Friday, July 22, 2016

Mary Magdalen Stop This Death Cult

July 22,2016
The Feast of Mary Magdalen

    At present all Canadians are at risk of being murdered  or pushed into suicide which is a type of murder because essentially Trudeau and company legalised murder. If you want to kill a Canadian.  Go for it. Just say or write that he wanted to die and you were just helping him.  Or just say he  had a terminal illness that was likely  leading to death. We by the way are all terminal. As soon as you are conceived your ultimate destination is death, either sooner or later. Canadians can expect no help from th police, the Canadian embassies or even the courts. Canadians have become the preferred target of snuff film producers, sex slave rings and human trafficking. Kill a Canadian? Just call it choice, his, hers ,yours, the doctor’s, health care professional or manicurist or whomever.

    Case in point, Madame Marguerite  Baudon de Mony- Colchen. She has decided that our daughter should leave her religious order, leave the classroom, leave her family and “ do something great.” Sister, according to Baudon, is just like a sister to her. We or her order did not approve the adoption procedure. Sister according to Baudon must be with her twenty- four hours at all time. Then she will be ready and available to “ do something great.” The great is to willingly die for Madame . According to Madame every time someone she likes dies then something good, great or pleasant happens to her. The present goal is to revive the monarchy and make Madame queen. She openly tells her children that. Since she is of the lower rung nobility it may take a few more deaths to push her into the monarchy. She has others lined up. Our other daughter according to her is also just like a sister and then there is another nun of another religious order that Sister is suppose to recruit. She is also a Canadian.

    Madame is very devout. Her family also resorts to calling on effective sorcerers . They have experienced a miraculous healing but its source was not Christian.  They went to a hidden place and took a sick son. They insisted no questions asked . The boy was healed but the family is plagued with depression et c. The family in the past also experienced a very public kidnapping and murder.

    At present to our knowledge the family is in France where the boys are attending boys scout camp. We have not access to Sister but we understand that she has gone to France “ to see religious shrines including” the one of Ste. Mary Magdalen in the South of France.  Sister is very rude and thuggish to us and will not answer questions. She is usually very kind and very happy. She screams at me that she is 33 years old and it is God’s will that she does this, that is, die.

If anyone has any influence or contact with INTERPOL please contact them. If anyone has any influence or contacts with the Vatican , Rome please contact them. This is very serious with many terrible possibilities. Thank you for your help.  Mrs. Gay Caswell

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our daughter is under control of a death cult.

      The life of our daughter who is a nun may depend on your reading this and encouraging others to read it. We’ll start at the beginning.   A little boy not quite two drowned in a swiming pool in Austin, Texas on Sept. 13, 2015. Our daughter is a nun at the children’s private school. Their name is Beaudon de Mony- Colchen. They are part of the nobility of France. Mr. Beaudon’ s father has a castle in France.  The litte boy called Aloys was supposedly under the supervision of his seven year old sister, Camille .

    Mrs. Beaudon established a very close friendship with our daughter, Sr. Mary Judith to the point she was was weaned from her loyalty and obedience to her religious order and entered a cult like relationship with Mrs. Beaudon. She convinced Sister that Sr was destined to do something “really great, not just be a teacher in a classroom.” If she would go to France and die there the French monarchy would be restored.
    Mrs. Beaudon explained to us that every time somebody dies something good happened to her. When her friend died , she met her husband, Benoit . When Aloys died she met Sister. Now Sister can die and she can be Queen . She did not explain to us how her friend died or if she had a hand in it. She did not explain to us how Sr.’s death could accomplish the restoration of the Monarchy when many Canadians dying on French soil in WW1 and WWII could not do it.  She did not explain that since her husband is not in direct line as the heir apparent in a restored monarchy how many more sacrificial victims would she have to find.

    Sr. asked her Religious Superior if she could have an extended home visit for a month. She readily was granted permission.  Sister asked us if Mrs. Beaudon, whom she calls by her first name could come and visit. We agreed.  However according to Mrs. Beaudon it was she who brought her home and we should be very grateful.

    Mrs. Beaudon convinced Sr. that she should start a new order “ to teach people to die”. She said Cardinal Oullet would personally deliver the letter of permission . There wasn’t and isn’t any letter of permission from anyone. Mrs. Beaudon bought the fabric for a new habit. Sr.asked me to do the sewing. I refused.

    If Sr . was no longer a member of her order they could not track her and make anyone answerable for her untimely death. A break, real or imaginary was and is very essential for Mrs. Beaudon’s stalked victim.

    While Mrs. Beaudon was here under no minute would she lose sight of Sr. She listened to all conversations and would not let us have a second of privacy with Sr.

    Mrs. Beaudon took liberties with other peoples’ bodies in the usual manner of faking affection while imposing herself in an aggressive manner.  She was generous with plane fares, et c. if she could get what she wants. 

    Sr. just phoned to tell us that she would be away for ten days while she is visiting French shrines. She would not tell us who is paying for this and who else is involved. I made this public because one has to assume that our daughter is under the emotional and financial control of one who has openly stated that “ every time somebody dies something good happens to  ME.( Emphasis mine). Please make public.     G.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Breathe. Who Told You to Do That

June 18, 2016

    Once health care was about care and health. Now it is about coercion and extermination.

 A few years ago I had a very bad cataract, a very kind and exceptional doctor and a very successful operation although I was terrified of Queen Victoria Hospital. I had never been a patient in a hospital that does abortions before. Then my second eye developped a cataract. I went to Dr. Dakow.  He started a series of test none of which he asked my approval. He asked if I had been taking myinsulin. No , I said. I control my diabetes with diet and health care. He said emphatically : “WHO  TOLD YOU TO DO THAT!”Note, he didn’t say who advised you to do that? Or do you think that is enough? He said Who told you to do that and it was  a statement , not even a question.

    Recently I thought I would mention to a priest who, like many Canadians escaped from a Communist country, that I was pregnant and asked for his prayers.  He became angry and said “ WHO TOLD YOU THAT!”  Did a doctor tell you that?   “No,” I said.  “I am terrified to go to a doctor.” He said “ Go to a doctor”  and walked away.

    Now, in recent history I encountered a clinic nurse who would not give me antibiotics for blood poisoning  until I admitted that I was pregnant. I encoutered a doctor who told my daughter , who hates my pregnancies, full term or otherwise, that I was pregnant but she wouldn’t tell me . It was all over the North and as far as Chicago. I was ordered  to go to La Ronge in three days “for tests” but I was never told why.  I did not go. That pregnancy, like many others,  did not last .

      When I was in La Ronge Hospital for gangrene, I was given an abortificient without my knowledge or permission in the i.v   I prefer to believe that the pregnancy was already not viable.
      Now my usual procedure is at about eight months inform a trustworthy doctor that I a
am pregnant so he will know when to expect some more night work. It worked well for seven successful pregnancies . I did not have to be told that I was pregnant . If we cannot say that we are pregnant unless a doctor certifies it then we are on the way to having only authorised off spring to exist. We are well on the way to following or surpassing Red China in coercion.

    Don’t forget we have a Prime Minister who is a creature of the late  Maurice Strong and the Power Group who adore China’s Coercion.

    And the Canadian Reign of Terror continues. So does my pregnancy.  Gay

Monday, June 6, 2016

Euthanasia and assisted suicide:NOT YET LAW!

June 06,16
D- Day
Canadians land at Juno Beach to begin offensive in WWII, 1944
    New York Court Victory : No Right to Assisted Suicide
 New Hampshire Assisted Suicide Study Bill Defeated
 United Kingdom Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated 330- 115.

And in Canada : After a few hours of debate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demands closure, insists on Party Discipline. The Bill that allows anyone to kill anyone without legal punishment passes. Thus democracy dies and protection of life dies in Canada. When a bill cannot be debated, when members don’t even have time to study a bill, when elected members are not allowed to speak in the House of Commons, when staff and Members of Parliament are verbally and physically abused by the Prime Minister we no longer have democracy . This bill was not passed within parliamentary procedure and therefore is invalid . If a bill that attacks everyone’s right to life can stand then we no longer have a constitution. We simply have mindless brutality .

Justin Trudeau must resign or be impeached.  As a Catholic Justin must be excommunicated by the Catholic Authorities in Canada and/ or in Rome.   Bill C-14 must be scrapped as invalid . All killing by active or passive euthanasia must cease or practitioners must be charged with homicide according to the Canadian Criminal Code presently in effect. The Supreme Court cannot have a provincial legislature rewrite the Criminal Code . The British North America Act of 1867 clearly states that the Criminal Code is Dominion or Federal Jurisdiction A province cannot write a law that reverses or strikes down federal jurisdiction.  The Quebec Euthanasia Bill is obviously invalid in Quebec and anywhere else in Canada. There have been at least 50 reported deaths due to active euthanasia in Quebec Those murders were done while while even the Supreme Court ruled that the law was not yet in effect.  

         Bill C-14 did not pass with parliamentary procedure and should not even be considered by the Senate. However the Senate can kill this rogue obscenity . .    EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE IS NOT YET LAW IN CANADA AND NEED NEVER BE THE LAW. Gay

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Murder of Law

May 24, 2016

    We came home from a three day trip to discover that our dogs could not eat their food because they were not given any water in or out of the dry dog food. The oldest of the three dogs was panting, fighting for breath , could not move his hind legs, could not  stand when pulled up to his feet .  His eyes showed extreme shock. All the dogs have recovered simply by giving them water.  Now I know a little bit of what it’s like dying of thirst.


        Wait a minute. Who gave a hospital in Surrey , B. C.  the authority to remove food and water from a patient for the purpose of killing the patient. It took a long time for her mother to die. That means they were not removing food and water from a dead or even soon to die person. They bluntly , intentionally murdered this woman.

    A medical student came home and told her mother, a doctor that her supervisor wrote on a chart, no food and water, turned to the class and said “ in a week she will be gone.” A week is as long as it takes a healthy person to die after being deprived of basic survival needs. That happened ten years ago.  What authority did this man have ten years ago to murder a patient? And to teach medical students to do the same?

    Not surprisingly the Catholic Hospital in Surrey, B.C. was recently closed. The Constitution and Natural Law details freedom of Religion. What about our right to practice our Christian Catholic  Faith ? When people want to murder they cannot stand anyone whose actions affirm that there is a right and wrong and murder is wrong. Coercion is always part of the dehumanisation process.

    Saskatchewan is not exempt from the extended  murder rage.  A local teacher told us in our living room with other guests that her mother was at St. Brieux Nursing Home but her brother moved her to Watson Nursing Home. At St. Brieux they lifted her with their hands. At Watson they used a hoist. The care was inferior in Watson so she had to have her mother put down.  The care was not as good in Watson as in St. Brieux according to her daughter so the mother was murdered by the approval of her daughter. When did being moved by a piece of nursing home equipment become a justification for capital punishment to the patient? 

     Many times we have heard of patients who had to be removed from one nursing
 home to a Catholic home because the staff decided it was time to starve the resident. And what will happen if Catholic Nursing Homes will be deprived of medicare funds?

    For at least twenty years doctors, nurses and nursing home staff have been murdering patients.  All of these are legally and morally homicide.  There must be a massive investigation into the  extent of these practices. It is not enough to pass a law that puts the law in line with practice. The practice must be put in line with the law. The difference is barbarism or civilisation.   Gay

Saturday, May 14, 2016


May 14, 2016


“ Having lived in northern Saskatchewan where marijuana and other drugs were considered virtually legal I learned more than I wanted of the marijuana personality. The experience of learning what happens when a person begins on marijuana at the age of twelve was given to me when I tried unsuccessfully to teach a thirty year old. She claimed she was no longer doing marijuana but her personality, sense of responsibility and level of compassion was severly damaged.
    I. One’s sense of compassion and empathy is virtually non- existent. Indifference to others is a prevailing norm. Justin Trudeau doesn’t comprehend the suffering of others. He is committed to killing more babies in Canada and abroad. He is committed to allowing youth, the sick and elderly to be murdered. There is no choice, not that that is an ultimate virtue. Doctors, nurses, hospitals should have no options. Trudeau likes legalised murder and has no conscience . Therefore everyone must go along by coercion with his thirst for death.

    II. He can’t understand or refuses to understand that there is law and traditions that must be honoured. Parliamentary procedure ,public debate, respect for the role of opposition parties are non- existent. He has an agenda or is pursuing the agenda of a clique who financed his career . Nothing will stop it.  The Supreme Court is just a lever or a sop to blame things on. A province can’t rewrite the Criminal Code of Canada by criminal behaviour.  Logic and constitutional law are irrelevant. He does not believe in or practise the Rule of Law. He practises the Rule of Trendiness. And Trendiness “c,est lui” (it’s he.)

    III. He has no loyalty to his country, to Parliament, certainly not to his claimed Catholicism. There are no limits to his actions. That he is violating Natural Law, The Ten Commandments, Catholic Practice and Teaching is totally irrelevant. He likes the concept of the seemingly unwanted and useless people dispensed- of. It fits his preoccupation with self.

    He is morally and emotionally damaged by long term marijuana use and/or a self- centred upbringing by a self- centred father.  He is a real and present danger for to the existence of many Canadians and to the very existence of civilisation in Canada.
He must be removed from office immediately. A unprecedented act of responsibility would be that he remove himself.”
For more information : Gay Caswell of Assisted Living not Assisted Dying 306-758-2041.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEWS RELEASE Monday May 09, 2016

Monday May 09, 2016
For Immediate Release

    Gay Caswell has cut up her Sask Health (Medicare) Card and has sent it and a letter to Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Health, Regina . She has also sent the letter to Hon Jane Philpott , Minister of Health, Ottawa.

    She is doing this because she sees the present medicare system plus the Liberal government’s commitment to legalise murder through Bill C-14 is a real and present threat to her life and those of others.
    In December 21, 2011 she entered the emergency of La Ronge Hospital, 175 km from her home which is her nearest hospital. She was refused admittance and anitbiotics for three hours although her foot was gangrenous and steadily going blacker . While in the hospital while her foot and blood infection was quickly getting better she was constantly told that she needed to go to Saskatoon to have her foot removed. She refused. Every day for at least three times a day she was pressured to have it removed. She consistently said no. She began to say “  no” as soon as a doctor entered her room. Staff would try to get permission from her husband and her daughter even though she was fully capable of making the decision herself.  A male nurse would berate her for “ opposing the doctors like that.” Twelve days later she signed herself out of the hospital with two feet and ten toes intact.

    Since then she has been told that she is not allowed medical entry  to La Ronge Hospital . A doctor refused to see her in Weyburn when she needed a $17.00 prescription. La Ronge Hospital refused to send my medical records to a doctor in Chicago. She  was ordered to see a surgeon in Prince Albert when she was an evacuee from wildfires last year.

    “ All this was done without Bill C-14. At each step there were medical staff helping me and fighting for my right to make decisions. But the possibility of being refused medical care or being harmed or killed within the medical system is becoming increasingly real.” Mrs. Caswell says.

    “ In a few months I may be needing medical care and I know of no safe place to obtain it.  Essentially I am in the category of a person who needs asylum from my government. Others are also in that category especially in this present medical climate with or without Bill C-14 passing.

    “ Many people have been told that the reason I am not allowed entry into La Ronge Hospital was because I said “ no” even before the doctor said anything.  I had to say “no” at least 15 times in a four day period. There is no NO to these death pushers.  I am being punished and my life is being threatened by denial of health care because five years ago I said “no”. How can a very sick, elderly or dying person defend themselves into today’s hospitals?