Friday, February 21, 2014

The New Canadian $5 Bill

JMJ Feb.21,2014 The new Canadian five dollar bill has a picture of the Canadarm and Dextera, equipment used in the international space exploration programmes. On the front side is the traditional picture of Sir Wilfred Laurier, the Father of Confederation from Quebec. The Canadian Mint is obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit with a keen sense of History and Current Events, more than it and we realise. There are government TV ads telling about the excellence of the country’s space contributions specifically about the Canadarm. There are interviews with NASA describing the importance of the Canadarm. One thing that is not mentioned is the person who designed it. Let me fill in that information. He was born at Davidson Union Hospital to Eric Wallace White Sr. and Patricia ( Fisher) White who farmed four miles E of Girvin. He went to Detchen country school where almost all the six children enrolled were his siblings or first cousins. In gr.4 he went to Girvin School and did so, to gr. XI . He graduated from Davidson High School, got his B. Eng.and his Masters on Coloured Television at University of Saskatchewan. He got his Doctorate at McGill University in Montreal . He travelled extensively but lived in Montreal the rest of his life. He died in 2004 one day short of 60 years old. He died of complications of cancer and a borrowed kidney. Since he was my eldest brother I knew Eric Wallace White Jr. very well. He was cremated a week before I was informed of his death. I was told that I could not go to the funeral because the Canada Space Agency could not afford it. There really wasn’t a funeral or Mass but a noon hour memorial. Some time later I got a phone call from a social worker Christine Laliberte who informed me that I was the beneficiary of Eric’s money and custodian of his son, Samuel Raymond White. I was assured that it is a great deal of money because of the “ Boeuf “ ( bull) market. Later I was sent information that steps were being made to make our nephew whom we now consider our son, “a person in need of protection” ( a ward of the State ), that this step would make all wills null and void and all money would go the Curator Public. We went to Montreal three times to stop this. We met with people at Charles Le Moyne Hospital and to the Canada Space Agency. We said that we wanted to see the plaque that they had of Eric. We waited in the entrance while janitors found and put up the plague again in the conference room. We met with the Chief Engineer who replaced Eric. His name is Minh- Tuan Huynh. He goes by Tuan pronounced Twan. He told me that it’s true that Eric did not have a funeral. He show us plaster models on display of Canadarm and Dextera. He said “ Eric made these. He spent a long time working on Dextera.” He made it clear while of course Eric had staff the effort and leadership came from Eric. Genius rarely goes by committee work. I also read later how generous and polite Eric was to give other people credit for any contribution. We went to Montreal again, this time to meet with the law firm, Samuels and Samuels that we had hired. They did nothing for us and betrayed us. They have an office on Pitt Ville Marie. His office is the Serbian Consulate. I thought that since they are probably a Jewish law firm that out of ethnic loyalty they would protect Sam.Sam’s mother was Jewish. Later we went to a court where a chic judge assured us that she would consider carefully our concerns and sent us the judgement. The pamphlet stated the “ person in need of protection” has to be brought before the judge . At court I asked why Sam is not here? I met with a burst of Gallic stoney outrage. We never heard from the judge but when we got home a letter came stating that our nephew and all his assets are in the hands of the government. The letter was dated before we left for Montreal. An earlier letter stated that Stephane LaRose Q.C. had met with the Curator Public concerning Eric’s assets. I wrote him and phoned his office many times. The only reply I received was that he was no longer the lawyer for Eric White and the file is closed. Earlier I had written the Canada Space Agency and asked if they could tell me all the things that Eric had done. Two years later the public relations woman sent me a revealing list that showed among other things he was responsible for Canada winning an Emmy for contributions to international communications. Hon. Flora McDonald had accepted the Emmy on behalf of our country. I gathered that the woman was pressured not to send me the information. Much of it was “ He had something to do with....” When I was talking to Tuan I said that I wanted to write a book at a 12 to 18 year level about Eric. He cautioned me “ Shhh”. Some people were very anxious to search Eric’s house and resented that Sam still lived there. I defintely gathered that there was an effort to bury Eric’s work so other people could take credt. Tuan seemed aware of this and was opposed to their efforts. So Canada should be proud of our space contributions says the government. Don’t we owe something to the Canadian who led the work? Doesn’t he deserve to have his estate and son protected and his stated, written Will honoured.? Oh, and Sir Wilfred Laurier? He was the one who insisted that Catholic Schools should be protected not just in Quebec but all over Canada. Eric wanted his money used for the Catholic Mission, L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord, its expansion and its founders John and Gay Caswell . Gay

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tax Court WIN ignored by Canada Revenue Agency

JMJ Feb.12,2014 The following letter is one I wrote to Canada Revenue Agency. The Tax Court of Canada in the spring sent me a document to show that L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord represented by myself won the right to an extension “ for the reasons that you stated.” The main reason I stated was that Consumers Branch in Regina under Ministry of Justice was blatantly stopping our constitutional right to run a Catholic School. Therefore their cancellation of our Non- Profit Corporation status should be ignored. I sent a copy of the Tax Court Judgement to C.R.A. On Friday Martine Mandeville phoned me to tell me they are cancelling the mission’s charity status. She seemed to have not read the letter I sent or ignored the contents. Worse she did not understand that the judgement was from the Federal Tax Court and not some provincial decision. There is no provincial Tax Court. All donations of 2013 will get a charitable tax receipt. All present donations are the same. If the Minister who is now Finelay does not stop or reverse Mandeville’s decision we will go to the Supreme Tax Court of Canada again and will likely win again. We appreciate all donations and see no reason why we can’t continue to give tax receipts in the future. Thank- you. Gay January 01, 2014 Ms. Martine Mandeville Charities Redress Station Ottawa, Canada Dear Madam, Thank-you for the opportunity to provide additional information concerning the threatened revocation of the Charities Status of L’ Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. Your deadline for more additional information is January 20. You will note that I have enclosed the judgement of the Tax Court of Canada that the Charity has a right to an extended appeal. Since that court decision I have had no direction from C.R. A. until your phone call and registered letter dated Dec.13 which was in my hands Dec. 27.( Post Office 175km. away.) This gives me limited time to prepare a reply and does not seem consistent with the Tax Court Decision. There are some serious constitutional issue that need to be addressed and should be examined at length. I will attempt to list them: 1. Freedom of Religion 2. Freedom of Association 3. The Right of each person to have an education 4.The Right of Catholic Schools to exist and the Right of Catholic Schools to be Catholic. 5. Equality throughout Canada in areas of Human Rights and in law. 6. No Arbitrary separation of Canada and of Saskatchewan in particular, so that certain laws, policies and rights do not exist above an invented boundary. 7. The Manitoba School Question and its historic and legal precedent and implications. These should be the table of contents of a legal brief. Some were mentioned briefly in the papers prepared for the Tax Court. To us the issue is important for our specific mission but the implications are far reaching. A ruling against us would put the Federal- Provincial balance on its head. It would state a provincial civil servant decision, not even a policy, a law, nor a court decision can nullify constitutional guarantees and federal jurisdiction. I will attempt to begin to address these seven points but can in no way expand the discussion to its full legal and historic coverage. They will not necessarily be in order and will be connected. History :Since 1970 there has been an arbitrary line in Saskatchewan that used to be called D.N.S( District of Northern Services.) It was used as an ideological area for radicals to experiment in autonomy and in many ways in fiscal irresponsibility. The Regina government allowed it a maximum amount of freedom . One of its policies was to drive out any presence of Catholic education and to deminish as much as possible the Catholic influence. In 1985 D.N.S. was officially disbanded but its policies were allowed to continue de facto. In 1995 we went up North, My husband fought fires and we worked at reestablishing ourselves as teachers. The schools were essentially dysfunctional and full of drug use which was protected with a firm policy that you could not tell parents that their children were on drugs. I secured a position in Brabant Lake where the situation was worse. Essentially children were deprived of any semblance of education. We still had five children who needed an education. The teacher and her boyfriend was using drugs right in the school and supplying them to the community. Another teacher came along but would not give our children report cards or a grade. The Caswell children were being deprived of an education while others in reality were not being educated.. Illiteracy was almost total except for a few adults who had gone to residential school. We established the school and mission because we saw a compellung need. It has existed solely on private donations for 18 years. We complied with all the regulations provincially and federally since 1997. However one or two civil servants in the Department of Justice decided to run an harassment policy on us. Our opposition to drugs made enemies in La Ronge among an elite. The charity has always done many things besides run a school which include summer camps, a safe house for children and others et c. It became apparent that no matter how we filled out forms that a few civil servants were determined to stop us. They knew that they could stop the Ministry of Education and CRA from approving us so they used their position to the hilt. It is very unconstitutional to allow a handful of Regina civil servants in Consumer Branch to veto decisions in education and in Ottawa. An accountant who was willing to help us was astounded at their arbitrary extremes. In one instance a financial statement was stamped approved. Then two years later it was rejected.. It also seems unreasonable that CRA should make the criteria for approval these people who have admitted that they are opposed to Catholic education, they are opposed to private schools, they are opposed to us. If there are some civil servants who are opposed to the BNA Act which specifies the right of Catholic Schools to exist, who are opposed to the Charter of Rights which states everyone has a right to an education and parents have a right to decide the education of their children then that is unfortunate. They have a right to hold those views but not to act on them in their position. Parents who want their children to go to L’École Notre Dame du Nord have been flatly told to pull them and have been given many and serious threats. Their rights are most certainly violated The children’s right to an education is also violated. Many adults have gone to the school as their opportunity to get an education. They have also been threatened many times. However the Ministry of Justice , Parole Branch has used the school as an alternative to jail and the Ministry of Social Services uses it for training of recipients. That is the case at present. Obviously they have no difficulty recognising it as a school. No one has been denied post secondary education, and training after graduation from the mission school. . Many students who have gone to the school have graduated elsewhere with no unusual difficulty. As one grade XII graduate said “ If it hadn’t been for Caswells I’d be in jail.” We have enclosed a copy of the last “ Brabant Lake Times “ of the latest grade XII graduate and ceremony. ( Page 4) Notice the Member of Parliament, the RCMP officer and two deacons have no difficulty recognising it as a school, WE NO LONGER HAVE RULE BY LAW, BUT BY MEN WHEN ONE OR TWO PROVINCIAL CIVIL SERVANTS CAN VETO THE HIGHEST LAW OF THE LAND. I feel that these are sufficient opening remarks to defend the right of Catholic Schools and Independent Schools to exist and the right of Our Lady of the North School to exist. We will continue as necessary. Thank- you for your consideration of these initial comments. Sincerely, Mrs. Gay Caswell c.c. Hon. Gail Shea, Minister for Canada Revenue Agency c.c. Hon. Rob Clarke, Desnethé- Missinippi- Churchill River c.c. Hon. Gordon Wyant, Minister of Justice, Regina c.c. Hon. Ken Cheveldayoff, Regina T

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quebec's Post Abortion Syndrome

JMJ Feb.09/2014 Quebec is the largest and oldest province of Canada. It, at one time, was Canada when and after it was called New France. The first Canadians were les Canadiens. Our national character was not Johnny Canuck but Jean Baptiste. It was the evangelical centre of North America. Seventy years ago, if Quebec was a country in itself it would have had the most religious ( nuns, brothers, priests) per capita than anywhere else in the world. Today it is a province run by the Culture of Death. It has a premier and a minority government that can be described as diabolical. It is a province collectively and individually suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome. Canada would not have abortion if it was not for two people living in Quebec . Abortion was brought to us by a “Doctor” who was not really a doctor at all, but had 3 yrs. of medical school He never cured anyone of anything, delivered a baby or helped someone die peacefully. His entire fake medical career was spent killing pre- born Canadians especially Quebecois. His name was Henry Morgenthaler. He insisted that Prime Minister Trudeau who legalised abortion, homosexuality, contraception and divorce protect him from legal repercussions of running an illegal abortuary. Canada had legal abortion four years before Roe vs. Wade of the U.S.A. Quebec’s culture was based on The Family. La Grande Famille of 20 people was not uncommon. There was a large labour pool so businesses swarmed into Quebec. Churches were full, convents, semenaries and monasteries were full, Catholic schools were full, even hockey rinks were full of local talent of any age and ability. Today Quebec has the lowest birth rate of any province.French Canadians have less children than immigrants and are less likely to be married or stay married.. It is a greying population with less and less income earners to support an ever expanding governmental bureaucracy. Health care has essentially collapsed with no recourse to private health care and private insurance. A symbol of Quebec is no longer a beautiful Mass in a beautiful rural Church but Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is a circus where people are the animals. Off hours they elevate perversion and drugs to orgiastic levels. They get lots of government funds to tell the world in Quebec we celebrate that people are just animals and perverted ones at that. The economy collapsed several times as businesses swarmed out of Quebec in the wake of the threat of separatism. An economic standard is housing starts. Since in Quebec the building industry is very corrupt. to build anything cost a third more than anywhere else in Canada. That means an attack on home building, business expansion, hospital and nursing home construction. Because Catholicism is so entrenched in Quebec people who reject Christianity don’t just ignore the Church, the crosses, and the crucifix in government buildings or even around a person’s neck.. They have a drive to attack, and to destroy. A fellow immersion student and I walked down Fraserville in Riviere- du- Loup saying a rosary. When we passed the parti quebecois office the people inside acted like they were in the throws of an unwelcome exorcism. Premier Marois has a campaign to remove all public displays of religion on buildings, road, and persons. Why doesn’t she just get on with the business of government for today and leave people’s religion alone? It is because she must work so hard to fight down her own cry for reason and faith. Quebec’s Marois cannot stand reality. They expect the rest of Canada to go along with their reconstruction of the truth. It has been attempted for a long time. The rest of Canada is expected to believe Sovereignty means Quebec can run their own show but everyone else has to pay for it. We are expected to believe or pretend to believe that Quebec is the perpetual victim. Only in Quebec could you use the word “ nigger” on a title of a book as in WHITE NIGGERS OF AMERICA and get away with it. Today however it is illegal in Quebec to be honest about abortion as in killing babies. Minister of Health and Everything, Veronique Hivon states she gets really angry when people say she is licensing doctors to kill because she wants to save money. Does Hivon’s anger nullify the anger, outrage and suffering that 32 million people have that she is turning a part of their country into a Third Reich? Hivon says she “ rejects the vocabulary” that states killing is killing, homicide is homicide, murder is murder. The world must go along with Hivon’s fantasy that murdered grandmothers, down syndrome babies, crashed with drugs teenagers, wheel chaired former athletes are getting health care not getting their life snuffed out. It is the perpetual Quebec game that if you don’t like what we do we’ll pout and leave. These political temper tantrums are no longer effective. Quebec cannot change the Canadian Criminal Code that states Euthanasia is murder. Gay

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Steps to Destroying a Community

JMJ Feb.06/14 There are three major components to destroy a community. They are: 1. Marijuana 2. Welfare 3. Terrible education These tools have been used over and over again in the North and used very effectively. 1. Why do I say marijuana and not just drugs? Marijuana is by far the most dangerous drug in the North because people have been taught to believe it is harmless . No one is prosecuted for using it and since the political rise of Trudeau Junior I have not heard of anyone who has been charged with selling it. No one is on cocaine, heroin or the latest mix extreme who hasn’t first done pot and usally continues to do so. Pot destroys firstly your ability to empathy, to have compassion, to care. It makes one spiritually, morally, emotionally, and mentally lethargic. YOU DON’T CARE THAT YOU DON”T CARE.. Pot destroys the alarm systems . If you’re told that pot will destroy your ability to learn, to make sound judgements, cause grave health problems the words and meanings don’t sink in. The pot is telling you : so what, who cares, good stuff. Some Southend boys who were tokers had a band called “ Indifference.” Now that is a precise and accurate name . 2. Welfare is the fuel that keeps the marijuana train rolling. In one household the father is a user of marijuana and alcohol but is working at changing his ways. He has 3 or 4 adult children who get welfare. What is the rationale? None except that they are over 18 and it is the North. They live at home. Food and lodging is provided. So how do they use the welfare money? To buy marijuana and booze. The parents can’t object ( or think they can’t) because it’s their money. They get into drunken fights. One parent who was trying to stop the brawling was charged with assault. In this case because of intervention charges were dropped. The children were not charged with possession, causing a disturbance or anything else. Welare destroys the initiative to work, to be a provider for the family and encourages absentee fathers. It destroys the moral authority of the parents. The main real reason why young people are given welfare is to keep the drug business going. Marijuana destroys proper reproductive development. Males are more easily led to homosexual behaviour. Females become morally lax and easy preys while fertility may be lessened or destroyed. Pot is an important component in population decrease and manipulation. 3. Terrible education is far worse than no education. The first step to a terrible education is having a teacher and staff who use marijuana. When we first came to Brabant Lake the teacher was on drugs . She has since been been murdered by her pot using boy friend. We have had many drug using teachers since. Marijuana causes loss of short term and long term memory. It destroys initiative, attention to detail, and a commitment to standards and to the future. If the teacher has a marijuana for medical use excuse it still causes loss of short term and long term memory . How can a teacher inspire a drive for excellence for standards and for a good future when she is lethargic, un caring and confused ? The public school would have long since closed here but they keep the doors open to stop people from going to the mission school. Its draw is come when you want, do what you want, learn what you want . If an adult needs a rationale for welfare they can register and never show up.Parents who are drug dealers and users are often used as paid chaperones on trips. The marijuana stops people from rejecting the marijuana lifestyle. Welfare pays for the marijuana and keeps the industry going. Terrible education gives parents and children the illusion that a life of indifference and dependency is acceptable. Gay

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Veronique Hivon: " I reject this vocabulary"

JMJ January 30,2014 Yesterday Ms. Veronique Hivon was interviewed on CURRENT on CBC . When a clip stating that doctors for thousands on years did not kill their patients she said “ I reject that vocabulary.” She rejects killing being called killing. Like Hitler’s Goebel, Minister of Propaganda Hivon is Marois’ Minister of Propaganda although that is not quite her title. Her voice is saccharin and controlled. Like Quebec’s new power women she is no doubt well dressed, acts charming and expects those charms to cover up illogical and even murder. Let’s have a lesson in the newspeak of Ms. Hivon . Scenario :A patient is lying in the corridor of a hospital. We will call her Madame Lapointe. There are empty beds but the Quebec government does not choose to pay for their use. A patient is breathin, even speaking. She is frail and over 60. The doctor comes to examine her, determines that she is likely not to get over diabetes. He injects her. She is no longer breathing. All vital signs are gone. A gurney comes to take her away. Maybe no one will claim the body. Funerals are discouraged . Maybe she will be cremated before relatives are found and notified. What happened to Mdme Lepointe? She was.....???? The usual word is killed or murdered but Hivon does not like that word. Therefore Mdme. Lapointe received “ medical care.” This, if Marois and Hivon have their way, will soon be perfectly legal. Other relevant old newspeak words are Quebec wants to be “ maitre chez nous” ( master in their own house.) Every province should be allowed to be master in their own jurisdiction but changing the Criminal Code is not theirs to do. A former parti quebecois Premier, Parizeau, wanted his own Dept.of Defence . He didn’t get it as far as I know. But what did happen to those armaments that a Lebonese was working at selling him? The present Criminal Code defines euthanasia as homicide. Homicide is a word for death by murder. That is how the law of Canada defines what Marois- Hivon want to make perfectly legal. The word, the reality and the law is not theirs to change. These are Hivon’s parliamentary and minesterial functions: Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection Minister Responsible for the Lanaudiere region Member of the ministerial committee of solidarity Member of the Legislative Committee. Member of the Ministerial Committee for the Metropolitain Region Vice- Chair for the Legislative Committee Minister for Health and Social Services with bureaucratic kingdoms in both Quebec City and Montreal. There is almost no parti quebecois member who is not minister of something. Get elected, get your own Fiefdom. It’s no wonder they can’t afford medical care. Did you notice that she is Minister for Youth Protection? Did you know that German Naziis had a Charity Transportation Company. Their job was to round up handicapt children and murder them . Quebec has a process by which people including minors become wards of the State. They are classified as “ a Person in need of Protection”. The curator publique then takes all their assets including inherited assets, denies any contact with family members and lets them rot. This theft and kidnapping is justified by stating they need the money to treat them. Now to “protection “ can be added lethal injection. A lethal injection means they are killed, murdered, snuffed out. A homicide has been committed. When you hear the sweet Quizzling voice of Veronique Hivon, remember this. Gay

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marois is a Fascist

JMJ Jan.28,2014 Naziism is from the German words National Socialism. Communism is interchangable with the word Socialism. Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky preferred to call their movements the Second, Third and Fourth Socialist International. All of these movements are totalitarian and have consistent features: 1. They are based on Darwinian survival- of- the- fittest. Human life is not sacred but is a product of time and chance. The strongest must cull the weak. 2. They have a diabolical hatred of religion, particularly Judaism and Christianity. 3. They believe that Law is not about Justice and inalienable Rights but what serves the State, commonly called whatever is Progressive. 4. They believe that the State has a right to kill its enemies within. The enemies of the State include anyone who believes in a Higher Power that can judge the action of government, who has a loyalty that conflicts with compliance to the wishes of the State. and anyone who cannot serve the State , such as “ the useless mouths” of Hitler’s genocide programme of the elderly and handicapt. In 1534 Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence and erected a cross for God and King . He discovered the land we now Canada but was first called New France. New France had two passions, furs and evangelisation. Quebec and Montreal were founded as missionary centres. From there Canada and much of the United States was explored and evangelised. Quebec has a history of saints, martyrs, courage and great love for God and other people including and especially the natives. Since the early part of the 1900's Quebec has had another stream. It has had a strong Totalitarian movement. A main leader was Adrian Arcand ( 1899-1967). He was a great admirer of Hitler and Fascism. His emblem was a swaztika circled with maple leafs, a beaver and the Crown. He was a charismatic figure who had huge rallies, supporters from various political parties and public figures. LE DEVOIR ( The Worker ), an historic and main stream newspaper was a mouthpiece for Nazii views. He and LE DEVOIR encouraged support of Hitler Collaborator Petin when France fell in WW II. Many Quebec people were encouraged to believe they should not support Canada- Britain and France in the war. They were opposed to conscription because they were not convinced Hitler was wrong. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was part of the Quebec wealthy elite and held these views. He rode about Quebec City on a motorcycle wearing a Nazii war helmet. When Trudeau was running for leader of the Liberal Party he pretended to be younger than he was to hide that he did not fight for his country in WWII. Arcand claims he and Trudeau were part of the same secret society. Arcand and Le DEVOIR were vitriolic Jew haters. Arcand was not a Separatist in that he wanted to be Fuhrer of all of Canada. Abbe ( Father) Groulx ( 1878-1967), Quebec nationalist is the hallowed leader of the Separatist movement who carried the Quebec for the Quebecois view to racist and absurd extremes. Many people believe that the British conquest of New France ( 1760) was good in that the Catholic French people were saved from the terrors of the French Revolution. Not so Groulx. He despised all that was British in Canada . He believed that the French in Quebec were a pure and superior race not unlike Hitler’s view of the Germans. He said that is not true that they intermarried with Natives. QUAI !!? Samuel de Champlain specifically promised his Indian allies that his men would intemarry with their women. Saskatchewan is full of natives who look French and have the same French names as found in Quebec. This obvious absurdity casts a cloud on the history of this History professor and puts him more in the category of racist demogogue. Many Jews including the late Mordecai Richler claim that Groulx was anti- Semitic. He certainly wanted no truck with pluralism, mosaic or melting- pot variety, immigrants, Canadian law and institutions, nor British Fair- Play for any other ethnic and religiou group. Today’s Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is both a separatist and a fascist. She enherited an entrenched abortion industry due to Trudeau working with Morgenthaler. She opposes Catholicism and any manifestation of Quebec’s Christian heritage. She campaigned that she would remove public crosses.and is sticking to her promise. She will not let public servants wear a notable crucifix . She believes it is the governments business to kill the disabled, the elderly , and the sick. The government of Quebec is over blown, intrusive ,inefficient and corrupt. There is no money for medicare. Therefore the”exteme casess” patients must be killed. She belives that she can have her very own Criminal Code one that calls murder , medical care. She must be stopped. Gay

Monday, January 20, 2014

Quebec's Murder Bill

JMJ January 20,2014 The following is reprinted from The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition newsletter January 2014 # 247. PLEASE SEND ON no matter in what province or country you live. QUEBEC”S EUTHANASIA BILL 52 MUST BE STOPPED. On February 11,2014 the Quebec National Assembly will resume proceedings. Soon after, they will vote on Bill 52, a bill that would decriminalize euthanasia under the guise of medical and dying. * Bill 52 gives Quebec doctors the right to lethally inject their patients when the are experiencing physical or psychological suffering. *Bill52 is not limited to terminally ill people. The bill states that a person must have “a grave and incurable disease.” Many people who are not terminally ill live with a grave and incurable illness. * Bill 52 targets people with disabilities. The bill states that a person must have “ and advanced and irreversible decline in function. Many people with disabilities fit this criteria. * Euthanasia is defined as homicide ( murder) in the Federal Criminal Code. * Bill 52 defines killing by euthanasia as a form of medical treatment. * Bill 52 defines “ medical and in dying ‘ ( euthanasia) as a part of end- of- life care. * Bill 52 creates a right to end- of- life care. Since euthanasia is defined as part of end- to- life care. The bill therefore creates a right to euthanasia. * Bill52 affects every Canadian by allowing euthanasia tourism. Quebec’s Bill 52 must be stopped. Urge the Hon. Peter MacKay to equally protect every Canadian from euthanasia by writing to 284 Wellington St. Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H8 or email incur@justice Also state that you oppose BILL 52 by contacting: Bertrand St.- Armand , Quebec’s zMinister of Justice and Attorney gouv, Sign the petition at: Http// -------------------------------------------------------- More information can be obtained by writing Box 25033 London,On N6C 6A8 Box 611309 Port Huron, MI 45061-1309 Tel. 519-439-3348 Free:877-439-3348 Fax: 519-439-7053 If you can’t speak or write in French still contact Quebec politicians including the Opposition members. Remember: WE’RE ALL TERMINAL Gay