Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What you don't know about the NDP will hurt you


    What you don’t know about the NDP will harm you.

    What is the NDP really like?  Here are some of my credentials to answer this.
    In 1970-71 was the Socialist choice for U.of S. student president and was very much an insider in the Canadian Left.
    In 1982 defeated the NDP in their safest seat in Saskatchewan.
    Lived for 38 years of 44 under socialist rule and was( and is) considered their Public Enemy #1.
    Lived for the last 20 years in northern Saskatchewan where the NDP created their version of “people’s republic of northern Saskatchewan” claiming everything north of Prince Albert and theirs to run as they like.

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: The NDP from their conception has been anti- Christian especially anti- Catholic. They use the churches and prefer public figures who appear to be Christian but that is a Front. Fidel Castro, the Communist dictator in Cuba said “ The Church is the scaffold on which I will build my revolution.” What do you do with a scaffold? You tear it down after the desired structure is built. They do not permit freedom of conscience in their own party. When the NDP Member of Parliament for Northern Manitoba  voted against “same sex marriages” she was kicked out of the NDP.  When Fr. Bob Ogle was an M.P. he had to publicly read the NDP Pro- Abortion position in the House of Commons.  The NDP passed and still enforce 300 page regulations against churches and charities. No right of Christians to follow and teach  Bible and Church teachings on homosexuality is respected . When they can they totally eliminate Catholic schools as they did in northern Sask. They also reject any Christian teaching and practices within schools. Their main henchman threatened me for passing out information to the residence of their northern teaching college.

ECONOMY; The NDP believe and still do believe that the Government should run the economy not the private sector. The government should own the means of production. Theyd created many crown corporations. They claimed that this would ensure that people would not have to pay taxes but Sask. under the NDP had the highest taxes in Canada. They even created a crown corporation of potatoes . This was a very expensive failure. Their main export was people, especially young people seeking opportunities. Sask. went from the third most populated province just behind Quebec and Ontario to one of the least populated. Sask. has as much or more resources than Alberta yet due to fear of government take- over and high taxes the resources were not developed.

ENVIRONMENT: The NDP persist in believing that fossil fuels create global warming which in turn will destroy the world. This is an article of Faith and has no basis in reality including in science. Climate change and global warming has been proven to be created by sun spots. We can’t regulate the sun.   Yet the NDP persist in the view that fossil fuels have to be reduced. This harms the developing countries and the Canadian economy. It is totally useless and unnecessary but they will not even allowreasoned debate on the issue. They are especially against the Canadian oil industry.

DEMOCRACY: The views of the elected people do not run the NDP. They must abide by the resolutions passed by their party in conventions. These policy writers do not face the public or are answerable to the public. The NDP prefer seemingly moderate candidates but that is not who runs the NDP and if elected, who runs the province or the country. The candidates and elected are only window dressing to a very hard core left agenda they are lusting to impose on Canada . When they can ,they control who can run for local office and even who can run every charity and association. . In northern Sask. they had and have a system of soviet- like political officers in each community who would control the people in every aspect of their lives. To give it a native touch they used shamans as their political officers . The local advisory committees are a sop to democracy but they are controlled by hard core leftists in the municipal office.

MEDICAL CARE: Sask. under the NDP had the worse health care with the longest waiting lists. Medical care records are routinely used for smear campaigns. They are not private nor accurate.They are sold for research to people all over the world without permission or knowledge. However when I asked for my La Ronge medcial file to be sent to a Chicago doctor I received no cooperation and was informed that I could not have access to the local hospital and doctor care.  There is no choice to abortion and sterilisation. People are pushed into both without any permission or often without their knowledge. Abortificients are given in I.V’s obstensibly used for other medicine. There is certainly no parental consent required for contraception ,and  abortion to minors. There has been at least four incidences of death of babies  that should have been investigated as possible murder from staff. Northerners wisely sleep in the room of family members when in hospital. An elder who does not have family or community members to visit them regularly is certainly in danger.

DRUGS: The NDP are THE drug party . Marijuana would have been legalised long ago if they had had the chance. All other drugs would follow. Their main if not only campaign programme in the north is free distribution of drugs and booze. In northern Sask. where they had free rein drugs were not only treated as legal but practically compulsory. No person actively opposed to drugs was allowed to function as teacher, businessman or resident. The political henchmen were the drug distributers, growers, and users. The RCMP were expected to look the other way and only make a show of controlling drugs including cocaine.

Please distrbute this as much as you can any way you can. Gay

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who will stand up to the Supreme Court

May 16,2015
     The overriding issue in Canada today is the arbitrary, and illogical decisions of the Supreme Court. Their decisions are a threat to everyone’s freedom security and life. They have replaced rule of democracy with rule by an unelected, unaccountable, and tenured Committee. Therefore the most important electoral decision is WHO WILL STAND UP TO THE SUPREME COURT ?

    Firstly, who will Not stand up to the Supreme Court? The obvious answer: The family and political party that created a monster from a balanced, limited and useful arm of law will not do anything to reduce its power.   The Trudeau Liberals have no desire, motive or reason to lessen the harm of a Supreme Court that has abandoned law for social coercion. The most offensive and harmful decisions of the Court are totally consistent with Liberal Political Policy. Trudeau can act ,look and sound like an unthinking slob because the Supreme Court is doing what he wants. There is no need to win the country over to Liberal views by public and legislative debate . The Court has done, is doing  and will do it by Fiat. The Court says
Assisted Suicide is Law. The Liberal Party  passed a resolution supporting euthanasia.  Trudeau wants Parliament to rubber stamp the Court’s decision before the summer. End of discussion and end of a great many people’s lives. The only difference is the Court gave the government a year to do it. Trudeau wants it done now.

     Trudeau Sr.most certainly was a communist or if you prefer the polite word that Lenin used, a socialist.  He constantly undermined and weakened the role and power of Parliament. He made monumental changes in Canada by Orde- in- Council,
His Bill 1 was The Omnibus Bill of 1969 that legalised abortion, homosexuality contraception and divorce.  He knew to take over a country one must first weaken if not destroy the family. That is classic communist procedure. He then began to have the government control the cconomy by owning major businesses, and weakened our and worlds defence against communism by reducing and demoralising the military . He used the vehicle of a Charter of Rights although we already had the Diefenbaker Bill of Rights . In itself the Charter is not harmful but he gave a mechanism by which the Supreme Court had the power to interpret the Charter . Thus we have a Supreme Court that makes decisions which have nothing to do with legal tradition, the accepted use of words, or basic logic. They make decisions because this is their personal world view which is exactly the world view of Trudeau Junior and the present Liberal Party.  The Liberals will do nothing against the present unlimited power of the Supreme Court because they created it and are using it to destroy democracy and this country.

    Will the NDP work to limit the unrestrained power of the Supreme Court? Not likely.
The NDP absorbed the CCF which came to power in 1944 in Saskatchewan using the anti- Catholic KKK network. In the last Federal election the NDP absorbed the Bloc Quebecois The Separtists have always been socialist and anti- Christian. The separatism may be gone but their communist and secular views are alive and well safely and compatibly transfered into the NDP. The  The NDP have no reason to be upset about any recent Supreme Court ruling. They are totally consistent with their philosophy and policies.

    Which leaves only the Tories or Conservatives . The present  Supreme Court has been an active part of the Liberal- NDP political machine against the Conservative government. The Court has given notice Conservative law is not acceptable and therefore the Conservative government is not acceptable. Their decisions have been so extreme and absurd one can only assume that there is nothing sensible the Tories could pass that will not be struck down. The Court has become as politically partisan as the tax payer funded CBC but extremely more dangerous . The Conservatives have every reason to restrain the power of the Court to its pre- 1982 role.  The best reason is Canada will be destroyed if it is not done. But how? Here’s a quicky. A legislative body begins every bill with “ On behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II then “Notwithstanding the Charter” and proceeds to write or rewrite  whatever they want. Nope, it’s not my idea . Quebec has done it for years.  Gay

Friday, May 8, 2015

Whom the Supreme Court benefits and whom it harms

May 08,2015

    In the last year or so the Supreme Court has made decisions at such a rate that obviously the issues were unchallenged and undebated even among themselves since every decision appears to be unanimous. There is no connection to legal precedence, Canadian tradition or even usual meanings of words. It is like the members believe that their mandate is to destroy Canada and hand it over to an Obama -like one- world government. Not only has the Court struck down the most obvious safeguards to freedom it has the effronty to tell the legislature what laws must be passed including writing the laws themselves. The most aggressive courts  in U.S. history have never gone this far. Canadians have had the tradition that Parliament, not the Court, is supreme . We do not have the tri - balance of power between the legislature, the President’s office and the Court of the United States. Most Canadians saw this as a superior method and went about their business not feeling threatened, knowing that bad laws can be defeated by voting out the elected law makers. Now all our basic freedoms and protections are in serious and immediate danger.  Sometimes the government softens the harm of these decisions but their efforts can be equally stymied by the Court.  Nobody knows or wishes to find out what happens when the country simply ignores its nonsense. The Biggest Issue facing Canada today is to stop the arbitrary and unlimited power of the Supreme Court.


1. The international and local drug trade.

2. Human trafficking including the prostitution industry, pimps and their customers.

3. Violent criminals including the illegal gun trade.

4. Pornographers including child pornographers using the Internet.

5. Political Terrorists

6. People haters who believe the weak, elderly and imperfect should be exterminated.


1. Children , born, unborn, handicapped

2. The sick, elderly, handicapped. 

3. Drug users who need help to quit.

4. Young men and women used in the sex trade who need help to escape and to change.

5. Police officers, military personnel, who want to do their job of keeping Canadians safe.

6. Health providers including all staff, nurses and doctors who want to cure, care and protect human life from conception to a natural death.
7. Christians and anyone else who has religious convictions that they are answerable to God.

8. All elected officials at the mnicipal, provincial or federal level because all or any law, motion, practice can be overturned thus making their position and efforts useless.

9. All the voters of Canada at any election.

And more. Gay

Friday, May 1, 2015

Local and La Ronge Corruption

May 01, 2015
St. Joseph the Worker
The Crowning of Mary

    On Good Friday we were waiting for children to come and make Easter baskets for each household. There was a no show because Mayor Rebecca McLeod, common- law wife of Lawrence Beukert, was having a secret carnival, no advertisements, no communities informed, no community knowledge or input but plenty of tax - funded booze. Three days later the deck, the steps to the main entrance, the wheel chair ramp,, never used but full of rotting cheap plywood, collapsed. The most plausible explanation is that snow was not cleared from the deck when it slid down.  Former Mayor Solomon Hardlotte offered to maintain the hall and do snow clearance Administrator Val Antoniuk of La Ronge  nixed that . A carpenter was sent up to do repairs. He was not told of the extent of the damage and was told children were jumping on it when it collapsed.  He will have to make several more trips.s He said “ It wasn’t built right in the first place” Former acting Mayor John Caswell said “ Just like the furnace wasn’t installed right.” I wasn’t there but could have added just like the rink wasn’t built right and never finished. The person who did these fiascos was Lawrence Beukert when Rebecca was the only counsellor . Now obviously Mr. Beukert and Rebecca were in a conflict- of- interest position and practised gross and dangerous incompetence while swilling in tax payers money. Were either made accountable?

    Mr. Hardlotte had resigned due to Antoniuk’s berating. Mr. Caswell was not allowed to seek reeelection and was denied access to the hall. The reason ? He kept talking about the drug problem at council meetings and Antoniuk did not want to hear about it. Rebecca was the drug establishment’s choice.

    Then a few weeks later I received a letter from the head Administrator in La Ronge. Mr. Brad Henry. He stated that there is no evidence that you own or have made arrangements with the Municipal Office for the property L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord, please meet with me to make an agreement that is “ mutually advantageous.”
    In March 1997 Lila Jobb,  wife of Southend Administrator John Leo Jobb, collected $600 for us after our home was destroyed by fire. We immediately used it for a down payment on the property. The Local Advisory Committee and then Administrator Kan Laoto approved the purchased. The La Ronge Municipal Office accepted and cashed our cheque. Fla

    A new administrator, Cliff Friesen, put our property up for bids. We informed people of the injustice and Stanley Mission people were especially incensed by it. We collected the money to buy our property.. again. He sent us the papers acknowledging the purchase and transfer of property from the Crown to the school.

          Every year the Municipal Office sends us the tax notice for the property. Every year we complain that the office knows that the property is used for services and for an independent Catholic school and therefore is exempt from taxes. They have acknowledged this and sent us the photocopied page from the Northern Municipality Act stating as such.

    I have always been a strong critic of the Non- Profit Corporation Act and am one one of the few people who have actually read the 300 pages of convoluted regulations. I knew at the dissolution of a charity the property would revert back to the municipality UNLESS it is assigned to another charity. We chose a Catholic Charity that would continue the work as they choose.  We registered that with the government office responsible for the Act. That charity accepted the offer and thanked us assuring that they wanted us to continue. We intend to do that until death at least

    Meanwhile  Beukert and Antoniuk refuse to have public meetings. It has been confirmed what we suspected. Rebecca’s sole goal is to get rid of us and hand the community over to La Ronge Band whether they or Brabant Lake wants it or not. This facilitates the drug trade they consider. Sorry. Games up

    One of Rebecca’s helpers said “ You are the only one that is offended by a Carnival on Easter weekend !.” I said I don’t believe that. Besides there is always God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” That was just before the collapse. Go figure. Gay  .


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Court: Dangerous and Out of Control

April 22,2015

    Every second day the Supreme Court has given us another “judgement” to continue to reshape Canada in its own image or at least in the image of the present Liberal Party which is essentially the same thing.

    Religous freedom especially freedom to express, teach, act on Christian convictions is to be outlawed. If you repudiate your own former lifestyle as sinful. criminal and exploitative you must keep quiet about it if that former lifestyle involved homosexual acts. If your conversion story and present evangelisation may offend others who are still involved in the lifestyle you will be fined and fined heavily.  How does this differ from those former  Moslems who are persecuted because they convert to Christianity other than minus the beheadings?

     The Supreme Court expects every legislative body at any level to be exempt from religious expression. It states one must be “ neutral” which means one must assume the non- existence of God, Divine Providence, Our Father. A disgruntled councilor in a local Quebec council did not like the prayer before deliberations  An obvious solution is he could come five minutes late .But that wouldn’t have given the  Court. an excuse to force people to deny their own Faith and the Faith of their Fathers.

    The Saskatchewan government immediately stated that the prayer at the beginning of the day’s deliberations would continue. It is highly recommended that every judgement , every where , about anything be treated in the same way until the Court goes back to responsible behaviour . How can one do this? Firstly what powers does the Court have to enforce their nonsense? I have not heard that internment camps for people who lack compliance are in operation...yet. Nor are there special police forces to round up people who pray in public or read Bible verses that offend...yet. 

    A legislative body can preface every bill by “Notwithstanding the Charter “ and every five years on a slow Friday morning it can renew the Notwithstanding clause on all legislation passed five years ago. If there is legislation that clearly violates human rights such as the former so called hate laws , it can be deleted or amended by parliamentary procedure. Canadian democratic traditions clearly were and are sufficient to maintain a free and responsible country.

    There is no possible way that the deluge of  judgement coming down from the Court could have been created and issued with meaningful public input and debate.  Most people do not know what the issues are before the Court  and do not have the authority, finances or legal representation to present their knowledge and convictions. The whole procedure is very much orchestrated against the public. It is designed to push what would never be passed by elected officials

    Judgements that claim to help victims or potential victims really are designed to protect vice and criminals, including international crime cartels. Giving drug addicts centres and supplies give drug dealers easy and known access to their market. Drug use is made acceptable and expands the international drug business. Allowing  medical use of marijuana expands the marijuana market and all other drug markets. It also assumes that there is medical validity to marijuana. There is no medical justification for pot and much known research to prove that marijuana creates mental illness, causes birth defects on children and grandchildren of users, causes serious lung diseases, breaks down the immune system making other illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, and  diabetes including glaucoma worse.

    Likewise the Court’s  insistence on centres to house the prostitution trade helps the pimps and the customers but  makes the prostitutes more vulnerable as their exploitation would be subsidised and given government approval.  The Federal government deflected some but not all the harm of this judgement.

    And if someone steals, rapes or tortures at gun point, the fact that the criminal is using a gun won’t affect his court time so says the Supreme Court. Enough already. Gay

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Protecting Canada from Dictatorship

April 16,2015

    Alex Schadenberg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition wants a Royal Commission on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.  He also wants the Notwithstanding Clause invoked to defend the Criminal Code defining Euthanasia as Homicide as it still does. When he went to the Supreme Court in the Carter Case he said that Parliament not The Supreme Court should decide such issues.

     There is the compelling issue. The Supreme Court must be forced back into the limited authority it held prior to 1982 and Parliament must be the supreme legislative body. A handful of socialists knowing that the electorate would never accept their agenda  gave the Supreme Court the power to turn the Dominion of Canada into a dictatorship of eleven appointed for life lawyers cum judges. To date the judges have ruled without legal tradition, against basic logic and against the Canadian Bill of Rights, the written words of the Charter of Rights and four hundred years of Christian culture.

    The Court’s decision to attempt to impose Assisted Suicide on Canadian people is their worst act to date  and the most blatant example of why they must be stopped.

Their direction was set with the imaginary and false right to same sex unions to be called “marriage”. It was quickly followed by the decision that a person does not have a right to repudiate his former lifestyle and does not have a right to photocopy and distribute what a group has published, even when that group is advertising for illegal activity, in this case statutory rape.

    One recent decision that has been ignored is the decision that Canadian soldiers coming back from duty must have a right to marijuana for battle fatigue. Like most Canadians I know nothing about the lifestyles, habits or expertise of the judges but maybe it is time that thorough research on them should be  done. We do know that the head judge was living common- law when when she ruled that shack -ups should be treated like marriage. It is likely that not one judge making that decision is a medical expert on the psychological and physical damage of marijuana use. The public was not aware of the pending decision . No anti- marijuana experts with money, lawyers and a public organisation had any input into the decision.  Marijuana users themselves are the most deluded group about this deceptive drug. It is a legitimate question to ask if these people were or are pot users? There are many other similar legitimate questions that point to conflict- of- interest issues.

    Recently the Supreme Court ruled against a Saskatchewan labour bill. Maybe some like that ruling. The provincial government that was elected by the majority of people in that province, does  not . So what was wrong with battling out issues the old way: a government is elected, if it makes unpopular decisions people can vote them out and new laws can be made. It’s called democracy. The Supreme Court as Supreme Rulers are absurd and are going in the direction of dictatorial thugs. We can and must restore Canada for the protection of us all. Gay

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice and selfishness

March 31, 2015
Holy Tuesday,
    There is one disciple who betrayed Jesus. Judas Iscariot regretted what he had done and hung himself.  There is one disciple who denied Jesus. Peter repented, shed many tears of remorse and went on to be the first Pope. Suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice and selfishness. It is murder of oneself. Assisted suicide is murder with more than one person involved. Obviously, one cannot undo the act. One faces his Creator in a state of mortal sin.

    In the newspaper INDIAN LIFE, March - April 2015 Adalee Russell gives her personal testimony “My Story, Beauty for Ashes.” These are the actual words of the picture caption. “ My father didn’t  want me. He told me so. He made me feel unloved and worthless. Later in my teen years things got worse: More dad’s angry, drunken rampages. I spent so many nights huddled in the corner of my room, in the dark, in tears. Then on Sept.1, 2013, my dad pulled a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He killed himself, abandoning my mother, brothers and I , and hurtling us into a world of hurt and uncertainty.”

Note. Her father did many harmful things but the worse was that he killed himself. All members of his family are victims of the act. The pain will last a life time.  If the story changed that her father went to a doctor and got help killing himself would that have been better? Of course not. Her family would have been betrayed and abandoned not only by the father but by the medical personnel and establishment of her country, by the educated elite, the law makers and the legal system.

A large extended family that I have known for decades have gone through many difficulties but by far the worse thing that has happened according to them was that a grandson killed himself.  Similar situations are experienced by many families. How could the members of the Supreme Court,  Trudeau Junior and others have escaped this reality?

How could Perry Bellgarde and other Professional Indians keep silent over such an obvious threat to native people?  How could they have escaped the reality of families and communities  already suffering from suicides and murders masking as suicides?

The  very fact that the highest court in our country has tabled an opinion that suicide is acceptable and a positive choice will have already generated suicides and murders. If the Supreme Court says its okey why should a person in confusion and teetering on despair not take his life, or the life of another? The Sask. College of Physicians and Surgeons has added strength to suicidal acts and murder of others by treating the opinion as law.

Many sick and elderly people are already scared to go to a hospital or nursing home for fear that they will be killed. Their fears are legitimate and growing.

A public hearing that focuses on the pros and cons of assisted suicide will add fuel to this death fire.  It makes the unthinkable, thinkable. Murder becomes a public debate, an academic discussion, a legitimate option.  One needs a serious , expansive research and public hearings on how to curb the power and authority of the Supreme Court.  It has become a clear and present danger to our democracy, our country, our inalienable rights and our lives.  Gay