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May 14, 2016


“ Having lived in northern Saskatchewan where marijuana and other drugs were considered virtually legal I learned more than I wanted of the marijuana personality. The experience of learning what happens when a person begins on marijuana at the age of twelve was given to me when I tried unsuccessfully to teach a thirty year old. She claimed she was no longer doing marijuana but her personality, sense of responsibility and level of compassion was severly damaged.
    I. One’s sense of compassion and empathy is virtually non- existent. Indifference to others is a prevailing norm. Justin Trudeau doesn’t comprehend the suffering of others. He is committed to killing more babies in Canada and abroad. He is committed to allowing youth, the sick and elderly to be murdered. There is no choice, not that that is an ultimate virtue. Doctors, nurses, hospitals should have no options. Trudeau likes legalised murder and has no conscience . Therefore everyone must go along by coercion with his thirst for death.

    II. He can’t understand or refuses to understand that there is law and traditions that must be honoured. Parliamentary procedure ,public debate, respect for the role of opposition parties are non- existent. He has an agenda or is pursuing the agenda of a clique who financed his career . Nothing will stop it.  The Supreme Court is just a lever or a sop to blame things on. A province can’t rewrite the Criminal Code of Canada by criminal behaviour.  Logic and constitutional law are irrelevant. He does not believe in or practise the Rule of Law. He practises the Rule of Trendiness. And Trendiness “c,est lui” (it’s he.)

    III. He has no loyalty to his country, to Parliament, certainly not to his claimed Catholicism. There are no limits to his actions. That he is violating Natural Law, The Ten Commandments, Catholic Practice and Teaching is totally irrelevant. He likes the concept of the seemingly unwanted and useless people dispensed- of. It fits his preoccupation with self.

    He is morally and emotionally damaged by long term marijuana use and/or a self- centred upbringing by a self- centred father.  He is a real and present danger for to the existence of many Canadians and to the very existence of civilisation in Canada.
He must be removed from office immediately. A unprecedented act of responsibility would be that he remove himself.”
For more information : Gay Caswell of Assisted Living not Assisted Dying 306-758-2041.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

NEWS RELEASE Monday May 09, 2016

Monday May 09, 2016
For Immediate Release

    Gay Caswell has cut up her Sask Health (Medicare) Card and has sent it and a letter to Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Health, Regina . She has also sent the letter to Hon Jane Philpott , Minister of Health, Ottawa.

    She is doing this because she sees the present medicare system plus the Liberal government’s commitment to legalise murder through Bill C-14 is a real and present threat to her life and those of others.
    In December 21, 2011 she entered the emergency of La Ronge Hospital, 175 km from her home which is her nearest hospital. She was refused admittance and anitbiotics for three hours although her foot was gangrenous and steadily going blacker . While in the hospital while her foot and blood infection was quickly getting better she was constantly told that she needed to go to Saskatoon to have her foot removed. She refused. Every day for at least three times a day she was pressured to have it removed. She consistently said no. She began to say “  no” as soon as a doctor entered her room. Staff would try to get permission from her husband and her daughter even though she was fully capable of making the decision herself.  A male nurse would berate her for “ opposing the doctors like that.” Twelve days later she signed herself out of the hospital with two feet and ten toes intact.

    Since then she has been told that she is not allowed medical entry  to La Ronge Hospital . A doctor refused to see her in Weyburn when she needed a $17.00 prescription. La Ronge Hospital refused to send my medical records to a doctor in Chicago. She  was ordered to see a surgeon in Prince Albert when she was an evacuee from wildfires last year.

    “ All this was done without Bill C-14. At each step there were medical staff helping me and fighting for my right to make decisions. But the possibility of being refused medical care or being harmed or killed within the medical system is becoming increasingly real.” Mrs. Caswell says.

    “ In a few months I may be needing medical care and I know of no safe place to obtain it.  Essentially I am in the category of a person who needs asylum from my government. Others are also in that category especially in this present medical climate with or without Bill C-14 passing.

    “ Many people have been told that the reason I am not allowed entry into La Ronge Hospital was because I said “ no” even before the doctor said anything.  I had to say “no” at least 15 times in a four day period. There is no NO to these death pushers.  I am being punished and my life is being threatened by denial of health care because five years ago I said “no”. How can a very sick, elderly or dying person defend themselves into today’s hospitals?

Sunday, May 1, 2016


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May 01.2016
     Pain is apparently different in the South than the North : South ( of Prince Albert) there is Intolerable Pain and it is discussed forever. In the North we just have pain and we shut up about it.
    Our neighbour Mr. Thomas McKenzie had cancer of the bone for well over ten years. Many times he was on the verge of death yet returned home time and time again. I do not recall him using the phrase Intolerable Pain or anyone else using the phrase about him. However many times people met at his house for prayer and singing. He did not die alone and he had a wake and funeral which extended to two communities at least . He was not abandoned . He has a grave and marker beside Holy Trinity Church in Stanley Mission.

    When Mr. Isaac Charles Sr.was dying ( after falling ill over a flu shot ) many people gathered at the hospital bed in La Ronge. Sometimes they prayed. Sometimes they sat still making sure there was never a time that he was alone. Children, grandchildren, youth crowded in the hall way and waiting room to be with him.

    At Southend and at many other communities people gather at the grave site and make sure that they are personally involved in covering the casket with earth. Even little children take up a handful of dirt and throw it in the grave. Everyone faces the reality of death together Children grow up knowing death and also the dignity that must be accorded to the dying and the dead.

    We  Northerners assume that sickness  brings pain but we assume that is part of the baggage of living.  To escape pain and discomfort is not the ultimate goal in life.. Courage and perseverance is expected . Suicide rips everyone as a terrible demonic monster. Frequency doesn’t nullify the horror.

    When people died in beds either at home or in a hospital  facing a man on a cross they, their family and caregivers could remember there was Someone who had already suffered and died and promised us that death was not the end. Our job was to endure to the end as He had done for us.

      St. Jean de Brebeuf was tortured for at least 12 hours. He rallied his Huron Christians who were also to be burned at the stake. They knew that if they recanted their Faith the Iroquois would let them go. None of them did. One Iroquois insisted on eating the heart of Brebeuf . He wanted the courage of Brebeuf which he saw was superior to that of the Iroquois . He spent the rest of his life spreading the Gospel.

    Now endurance and courage are irrelevant.  Comfort is everything. Whose comfort matters is not necessarily the dying.. One mustn’t be a burden on the tax payer or on family and important schedules. What if someone misses out on a promotion if she sits by her dying mother? !

    In the name of Comfort we let doctors murder and family and dying agree to it. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?  Gay

Thursday, April 28, 2016


From: Assisted Living not Assisted Dying Campaign
Contact person: Gay Caswell 306-758-2041

    “There is evidence that Trudeau intends to stop the debate on the Death Bill in a few days. This shows his refusal to operate by parliamentary tradition and law. The Bill should be set aside for at least a year if not forever.

    “Three thousand miles , two flat tires and two large hotel bills (one North, one South) later  we have yet to find one person who does not believe that the bill is legalising murder,  We have visited reserves from Black Lake to Mistawasis and many villages and towns. Everywhere we are welcomed and our literature eagerly accepted and read.

    “ At Hafford, Sask the Ukrainian Catholic Priest, Father Ivan  and the Roman Catholic Priest, Father Twin hosted a rally and information night . The hall was full. Mrs. Bev Lamers, Family Life Coordinator said ‘ We have now come full circle. This is the generation that demanded to be in control. First there was contraception, then abortion, now euthanasia.”  Mr. John Caswell sang songs that brought laughter and conviction

    “Seven Bible Schools wanted the Caswells to come for a rally and talk, But their school year is finished so plans are being made for programmes in the fall.  These future Christian leaders of various denominations have a right to be informed and motivated against the violation of The Fifth Commandment : Thou Shalt Not Kill.

    “There are people in various communities in the North West Territories  and the Yukon who want us to come. The Far North has a right to be told the lives of their elders, their youth and themselves are in immediate danger from the medical establishment and the government.  We want to go there but we still have many communities in Saskatchewan to visit.

.    Our Members of Parliament have been told lots of lies. They have been told that if the
Notwithstanding Clause is used  it will open up the Constitution to all kinds of issues. The Notwithstanding Clause, which is to protect us from decisions of the Supreme Court against the will of Canadians and against the Constitution itself, is already in place. It is there and available to be used.  Canadians haven’t had time to  talk to our elected officials on the most dangerous law ever considered .

    “ What’s the rush Prime Minister?  Are you afraid informed Canadians are a threat to your death agenda?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Is Canada Still a Democracy or Not?

For Immediate Release April 22, From Assisted Living not Asisted Dying
 For more information contact Gay Caswell #06-758- 2048

April 22,2016
    STOP! WHOA! BACK UP! Is Canada still a democracy or not!?? If not, how do we get back to the Canada of parliamentry rule?

    Quebec has been killing people in hospitals and in nursing homes for years . Many people in Quebec are and have been opposed to this. Active euthanasia has been and is practised in hospitals throughout Canada. There is no law that permits this. Therefor these murders according to the Criminal Code of Canada are just that. The law has been and is at present: Euthanasia is homicide. Quebec writes up an outrageous law. It is appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in its present Death March says wonderful! Go for it ! Parliament must rubber stamp this.  WHY??

    Quebec is a province and cannot write a law for the Criminal Code of Canada. That is standing the Constitution on its head. The Supreme Court cannot rewrite the constitution of Canada. That is a radical shift into the tail wagging the dog legislation.  To have a Constitutional change Parliament must pass it then it must be ratified by ALL provinces. This constitutional change has never been approved by parliament and by all the provinces and will never be. The Supreme Court does not have the power to even initiate a constitutional change. This is the first major move into tyranny and against democracy. What the Supreme Court of Canada has done has violated the Constitution, laws and traditions of Canada. The Supreme Court is out of line. So what are the steps to impeach them?

    The Supreme Court says that there must be legislation passed by June 06. People claim that the MP’s will have a free vote outside of party discipline.  What is the point of any vote at all if the Supreme Court says that the MP’s must pass legislation? Is this just a nostalgic show or does Parliament still have the right to run the country? If it doesn’t why have elections? Why have laws on anything ? Why pay the salaries of the MP’s and the Senators ? Why pay the light bills on the Parliament Building? For the tourist trade of Canadiana past?

    On April 14 a draft bill was tabled. What is a draft bill that is tabled? Is this First Reading of an actual bill? If so then why not call it a bill not a draft bill ?  Why was the public not informed that it was going to be tabled ? If this is just a draft that was made public so people can react and suggest changes then why are we not told that it is so. Why is it being treated like a bill that is not only tabled but is going to be passed immediately? Not only that “it must be passed or we will have no law at all.” This one is pervasive and is sheer black mail and concedes power to the Supreme Court that it does not have.

    Why is there so much confusion about the Notwithstanding Clause ? There are knowledgeable people that have been told that the Notwithstanding clause must be approved by Parliament and then ratified by all the provinces? Where did this lie originate?. The Notwithstanding clause is already in the Constitution. It is not a Constitutional Change. Why are people told that the Not withstanding Clause is a great and terrible boogy man that will push us into .... what ?. It will quickly enable us to restore democracy and to protect more Canadians from being murdered as they are now.
    We are a very large country with a sparse, and diverse population. Some of us don’t even know English or French well let alone both. Some of us don’t have phones let alone cell phones, high speed internet et c et c. We are just discovering how the medical establishment has lied to us. Canadians are being murdered en mass and we are expected to keep silent while our elected leaders are forced to rubber stamp approval.  There is a time for Anger    Gay
P.S. Why is the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health always reporting to the United Nations instead of to their fellow Canadians who elected them?  G.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lying to the Indians

 April 19,2016

    In the last 21 years that we have lived in northern Saskatchewan we have heard many lies of commission and of omission told to northerners by medical personnel. Here is a list, not necessarily in any order or in importance because it is impossible to know what damage a medical lie does.

 LIE: Only Indians get diabetes.
 FACT: Although natives involved in alcoholism  have a propensity for diabetes so do poor blacks. It would seem more realistic to state people on welfare get diabetes but anybody rich or poor could get it.. 

LIE: You can’t have a child after 40 years
FACT: What does CAN’T mean ? You’re not let ( not allowed) or its physically impossible? Many people throughout history and present day have given birth past 40. No one has a right to stop people’s fertility.

LIE: White people accept administered death and do not want to live to be a hundred. When I mentioned that we went to a birthday party for a lady who turned 100 natives were in shock that the lady was white.
FACT: Some people love death and want to impose their hatred of life on others. These people are often manipulators, deceivers and liars.

LIE: There is a really fast Lou Gehrig Disease. People often die within a week after being diagnosed.
FACT: The medical books state that Lou Gehrig or ALS can cause death after 2 to 5 years. No one heard of this fast track until the death gurus started talking about lethal doses for such patients. Some people may be wrongly diagnosed with this disease so they can be killed. A person killed within a week doesn’t have an opportunity  for a second opinion or a prayer for  healing.

LIE: You can only have two C- sections then you have to have your tubes tied.
FACT: What does can’t mean? Not let or its physically impossible? Mrs. Bobby ( Betty) Kennedy had eleven c- sections in the 1950's. Surely medical care has kept up or improved since then. Many women in Sask. have had more than 2 c-sections.

LIE: Your grandfather (, grandmother, mother et c.) died peacefully in the night due to natural causes.
FACT: What may have happened that after depriving your loved one of food then of water the staff gave him a strong dose of morphine to kill him. This is a very common practice in many places among many ethnic and economic groups.

LIE: It is legal to help people die.
FACT: No such law has been passed in Canada although many people especially in Quebec have been killed .  Some medical personnel want us to pass the Assisted Dying Bill to cover up and retroactively make legal what they have been doing illegally. They call it “ having the law in line with the practice.” They used this one to justify legalising abortion.  What must be done is have the practice in line with the law. Many many people are being murdered in Canadian hospitals.

LIE: Assisted dying laws are inevitable and are being passed all over the world.
FACT: In Connecticut, U.S. A. for 3 years there has been assisted suicide bills and each year they are defeated by a wider and wider margin.

In Great Britain, or United Kingdom, our mother country, an assisted dying bill was defeated by 330 against and 115 for.

LIE: No one is ever prosecuted for assisted suicide.
FACT: The doctor of Michael Jackson is in prison for 21 years because he helped him die. In the Criminal Code of Canada euthanasia is still homicide.

This is not a complete list of lies.  By the way the NDP , the pro- marijuana, pro- abortion party was defeated tonight. Gay

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Empty Corridors Where Murder Stalks

Contact: Gay Caswell 306-758-2041
April 18, 2016
    On Thursday, April 14, we were eating a fine meal at Al’s Place, Stoney Rapids and watching CBC. We saw Naziism on Canadian Soil. But it wasn’t called that. It was the evening news and it was called A DIVISIVE BILL. Then we heard how moderate , how necessary, and how inevitable the Assisted Dying Bill was. Then Peter Mansbridge showed us “how it works.” We watched the hand of one living person collapse into the hand of a dying person over and over. We saw evidence of a series of many  murders occurring in a Quebec Hospital.  This was  murder by God’s definition and by Canadian law. No one was arrested.

    Canada has NOT legalised euthanasia NOR assisted suicide. Their legalisation is NOT inevitable nor necessary.  The province of  Quebec has passed such a law. The Supreme Court has made a decision that it’s implementation must  be postponed until June 06. This is not June 06 or past ,yet there has been mass  murders in Quebec hospitals for months including the ones we saw on CBC.  Quebec is a province. It cannot change the Criminal Code of Canada. Criminal Law is federal jurisdiction and has been at least since Confederation . The present law in Canada is EUTHANASIA IS  HOMICIDE. That can continue to be the law of Canada because the will of Canadians want it as such.

     The Supreme Court nor the provincial legislature of Quebec cannot change that, but we can stop the Supreme Court .                                
             How ?
         1.By refusing to cooperate in any way .
        2. By having one or more Members of Parliament say No at First Reading, thus stopping any Assisted Dying Bill from even being tabled. We call it pulling an 'Elijah Harper."
        3. By invoking the Notwithstanding Clause that is entrenched in the Constitution.  A simple bill that states, Notwithstanding the Supreme Court decision there will be no changes concerning euthanasia and suicide in the Criminal Code, will suffice..

    The murder of the hospitalised  victim was done alone yet in a very public place. There was no priest for last rites, not one  family member. No one to hold her hand . No gathering to sit in silence nor say the rosary. It was an isolated, degraded and violent death,

    The patient supposedly gave her consent three times . What proof and under what conditions of duress ? She supposedly told the doctor who was also  her murderer. IF A PERSON IS WILLING TO KILL, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE IS NOT WILLING TO LIE?
    Father Le Blanc told us that as chaplin at Victoria Hospital he was not allowed to visit the maternity ward. Why? Because the hospital was afraid that he would influence the patients away from sterilisation and abortion.  Under Assisted Dying there will be no family and community members present, no priest nor pastor, no crucifix on the wall nor rosary at the bedside . These will not be allowed because they will be deemed as interfering with the patients’ choice.  The only choice that will be allowed is the coercion of death.

    NOTWITHSTANDING the death march, Canada can choose life.  Gay