a life long family friend”.

     Pierre Trudeau withdrew 49,000 Canadian troops from NATO and send them home because he said that the defence of Canada was more important. It is not clear who was the enemy at home. Later  Trudeau passed legislation to build internment camps in Canada for “ dissidents”.

     He  saw the United States as the Real Evil Empire . He reduced then worked to cut off all petroleum supplies to the United States.  The rational was Canada was running short of fossil fuels and needed them for her own. Canada is at present importing oil when her supplies are going unused. There never was a fuel shortage but Trudeau created this lie to punish Alberta and the oil industry.

    Trudeau’s father was very wealthy and obviously a good free enterpriser who made the family fortune by owning and operating a chain of service stations. Trudeau nationalised every possible business including service stations.  Trudeau ‘s riding was Mount Royal, the height of Quebec establishment and prestige.  He saw the big three oppressors of Quebec as religion( the Roman Catholic Church), business and government working together. The Union Nationale of Premier  Maurice Duplessis according to him had no legitimacy and was outside of democracy. Like all of Canada, Quebec had free and democratic elections but chose candidates and a party that expressed their commitment to Family and Faith.
     As a loyal Communist Trudeau attacked Christianity. Like Lenin he saw religion it as “ the opiate of the people.” He did everything possible to uproot our Christian heritage. But his commitment to abortion, homosexuality, divorce, contraception and sterilisation was a perfect body blow to the Family and Life from which we have never recovered.  It would seem that he kept his Catholic trappings to deceive and obscure his anti- Christian agenda. That suits the Communist ethic perfectly.                     

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Who Wrecked Canada?

Sept.01, 2017

     The Dominion of Canada is in great peril and has been for many years. How did she get that way and who destroyed this moral, Christian and prosperous country?

1963 : Lester B. Pearson becomes Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada in a Liberal Government. He was and has been identified as a top ranking Communist spy and agent.  Pearson made Trudeau , elected in 1965 his Parlimentary secretary, then Minister of Justice. Trudeau had only three years of public office. He was a Globalist and Far Left Journalist  who had ridden about Quebec City in a Nazii helmet during WWII. As Minister of Justice Trudeau destroyed the Gouzenko files including files on Pierre Trudeau as a security threat against Canada and the Free World.
 Gouzenko was code clerk in the Ottawa Soviet Embassy who defected. His documents sparked the U.S. Congressional Hearings on Un American Activities.

 April 06, 1968 Pierre Trudeau was elected leader of the once free enterprise Liberal Party.     

April 20, 1968 Trudeau becomes Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada.

May 14, 1969 Trudeau tables Bill #1 The Omnibus Act which legalised, contraception, sterilisation and  abortion, legalised homosexuality, and  legalised divorce.

  Pierre Trudeau also pushed gun control, interference in churches and charities through heavy regulations to stop political involvement of Christians. He abolished capital punishment.  Rather than governing through Parliament Trudeau   used Order- in - Council. What the Prime Minister’s office decreed became law, side - stepping public exposure and public debate.

The once proud, respected  and efficient Canadian military was reduced to a crippled force
with out- of- date equipment. The army, air force and navy were pushed into one inept and inferior mess. The uniforms were bottle green and resembled service station attendant wear.

Many businesses were bought by the government and became public property.

1982 After show hearings the British North America Act 1867 safely in the hands of the Queen is repatriated so Trudeau and socialist fellow travellers can hand over Parliamentary Rule to nine Supreme Court Judges.

Through various Liberal leaders drug laws are not enforced.  Prime Minister Chretien promises in the throne speech to liberalise marijuana without stating his real intentions

 Oct.19, 2015 Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau with Pin Up features for every gender and preference becomes Prime Minister.  He does whatever Globalist George Soros and the Nine Out - of- Control Supreme Court Judges tell him to do.  He openly uses and promotes marijuana. He pushes the reduction of the population by murder: through suicide, doctors’ coercion , abortion and sterilisation in Canada and abroad.   Justin Trudeau works at bankrupting Canada and handing over the remains to the Globalists. He is the great racist killing other peoples’ babies throughout the world especially where abortion is illegal .
And who will save Canada?  I call for the intervention of The Holy Canadian Martyrs, Ste. Kateri, the many other declared Blesseds and Saints of Canada and all the people who love Canada and refuse to let her be destroyed.      Gay

Thursday, August 24, 2017

One Choice:Death

    Mrs. Forsythe posted a news item concrrning a man who was murdered by his doctor in Quebec. The sixty- three year old man was undergoing treatment for cancer. He had a bladder infection . The doctor refused to treat it. A bladderinfection can easily be treated by a few days on antibiotics. By refusing to give $ 20 worh of antibiotics he killed his patient. My husband sent this story on to others. One woman replied “ In a progressive society people have a choice.” Once again logic is derailed by a refusal to accept what is cleaarly written. The man did not choose to die . He was denied a simple treatment . He was murdered by someone he trusted. Likewise a woman who had a bladder infection was murdered in B.C. She was waiting forlab results and was told that she had something serious. Out of panic she approved of her death. The family asked that they wait for lab resuts. The doctorsaid that the woman  had already given her consent to her death so it didn’tmatter.  In Newfoundland a handicapt girl was asked if she wanted assisted suicide. The mother was appalled. Her daughter didn’t even understand the words. Let’s face it. There is no choice involved in these murders.  In the case of the Nfld girl the murder was stopped by the mother.  There was no choice in the attempted murder since the girl couldn’t understand the words.

    As any reader of Mystery stories will tell you , if a person has murdered they are willing to murder again. In our hospitals we have doctors and nurses who now have a passion for death. They are serial murderers who have a thirst for pushing death on their vulnerable patients. No one is safe because it is easier to kill than to cure or to care.   When death is in their bag of medical  options death will be pushed over and over again.

    So called “ Progressives” exult the word CHOICE as a talisman for anything . But they do not really support choice. They support the Coercive agenda that Deplorables should be eliminated . A deplorable has become a noun and identifies anyone who doesn’t support “Progressive” people like Clinton, or Trudeau . The Deplorables are people who think babies in the Congo or Canada should not be killed. The Deplorables think that people who disagree with the Death Culture should have a vote and free speech.

    The Globalists such as George Soros want a world with no more than one billion people. There is about 7.4 billion people. Thus they work very hard to eliminate seven out of eight people. They push euthanasia, assisted suicide, abortion, infanticide, and sterilisation. They expect doctors to be in the front line of eliminating “ useless mouths “ as the doctors were in Nazii Germany.

    Their rhetoric always includes the word choice even though clearly no choice is involved. In the Congo abortion is illegal. Trudeau’s Feminist international policy declares war against the culture and laws of that country. Canada. Our country is invading the Congo to kill and to conquer to replace their country with death. We have become the Enemy of vulnerable, peaceful countries. We have become the Enemy of vulnerable people in our hospitals and nursing homes. We have murdered Logic, Compassion and Health Care. 
Choice is a word only for the murderers and destroyers of our beloved home, Canada.

    A Deplorable, Gay Caswell


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Save the son of CANADARM's inventor


    We noticed in the fanciest packages of stamps celebrating the Dominion of Canada’s 150 th anniversary is one commemorating the construction of the CANADARM of 1981. Eric Wallace White Jr. of Girvin, Saskatchewan was a main inventor as well as the head of the Canadian Space Agency engineering that constructed CANADARM II. He was an international authority on communications and helped win an Emmy Award for Canada in communications. However it is time to focus on his son, Samuel Raymond White who in my brother’s Eric’s will was left as our responsibility. We went to Montreal three times and wrote numerous letters in French and English to pursue our responsibility. However The Curator of Public Trust of Quebec confiscated Sam, his and our inheritance and has made him a captive of a death obsessed government.

    Sam is fully bilingual, has two years of university , was a soccer star as a child and a hockey star in his Nova Scotia residential school when his team won the championship for their league. He had encountered some difficulty of stress . Charles de Moyen Hospital discovered a gold mine. The mental health establishment slapped on the title of schizophrenic and proceeded to rob him of his future, his father’s legacy and plans for him. The Curator and her minions  liquidated his assets, kept him drugged and under surveillance and moved him to an apartment in another city.
    This athlete and brilliant student was reduced to a sedentary life , given cigarette and grocery money and us left to disintegrate mentally and physically while the Curator confiscated all of Eric’s money which was considerable. Eric left it for us so we could build our mission centre in northern Saskatchewan and of course to help Sam as much or as little as he needs.
    A glamourous judge explained to us “ You are not being treated any differently than any other Quebec family.”  I replied “ I know. So let’s free Quebec.” That may have not been diplomatic but diplomacy is useless when you are dealing with fascism.  When we got home we discovered that the decision to make Sam a ward of the State was made long before we went to court in Longueuil, Quebec.

    We do not know what happened to Eric’s research papers that he had at home, the copy of the will, and Sam’s and his father’s other personal belongings.  We hired a  Quebec lawyer who betrayed us at every turn. His name is Samuels.He has a prestigious office in Ville Marie area  The judge and Curator never kept their word about anything and did not follow their own rules about anything.

    Long before euthanasia came into effect we were told that a government committee would determine if Sam would die in case of a medical crisis. They have been working on creating those medical crises for years.  Sam has been in danger of Quebec’s death and stealing campaign since his father died in 2004. His mother died when he was two years old. Forget about bragging about CANADARM for awhile and give the Engineer’s son a life without fear. Restore him to his appointed family. His Aunt Gay 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Family Compact :Northern Style

Aug.01, 2017

    When John Caswell was mayor of Brabant Lake he was fired from his job at the Water Treatment Plant by Administrator Val Antoniuk. The obstensible reason was it was a Conflict of Interest.  He was also denied the right to run for mayor in the  election and was locked out of the hall. The real reason of course was because he kept speaking out against drugs in and out of the meetings.  He had taken the course for upgraded certification asthe Water Treatment Operator and had paid for the expenses himself. He passed with an 80% average.  He was therefore fired because he didn’t owe his job to anyone.

    Before the last municipal election we received urgent phone calls that Gideon Cook, was running uncontested for mayor. We knew that as the Liberal - NDP Political Officer - Shamon- Controller that the plan was to kick us out and take away our property. We said to our allies “ Let him do it. Then when he has the position we can more easily expose him . The other counsellors elected unanimously are Carol Cook , daughter of Gideon and Joyce McLeod who couldn’t get to the last meeting because it was changed while she was at the lake.
        The first thing Gideon Cook, and his wife did  was make it known that he is THE
 “ Church” in Brabant Lake and “ the People” want Caswell’s out. Fr. Dumong heartily went along  for us to be forced out.  He has since changed his tune due to public pressure.

    Meanwhile Gideon Cook continued to tap our school and home and bullies  parents to pull their child or children as he has done for twenty- one years. That outrageous judgement that non- Catholics can’t go to Catholic Schools was no accident.  They had been working on it for years and Gideon Cook was the man on the job locally. The Premier, we understand has used the Notwithstanding Clause to reverse this decision.

    Darren Cook, Gideon’s son was enrolled at NORTEP to be a teacher  although that fell through. Then he began a career with the mounties.(police).  While obviously high on marijuana, Darren came to our house to ask John for a recommendation. Fortunately for the credibility of the mounties ,that fell through.  Now , we see that Solomon Hardlotte no longer picks up the garbage. Darren Cook has been given the job as well as the maintenance man, for the entire town. Thus the only tax funded jobs , full or part time are under the control of one family, The Gideon and Shirley Cook family, a position held by Gideon’s mother, the late Jean McKenzie,a publicly known shamon. Ms. Antoniuk , town administrator does not think it is a Conflict of Interest that one family has all the municipal and provincial tax funded jobs.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Khadr vs. Real Human Rights Issues

July 11,2017
Happy Birthday, No.1 Son
Who wore a Canadian soldier uniform at 15yrs and for many years later

     Over two years ago in April at Weyburn, Sask we heard Ms. Linda Gibson tell of treatment of women in Vanier Women’s Correction Centre in Milton, Ontario . Linda has spent a lot of time in jail because she has an incorrigible habit of talking to girls and women outside an abortion mill in Toronto.  She prefers to stay in the entry part of the jail so she and her co- conspirators can talk to the convicted who may be pregnant.

    Linda told of an inmate who refuged to have an abortion. The prison official insisted that she would have an abortion. The woman refused so she was put in solitary confinement. There she had a very limited diet, well below the requirements of a pregnant woman. The mother stuck with it and allowed herself to gohungry rather than have her baby be killed. The jail could not force her to abort the baby, but the jail could harm the baby. Due to the restricted diet the baby was born prematurely . Linda made sure the baby was put into the hands of the father rather than go to a foster home while the mother finished serving her term.

    Linda told this story to a packed crowd in Saskatchewan. She was on a speaking tour that began in Ontario. The media were there. To our knowledge no media outlet anywhere picked up the story. I do not recall the pro- life papers or any Catholic media picking up the story. Let’s review. In a Canadian women’s jail named after our saintly Governor General women are pushed into abortion. For refusal they are put on a substandard diet in solitary.
Sometimes the baby would die by the decision of staff or would be born prematurely.  Meanwhile women and men like Linda Gibbons would go to jail for talking to people who need alternate information immediately.

    This outrage of human rights go unnoticed .in  Canada , who loves “ human rights.” if and when it’s an IN issue.

     An example of an In issue is a convicted terrorist .murderer , traitor and spy is a man who has been in a military camp serving a ten year sentende in an American prison of war camp. He looks so sweet especially if you see a Canadian school picture taken before he became a trained Taliban terrorist.  His name is Omar Khadr.  While the Canadians and the Americans were fighting Against the Terrorist Taliban , Omar, his father, and  his brother were trained soldiers FOR the Taliban.  Khadr now an adult of 26 years who has received international publicity, prestige, legal protection , funds, and advice from Canada , the United States , Obama, Clinton, Clinton, Trudeau and Canada admitted as late as 2004 that he threw a grenade, which killed a U.S. soldier, attended an al Qaida training camp in Kabul and worked as a translator for al Qaida, to coordinate land mine missions. In addition he is accused of helping to plant the landmines between Khost and Ghardez,and having visited an air force near Khost to collect information on U.S. convoy movements . He already had admitted to more than this.
    One has to get to page 20 of Wikipeidia to discover the U.S. soldier was Christopher Speers a medic , in other words a non combattant whose duty was to go beyond enemy lines to help the wounded and the dead of either side.

        Benedict Arnold is the perfect American bad guy. He was a spy for the British and he was shot. To the British and Canadians he was just a loyal soldier who was doing his duty for God and King, King George III that is. Not surprisingly the American shot our man.
According to the Clinton, Trudeau et al mind set , Benedict Arnold should have been made an international hero , repatriated to Canada, given 10,2 million dollars and given “another chance” “to prove himself” without of course ever mentioning a chance , for what? To prove what?

    Could we please clean up the human rights violations at Vanier Women’s Jail and accept the fact Canadian’s war enemies should be treated as terrorist enemies of our country and our allies. After all Gitmo is not a Japanese WWII death camp.