Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is NOT a done deal!

March 5,2015
    The Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons has informed the public that they have by tomorrow to give their input on their guidelines which would deny doctors the right to have a conscience on the issue of killing their patients either through assisted suicide ...or other means. Suicide is murder of one self . Assisted suicide is an act of murder of the doctors and staff who help or push the person to kill himself. If it is done through medicare it is another means that the taxpayer must accept and pay for murder.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons is acting outside the law by drawing up guidelines on an activity that is defined in the Canadian Criminal Code as homicide. There is no law in Canada that legalises assisted suicide. Why have they created guidelines based on an illegal, unethical  and immoral practice?

THE SUPRME COURT OF CANADA DOES NOT PASS LAWS. It gives opinions on existing laws . The Parliament then can decide if it will go along with those opinions. If it is outrageous such as stating doctors have a right to kill their patients based on the Charter’s Right to Life obviously Parliament or any provincial or territorial legislative body should reject that. The simplest means is to pass a law that states “ Notwithstanding the Charter the Criminal Code
will not be change on the issue of euthanasia , suicide or assisted suicide.”

In Nazii Germany doctors led the way on eugenics based killing. Long before Hitler got into power they were teaching and practising killing the handicapt, elderly and undesirables.

When abortion was legalised by Trudeau Sr. in 1969 it was rationalised “that the law had to
change to  keep up with the practice. In other words: A lot of doctors are doing abortions;. therefore we have to make their illegal abortion practices legal by legalising abortion.” 

The College, notorious for their contempt for public opinion against abortion , forced sterilisation and parental rights is playing a political power game of pretending a law has been changed and their preferred practices are now legal.  They are clearly out of line. The fact that they would draw up guidelines..which were probably drawn up before the Supreme Court decision and then give the public a deadline to give input shows their lack of ethics and the brutality that has now replaced the Hippocratic Oath.

The Charter reiterates our inalienable right to Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press ( and other media). The College by their actions  has violated and wants to continue to violated all these rights .

There needs to be clear guidelines, policies and laws to protect the religious and conscience rights of medical, nursing and other health care STUDENTS. They need to be especially enforced on medical college entry interviews. These standards must continue throughout the students’ years and throughout employment.

Catholic Hospitals and Medical Services must have equal funding, restoration and expansion and must be allowed to be fully Catholic in all practices.

People must have the right to medical choice including private insurance, private doctors and private care outside of Medicare

The real role of the  Supreme Court must be made public. When they overstep logic, law, language and work to push us into an anti- culture of death and barbarism they must be stopped. Notwithstanding their arrogance and that of their  henchmen like the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Gay

Monday, March 2, 2015

Catholic Schools cannot be Catholic withoout Obama approval

March 02, 2015
    For the first time after 42 years of legalised abortion in United States there was a Pro- Life March in Chicago. The organisers received full cooperation from the City and excellent, immediate coverage from all major media outlets. The story was on that day’s CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  Two of the key organisers were Fr. Nathan and Fr. Joshua. Yep; Last name Caswell. Sr. Mary Judith ,teaching Grade Seven at St. Thomas the Apostle School in down town Chicago showed them the coverage of the March in Chicago that her brothers helped organise and the March in their Capital City, Washington D. C.which attracted 1.5 million . It included a cadre of young people and their chaperones from St. John Cantius Church, Chicago. Sr. Mary Judith Caswell was severely reprimanded for highlighting this national and local event to her black students. Mary Mother of the Eucharist nuns will no longer be teaching at this established Catholic School in the Fall. Why???
    Because..... Obama, acting President of the United States, has a home two blocks away. It greatly offends Obama and the Democratic Party gurus of Chicago that anyone would educate  blacks in their home turf that a pro- life movement exists . It’s okey to have a Catholic School with girls in pretty blaid skirts and tidy braided hair that is a show case. It is not okey to have that Catholic School really Catholic on issues that may incidentally offend the Democrats. After all if Obama cannot depend on a compliant black vote what plague of truth will next hit the backbone “ safe’ liberal vote?
    In the bad old days blacks in Chicago could not sit on the front seats of the public buses. In this “ progressive” era blacks cannot hear about a 42 year protest movement that wants them and their children to live.  Abortion and the whole death culture is about Eugenics. Eugenic is the belief that some people simply should not exist, procreate and thrive. One of those groups are blacks. Another one is, you guessed it, Indians.
    There is nothing that offends the NDP- Liberal henchmen of northern Saskatchewan like pro- life literature.  They know that Natives do not want their unborn babies killed so they want them never to here that they don’t need to accept being pushed into abortion, sterilisation and contraception.  The Liberals on either side of the 49th Parallel have become the great bullies ready to censor any unpalatable information. They have become the anti- intellectual thugs. No church, no school, no teacher at any level is safe from their stormtrooper boots marching to a dirge of death and repression.
    Does it matter that a young woman in a 12th century habit can no longer teach her students who love her and she loves? Does it matter that adult students in La Ronge  drug infested apartments cannot receive a zip-lock bag of information on pro- life, marijuana and Catholic teaching unless the Left drug kings approve? Along with the destruction of Life is the destruction of freedom . Canadians were  good at fighting for freedom and after a few years the Americans would join in and do their part. It is time to revive and expand  that fight for  Freedom and Life .
    On May 07 there is a pro- life March in Regina. Will we get the cooperation of the Catholic Schools for a change? Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Mary is the Mother of Jesus and thus the Mother of Life.. A Catholic School that is not pro- life is not Christ honouring nor Mary honouring. It is not Catholic . Gay

Monday, February 23, 2015

It is time to return to CanadaI


     The Supreme Court of Canada has approved of Assisted Suicided. It has informed the Parliament, it has a year to write up a law that is acceptable T0 THEM. It’s rationale is that this is consistent with the right to life as stated in the Charter and Constitution. Wherein it is time to return to Canada.
    Prior to 1982 Parliament made laws that became the law of the land. Politicians made laws which they believe were consistent with the wishes of the voters of their constituency and the good of the country as a whole. This is democracy. We have lost that democracy. The voters do not have a say; the politicians cannot act. The only people who have a say in shaping the laws of the land are nine unelected  people of the Supreme Court.
     The Supreme Court states that we must have brothels to protect the trade; we must have the desegregation of marriage so the word becomes meaningless ; Saskatchewan cannot pass laws that are consistent with a favourable business climate and now we are told that death is the means to respect life.  There is no need to continue this arbitrary and illogical bullying. We had democracy. We lost it through socialists like Chretien, Romanow and Pierre Trudeau. We can get rid of this threat to our country by the same way it came.through the democractic means we still have left.
    Firstly, we can pass laws that are Prefaced NOTWITHSTANDING THE CHARTER and proceed to protect the practices, traditions and morality of the country .
    We have received unsolicited letters from every Conservative Minister of Justice including the present Honourable Peter McKay which state that they are opposed to euthanasia including assisted suicide. The Conservative Party has voted overwhelmingly against euthanasia.  The Prime Minister has made it clear that his views are shaped by his father’s opposition to the degregations of humans under totalitarianism.
    Every moral stand that the Prime Minister has taken against Terrorism and the KGB Putin, for the protection of Israel and the Ukraine and other former captive nations will be lost if we do not protect our own country.
    Consistently we have received pamphlets assuring us that the Tories want law and order , victim protection and safe streets. Assisted Suicide is a licence for murder. Not only can doctors murder but others can kill, claim it is suicide and get away with it. If doctors can kill their patients anyone can kill anyone with or without “ medicare.”
    In the Netherlands  babies last year were murdered by doctors under assisted suiicide laws. Of course the babies had no desire or gave no approval to being murdered . nor will many patients have really given approval. After they are dead the issue is closed. A dead person cannot take a doctor, hospital or nursing home to court.
    There must be a massive cry to use the NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE to stop this outrage.
    Countries have been saved by the Rosary. Our families, our own lives, our country is in a state of clear and present danger. People must say the Rosary daily as a group or individual to stop this terrible plague. If you know how to say the rosary do it and teach others to do it. Canada is in the brink of returning to barbarism
    We liberated Holland in World War II. We should be helping to liberate Holland again from its own death culture. It is not time to imitated countries like Holland, Belgium and Denmark in the grip of their own demise.
    We did well before the 1982 exchange of power from Parliament from the people to the Supreme Court. We must stop eleven people from destroying us.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Price of Canada

    This is an account of the torture and death of Fathers Jean de Brebeuf and Gabriel Lalement written days after the event which occurred March 16 and 17,1649:
We had been informed by some escaped captives of the certain deaths of Father Jean de Brebeuf and Gabriel Lalemen. The next morning as soon as we were assured that the enemy had departed we sent one of our Fathers and seven other Frenchmen to seek their bodies at the place of torture. There they found a spectacle of horror- the remains of cruelty personified - or, rather, the testimony of the love of God which alone triumphs in the death of sorrow.

If I were so allowed , I would gladly call them by that glorious name because of their own free will, motivated solely by the love of God and the salvation of their neighbor these men exposed themselves to death, and to an extremely cruel death, if ever in the world there n was one . They could easily and without sin have put their lives in safety had they not been filled with the love of God rather than for themselves.  A much stronger reason for this title of martyr, however, is that despite their charitable dispositions, hatred for the Faith and contempt for the name of God were among the most powerful motives influencing the minds of the barbarians to exercise upon them cruelties as racking as ever the tyrants ts obliged the early martyrs to endure_ martyrs who , at the climax of their tortures, triumphed over both life and death.

As soon as the Fathers were taken captives they were stripped naked and some of the nails torn out. The welcome they received upon entering the village of Saint Ignace was a hailstorm of blows with clubs on their shoulders, their loins, their legs, their abdomens, and theiri faces _ no part of their bodies escaped suffering its own torment.

Father Jeand de Brebeuf , overwhelmed by the burden of these blows, did not for all that disregard the care of the flock. Seeing himself surrounded by Christians whom he himself had instructed and who were now suffering captive with him, he encouraged them thus: “ My children, let us raise our eyes to Heaven in the midst of the unutterable afflictions,: let us remember that God is witness to our sufferings and that he will soon be our glorious reward. Let us die in this faith and let us hope from his goodness the fulfillment of his promises. I feel much more pity for you than for myself.  Bear with courage the few remaining torments. They will end with our lives, but the glory that follows will never end. “ Echon” ( this is the name the Hurons gave to Father Brebeuf) they cried, “ ours spirits will be in Heaven whiles our bodies are suffering on earth. Pray to God for us.that he may show us his mercy: we will invoke him until death>”

Some Huron infidels_ former captives of the Iroquois and now naturalized among them, long_ standing enemies of the Faith_ were annoyed by these words and by the fact that the Fathers, though their captives, did not hold their tongues captive. The infidels cut off  the hands of one Father and pierced the other Father’s hands with sharp awls and iron points. They applied hatchets heated red in the fire to their armpits and to their loins. They placed a necklace of these glowing heads about their necks in such a way that any motion of their bodies produced a new torture. If they attempted to lean forward , the red- hot iron hanging behind them burned their shoulders, and if they thought they could avoid the pain by bending back a little, their chest and stomachs suffered a similar torment. If they stood upright, without leaning on one one side or the other, they glowing hatchets touched them on all sides and wer an intolerable torment to them. Their persecutors fastened on them belts of bark filled with pitch and resin, then set them afire and thus burned the entire body of their poor victims.

At the height of the torments, Father Gabriel  Lalement raised his eyes to Heaven, clasped his hands several times, and sent prolonged sights to God, begging his aid. Father Jean de Brebeuf suffered like a rock, insensible to the fires and flames, not uttering a single cry, but keeping a profound silence. This restraint thoroughly astonished his tormentors. No doubt the heart of the sufferer was already reposing in his God/ Then, as if returning to himself, he preached to those infidels, his torturers. He hard more encouragement, however for the many good Christians captives who felt a deep sympathy for him.

Father de Brebeuf’s persecutors then became indignant at his zeal , and to hinder his from speaking further of God, they gouged out circles around his mouth, cut off his nose, and tore off his li[s. His blood then spoke more loudly than his lips had done. Since his heart was not torn out, his tongue did not fail to serve him, until his last sigh, blessing God for all these torments and exhorting his Christians more vigorously than ever.

In derision of holy baptism, which these ood Fathers had so charitably administered even during the attach and in the heat of the fight, those wretched enemies of the Faith devised the plan of baptizing the Fathers with boiling water. Their charred bodies were completely bathed in it, not only once,, but two or three times, and even more, with biting insults to accompany these torments. “ We baptize you” announced these heathens, “ so that you may be blessed in Heaven, for without proper baptism ou cannot be saved.” Others mockingly added: “ We treat you as a friend, since we are the cause of your greatest happiness in Heaven. Thank us for all our kind services, for the more you suffer the more God will reward you”

Most of these tormentors were apostate Hurons who had been captives among the Iroquois for a long period and were longtimes enemies of the Faith. They had had sufficient instructions for their salvation but had impiously abused it. Truly their cruelty did serve for the glory of the Fathers, but is much to be feared that it was also for their own ignominy.

The more their torments were increased, the more the Fathers entreated God that their sins should not be the cause of the wickedness of these poor blind souls whom they pardoned with all their heart. How truly they can now say “ Through fire and water we have passed, but now relief you granted us.” ( Ps 65(66 ):12

When they were fastened to the post where they suffered these torments and where they were to die, they knelt down, embraced it with joy; and kissed it piously as being the object of their desires and their love and as a sure and final pledge of their salvation. They were some times in prayer, a much longer  time than their executioners were willing to allow them.

Their tortures were not of the same duration. Father Jean Brebeuf was at the height of his agony at about three o’clock on the same day he was captured March 16.  He rendered up his soul about four o’clock in the evening. Father Gabriel suffered longer, from six o’clock in the evening until about nine o’clock next morning, March 17.

Before they died, both of them had their hearts torn out by means of an opening above the breast. Those inhuman barbarians feasted on these organs, drinking the blood of their victims while it was still warm, drawing it from its source with sacrilegious  hands. While the Fathers were living and still conscious, pieces of flesh were removed from their thighs and from the calves of their legs. These morsels their executioners placed on coals to roast and then at them in the sight of their captives.

The torturers had slashed the holy bodies of the Fathers in various places, and, in order to increase their pains, had thrust red-hot hatchets in their wounds.

Father Jean de Brebeuf had had the covering of his skull torn away; his feet were cut off  and the flesh torn from his thighs all the way down to the bone. A hatchet blow had split one of his jaws.

Father Gabriel  Lalement had received a hatchet blow on the left ear, driving all the way into his brain and clearly exposing the latter organ. We could find no part of his body from his feet to his head, which had not been broiled and scorched while he was still alive_ even his eyese, into which those impious wretches had thrust burning coals.

They had broiled the tongues of both saints, repeatedly thrusting flaming firebrands and burning pieces of bark into their mouths to prevent hem from invoking even while dying, him for whom they were suffering and who could never die in their hearts. I have learned all these details, from persons worthy of credence. They saw it, and reported it to me firsthand. These men had been the fellow captives of our Fathers but, having been reserved for death at a later date, had managed to escape.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the Catholic Church and the Mass

Jan.28, 2015
Marcus Grodi has a ministry to bring others to the Catholic Faith including preachers and ministers of various denominations. He has had a difficult year because the media, as usual, has been distorting Pope Francis’ words. He wrote the Pope and received a very kind and precise letter that reiterated the Catholic position that the fullness of Truth is found in the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church. The Coming Home Network ministry continues with renewed confidence.

There are many ways that the Authority of the Catholic Church is being distorted particularly in the areas of  undermining the importance of the Priest, the Actual Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confession. An effective vehicle for doing this is substituting  “Sunday Celebrations” for the Mass. Lay people , usually women are trained to pass out consecrated hosts, read the Gospels and lead in the other parts of the liturgy. The liturgy is further fragmented by having something called “ Children’s Liturgy” at the same time as Mass or Sunday Celebration.

The rationale for this is there is allegedly a shortage of priests. Since 33 AD there has been a shortage of priests because there are always more people to evangelise and more people in need of the Sacraments. Whether or not there is a real priest shortage there simply is NO SUBSTITUTES for the Mass and a fully ordained priest.

One cannot properly take Communion if one is in a state of mortal sin. If there is no Confession to a Priest then one is in danger of taking Christ’s body unworthily.  The person passing out the Eucharist is in danger of desecrating the Host by making it available to all. No lay person has the authority to refuse Communion but a priest has the right and duty to do so.

Throughout the years the Mission has had priests from the Fathers of Mercy from Shakersville, Kentucky, from the Divine Mercy Centre in Stockbridge , Massachusetts, from Ohio, from northern Manitoba, from various communities in Saskatchewan, and from Ontario These priests would certainly stay longer, send others  and come more often if they were invited by the Chancery Office in Le Pas, Manitoba instead of by one little mission in a little village.

The reality is for four years we were not allowed to have any priest or Mass because the priest, now gone,  at Southend stopped them from coming. In June our son, Father Joshua Caswell was allowed to say Mass only in Brabant Lake. It was a victory that he was allowed even to do that.

On February 8,9,10,11 in La Ronge Fathers Nathan and Joshua Caswell will have a Mission with Sunday Mass at 11 am and Mass in the evenings the other three days. Confession will be available. They will have Masses in Brabant Lake on the 12, 13, and 14th and a Mass in Southend on Sunday, February 15.

This is happening because many people protested when Fr. Joshua was not allowed to say Mass in La Ronge and Southend.  They heard about it through the Brabant Lake Times and this blog. The same people who stopped the priests and the Masses want to stop this blog and the Brabant Lake Times. That won’t happen. Gay

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Bit of Reality on Pre- Christian Native Culture

Jan.22, 2015
    As we recognise the 200th Anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald’s birthday the inevitable happens. The tax payer funded, tax payer educated Professional Indians claim that our first Prime Minister was evil because he had a policy of Assimilation to the Indians.
Was assimilation bad? What were the practising alternatives in other countries? Was it welcomed by the Indians? These questions are never asked let alone answered although there is plenty of historical evidence to do so. The following is an excerp from JESUIT MISSIONARIES TO NORTH AMERICA edited by Francois Roustang 1961.

This is an exact quote translated from the French to English from the writings of Paul Le Jeune , the founder of the Mission in the 1600's. He is travelling with a Huron Christian who reverted back to his old culture.

“ My host said to me during this scarcity. ‘Chibine, harden your soul, resist your hunger; sometimes you will go two, or even three or four days, without food. Do not let yourself be downcast . Take courage. When the snow comes , we shall eat.’ It was not Our Lord’s will that they should be long without capturing anything.  Ordinarily we ate once every two days. For example, we very often would have a beaver in the morning and the next evening a porcupine as big as a suckling pig. This was not much for ninetten of us, it is true, but the little sufficed to keep us alive.  When our supply of food ran out, if I could have the skin of an eel for my day’s fare, I considered that I had breakfasted, dined and supped very well.

In the beginning I had used one of these eel skins to patch my cloth cassock, as I had forgotten to bring some patches with me. But when hunger pressed too hard I ate my patches.”

Le Jeune also tells us of the houses where you could not stand which are full of suffocating smoke, where you can study the stars and moon all night as if you were outside.

His worse difficulty was with the sorcerer whom everyone feared and hated but gave him everything he wanted including the best food available and plenty of it.

 The book has been reprinted by Ignatius Press.   Gay

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quebec's 2 million dollar per person Valium Programme

Jan.15, 2015

My brother Eric Wallace White Jr. of Girvin, Saskatchewan was the leading authority on satellite telecommunications earning Canada an Emmy Award. He among many other accomplishments was the coordinator of the International Space Agency, inventor of the Canadarm and Dextra. Some of his accomplishments are featured on the latest 5 dollar Canadian bill.

 He died in 2004 as the Engineering head of the Canadian Space Agency in St. Hubert, Quebec. He left a daughter who is married in Norway and a son who lived with him. In his will I was named his beneficiary and responsible for his son, Samuel Raymond White who seemed to need some care although he was a promising hockey player and University student in the Sciences. He left the money so John and I could build the Catholic Mission in northern Saskatchewan and because he trusted us to look after the interests of Sam. Sam was and is aware of this. He left his house, jeep and other assets to Sam with some money to his daughter.

Eric’s lawyer was Stephane LaRose Q.C. of Montreal. The Public Curator of Quebec took all of Eric’s financial assets and made 30 yr.old Sam a Person in Need of Protection. As stated in the government’s literature Eric’s directions in his will were considered null and void.

We went to Montreal three times , employed the law firm of Samuels and Samuels, who betrayed us at every turn. We went to court to stop Sam from becoming State Property or what in Saskatchewan would be called  a Ward of the State. When we arrived home we received a letter dated before we had left on the plane that Sam was theirs and theirs alone.
He and his assets didn’t belong to him and the money as stated in the will didn’t belong to us, nor did we have any say in Sam’s life ... or death.

We used Sam’s story and picture to show the dangers of Quebec’s euthanasia bill. We distributed it to every MNA ( provincial legislator) in Quebec and to every MP in Ottawa. Sam was told by his controllers to phone us to tell me to act like an aunt, pursue some hobbies and quit these concerns.

We hadn’t heard from Sam for a long time. At Christmas we sent him a card at his usual home address. We received a letter of an apartment in a place we don’t even know. The letter was a desperate and poetic cry for help. Apparently they removed him from his home, liquidated his property and added the money to their already huge theft. In return they are keeping Sam on valium.

To quote a friend who has worked among addictions, valium makes it so you can’t think straight, you can’t act for yourself.  That is just the plan. That is just what the Quebec government wants: induced mental illness to justify their theft that totals well above $2 million . They have moved and hidden their victim in the hopes that we would forget about him. Someday they may decide that he has a “right”to die. More money saved.

And that is Quebec’s $2 million per person valium programme.  Gay