Wednesday, July 29, 2015

O Canada, We stand on guard for thee.

July 29,2015

    Canada is at war. It is not of our choosing nor of our initiative. Islamic terrorists have made attacks for years on civilians in and out of Canada.  An Islamic terrorist killed a Canadian soldier guarding a war memorial on Parliament Hill. Then went into the Parliament Buildings to kill our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament. He was shot by the ceremonial Sergeant- at- Arms. Another Extremist drove into a group of Canadian soldiers and killed one. In the recent past there has been attempts to blow up the Parliament Building and kill the Prime Minister. Terrorist groups like ISIS are recruiting Canadian youth to join their international war against Christians, Jews , fellow Muslims, and anyone who stands in their way. ISIS brags that they will kill the Pope. France, Britain, United States, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, and many Muslim countries have or are experiencing their massive onslaughts of terror and slaughter.
    Syria has Christian communities that date back 1800 years before northern Saskatchewan heard the Gospel. Today to be a Christian in Syria means flight or certain death. Two million refugees have fled their country. Christians have been crucified en mass. That was too slow. ISIS goes into a community. It is convert to their way or be beheaded. Many thousands have chosen martyrdom.  In Iraq Muslims praying in a mosque are also murdered because they are not sufficiently “ ISIS pure”.

    How can we  Canadians protect our own country, our own freedoms, our own institutions unless we take a stand? The Prime Minister and our government understand this. Our soldiers are training Kurdish soldiers to fight ISIS.  The government passed the Anti-Terrorism Act to protect us at home and to stop being a recruitment and training centre for this international terror.

    Incredibly Mulcair and Junior T. are on the side of ISIS. They want Canada to stop opposing ISIS and other Muslim Extremist Terrorist groups.  If one does not stand against active terrorism then objectively one becomes a supporter of that terrorism.

    Mulcair and Junior plus their  NDP and Liberal Caucus were threatened by the Terrorist who entered the Parliament Building after killing a Canadian soldier. This is their personal fight. They will not fight. They will not let others fight. If they can’t be moved to fight for the safety of Parliament and even their own lives, how can they possibly care about yours and mine? How can they possibly care if Christians are beheaded, school girls are kidnapped, moderate Muslims can’t pray in safety?

    Part of the threat of Muslim extremism must include politicians who choose ideology over reality, comfort over responsibility. The NDP- Lib have no solution to terrorism except to ignore it and pretend it will go away.  That is the Culture of Death writ large.  Gay

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Accountability and Solutions for Wildfires

July 23, 2015

As was told to me last week by Mr. Peter McKenzie, Counsellor on Local Advisory Committee,  employee of Valard:

“ Last year in August we finally had a meeting, the last one we had. We’ve had no meetings since then. Val ( Ms. Val Antoniuk, administrator in La Ronge Municipal Office for the Northern Settlement of Brabant Lake) said while we were doing the budget. ‘ We have
$30, 000 left over. Does anyone have any ideas how they want it spent?
Rebecca ( Mayor ) said nothing. Harriet ( Counsellor) said nothing. I said ‘ lets get a plow in here and make a really good fire guard all around the town.’ Val said that wasn’t a good idea and she wouldn’t support that. I said ‘ What’s more important than people’s lives and safety?’
She said nothing.”

Last spring I wrote a letter complaining about a secret “winter carnival” that was just an excuse for an Easter drunk and dope session. The Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs in Regina wrote back and defended the non- event and said that this is the last time that he would answer any of my letters. The Municipal Affairs Office in Regina according to the Deputy Minister is not interested in whether Brabant Lake and the people exist, drugged or otherwise. The Municipal Office in La Ronge according to the past and current record of Val Antoniuk preferred Brabant Lake people stoned and undefended from forest fires.

There are five to eight young men in the village who are obvious candidates for immediate fire fighters. They are not available because they are wasted with drugs, particularly with marijuana.  Marijuana is a major fire hazard because people are careless and indifferent on pot. They could drop a match, watch the flames with some interest and walk away indifferent to what this may do to the lives and homes of others and themselves.

At the beginning of summer Brabant Lake was a prime candidate for forest fires . Our puny fire guard has been untouched for 10 years. There is thick forest  in the middle of the village which could ignite the whole town in minutes. We have no fire safety equipment and no fire plan. John and I got on our “ radio” which is a loud speaker and two mikes and asked people to pray for rain. We said the Litany of Loreto more than once as out pray. There was no forecast for rain and no evidence that any was coming.  Thirteen people voluntarily evacuated due to dangerous smoke from other fires. It began to rain and did not let up for a week. The evacuees were home in two days.  There was a slight break so we could plant our buckthorn seaberry trees.

We were evacuees for two weeks because we went south and could not pass the fires leading to and from La Ronge. When we came home on the first convoy we found Brabant Lake was an oasis compared to the fires and smoke we had passed through. It’s nice that God, at least cares whether the people and this village survive.

1. Listen to the people who have fought fires and lived through them all their lives. Let people have fire guards and clear out thick brush within the community.

2. Do not allow people to buy lots then leave them unattended and unused. Put lots at a reasonable price, not $2000 for a rectangle of unserviced brush . In the south often villages have policies of lots for $50,00 on the condition that the owner builds within a few years.

3.  Seriously get tough on drugs including and especially marijuana . Work at stopping it from coming into the communities. Young people won’t quit with counselling. They go to Southend Clinic and pick up drugs on their way home or get them from the medical  taxi driver. Have regular police checks of vehicles including grocery runs BEFORE Brabant Lake and BEFORE  La Ronge. If  judges and politicians think marijuana is not dangerous then have them start listening to those who have experienced part or all of  the 40 year northern plague.

4. Have tree planters plant with much wider spaces between saplings.
 Insist that tree planting contractors make empty spaces every one mile or so. Maintain these cleared spaces annually. Do not let marijuana be part of the accepted tree planter culture as it is now. There is a Tree Planter’s  not so cute book, complete with photos, that treat marijuana like the British Empire’s 4 o’clock tea ritual.

5. Make fire guards through the unclaimed brush. If its Crown Land then the Crown ( the government) needs to be good stewards and accountable.

6. Make  people accountable including public servants such as Ms. Antoniuk and the Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs. Gay  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mulcair and Bellegarde- Natives aren't Canadians

July 15,2015
St. Bonaventure

    So called  Assembly of First Nations Chief, Perry Bellegarde prefers the night life of Montreal to showing concern for the people of Montreal Lake, Saskatchewan whose lives  were threatened by the fires.  Better to woo Mulcair and Junior T.  Mulcair as is his style came up with his “ Progressive” view which is the Same Old, Same Old. He said “ An NDP government in Canada would negotiate nation to nation with First Nations People.”

    Thus Mulcair and Bellegarde and Company de facto state that natives are not Canadians . You can’t negotiate with yourself. The Indian Act, which is short and very readable, and the Treaties clearly state that nothing will take away the native peoples right to be Canadians.  FSIN( Federation of Sask. Indian Nations ) and their spin- offs have been violating the Treaties and The Indian Act for years. In return, for 40 years ,they have been paid by the tax payer enormous salaries, expenses, and assets.  People like Bellegarde are paid not to give Indians a voice but to silence individual natives whose views are diverse as any group of Canadians. Case in point, when we were trying to organise northerners to go to the annual pro- life rally in Regina FSIN threatened natives that they cannot attend nor get band money to do so. As one La Ronge native stated bluntly, “ FSI are thugs.”

    FSI and AFN want natives to vote but only as a multiplication of their vote. They prefer voting done by two people in a closed room in a band offic e who put X’s on ballots for everyone or more in the community without any input from those unreliable, pesky Canadian Indians.

     Premier Wall arrived late at the Premiers’ Conference in Newfoundland because he is working to save the northern half of the province.  Bellegarde is not chief of any reserve or band, but only chief of like minded anti- Canadians but he arrives early and is taken seriously  with unchallenged media coverage.

    It is the CANADIAN military who is fighting fires to save La Ronge and surrounding communities. It is the CANADIAN Red Cross who is organising the needs of the evacuees.
 The Red Cross is doing  so with CANADIAN volunteers, donations and tax payer money.  Fellow CANADIANS opened their homes, businesses and schools to help fellow CANADIANS who are northerners. It was the CANADIAN Governor General, our Queen’s Representative, who came to visit us evacuees as did the Saskatchewan Lieutenant- Governor.
    Bellegarde and company are no where in the loop but are getting media attention to talk about putting themselves on the Supreme Court, Bank of Canada and heads of businesses. Excuse me , business, banks and Courts cannot run properly with affirmative action or ethnic quotas . For the good of us all, people need to work at qualification, not whining, to get these positions. It is the FSI who refuses to help raise educational standards of natives on reserves and northern communities .  It is the FSI who refuses to take a stand against drugs. Functionally illiterate, stoned,  native youth aren’t going to get to any court as judge or to any corporate board .

         There are many serious allegations that FSI is involved in the international drug trade. The evidence needs to be investigated thoroughly with plenty of protection to the informers. In Montreal the Assembly of First Natives cozied up to the NDP- Lib bloc because they are their political masters and hopefully future cash cow. The Conservatives , fortunately, were no where to be seen.  Once again FSI and AFN told the world they are a Left Lobby Group and thus should get NO tax payer money. Gay

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sorry Sodom and Gommorah really existed

July 10, 2015

This evacuee from the wildfires of Saskatchewan has been given a computer to use.

We haven't had a Mass in our area since February . We were excited and blessed to be where we could attend. The Bible reading was the historic account of the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah.  God bless the historic Church that does not allow his priests to choose their own Bible passages. I wondered how this might be watered down.  Even with that I was shocked to hear the priest " explain" that it didn't happen, that God doesn't send down fires 'that Lot's wife was not turned into a pillar of salt.  Then why was this story put in the Bible.? Oh, it was to teach us that Lot had taken more land than he needed and Abraham had not.

Actually both Abraham and Lot were were wealthy ranchers or shepherds who had many flocks of goats, sheep and cattle. They had many servants who began to quarrel about water supplies.

Abraham told Lot to choose other land and take what was left. Lot chose land that encompassed the cities of Sodom and Gommorah.  These cities were given over to sinful sexual practices. The only righteous people were Lot and his family.  They were told to flee the city and not look back. His wife did look back and turned into a pillar of salt. The cities were completely destroyed .

 In addition to the Bible there are other ancient accounts of this event that have been unearthed by archaology. The cities of Sodom and Gommorah have also been established as actually having existed and actually having been destroyed completely. For 2000 years the Catholic Church has taught that this story as factual history.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the sin of Sodomy is just that: a serious sin.

If  God does not rain fire from heaven then the story of Elijah and the priests of Baal are also made up.  The priests of Baal put an animal offering on an altar and prayed to Baal to send  fire from heaven to burn the sacrifice. They prayed, they shouted, they cut themselves but no fire came. Elijah made a similar altar and sacrifice. He told people to pour water on the altar in great buckets. They did so. Elijah prayed. Fire came down. The Baal priests were defeated.

If God does not rain fire from Heaven then on the day of Pentecost flames of fire did not light on the apostles, they did not receive the gift of speaking in many languages and were not changed into courageous, zealous missionaries. The  Church believed that the flames did happen and the bishops' mitre, the pointed triangle hats are the symbol of this event.

If does not rain fire from Heaven then he can't send  ain on the fires that have caused 13,000 evacuees from northern Saskatchewan to camp elsewhere.  There is no point to pray for rain. Yet the Gospels say that even the winds and waters obey Jesus.

If thehistoric story of  Sodom and Gommorah did not really happen then we can't trust the Bible about anything. If our religion is really a bunch of fables then why not preach Aesop's Fables, Grimm's Fairy Tables or Ali Babba? The most incredible story is that Jesus is really present in a consecrated wafer. If that is not true then why be a priest and why have a Mass?

Sorry Christianity is a Packaged Deal, You can't pick and choose.  Either Christianity is True or False. There is no middle ground.  Please pray to the God who exists for rain for northern Saskatchewan.  Gay

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How the NDP sold Saskatchewan to New York Banks

 June 22, 2015

    In 1970 the Waffle was a group within the NDP to push the party into more consistent  socialism. It was organised, visible,and determined to have its choice in the NDP leadership race. The resolutions of the NDP carry more weight than the elected members. The elected must do as the Party Resolutions state. Thus an NDP Member of the Legislature, an NDP Member of Parliament or even an NDP Premier or( gasp) an NDP Prime Minister is not responsible to the people of his constituency, province or country but to the Party Voice.

    The Waffle had many of its resolutions passed at the Party’s Annual Convention:
Abortion on Demand, 24 hr. Universal Child Care, et c. One key resolution dear to the heart of every true Leftist was : An NDP government will nationalise the Potash Industry by paying one dollar to the American Potash Corporation. 
    An American owned mining company ran lucrative potash mines in Saskatchewan,  , lucrative to the employees and their families, to the government coffers, and to the shareholders. This was not enough for the Left. They wanted the industry Nationalised. That is they wanted all the Potash mines owned and operated by the Government, subect to political control which ment NDP Party control. Businesses have to make business decisions not political ones. This is how an economy works. Sometimes those decisions are not popular but necessary to keep the business going and profitable. The government’s job is to enforce safe and fair practices. When the government wants to be both the referee and player the profit falls, the standards fall and money needed for roads, hospitals and schools fall.

    But Socialism is a religion and a cult. The articles of faith state that the government must run all business so the Waffle were not content until the potash mines became a crown corporation.

    The two main contenders for the NDP leadership were Roy Romanow and Allen Blakeney.  Romanow did not support the Waffle and the Waffle did not trust him.  They threw their considerable  weight behind Blakeney.  Blakeney won and won the election. Romanow became his Minister of Justice. But their were debts to pay. Blakeney gave the Far Left of the Party northern Saskatchewan to do with it as they wished. He also got the long haired, marijuana tokers out of the eye of the respectable  public.

    There was still the Party Resolution to nationalise the Potash Industry. Blakeney had to deliver not because the Saskatchewan people wanted it but because the Party wanted it. Romanow still wanted to be Premier at the next opportunity.  Romanow would table a bill to nationalise the potash company. A long and bitter fight ensued in the public and in the legislature. But what the Party wants, the Party gets. Other businesses were leaving the province in droves as were young people who wanted a future not a government job nor welfare. Investors nixed Saskatchewan as a place to put their money and expertise. The falling population , once the third highest in Canada fell well below a million.  The Slogan was “ Last one out, turn off the lights.”

    Romanow knew that he could force the American company to sell, but not for One Dollar. So he had them name their price and he trotted off to New York to borrow the money. Thus the NDP bought an American company by money borrowed from American banks. The tax payers were forced to pay the interest plus the  price for years . The taxes of Saskatchewan became the highest in Canada. The Waffle was no longer relevant. The NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada became more extreme, more Left than a Waffler’s wildest dreams. Meanwhile the Federal NDP promise to be Socialists just like it was in Saskatchewan prior to 1982 if elected. Except, they don’t want to just nationalise an industry or two but to nationalise , that is own and operate, our children and ourselves. Please pray that God will protect Canada and her families.   Gay

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mulcair wants Douglas Mantle of Destruction.

June 18,2015

    Mulcair has informed us that he is a “ good” socialist like Tommy Douglas not a
“ bad” socialist like Bob Rae who went from NDP to Liberal. That is like saying Rae
 went from Socialist to Socialiste.

    So what does he admire most about Douglas? His racism? His Nazii like eugenics? His hatred of- Catholicism? His KKK network? His antagonism to private initiative in business, agriculture, trapping and fishing?

Douglas’ Racism: Douglas was Premier and Minister of Health at the same time. His Health Manifesto stated “ The ill health of the natives is a concern because they mix freely with the whites.” If the natives were isolated and confined they could be left to die of TB et c. He was opposed to natives having the vote but had to allow it because John Diefenbaker was Prime Minister and had given natives the right to vote in Dominion elections.

His Anti- Catholicism: In his Master’s Thesis on “ The Subnormal family” every example of sub- normal was a Catholic, especially Irish Catholic family. He believed that they should be sterilised and put in sex- segregaated institutions or colonies. He came to power in 1944 with the Grand Wizard of the KKK as his campaign manager. The KKK had stirred up fear and hatred against the “ foreigners and Catholic” so he picked up their issue, network and resources to put himself in power while patriotic Catholics were fighting for freedom in Europe. In his medicare plan all health workers would be government financed except staff who were members of religious orders. The Grey Nuns who pioneered hospitals and health care all over the province, beginning at Ile- a- la- Crosse would not be funded.

His Eugenics: Douglas Thesis on “ The Subnormal Family “ was rejected by the Baptist Theological College in Brandon because “it was immoral “ so he pedalled it to McMaster University where it was accepted. Subnormality included not making your own mustard, messy housekeeping, or a family member who had a child out of wedlock. His solution were sterilisation, families divided into gender and put in institutions. He got a Communist from
John Hopkins University to help carry out these plans. He used mental health as a political tool as did the Stalinists. Ukrainians who were telling the truth about the Soviet Union were put in mental hospitals to silence them. People who were on the way to being prosperous farmers or business men or were too outspoken on freedom issues were put in mental hospitals where some were killed by barbaric “ treatment.” Soviet doctors visited institutions such as in North Battleford and made recommendations as to whom should never be released.

His attack on independent business: There wasn’t a business that Douglas didn’t want controlled by the State. He created state owned shoe factories, box factories and many other  businesses. He wanted  have state own and operated commercial  fishing, trapping, agriculture, and many more. His political descendants wasted a lot of time, expertise and tax money on a Sask. Spuds Corporation which failed miserably. Douglas wanted the government to own all farm land but he could not pull it off. However his political legacy was accomplishing that goal by buying up farm land and renting it out. Douglas had a map of what crop would be grown where in Sask but his plan was rejectted.

His claimed fiscal responsibility : Douglas and his socialists told people that crown corporations , that is state owned and operated businesses , would make so much money Saskatchewan people would not have to pay taxes. Instead we had the highest taxes in Canada until recently. His Finance Minister, Fines was one of Canada’s big time swindlers and crooks. He left the province to hide out in the United States until his death. Money confiscated from the estates of inmates in his political prisons called mental hospitals were stolen. If the province had a deficit which it had the figures were hidden in the crown corporations which did not and do not get serious media and public scrutiny.

This is only a small part of the Douglas record. And Mulcaire wants to visit on the whole of Canada Saskatchewan’s sorry past  legacy of coercion and waste. Gay 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

When the NDP have unchecked power

June 11,2015

    I was taking a history class on United Empire Loyalists of the 18th century. The teacher was Janice Potter . I did not know that she was Mrs. McKinnon, the wife of the business manager for the local NDP former Member of the Legistincencumbent whom I had defeated.  She told me that I could not say anything in the class. She gave me a zero in all the assignments and in the class which was on my transcripts for 20 years. She gave us a chapter size hand-out on the pending ND P leader and gave out present day political nuggets such as “ There should be only one political party. There is democracy within the NDP so that is the only party that is needed.”  Ms.Potter McKinnon went on to be the Deputy Premier in
 the NDP government that lasted 17 years.

    The North of Saskatchewan had its own bureaucracy and its own rules called the Department of Northern Services which was a mecca for socialist radicals from Saskatchewan and Ontario. Essentially what a handful of political elites centred in La Ronge wanted they were allowed to do and were given a great deal of money to do it with no questions asked. The DNS was officially disbanded in 1985 but the power elite continues albeit with some resistence today. When we came up North in 1995 there power had been unchecked.  We discovered what unhampered NDP control was about.

     Officially no one was allowed to teach North of Prince Albert unless they were NDP There had been an actual motion passed to that effect at a Northern Lights School District meeting.

No Christianity was allowed to be taught in provincial schools and no Catholic Schools were allowed to exist .

No one was allowed to hinder the drug trade in any way. One could not speak out against drugs, report drug usage to the RCMP or even try to stop its use in your own family without serious retaliation.

No one could say anything against homosexuality including the use of boys by authorities
even if those boys were your own children . People could get out of legal difficulties by handing over their own body or that of their children.

For sometime there was an attempt to stop us from using all public library services including regional and provincial networks. One year our entries in the library’s Writing Challenge were not published along with all other entries and our efforts in the Reading Challenge  were not recorded.

We were told that we can’t ship or receive things by the crown corporation, a government monopoly, busing system.

As we became more vocal and more influential there was a constant attempt to take away our public house, the only housing available ,in our community. We were told that we could buy the house which was still provincial policy from the Tory days but it took a major international battle to do so.

John was hauled off the road and put in jail without trial for two weeks. The vehicle was taken by the RCMP . Myself and five children on the way to cadets 2 hours away were left stranded on the road. The excuse ? John was late renewing his licence while he was fire fighting.

I was ordered to jail over the phone without trial because I had not quit writing the blog which a then crown prosecutor did not like.

There’s more much more . Northern Saskatchewan and socialist tenured professors have given us a taste of what it is like when the NDP have unhampered power. If they would be elected federally with or without a Liberal coalition they would do similar things on a nation wide scale. Gay