Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the Catholic Church and the Mass

Jan.28, 2015
Marcus Grodi has a ministry to bring others to the Catholic Faith including preachers and ministers of various denominations. He has had a difficult year because the media, as usual, has been distorting Pope Francis’ words. He wrote the Pope and received a very kind and precise letter that reiterated the Catholic position that the fullness of Truth is found in the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church. The Coming Home Network ministry continues with renewed confidence.

There are many ways that the Authority of the Catholic Church is being distorted particularly in the areas of  undermining the importance of the Priest, the Actual Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confession. An effective vehicle for doing this is substituting  “Sunday Celebrations” for the Mass. Lay people , usually women are trained to pass out consecrated hosts, read the Gospels and lead in the other parts of the liturgy. The liturgy is further fragmented by having something called “ Children’s Liturgy” at the same time as Mass or Sunday Celebration.

The rationale for this is there is allegedly a shortage of priests. Since 33 AD there has been a shortage of priests because there are always more people to evangelise and more people in need of the Sacraments. Whether or not there is a real priest shortage there simply is NO SUBSTITUTES for the Mass and a fully ordained priest.

One cannot properly take Communion if one is in a state of mortal sin. If there is no Confession to a Priest then one is in danger of taking Christ’s body unworthily.  The person passing out the Eucharist is in danger of desecrating the Host by making it available to all. No lay person has the authority to refuse Communion but a priest has the right and duty to do so.

Throughout the years the Mission has had priests from the Fathers of Mercy from Shakersville, Kentucky, from the Divine Mercy Centre in Stockbridge , Massachusetts, from Ohio, from northern Manitoba, from various communities in Saskatchewan, and from Ontario These priests would certainly stay longer, send others  and come more often if they were invited by the Chancery Office in Le Pas, Manitoba instead of by one little mission in a little village.

The reality is for four years we were not allowed to have any priest or Mass because the priest, now gone,  at Southend stopped them from coming. In June our son, Father Joshua Caswell was allowed to say Mass only in Brabant Lake. It was a victory that he was allowed even to do that.

On February 8,9,10,11 in La Ronge Fathers Nathan and Joshua Caswell will have a Mission with Sunday Mass at 11 am and Mass in the evenings the other three days. Confession will be available. They will have Masses in Brabant Lake on the 12, 13, and 14th and a Mass in Southend on Sunday, February 15.

This is happening because many people protested when Fr. Joshua was not allowed to say Mass in La Ronge and Southend.  They heard about it through the Brabant Lake Times and this blog. The same people who stopped the priests and the Masses want to stop this blog and the Brabant Lake Times. That won’t happen. Gay

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Bit of Reality on Pre- Christian Native Culture

Jan.22, 2015
    As we recognise the 200th Anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald’s birthday the inevitable happens. The tax payer funded, tax payer educated Professional Indians claim that our first Prime Minister was evil because he had a policy of Assimilation to the Indians.
Was assimilation bad? What were the practising alternatives in other countries? Was it welcomed by the Indians? These questions are never asked let alone answered although there is plenty of historical evidence to do so. The following is an excerp from JESUIT MISSIONARIES TO NORTH AMERICA edited by Francois Roustang 1961.

This is an exact quote translated from the French to English from the writings of Paul Le Jeune , the founder of the Mission in the 1600's. He is travelling with a Huron Christian who reverted back to his old culture.

“ My host said to me during this scarcity. ‘Chibine, harden your soul, resist your hunger; sometimes you will go two, or even three or four days, without food. Do not let yourself be downcast . Take courage. When the snow comes , we shall eat.’ It was not Our Lord’s will that they should be long without capturing anything.  Ordinarily we ate once every two days. For example, we very often would have a beaver in the morning and the next evening a porcupine as big as a suckling pig. This was not much for ninetten of us, it is true, but the little sufficed to keep us alive.  When our supply of food ran out, if I could have the skin of an eel for my day’s fare, I considered that I had breakfasted, dined and supped very well.

In the beginning I had used one of these eel skins to patch my cloth cassock, as I had forgotten to bring some patches with me. But when hunger pressed too hard I ate my patches.”

Le Jeune also tells us of the houses where you could not stand which are full of suffocating smoke, where you can study the stars and moon all night as if you were outside.

His worse difficulty was with the sorcerer whom everyone feared and hated but gave him everything he wanted including the best food available and plenty of it.

 The book has been reprinted by Ignatius Press.   Gay

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quebec's 2 million dollar per person Valium Programme

Jan.15, 2015

My brother Eric Wallace White Jr. of Girvin, Saskatchewan was the leading authority on satellite telecommunications earning Canada an Emmy Award. He among many other accomplishments was the coordinator of the International Space Agency, inventor of the Canadarm and Dextra. Some of his accomplishments are featured on the latest 5 dollar Canadian bill.

 He died in 2004 as the Engineering head of the Canadian Space Agency in St. Hubert, Quebec. He left a daughter who is married in Norway and a son who lived with him. In his will I was named his beneficiary and responsible for his son, Samuel Raymond White who seemed to need some care although he was a promising hockey player and University student in the Sciences. He left the money so John and I could build the Catholic Mission in northern Saskatchewan and because he trusted us to look after the interests of Sam. Sam was and is aware of this. He left his house, jeep and other assets to Sam with some money to his daughter.

Eric’s lawyer was Stephane LaRose Q.C. of Montreal. The Public Curator of Quebec took all of Eric’s financial assets and made 30 yr.old Sam a Person in Need of Protection. As stated in the government’s literature Eric’s directions in his will were considered null and void.

We went to Montreal three times , employed the law firm of Samuels and Samuels, who betrayed us at every turn. We went to court to stop Sam from becoming State Property or what in Saskatchewan would be called  a Ward of the State. When we arrived home we received a letter dated before we had left on the plane that Sam was theirs and theirs alone.
He and his assets didn’t belong to him and the money as stated in the will didn’t belong to us, nor did we have any say in Sam’s life ... or death.

We used Sam’s story and picture to show the dangers of Quebec’s euthanasia bill. We distributed it to every MNA ( provincial legislator) in Quebec and to every MP in Ottawa. Sam was told by his controllers to phone us to tell me to act like an aunt, pursue some hobbies and quit these concerns.

We hadn’t heard from Sam for a long time. At Christmas we sent him a card at his usual home address. We received a letter of an apartment in a place we don’t even know. The letter was a desperate and poetic cry for help. Apparently they removed him from his home, liquidated his property and added the money to their already huge theft. In return they are keeping Sam on valium.

To quote a friend who has worked among addictions, valium makes it so you can’t think straight, you can’t act for yourself.  That is just the plan. That is just what the Quebec government wants: induced mental illness to justify their theft that totals well above $2 million . They have moved and hidden their victim in the hopes that we would forget about him. Someday they may decide that he has a “right”to die. More money saved.

And that is Quebec’s $2 million per person valium programme.  Gay 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

John R. Caswell B.Sc. Professional A plus, plus

    In the magazine RELIGIOUS LIFE Caswells are figured large.  Most of the articles are quite accurate but there is a silver haired man who is unannounced ,unknown and elicits little curiousity. Perhaps it is time to tell the world and especially his children and grandchildren who he is. He is John Robert Caswell, B.Sc. ,Professional A teacher/s certifiate holder. He is a man who paid the price for life ethics and is completed ignored by everyone including his own family.
    Ever since 1980 we have had his graduation certificate from the Uof S ( in Latin, signed by John G. Diefenbaker). Not one of children ever noticed it and believed as they were told at Christian Centre, Saskatoon that he never went to University. When we went to Southend, Reindeer Lake our daughter told people that he is not a teacher, nor a gentleman but a janitor. The lies went round that neither of us really have teacher’s certificates but are just faking it. It is very easy to confirm a teacher’s certificate by one phone call to Regina but apparently the establishment didn’t want to make that phone call.  Eventually students, some now grandparents came forward from Onion Lake Red Earth, Patuanak, Wilcox that we had indeed taught in their communities.

    After John became a Christian at the age of 30 he wanted to do more so he enrolled at U of S. Pre Med programme. He applied to Medical School three times. At one time if a person was committed and kept on applying they would accept him. They made a new rule one could only apply three times. He entered the BSN programme so his efforts would not be wasted. They were even more adamant that they did not want an influential male who kept quoting things like :' as Alan Guttmacher of Planned Parenthood says “when people turn to contraception there is a rise not a fall in the abortion. rate . Therefore we must be willing to provide abortion as a back up.”

When I became a Member of the Legislature a delegation of pro- life professors came to me to tell me that John was being persecuted for his prolife views. When I was knocking on doors his lab supervisor who was on the medical entry committee let me know in no cuncetain terms that she did everything possible to stop him from being allowed to enter medical school, because of his pro-life views.

I included a conscience clause in Bill 53,Freedom of Informed Choice. But two influential cabinet ministers made sure that I was never to publicly state what happened to my husband in the Health Sciences. Then the misinformation continued. Our house on 29th. St. was tapped as is or was our classrooms and house here in Brabant Lake. We could never explain anything to our children that wouldn’t be countered by misinformation. Spying on us became a lucrative business. I was told a the supper table that I couldn’t say anything.

When John worked at the Water Treatment Plant to augment our mission work he was asked to show proof of Grade 12. He sent all his education and health sciences transcripts. Val Antoniuk of the Municipal Office was furious. In addition he had passed the certification by studying on his own and got an 80 per cent. In the North the higher ups want people who owe them something so they can be controlled. Constantly the under qualified  replace  the qualified. Antoniuk made sure John was kicked off Council, not allowed to run and was fired from his job at the Water Treatment Plant. The Higher Ups can do whatever they want without accountability including lie about someone. Everyone knows Johns stand against drugs was not welcome in La Ronge where cocaine is the social glue for the Important People. No one living outside of La Ronge is important.

There is much more about John Caswell that needs to be told.  The big question is what do the Socialist Controllers want the people NOT to Know. Why is John Caswell , ethical and educated such a threat that there has to be 30 plus years of lying about him. More another time. Gay

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pushing People past the brink with pot

    The late Bishop Sheen was very interested in psychology but never at the expense of Christianity. In one of his talks he states psychologists are very interested in the difference between normal and abnormal behaviour. He continues normal bheviour is to have a goal and purpose in life. Abnormal behaviour is to have no goal, no purpose and to see and treat life as meaningless. My immediate observation was there are lives and communities where the norm has become the abnormal . My second was he is not describing mental illness but the differnce between non -users and users of marijuana.  The third was by a 1970 definition of abnormality MARIJUANA IS A FAST TRACT DRUG TO MENTAL ILLNESS.

A woman we heard had brought eight alcholic men into her home and intended to help the healing process through proper diet . We cheered her saintly behviour. Then we went visit.  A few days ago there had been a major drug bust next door. She was furious about that. The occupants had left in a hurry leaving the house and yard in shambles. She was furious about that. She saw no purpose or justification for drug busts. She said “ drugs are just an excuse. Rockfracking and global warming are the real issues.

I said “ Look ,I have just endured two wnters where 40 below weather was the norm. Do I have to still hear about global warming ?”

She said,” Did I say global warming ? Oh I met climate change.”

Since the purpose of the visit was to see how the mother of our fourteenth grand child was doin, I asked “ What are your views on eugencics and forced sterlisation?”

She said “ Eugenics is scary but in some cases to help people to be accountable and to run their own lives you have to make choices for them and force them into sterilisation. Just like YOU HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE DECIDE FOR ASSISTED SUICIDE.” (Emphasis mine.)

The conversation ended when she crossed the street, grabbed a bundle of organic marijuana from her car .
Her main “ treatment” for alcholism is marijuana.  But she says it has to be organic. “ It has been her medicine for 30 years and it has never done me any harm.”

She constantly calls our son, the father of four of her grndchildren mentally ill. I wrote her and asked her by whose and what authority does she publicly and frequently call our son”mentally ill?”

The baby was born exceptionally healthy and on my birthday while we were away in Chicago at the ordination of two other sons. The family is separated because this woman claims that our son still has mentally ill issues( like he has trouble maintaining employment because she pushes marijuana and alcohol on him especially if he has a “must show” in the morning).
Recently she left the name and phone number of our son’s deceased singing partner on the anniversary of his suicide so he would see it.”

This woman has lined up a bunch of men who are in danger of being pushed into suicide. That, by the Canadian Crimal Code is called homicide..After 30 years of marijuan she has lost her moral compass. She uses marijuana to manipulate, and control. Gay

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Secret Confiscations ?


The following is the actual letter that I faxed to Chief Tammy Cook Searson this morning.  Since there seems to be a lot of secret decisions, the usual bribing and bullying going on I have decided to make this letter public. Since my e- mail list is still down please help me distribute this . Any media may use it if desired. For more information I can be contacted at 306=758-2041. Thank-you. 

August 20,2014

Chief Tammy Cook Searson
Lac La Ronge Indian Band

Dear Tammy,
    It has been drawn to my attention that you have been secretly organising to make Brabant Lake a reserve. People have been given instructiond not to tell us.

If these rumours are true then it is incumbent for everyone to hear both sides including the benefits of not being a reserve and being instead a viable community  this far North. We are working at making this a town for everyone and a centre of opportunity without racist tones. You and the band could be partners in this process or you could turn back the clock and have another racist enclave destroying from within.

Today we criticise alleged secret deals od the past while some tribe members were away. There is no justification for secret deals today. We have done our share of building this community in many ways. We and everyone deserve a frank and ipen discussion.

I am very will to meet with you on this issue . However I did want it in writing that we want open discision making.


Mrs. Gay Caswell
Brabant Lake

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pot Stuff and Nonsense exposed

JMJ Aug.06,2014 The Feast of the Annunciation, Let’s explore a few myths and facts about marijuana MYTH: Marijuana is now legal. FACT: Marijuana is not legal even though Junior ( aka Justin Trudeau) uses and advocates it. To make it legal he has to win an election, then pass a bill through the House of Commons and the Senate. None of that has happened and none may never happen including his bid to be Prime Minister of Canada. His party is having increasing difficulty to raise funds after his attack on freedom of conscience, political freedom and freedom of expression of those who work for the sanctity of human life. MYTH: Marijuana does not cause violence. It is only that it is illegal so users have stress to get it that causes violence. FACT: A great many people are not even aware that it is illegal especially in northern Saskatchewan where high paying government people have practised that they are a law on themselves and are very much part of the marijuana market and use. VIOLENCE INCREASES AS MARIJUANA USE INCREASES. It not only leads to other drugs but is dangerous in itself. The first thing that happens when used is the ability to empathise and to sympathise with others is killed in the brain. Users immediately become indifferent to the suffering of others. THEY DON”T CARE THAT THEY DON”T CARE. Many murders have been caused by marijuana users including the recent murder of three Royal Canadian Mounted Police. MYTH: Marijuana has medical purposes. FACT: There is no valid medical use for marijuana. That was just a red herring or excuse to advocate its legalisation as admitted by a leading British pot pusher. There is no disease that marijuana doesn’t make worse including everything from a cold to flu to diabetes to AIDS to cancer and more. The reason is marijuana weakens and destroys the immune system. It causes respiratory problems, and makes one indifferent to good health practices such as exercise, good nutrition and compliance with a treatment regime. Glaucoma , bleeding of the eye, was once treated with marijuana. It is now proven to make the condition worse. MARIJUANA CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS. MYTH: Marijuana helps people get off alcohol and/or harmful drugs. FACT: Marijuana leads people to other drugs and alcohol. It creates a condition in which the resolve to end bad habits is destroyed. Alcohol is far more dangerous when consumed with marijuana because a person is less likely to throw up leading to alcohol poisoning and suffocation. MYTH: Marijuana helps stabilise people with mental problems. FACT: Marijuana contributes or causes mental illness. It creates lethargy , erratic performance and violence. Responsibility to oneself and others is diminished leading to absenteeism at work and school, financial irresponsibility and accidents. That will do for now. Gay