Friday, June 23, 2017

Don't fix what isn't broken.

June 23,2017
    How did “ electoral reform” become an issue that Canadians and even Conservatives supposedly want? The first months of the Justin Trudeau government was even worse than expected. Then Justin attempted to enact a plan to change how we vote. Even the CBC were opposed to it. After spending a million or so of sending out silly post cards et c the plan was dropped. Justin said that he would do it another term.. For the first time I was happy about news from Ottawa.  We now knew that Trudeau could be pushed. Since it is unlikely that Trudeau would get a second term I knew that a terrible idea had been shelved permanently... I thought.  

    Then the financial Chairman of the Tories began to write about it as if we had been denied something. . I wrote to him explaining it is a terrible idea. To date he hasn’t answered my letter.  I thought maybe it is because I don’t have a M5W postal code.  Senator Dave Tkatchuk told me that you really aren’t IN  unless you come from Toronto and have an M5 W.    I live where we don’t even have a postal code. We have to use the one for La Ronge, which is 185 km. away.
    Trudeau never has any new ideas.  He just does what multi- billionaire George Soros tell  s him to do.  Saves time.  George Soros manipulates the electoral process all over the world. He owned a third of the polling station hard ware in the United States. It was proven that these can easily be altered to change the vote.  When Colorado had an inexplicable black out at the polling station, the Democrats demanded three more hours of polling time.  When we have black outs at the polling station the Liberals stack the ballors and brag about it later at coffee shops. The pro- Marijuana referendum passed in Colorado.   I believe that there is a firm connection between that and the polling station black out.  George Soros wants legalised marijuana all over the world. Trudeau pushes it . Trudeau uses it.  And the George Soros agenda goes marching on.

    After Trump’s land side victory the cry to get rid of the Electoral College intensified by the Democrats. Trump won in 49 states . The 50th state is California. The Democrats won there . California has a population as large as the whole of Canada. If there were no Electoral College the United States would have politics as terrible as those in the Culture- of - Death California.

     In the U.S.there has been talk of a Constitutional Convention , a Con Con as it is known. Thinking conservatives view this as a terrible idea. Once th Constitution is opened up anything is on the table.  A greatly altered and perhaps destroyed United States could be the result. The conservatives who wanted a Balanced Budget amendment in the Constitution could end up with a Democratic Wish List.
    When Pierre Trudeau, daddy of Justin, started altering the Constitution by ostensibly bringing it home he turned our country from being ruled by Parliament to being ruled by nine men. We need to restore the parliamentary system to the pre- 1982 Canada. We don’t need any electoral reform to do that.  We can start by using the Notwithstanding Clause to get rid of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.
    Canadian football has different rules than American football. To win the Grey Cup you don’t work to change the rules. You know the game and work harder and smarter than the other teams. Then you win

     We can’t afford time and  money fixing what isn’t broken.  Gay.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Anderson Butts and Hussien and other Women Haters

June 21, 2017

    What would happen in your northern community if a man beat his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour leaving a bloody hockey stick and a hospitalised woman? A good guess  is that neighbours and family would quickly interevene, and phone the cops. He’d be carted  away to a jail cell where he would wait for trial and sentencing. On a slack day he would get two years plus a day, that is the Penn.

     What would happen if he was a Syrian refugee called Mohamed Rafia.?We now know what would happen because this really happened. He got ten days in jail . He said that he didn’t know beating your wife was illegal in Canada.   Apparently a Mr. Bruce Anderson , pollster for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t know it is illegal either. However Anderson thinks that MP Kellie Leitch should be kicked out of Conservative Caucus for informing people of the incident on Twitter. . That’s right . Dr. Leitch should hide her outrage and never, ever mention the incident. It is not politically correct to mention atrocities done to women if the assailant is a Muslim male.  Joining Anderson is Gerry Butts, Liberal advisor to the PM.

    And the Liberal government headed by Trudeau Junior? Apparently he had a cannabis hang over and didn’t feel like showing up at work in the House of Commons. His Immigrant Minister called Ahmed Hussein thought the beating was deplorable.  The Honourable Hussein however thought people, especially women, mentioning it as equally deplorable.
Get that. In the Liberal ethic a beating is unfortunate but exposing the incident is equally deplorable.  Censorship rules. Cover up rules and honest journalism must be squashed . A woman politician doing her job must be silenced.

     The Honourable Ahmed Hussein should immediately resign. He does not understand Canadian values, Freedom of the Press, Democracy and equality under the law. Butts and Anderson can go with him.   Gay

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The People Haters

June 17, 2017

    An employee of Prince Albert National Park was describing to me how they are digging up the plants that are not native to to the area and replanting those that were. For this the taxpayer is paying government employees  high wages . Why? For what?
 How does one determine what is native to an area? What was around at 2.4 billion years? Or what was around at 6000 B.C ? Why?  How do you know what is native to an area? Are you sure that Henry Kelsey didn’t have a creeping charlie plant stuck to the bottom of his moccasin ? This certainly is labour intensive , provides plenty of supervisors, researchers, consultants , government union bosses, labourers to dig up and to replant. But who is this serving other than the park employees? Is it making the park more accessible, more attractive and more people friendly? We can all agree swings, sand boxes, garbage cans  and picnic tables are not native to the area. Shall we get rid of those as well? The next and obvious step is to ban people including park employees.  We dedicate the place to the spirit of the spruce and pine , the rocks and primordial soup and bar the gate. One more place is free from evil incarnate, that is people.

    Maybe it is time to revisit that alleged myth of Genesis, Chapter One. It tells who made the world: God and to whom it was made. People . It tells that that these people were made in the image and likeness of God. It states, that people shall have dominion over God’s creation and even their job: Gardeners.  It sounds like people were very much part of the plan from the beginning . If people are the intruder , the invader and the enemy then why should any human tax payer money go to preserving where people are not welcome.  Must we continually give tribute and offering to the pagan gods of death, extinction and chaos.? Some of us have chosen another God.
    A few weeks ago it was suggested to us that we should plant only those things native to the area. ????!!! We should now spend the next twenty years returning our gardens to the bush from whence it came.! No thanks.  This same person said that natives should live the way  they did before the technology and the white man came. Life expectancy of 33years,? infant mortality of 72 %? constant wars,hexes, curses , black magic, fear and hatred rule?

    It is interesting that this mythical anthropology of reverting to the alleged good old days is to be lived by others who happen to be called Indians and not the person who happens to be called a white man.  It reminds me of the people in Toronto who think CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC should ban vehicle ads . After all there is public transportation in their life and as for those places who can’t survive without cars and trucks  there is always a travois of two sticks pulled by a dog. Or is that abusing an animal ?

    To these environmental naziis there is no solution that doesn’t end up with the extinction of humans, that is other humans , not them. Gay

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trudeau, not the Pope, needs to apologise

May 30, 2017
Ste. Joan of Arc Day
     Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told the Pope he should apologise to the Indians.
QUAUI  !!!  ( What ! )

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should apologise to all Canadians for taking political direction from Socialist- Globalist George Soros instead of from the people of Canada . He should ld apologise for deliberately trying to stir up racial strife as commanded by Soros

    Trudeau should apologise to the Canadians who are Indians for working at promoting racial apartheid by encouraging a separate blocked area denying them the rights of all Canadians to create their own individual destiny regardless of their ethnic background.

    He should apologise to Canadian Indians for legalising Assisted Suicide when they categorically said No to this outrage, when the news  showed that their youth were particularly vulnerable , when the very discussion of the such a law caused an epidemic of suicides in many native communities.

    He should apologise to Canadian Indians for facilitating the murder of their elders and their handicapt  by legalising euthanasia.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for pushing abortion , often against the knowledge or consent of the mothers, through the Department of Indian Affairs Health.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians by pushing contraception and sterilisation often without the knowledge and consent of the patient and often without parental consent in the case of minors.  He should apologise for Indian Affairs Health pushing and using  deporovera for decades on natives when it was not approved until a few years ago by the Department of Health for Canada.

    Likewise he should apologise to Indian Canadians for allowing surgery for sexual mutilation , known as “ sex changes” at least 50 years before it became a common atrocity. Native boys were used to “perfect “ the medical technique without letting the public know what was being done.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for only listening to a handful of well paid Liberal Indian politicos instead of listening to all Indian Canadians who vary in views as much as any other group of Canadians.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for promoting the use and legalisation of marijuana when many native communities are greatly harmed by drugs including and especially marijuana.  He also should apologise for his well known use of pot which is a terrible example to others.

    Above all he should apologise to Indian Canadians many of whom are devout Catholics for lecturing to the Pope instead of letting the Pope speak to him, particularly  about the international genocide of the unborn that all Canadians are forced to fund.  He should in fact apologise to All Canadians for these evils. Then resign.  Now.        Gay

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Minister's Power Grab

May 12, 2 017

    So Bill 63 has become law and thus an incredible grab for the minds and souls of Saskatchewan children has been put in place. The law can be very benign, at least for a while,   or it can become an instrument for repression and persecution leading to an Ontario  horror where little children are used for psychological sexual abuse . Kindergarten children are told that they can decide their gender of six possible options. Parents do not have the right  to have their children  excused from these classes.  It is claimed in law and in a court decision that the state has a compelling interest in usurping parental rights and duties.  It is very nice that Premier Wall has promised to use the Notwithstanding Claus against the judgement that states non- Catholic children cannot go to Catholic Schools. But with Bill 63 in place there may end up with no difference between Catholic , Public, Independent and Home Based Education. Knowing the not- so - honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Education, Justice and Deputy Premier that may well be the intention and goal
of the plan when the Provincial government decided that all school properties belong to the province, not the school boards and communities that paid for them.

    Independent and home based education were exempt from the first grab but now they too are under the thumb of the Minister’s office who can decide what text book will be used in all and any school.

    In our experience Don Morgan has had a habit of invading  homes.  When we lived in Saskatoon our house was continually tapped . We suspected that was the case but did not know what to do about it. La Ronge Housing authority also tapped our house here and smugly admitted it at a Conference Hearing.  We didn’t know what to do about that either.  When John and I were unsuccessfully campaigning for the nomination in Eastview and spending time across town  Don Morgan and his friends came “to visit” our children, the eldest being a fourteen year old boy.

    I wrote and informed Premier Wall about this twice . I did not expect a reply but I did expect  him to do something about it. Instead we have seen Don Morgan become the most powerful person in government. He has used his position to continually harass our school and mission through various bureaucratic means. He told governmental staff in various departments not to communicate with us by letter or phone.

    The passing of Bill 63 has told me it is time to break silence.    The Act is  potentially  dangerous . We need to make it very clear that we understand that the British North America Act and the Charter of Rights , our constitution clearly give the parents the right to choose the education of their children. The first step is Don Morgan must go. The war for parental rights continues.   Gay

Thursday, May 11, 2017

State Murder, one year later.

May 11, 2017
Happy Birthday Rosa

    Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide a year ago were made legal by after a few hours over a few days of perfunctory discussion . Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Group Thinks pushed the worst possible law into existence by Closure. Thus the first official death was Parliamentary Debate. There had been lots of  illegal  murders in hospital wards before then.  Now we have the absurdity continued of Legalised Murder brought to you by the Son of the man who brought us Legalised Murder of the Unborn.
    Canadians are now in the process of adaptation as they realise how very convenient killing is. First of all the rationale is people need it because of “ Unbearable pain” There is no such thing as unbearable pain. If you’re in pain and still alive then you bore the pain. If your condition is such that it leads to death then you don’t need anyone including yourself to kill you. The physical pain ends with death.  If it is brought about without murder then many people are saved from  judgement pain.... the kind that is administered in purgatory and hell, the kind that exists whether or not you believe in it.

     When I was dying I said to my husband “ Mom and Judy said that I can come home now.”  John went into the bathroom and prayed that God would not let me die.  I was not aware of this until after the event . I do recall as I was dying that all pain left me. The pain returned as I took up again the process of living on earth. I knew that I was alive about three days later because once again I was aware of pain . Many times to many people pain has become the good news.

     Now that the law has been passed the advocates are more truthful . The Canadian Medical Association who initially opposed euthanasia has assessed the cost saved of pushing people into death before their time, that is killing them early. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We waste more medical care resources than many other countries have to use. We could save money by allowing privatisation and private insurance. We could stop the billions of dollars wasted on paper work . We could stop the terrible invasion of privacy of collecting information decade after decade, generation after generation of people who are not the state’s property but belong to themselves.

    We are killing Granny so state apparati can collect and store information on Her Majesty’s subjects. This is Statism, Communism or Totalitarianism . Take your pick of names
but it is not Freedom, Dignity of the Person or Christian.

    There is no moderation or middle ground in Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide. There is no “ it may be open to abuse” or “ we need to tighten up the loopholes and add  safeguards.” 
From beginning to end IT IS ABUSE. It is muder. Slap on the Notwithstanding Claus and move on.  It is time to dismantle Medicare so we can have once again medical care. Gay

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Andrew Scheer FIRST CHOICE!

May,06, 2017
    The Conservative Leadership Ballot is on my desk. I do know that Maxime Bernier will not be marked for any spot including the last choice. I do know that Andrew Scheer will be my first choice and strongly recommend that he will be the Conservatives’ first choice for everybody. Pierre Le Mieux and Brad Trost will be on the list but Campaign Life Coalition will not dictate to me who are the best candidates. It is time to clean house in the pro-life camp not by attacking leadership contenders but by evaluating the pro- life record of Campaign Life Coalition. It is my claim that there are people who have been and are  in the pro- life camp who are there to do the bidding of the Liberal Party of Canada. Let’s check their record and that of Sask Pro- Life Organisation . My comments may tar some innocent and well meaning people with the same brush.  If you’re sincere AND are doing a good job then obviously keep on doing that good job . However.....    Campaign Life Coalition sent out a mailing three weeks AFTER the Oct.19, 2015 election in which the pro- family , pro- life record of the Harper Government was outlined. There were positive  things that I did not know that the Harper Tory government accomplished.  There were somethings that were not on the list. But the fact that it reached me three weeks after the most crucial life and death conflict in the history of Canada shows that Campaign Life Coalition did not really want the Harper government to survive and consequently did want the murderous Liberals to win.

    Yes, strong words but strong words are appropriate  for strong evidence.
          Before the election and a few months after I went to Harper’s constituency office to tell them that some people are working at sending me to jail because of what I write the Harper government repealed the Hate Laws. MacLean’s Magazine had a banner headline CANADA RETURNS TO THE STRONG AND FREE.  Campaign Life Coalition put in their news letter a small article Human Rights Roll Back. What do you say of people who call getting rid of Wrong Thought Laws that violate freedom of conscience, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and more a Human Rights Roll Back? The obvious conclusion is that they are Liberal Party Toadies.

    I went to a Sask Pro- Life Conference  after Justin Trudeau declared that prolifers are kicked out of the Liberal Party. There was the usual complaining about Harper but NOT ONE WORD about what Trudeau had done.  Why? This was an outrageous blatant attack on political freedom but the silence was deafening.  Why? Why is there never criticism of the Liberal Party a SPLA meetings? In the Euthanasia short term debate one Liberal voted against it, a native from the North.  We were all suppose to congratulate him by e- mail. Great stuff but what about the 75 out of  99 Tories who voted against it? If one Liberal still has a conscience we're suppose to make him a hero, yet Tories never get to be heroes or even be thanked.  They’re suppose to be perfect or resign? That’s expected of them?
     Some Pro- lifers see themselves as pure , good and totally committed if they insist that their politicians, not they,  are pure, good and totally committed .   A politician’s job is keep out the bad guys so the good or better guys can win and do some good.  Sainthood is an asset but not always available.

    Andrew Scheer can win.  He can win the leadership and can win an election against the death peddler Liberals.   He is a politician that has proven respect among other politicians.
He is an aggressive and hard working campaigner. He reaches out to potential pro- life, pro-family voters.  He is not a cynic but has met reality. Now would the pro- lifers who can do more than be arm chair quarterbacks please help the fight and back a winner: Andrew Scheer.
First Choice          Gay.