Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How the NDP sold Saskatchewan to New York Banks

 June 22, 2015

    In 1970 the Waffle was a group within the NDP to push the party into more consistent  socialism. It was organised, visible,and determined to have its choice in the NDP leadership race. The resolutions of the NDP carry more weight than the elected members. The elected must do as the Party Resolutions state. Thus an NDP Member of the Legislature, an NDP Member of Parliament or even an NDP Premier or( gasp) an NDP Prime Minister is not responsible to the people of his constituency, province or country but to the Party Voice.

    The Waffle had many of its resolutions passed at the Party’s Annual Convention:
Abortion on Demand, 24 hr. Universal Child Care, et c. One key resolution dear to the heart of every true Leftist was : An NDP government will nationalise the Potash Industry by paying one dollar to the American Potash Corporation. 
    An American owned mining company ran lucrative potash mines in Saskatchewan,  , lucrative to the employees and their families, to the government coffers, and to the shareholders. This was not enough for the Left. They wanted the industry Nationalised. That is they wanted all the Potash mines owned and operated by the Government, subect to political control which ment NDP Party control. Businesses have to make business decisions not political ones. This is how an economy works. Sometimes those decisions are not popular but necessary to keep the business going and profitable. The government’s job is to enforce safe and fair practices. When the government wants to be both the referee and player the profit falls, the standards fall and money needed for roads, hospitals and schools fall.

    But Socialism is a religion and a cult. The articles of faith state that the government must run all business so the Waffle were not content until the potash mines became a crown corporation.

    The two main contenders for the NDP leadership were Roy Romanow and Allen Blakeney.  Romanow did not support the Waffle and the Waffle did not trust him.  They threw their considerable  weight behind Blakeney.  Blakeney won and won the election. Romanow became his Minister of Justice. But their were debts to pay. Blakeney gave the Far Left of the Party northern Saskatchewan to do with it as they wished. He also got the long haired, marijuana tokers out of the eye of the respectable  public.

    There was still the Party Resolution to nationalise the Potash Industry. Blakeney had to deliver not because the Saskatchewan people wanted it but because the Party wanted it. Romanow still wanted to be Premier at the next opportunity.  Romanow would table a bill to nationalise the potash company. A long and bitter fight ensued in the public and in the legislature. But what the Party wants, the Party gets. Other businesses were leaving the province in droves as were young people who wanted a future not a government job nor welfare. Investors nixed Saskatchewan as a place to put their money and expertise. The falling population , once the third highest in Canada fell well below a million.  The Slogan was “ Last one out, turn off the lights.”

    Romanow knew that he could force the American company to sell, but not for One Dollar. So he had them name their price and he trotted off to New York to borrow the money. Thus the NDP bought an American company by money borrowed from American banks. The tax payers were forced to pay the interest plus the  price for years . The taxes of Saskatchewan became the highest in Canada. The Waffle was no longer relevant. The NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada became more extreme, more Left than a Waffler’s wildest dreams. Meanwhile the Federal NDP promise to be Socialists just like it was in Saskatchewan prior to 1982 if elected. Except, they don’t want to just nationalise an industry or two but to nationalise , that is own and operate, our children and ourselves. Please pray that God will protect Canada and her families.   Gay

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mulcair wants Douglas Mantle of Destruction.

June 18,2015

    Mulcair has informed us that he is a “ good” socialist like Tommy Douglas not a
“ bad” socialist like Bob Rae who went from NDP to Liberal. That is like saying Rae
 went from Socialist to Socialiste.

    So what does he admire most about Douglas? His racism? His Nazii like eugenics? His hatred of- Catholicism? His KKK network? His antagonism to private initiative in business, agriculture, trapping and fishing?

Douglas’ Racism: Douglas was Premier and Minister of Health at the same time. His Health Manifesto stated “ The ill health of the natives is a concern because they mix freely with the whites.” If the natives were isolated and confined they could be left to die of TB et c. He was opposed to natives having the vote but had to allow it because John Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and had given natives the right to vote in Dominion elections.

His Anti- Catholicism: In his Master’s Thesis on “ The Subnormal family” every example of sub- normal was a Catholic, especially Irish Catholic family. He believed that they should be sterilised and put in sex- segregaated institutions or colonies. He came to power in 1944 with the Grand Wizard of the KKK as his campaign manager. The KKK had stirred up fear and hatred against the “ foreigners and Catholic” so he picked up their issue, network and resources to put himself in power while patriotic Catholics were fighting for freedom in Europe. In his medicare plan all health workers would be government financed except staff who were members of religious orders. The Grey Nuns who pioneered hospitals and health care all over the province, beginning at Ile- a- la- Crosse would not be funded.

His Eugenics: Douglas Thesis on “ The Subnormal Family “ was rejected by the Baptist Theological College in Brandon because “it was immoral “ so he pedalled it to McMaster University where it was accepted. Subnormality included not making your own mustard, messy housekeeping, or a family member who had a child out of wedlock. His solution were sterilisation, families divided into gender and put in institutions. He got a Communist from
John Hopkins University to help carry out these plans. He used mental health as a political tool as did the Stalinists. Ukrainians who were telling the truth about the Soviet Union were put in mental hospitals to silence them. People who were on the way to being prosperous farmers or business men or were too outspoken on freedom issues were put in mental hospitals where some were killed by barbaric “ treatment.” Soviet doctors visited institutions such as in North Battleford and made recommendations as to whom should never be released.

His attack on independent business: There wasn’t a business that Douglas didn’t want controlled by the State. He created state owned shoe factories, box factories and many other  businesses. He wanted  have state own and operated commercial  fishing, trapping, agriculture, and many more. His political descendants wasted a lot of time, expertise and tax money on a Sask. Spuds Corporation which failed miserably. Douglas wanted the government to own all farm land but he could not pull it off. However his political legacy was accomplishing that goal by buying up farm land and renting it out. Douglas had a map of what crop would be grown where in Sask but his plan was rejectted.

His claimed fiscal responsibility : Douglas and his socialists told people that crown corporations , that is state owned and operated businesses , would make so much money Saskatchewan people would not have to pay taxes. Instead we had the highest taxes in Canada until recently. His Finance Minister, Fines was one of Canada’s big time swindlers and crooks. He left the province to hide out in the United States until his death. Money confiscated from the estates of inmates in his political prisons called mental hospitals were stolen. If the province had a deficit which it had the figures were hidden in the crown corporations which did not and do not get serious media and public scrutiny.

This is only a small part of the Douglas record. And Mulcaire wants to visit on the whole of Canada Saskatchewan’s sorry past  legacy of coercion and waste. Gay 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

When the NDP have unchecked power

June 11,2015

    I was taking a history class on United Empire Loyalists of the 18th century. The teacher was Janice Potter . I did not know that she was Mrs. McKinnon, the wife of the business manager for the local NDP former Member of the Legistincencumbent whom I had defeated.  She told me that I could not say anything in the class. She gave me a zero in all the assignments and in the class which was on my transcripts for 20 years. She gave us a chapter size hand-out on the pending ND P leader and gave out present day political nuggets such as “ There should be only one political party. There is democracy within the NDP so that is the only party that is needed.”  Ms.Potter McKinnon went on to be the Deputy Premier in
 the NDP government that lasted 17 years.

    The North of Saskatchewan had its own bureaucracy and its own rules called the Department of Northern Services which was a mecca for socialist radicals from Saskatchewan and Ontario. Essentially what a handful of political elites centred in La Ronge wanted they were allowed to do and were given a great deal of money to do it with no questions asked. The DNS was officially disbanded in 1985 but the power elite continues albeit with some resistence today. When we came up North in 1995 there power had been unchecked.  We discovered what unhampered NDP control was about.

     Officially no one was allowed to teach North of Prince Albert unless they were NDP There had been an actual motion passed to that effect at a Northern Lights School District meeting.

No Christianity was allowed to be taught in provincial schools and no Catholic Schools were allowed to exist .

No one was allowed to hinder the drug trade in any way. One could not speak out against drugs, report drug usage to the RCMP or even try to stop its use in your own family without serious retaliation.

No one could say anything against homosexuality including the use of boys by authorities
even if those boys were your own children . People could get out of legal difficulties by handing over their own body or that of their children.

For sometime there was an attempt to stop us from using all public library services including regional and provincial networks. One year our entries in the library’s Writing Challenge were not published along with all other entries and our efforts in the Reading Challenge  were not recorded.

We were told that we can’t ship or receive things by the crown corporation, a government monopoly, busing system.

As we became more vocal and more influential there was a constant attempt to take away our public house, the only housing available ,in our community. We were told that we could buy the house which was still provincial policy from the Tory days but it took a major international battle to do so.

John was hauled off the road and put in jail without trial for two weeks. The vehicle was taken by the RCMP . Myself and five children on the way to cadets 2 hours away were left stranded on the road. The excuse ? John was late renewing his licence while he was fire fighting.

I was ordered to jail over the phone without trial because I had not quit writing the blog which a then crown prosecutor did not like.

There’s more much more . Northern Saskatchewan and socialist tenured professors have given us a taste of what it is like when the NDP have unhampered power. If they would be elected federally with or without a Liberal coalition they would do similar things on a nation wide scale. Gay 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Freedom of Association under Attack

June 02,2015
    What would be in store for churches, charities and associations if there was an NDP- Lib federal government? The entrenched bureaucracy is their ideological centred which tries to advance the socialist agenda no matter who is in office so it is not difficult to discover.  Canada Revenue Agency was trying to take away the Charity status of  L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord because of pressure from Regina . We are a restored registered charity provincially and therefore we have  kept our federal charities status. However in the process we learned a great deal about where the committed anti- Christians bureaucracy wants to go when and if their elected Lib- NDP NDP confreres would get government.

    I asked them while in the process of the fight “ And if you take away our charities status then we wouldn’t just operate without giving charities receipts ? You would take away all our assets, resources and properties? The reply was “ Of course!” Losing one’s charities status would not mean according to them that you would operate without being able to issue income- tax deduction receipts to donors.  It means that you would not be able to operate at all. CRA would confiscate and liquidate all your resources.  Impossible?  Absurd?

        There was a news item that CRA had moved to new and expanded offices because they needed more space and personnel to liquidate charities that no longer exist. The story was treated very superficially with no questions asked. But why does CRA need an expansion to gather and distribute resources of former charities? It would be a new policy that would require new bureaucratic resources . The normal procedure is that a charity or non- profit corporation may not have the right to issue charity receipts but it can still operate. It can get rid of its own assets when and if it dissolves by their own decisions based on usual processes.

    On what basis would CRA do this? That became apparent in the fight. If the charity  maintains a Biblical position on moral issues it would be vulnerable to attack. If you take the Bible as your moral authority and haven’t ripped out Romans, First Letter of Peter plus many passages of history in the Old Testament you could be in trouble . Following the teachings as outlined in The Catechism of the Catholic Church could also do it. When we went to a Sask. Pro- Life Annual Meeting a person who wanted to destroy the mission  and take over the property told her contacts I “ was going to go beat up homosexuals ..again.”
So defending human life, the family, freedom of speech and the right to information can be construed as “ beating up homosexuals?” It seems very insulting to those who would so define themselves as homosexuals to suggest that and of course insulting and dangerous to the many people attending the meeting.

    Meanwhile Sask.Pro- Life Association got a multi- multi page annual form that required detailed information that would not only track every penny they spent but would track all their associate groups and individuals. Increased house cleaning in CRA toward protecting people’s privacy, property and freedom of association is needed. A Lib- NDP government would expand the power of CRA as a tool of repression and persecution.  Gay

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motherhood Wars

May 26,2015

    A Motherhood issue meant something in which all politicians agreed like motherhood. Now there is no more polarised and controversial  issue than motherhood. The Liberals- NDP are against it. The Tories are for it. Simplistic ? Blatantly partisan? Actually, accurate.

    The Tories ( Conservatives) think that parents should raise children. The Lib- NDP think the State  ( government) should. In the last election the Liberals unveiled their plan to have state - run 24 hour child care. One Liberal Member of Parliament said that if parents would not use the gov- care that they should be charged with child abuse. Oh, so not only would it be tax funded, all inclusive, it would be compulsory. Penalty for non- compliance ? You lose your children. They are apprehended. This position is considerably left of many communistic regimes former or present. It is a position that even radical feminists would call radical. It is a complete attack on the institution of the family.

    The Tories unveiled that they would increase the family allowance to the Universal Child Care Benefit and make the cheque out to the parents. The parents could decide how they would spend the money including paying for child care of their choice. The Tories won. The Liberals came third. Now comes Round II.

    The Tories are increasing the UCCB to almost $2000 per child under 6 years old and $720  from 6 to 17 yrs. It’s universal. No means test. No “it pays to stay poor”.  The increase comes into effect on July 1.  The NDP- Lib hate it.  They think that the Tory govt should keep quiet about this and not use tax- funded money to inform people. The NDP- Lib get on the tax funded CBC which is paid for by all and is the official year round every year campaign media for them and complain about this.

    They say that the Tories should not inform people on Face Book because this is an election issue. The increase undeniably comes into effect two months before an election. And since the CBC does not give the Tories hours of free campaigning time they undeniably use other media outlets and undeniably have some  paid staff to do it.

    What has been publicly  admitted is the NDP is opposed to the increase, and  opposed to parents finding out about it. The NDP are big spenders. They have long since campaigned for 24hr goverment controlled child care. They want that money freed for their many social programmes to run us all.

    Junior Trudeau the one spokesman for the Liberals states that he would “ restructure the UCCB.” That means that he would change it so that it is no longer generous and no longer universal.  The Ontario Liberals have given us some idea what the Liberal view of raising children is like.

    The Liberal Premier is a self- campaigned Lesbian. She thinks that it is terrible that she had to wait 25 years to discover her “ true sexual identity”. Therefor she and her government is imposing a compulsory sex education at the earliest age so children can “ discover “ their sexual identity.  The parents are opposed to it and have boycotted the schools. She stands firm. The main author of the programme has been convicted of sexual child abuse. Parents don’t willingly choose such an education and such an environment.. One father, a former homosexual , now Catholic convert, calls it psychological child abuse  The Lib- NDP know that they must take children away from their parents to impose such a life style and harmful brain washing on children. Ergo they are opposed to parents raising children. Gay

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What you don't know about the NDP will hurt you


    What you don’t know about the NDP will harm you.

    What is the NDP really like?  Here are some of my credentials to answer this.
    In 1970-71 was the Socialist choice for U.of S. student president and was very much an insider in the Canadian Left.
    In 1982 defeated the NDP in their safest seat in Saskatchewan.
    Lived for 38 years of 44 under socialist rule and was( and is) considered their Public Enemy #1.
    Lived for the last 20 years in northern Saskatchewan where the NDP created their version of “people’s republic of northern Saskatchewan” claiming everything north of Prince Albert and theirs to run as they like.

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: The NDP from their conception has been anti- Christian especially anti- Catholic. They use the churches and prefer public figures who appear to be Christian but that is a Front. Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator in Cuba said “ The Church is the scaffold on which I will build my revolution.” What do you do with a scaffold? You tear it down after the desired structure is built. They do not permit freedom of conscience in their own party. When the NDP Member of Parliament for Northern Manitoba  voted against “same sex marriages” she was kicked out of the NDP.  When Fr. Bob Ogle was an M.P. he had to publicly read the NDP Pro- Abortion position in the House of Commons.  The NDP passed and still enforce 300 page regulations against churches and charities. No right of Christians to follow and teach  Bible and Church teachings on homosexuality is respected . When they can they totally eliminate Catholic schools as they did in northern Sask. They also reject any Christian teaching and practices within schools. Their main henchman threatened me for passing out information to the residence of their northern teaching college.

ECONOMY; The NDP believe and still do believe that the Government should run the economy not the private sector. The government should own the means of production. Theyd created many crown corporations. They claimed that this would ensure that people would not have to pay taxes but Sask. under the NDP had the highest taxes in Canada. They even created a crown corporation of potatoes . This was a very expensive failure. Their main export was people, especially young people seeking opportunities. Sask. went from the third most populated province just behind Quebec and Ontario to one of the least populated. Sask. has as much or more resources than Alberta yet due to fear of government take- over and high taxes the resources were not developed.

ENVIRONMENT: The NDP persist in believing that fossil fuels create global warming which in turn will destroy the world. This is an article of Faith and has no basis in reality including in science. Climate change and global warming has been proven to be created by sun spots. We can’t regulate the sun.   Yet the NDP persist in the view that fossil fuels have to be reduced. This harms the developing countries and the Canadian economy. It is totally useless and unnecessary but they will not even allowreasoned debate on the issue. They are especially against the Canadian oil industry.

DEMOCRACY: The views of the elected people do not run the NDP. They must abide by the resolutions passed by their party in conventions. These policy writers do not face the public or are answerable to the public. The NDP prefer seemingly moderate candidates but that is not who runs the NDP and if elected, who runs the province or the country. The candidates and elected are only window dressing to a very hard core left agenda they are lusting to impose on Canada . When they can ,they control who can run for local office and even who can run every charity and association. . In northern Sask. they had and have a system of soviet- like political officers in each community who would control the people in every aspect of their lives. To give it a native touch they used shamans as their political officers . The local advisory committees are a sop to democracy but they are controlled by hard core leftists in the municipal office.

MEDICAL CARE: Sask. under the NDP had the worse health care with the longest waiting lists. Medical care records are routinely used for smear campaigns. They are not private nor accurate.They are sold for research to people all over the world without permission or knowledge. However when I asked for my La Ronge medcial file to be sent to a Chicago doctor I received no cooperation and was informed that I could not have access to the local hospital and doctor care.  There is no choice to abortion and sterilisation. People are pushed into both without any permission or often without their knowledge. Abortificients are given in I.V’s obstensibly used for other medicine. There is certainly no parental consent required for contraception ,and  abortion to minors. There has been at least four incidences of death of babies  that should have been investigated as possible murder from staff. Northerners wisely sleep in the room of family members when in hospital. An elder who does not have family or community members to visit them regularly is certainly in danger.

DRUGS: The NDP are THE drug party . Marijuana would have been legalised long ago if they had had the chance. All other drugs would follow. Their main if not only campaign programme in the north is free distribution of drugs and booze. In northern Sask. where they had free rein drugs were not only treated as legal but practically compulsory. No person actively opposed to drugs was allowed to function as teacher, businessman or resident. The political henchmen were the drug distributers, growers, and users. The RCMP were expected to look the other way and only make a show of controlling drugs including cocaine.

Please distrbute this as much as you can any way you can. Gay

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who will stand up to the Supreme Court

May 16,2015
     The overriding issue in Canada today is the arbitrary, and illogical decisions of the Supreme Court. Their decisions are a threat to everyone’s freedom security and life. They have replaced rule of democracy with rule by an unelected, unaccountable, and tenured Committee. Therefore the most important electoral decision is WHO WILL STAND UP TO THE SUPREME COURT ?

    Firstly, who will Not stand up to the Supreme Court? The obvious answer: The family and political party that created a monster from a balanced, limited and useful arm of law will not do anything to reduce its power.   The Trudeau Liberals have no desire, motive or reason to lessen the harm of a Supreme Court that has abandoned law for social coercion. The most offensive and harmful decisions of the Court are totally consistent with Liberal Political Policy. Trudeau can act ,look and sound like an unthinking slob because the Supreme Court is doing what he wants. There is no need to win the country over to Liberal views by public and legislative debate . The Court has done, is doing  and will do it by Fiat. The Court says
Assisted Suicide is Law. The Liberal Party  passed a resolution supporting euthanasia.  Trudeau wants Parliament to rubber stamp the Court’s decision before the summer. End of discussion and end of a great many people’s lives. The only difference is the Court gave the government a year to do it. Trudeau wants it done now.

     Trudeau Sr.most certainly was a communist or if you prefer the polite word that Lenin used, a socialist.  He constantly undermined and weakened the role and power of Parliament. He made monumental changes in Canada by Orde- in- Council,
His Bill 1 was The Omnibus Bill of 1969 that legalised abortion, homosexuality contraception and divorce.  He knew to take over a country one must first weaken if not destroy the family. That is classic communist procedure. He then began to have the government control the cconomy by owning major businesses, and weakened our and worlds defence against communism by reducing and demoralising the military . He used the vehicle of a Charter of Rights although we already had the Diefenbaker Bill of Rights . In itself the Charter is not harmful but he gave a mechanism by which the Supreme Court had the power to interpret the Charter . Thus we have a Supreme Court that makes decisions which have nothing to do with legal tradition, the accepted use of words, or basic logic. They make decisions because this is their personal world view which is exactly the world view of Trudeau Junior and the present Liberal Party.  The Liberals will do nothing against the present unlimited power of the Supreme Court because they created it and are using it to destroy democracy and this country.

    Will the NDP work to limit the unrestrained power of the Supreme Court? Not likely.
The NDP absorbed the CCF which came to power in 1944 in Saskatchewan using the anti- Catholic KKK network. In the last Federal election the NDP absorbed the Bloc Quebecois The Separtists have always been socialist and anti- Christian. The separatism may be gone but their communist and secular views are alive and well safely and compatibly transfered into the NDP. The  The NDP have no reason to be upset about any recent Supreme Court ruling. They are totally consistent with their philosophy and policies.

    Which leaves only the Tories or Conservatives . The present  Supreme Court has been an active part of the Liberal- NDP political machine against the Conservative government. The Court has given notice Conservative law is not acceptable and therefore the Conservative government is not acceptable. Their decisions have been so extreme and absurd one can only assume that there is nothing sensible the Tories could pass that will not be struck down. The Court has become as politically partisan as the tax payer funded CBC but extremely more dangerous . The Conservatives have every reason to restrain the power of the Court to its pre- 1982 role.  The best reason is Canada will be destroyed if it is not done. But how? Here’s a quicky. A legislative body begins every bill with “ On behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II then “Notwithstanding the Charter” and proceeds to write or rewrite  whatever they want. Nope, it’s not my idea . Quebec has done it for years.  Gay