Saturday, November 18, 2017

Of Poison and Murder

Nov.18, 2017

    Dominique Morin of Southend, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan was murdered a few months ago.  This is the fifth child ,of seven children in the Albert Morin family who has died a violent death. His uncle , Gideon Cook delivers water at our house. Gideon told my husband,  John that “ there are people who know things but they are not coming forward.”

    Here is my initial contribution to “ coming forward “ plus  a  bit of current events. About sixteen years ago Iasked Mrs. Gerdie Cook , who has since passed away if Gideon and Shirley are involved in drugs.  She said “ Shirley hides drugs for Albert in Brabant Lake.” Brabant is 4 km. South of Southend.

    Dominique was a regular drug connector for our neighbour Jesse McLeod .  Dominique would  come from the town entrance at Can - Am Store , walk at the back of the village hall , go along the path back of our property and enter McLeod’s from the rear of their property. He would have to pass our dogs. Chester and Mocha. They would inevitably bark when Dominique passed our property. Mocha was near the McLeod house. He was killed with poison.  Chester, who was near our neighbours’, Solomon and Lydia Hardlotte, was killed with a Coney Bear Trap . He was thrown into Waddy River. Mrs. Lydia Hardlotte found him as she was rinsing hides. John Caswell took a picture of the dead Chester clamped to the trap, made posters  and put them all around town.  He definitely contacted the RCMP ( police). Nothing was done about it Locals know that Jesse stole coney bear traps from a trapper’s cabin up the Lake. Jesse never traps but snares pet cats .Ms. Nancy Charles reported him to the police. John drove her to court in Southend so she could pursue her complaint.  We do not know if anything was done about it.

    Gideon and Shirley Cook are the main source of “information”,usually disinformation from Brabant Lake to the Southend Police.  Mounties come and go usually in two-year or shorter
stints. The Gideon and Shirley Cook’s  influence and frienship to the police seems to go on forever. When John was deputy mayor of Brabant the Local Advisory Ctte. appointed him as police representative. Shirley immediately informed the police and everyone else that she, not John was the police representative and it had nothing to do with the LAC.  Another source of information to the police is Can Am Store. Gideon, as the store’s employee, spends hours there giving his twist on everybody and everything.

    We always have had dogs. Some of them even got to die of old age. We were reduced to two. We decided to start again. We got a little black one and a tan one who are brothersr. I trained them to follow me to school, wait for me and come home. They immediately come when they are called by me. When we travel we take them with us in carriers.  This Tuesday they were poisoned by anti- freeze.  Death usually comes within 24 hours.  At  this point they are still alive. They have blue colour in the whites of their eyes.  They still reek of  anti- freeze five days later. One won’t eat anything.  I force a little  water down his throat with a squirt bottle and shove a little honey in his mouth. I thought one had disappeared to die so I decided it’s time to call the police.  Constable Carrier said that they can’t take it to court  because I am not an expert . I need to get evidence from a vet. The closest vet is in the town of Hudson’s Bay about 700 miles away.

    Maybe Dominique Morin would still be alive if the police had investigated the killing of at least five dogs .  His death goes through the wide drug trail which goes directly through Brabant Lake.  Gay

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Getting Away with Murder

Oct.07, 2017
    Norhern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate in Canada per capita. Why ? Read on. It may explain a whole lot of things.
    Corporal Brian Herzinga of the RCMP came to our home and said “ Gay, this is a nice little town. Why don’t you leave. I explained that we don’t want to leave. We own our home. It is the only home we have. If it is a nice place, it is because we did our share of making it that for the last ten years. He brought up the subject more than once. He also brought up the alleged suicide of a man whom everyone knew was murdered insisting that I accept it as suicide. He also said( empasis mine.) A SHAMAN CONTROLS THE TOWN AND THEN CON TROLS  THE PEOPLE.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?  The obvious answer is that Canada is run by Canadian law, not by shaman law or shaman lawlessness.

     The shaman could be explained as a Communist political officer in a soviet but the communists who flooded into the North after the Allen Blakeney NDP  win liked to dress up their totalitarian  ways with feathers .   The fantasy “ people’s republic of northern Saskatchewan” which never existed legally, was very keen on being a law onto themselves and to teach others to submit to their game.

    Cpl. Herzinga was being an obedient player in the northern shaman game. Gideon and Shirley Cook who according to the shaman rule are the most important people if not the only important people in Brabant Lake . Gideon and Shirley Cook do not like the Caswells. The Caswells do not accept the Gideon and Shirley Cook  control of Brabant Lake. Therefor the mounties who should respond to “ the community”  order the Caswells to leave.   The Caswells who are Canadians in Canada and believe that Brabant Lake is part of Canada do not respond.  Caswells as usual hold the fort. Herzinga leaves.

     Under the patronage of Prince Charles and  under the Harper Consevative government the RCMP began working at restoring their tarnished image. However the G.Cooks continue to enjoy their respectability as they continue their lawlessness.

    In the “ peoples republic of Northern Sask.”nothing was more enforced than the uunconstitutional policy that no school should have any Christian content , no Christian or Catholic school should exist and God and Country should be equally dismissed. From the beginning this policy was enforced by murder. See the book of Bishop Emeritus Lavoie..

    In Brabant Lake murder has occurred many times and many times covered up. Their were at least nine murders before we came in 1996, not all directly connected to education but  the victim was often a leading Christian.

    Here is a partial list of people alleged to have been ordered killed by Gideon and Shirley Cook. I use the legal term “alleged” because it has not been proven in a court of law and no conviction has been made. The alleged does not mean “no evidence.”
 * Ms. Alice McKenzie
* Mr. Opipikew, a young man
* Mr. Keith Hardlotte
* Mr. Bert Horan
* Mr. Elias Charles
* Mr. & Mrs. John Caswell (no murder ,but only attempted murder, more than once )

      There are many murders with no apparent connection to any shaman but when the “higher ups” can get away with murder, murder becomes a common practice in fits of rage , drunkeness or on drugs. As Mr. and Mrs. Romanow of Youth Addiction Services told us , many times prolonged use of marijuana results in murder of one’s partner.

    Often the controllers are not drug users but use marijuana and other drugs to push people into murder.  Black mail is a strong and very common tool to push people into obeying the order for murder.  We do not always know what threats are used to make sure the murder happens or is attempted.  We do know getting people into a compromising position and threatening them with exposure that could lead to disgrace or jail including prison is a common practice.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Restore Parental Rights in Education.

Oct. 02, 2017
     The Saskatchewan Party has an opportunity to restore Constitutional Rights in Education.  The British North America Act of 1867 , our constitution states clearly that the right to Catholic Education must be respected. It also states clearly that parents have the right to decide the education of their children.  These rights are completely non existent in the northern half of the province and are seriously being eroded in the rest of the province.  The monopoly Northern Lights School Division  admitted that their purpose from the beginning was to drive out Catholic Education . They not only admit it but justify all the violations of parental and Catholic rights by bragging about it.  For 22 years   parents have been told that “ religion has no place in education ” by the local Northern Lights controller.

    Parents have been told that they must hand over their work books from Our Lady of the North School . They are told that they must pull their children because the word God exist in the readers.  They are never told that their henchmen  have no authority in a private and independent school. It is a matter of common knowledge that our phone and school is tapped.

    In other communities that are totally Catholic there are no Catholic library books, Catholic  text books,  Catholic resources, or Catholic curriculum.  People don’t even know that such things exist . Not only are there no Catholic resources there are few Canadian an resources We know of no other  school where people sing “O Canada” let alone “ God save the Queen.”

    Some years ago  visiting grade 12 graduates looked at a grade 4 Canadian History display and made comments such as “ why weren’t we taught any of this stuff? “ I don’t know any of this.” One grade 8 student could not recognise the Canadian Flag.

    Apartheid is considered very bad if practised in South Africa as of course it is but what about the apartheid in Saskatchewan where people past a fantasy line north of Prince Albert  are treated as if they are not really Canadians ? They know no Canadian history other than distorted whining of grievances.  They know no balance of duty and rights, responsibility and reward, effort and attainment.  The basic purpose of education to equip people to meet their obligations to themselves and others is non- existent.

     They have been educated since the socialist take over of 1970 by people who justify stomping on other people’s ’s rights in matters of conscience and religion. They have grown up in an environment where constant bullying by community controllers has left a wake of violence, enforced ignorance and indifference.

    Ask  your candidates in the  Saskatchewan Party leadership race if they will defend the right to parental choice in education in the South AND in the North of the province.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Housing vs. Homes


    I do not know if there is a need for 40,000 more houses on reserves and in northern communities.  But I do know there will always be a shortage of houses as long as housing is free. I do know there will always be vandalism including arson as long as people do not own their home and there is no accountability. We have had plenty of housing come and go in the North but we don’t have homes.

    According to Sask Housing stats the average time a person lives in a public housing unit is 18 .months.  According to my observations there are few houses older than thirty years that are in a livable condition.  Contrast that with areas where there is home ownership and a market economy. Often the house increases in value the older it gets.  In a young province there are houses older than the province, that is past 112 years.

    Why the difference ? Housing is a reward for “good behaviour.” Good behaviour is defined as doing what the Higher Ups want you to do .Acceptable behaviour : doing drugs. including and especially marijuana. Never complain about shoddy material and workmanship.
Do not express your views on anthing unless it happens to be what the higher ups want to hear.  Shack- up. This increases your chance of being assigned a house. Have the house in your girlfriend’s name.  Do not go to work. If you do, don’t work steadily or too enthusiastically because you may lose the house and be punished financially. Above all vote NDP or if the bosses say so vote Liberal. NEVER vote Conservative.

    In a community with plenty of empty houses we were assigned an abandoned house. We immediately began asking to buy the house. We did this for ten years. They kept telling us to move and move out of the North . We were not behaving. We established a school for our children and others.  We did not respect the unconstitutional monopoly that Northern Lights School Division enjoyed.   We still don’t . Our school continues and the harassment continues.

    We were told that we could buy the house for $20,000. We used the last of my MLA pension and wrote a cheque for $20,000. It was returned to us . I used the money to pay bills of the past that had been written off . We continued to ask to buy the house.. They took thug steps to kick us out. My husband became a great locksmith as we and they changed the locks five times.  The fight became an international incident. We won, thanks to our helpers including local people who made sure we got water and some lighting after La Ronge Housing  cut off the electricity and the water supply.

    Now there are actual for sale signs on two public housing units. Listed price $25,000 and $50,000. We congratulate those people in our commnity who built their own homes and who can work as hard as they want. Public housing kills initiative, and is anti- marriage. We do not need 40,000 public  housing units . We may need 40,000 homes built by sweat equity, and other means to ensure home ownership and home pride.   Gay

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Post Office Blues

Sept. 19, 2017

    If civilisation can be measured by the efficiency and ethics of the postal service civilisation is in serious trouble.  While many people simply opt out of snail mail and live on the computer , there is a point for even the most avid tweeter, that the system fails. One needs to obtain one’s  Landsend t-shirt by mail. All the services that deliver anywhere in Canada, or U.S don’t. One place that they don’t is Brabant Lake and other communities of northern Saskatchewan.  

    A friend of mine and I launched on a project to restore letter writing. The ingredients are a pen, preferably fountain pen, stationery... non existent except for the size that enables you to say thanx.   I make my own by cutting and pasting pictures from magazines and seed catalogues. It works well except for the delivery . It is difficult to have a thinking, developing conversation with someone if you never know they got your last letter and will all the news be out of date, irrelevant or absurd because you can’t remember what you said a month ago?

    However the whole crux of the difficulty comes to a head in La Ronge Post Office. La Ronge Post Office operates on the DNS Northern Assumption. DNS was an imaginary line that determined north of here Socialist Fantasy Rules. Any rule, law or touch of reality the higher ups didn’t like, doesn’t exist.  Ergo the Caswells who do not run on socialist fantasies should not get mail service. So for years they ripped off our stamps and sent theletters back. They especially did this to letters addressed to our credit union.  Now they just put them in the mail bag for Prince Albert and we wait a month or a few days while the letter travels 800 miles or so.  When we get a donation by a cheque in the mail we mail it to the credit union.  We can do this Monday or Thursday .When the credit union picks up its mail , which is not always daily it goes to our account. But in that process there is plenty of opportunity for politically sensitive fingers to interfere.
    At election time we were supporting Rob Clarke, Conservative. The post office decided it was not in the NDP’s best interest for us to have money that could be used for gas to travel back and forth on Highway 102 passing out literature and putting up signs so no envelopes to the credit union were delivered until AFTER the election.

    Now we are waiting for an envelope to be delivered to the credit union, two blocks away from the post office. The post office claims they have not seen it and thus Conexus has not seen it.  And thus we are waiting for money to travel to La Ronge for supplies. Poof magic disappearing act.

    Of course we have no idea how many letters and donations never are put in our mail bag. We can only assume that the same lack of ethics and efficiency applies here.
    We used to complain to a Mr.Gord Luit in Winnipeg but now it is impossible to talk to a real person in the Canada Post Empire. One can write a letter but... the limitations of complaining about mail service by using mail service are obvious.

    Keep on sending donations please even through the mail but pray for their safety. May we suggest electronic transfers?

    Now this may be unfair to the kind and friendly people we encounter at the Post Office Counter when we ever get to La Ronge. But it is the Post Office who will have to determine who the bad “ THEYS” are. We’re just the victims.  Gay

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Communist all the way.

Sept.06, 2017
 Pierre Elliot Trudeau , leader of the Liberal Party , Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979, from 1980 to 1984 was a Communist from his early adult life to his death. His son Justin has views indistinguishable from him. Justin became Prime Minister in 2015 riding on the myths and nostalgia surrounding his father, Pierre .  Justin has not deviated from the direction of his father on economic and  moral  issues but has expanded and embellished them Therefore it is important to look at the father to understand the carnage of his son.
    Communism is a totalitarian philosophy that puts the State over the individual. It began in 1917 in Russia and like Mary’s prophecy to the Fatima children “ spread its errors throughout the world.”  It is indistinguishable from Naziism. It has been responsible for the slaughter and starvation of 100s of millions throughout the world particularly in Red China.

    Pierre Trudeau was a well known Communist insider . He was trusted and helped by Communists such as Lester B. Pearson, Norman, The Cambridge Spy Ring, and Mao Tse Tung. The Communist Revolution in China of 1949 was a brutal blood bath. Children and youth were pushed to beat and murder their parents and teachers. They were ordered to create mayhem and chaos to destroy existing loyalties and disciplines. No western news sources   or politicians were allowed to enter China at the time.     However,Trudeau was welcomed in China at the height of the brutality and returned to Canada from China in 1949. He apparently saw nothing of which he didn’t approve.  He had a life long loyalty to Red China. He made sure that Communist China was recognised as the legitimate country as opposed to the democratic Formosa. He strengthened economic and cultural ties with China as he did with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, The U.S.S. R.
    In the height of the Cold War when the U.S.S.R. was threatening the very existence of the Free World, Trudeau visited the Evil Empire of Captive Eurasian nations and had Premier Kosygin visit Canada five months later.

    When Quebec Separatists murdered Pierre Laporte and kidnapped James R.Cross of the British Consulate, Trudeau declared the War Measures Act. He then allowed the kidnappers to fly safely to Cuba where they were welcomed with open arms by Dictator Fidel Castro who to quote Justin “ was a life long family friend”.

     Pierre Trudeau withdrew 49,000 Canadian troops from NATO and send them home because he said that the defence of Canada was more important. It is not clear who was the enemy at home. Later  Trudeau passed legislation to build internment camps in Canada for “ dissidents”.

     He  saw the United States as the Real Evil Empire . He reduced then worked to cut off all petroleum supplies to the United States.  The rational was Canada was running short of fossil fuels and needed them for her own. Canada is at present importing oil when her supplies are going unused. There never was a fuel shortage but Trudeau created this lie to punish Alberta and the oil industry.

    Trudeau’s father was very wealthy and obviously a good free enterpriser who made the family fortune by owning and operating a chain of service stations. Trudeau nationalised every possible business including service stations.  Trudeau ‘s riding was Mount Royal, the height of Quebec establishment and prestige.  He saw the big three oppressors of Quebec as religion( the Roman Catholic Church), business and government working together. The Union Nationale of Premier  Maurice Duplessis according to him had no legitimacy and was outside of democracy. Like all of Canada, Quebec had free and democratic elections but chose candidates and a party that expressed their commitment to Family and Faith.
     As a loyal Communist Trudeau attacked Christianity. Like Lenin he saw religion it as “ the opiate of the people.” He did everything possible to uproot our Christian heritage. But his commitment to abortion, homosexuality, divorce, contraception and sterilisation was a perfect body blow to the Family and Life from which we have never recovered.  It would seem that he kept his Catholic trappings to deceive and obscure his anti- Christian agenda. That suits the Communist ethic perfectly.                     

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Who Wrecked Canada?

Sept.01, 2017

     The Dominion of Canada is in great peril and has been for many years. How did she get that way and who destroyed this moral, Christian and prosperous country?

1963 : Lester B. Pearson becomes Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada in a Liberal Government. He was and has been identified as a top ranking Communist spy and agent.  Pearson made Trudeau , elected in 1965 his Parlimentary secretary, then Minister of Justice. Trudeau had only three years of public office. He was a Globalist and Far Left Journalist  who had ridden about Quebec City in a Nazii helmet during WWII. As Minister of Justice Trudeau destroyed the Gouzenko files including files on Pierre Trudeau as a security threat against Canada and the Free World.
 Gouzenko was code clerk in the Ottawa Soviet Embassy who defected. His documents sparked the U.S. Congressional Hearings on Un American Activities.

 April 06, 1968 Pierre Trudeau was elected leader of the once free enterprise Liberal Party.     

April 20, 1968 Trudeau becomes Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada.

May 14, 1969 Trudeau tables Bill #1 The Omnibus Act which legalised, contraception, sterilisation and  abortion, legalised homosexuality, and  legalised divorce.

  Pierre Trudeau also pushed gun control, interference in churches and charities through heavy regulations to stop political involvement of Christians. He abolished capital punishment.  Rather than governing through Parliament Trudeau   used Order- in - Council. What the Prime Minister’s office decreed became law, side - stepping public exposure and public debate.

The once proud, respected  and efficient Canadian military was reduced to a crippled force
with out- of- date equipment. The army, air force and navy were pushed into one inept and inferior mess. The uniforms were bottle green and resembled service station attendant wear.

Many businesses were bought by the government and became public property.

1982 After show hearings the British North America Act 1867 safely in the hands of the Queen is repatriated so Trudeau and socialist fellow travellers can hand over Parliamentary Rule to nine Supreme Court Judges.

Through various Liberal leaders drug laws are not enforced.  Prime Minister Chretien promises in the throne speech to liberalise marijuana without stating his real intentions

 Oct.19, 2015 Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau with Pin Up features for every gender and preference becomes Prime Minister.  He does whatever Globalist George Soros and the Nine Out - of- Control Supreme Court Judges tell him to do.  He openly uses and promotes marijuana. He pushes the reduction of the population by murder: through suicide, doctors’ coercion , abortion and sterilisation in Canada and abroad.   Justin Trudeau works at bankrupting Canada and handing over the remains to the Globalists. He is the great racist killing other peoples’ babies throughout the world especially where abortion is illegal .
And who will save Canada?  I call for the intervention of The Holy Canadian Martyrs, Ste. Kateri, the many other declared Blesseds and Saints of Canada and all the people who love Canada and refuse to let her be destroyed.      Gay