Friday, November 20, 2015

Government: Biggest Racketeer Going.


    Salinger, Premier of Manitoba, has made the government position on marijuana very clear. Marijuana is about more money for the government. He says if marjuana is legal he wants it sold in liquor board stores. Once again the government gets to be the biggest racketeer going. Gambling is bad, but if the governmnet does it , its okey.  Killing is bad and exploiting women is bad but if the government brutally aborts babies, physically and psychologically harming women its okey. Suicide is bad but if its done with the help of medicare its therapy.

    No one is seriously looking at the harmful effects of marijuana. Yet they have been known for a long time. The mission was given boxes of Readers Digests from the 70's and 80's. In every way they were superior to todays’ issues. They had many documented stories of dangers of marijuana. Why the silence now? There was a very effective poster sent to Reserve Health Clinics 20 years ago on the effects of marijuana to various parts of the body. Why no posters or pamphlets about marijuana in clinics now? The product hasn’t got safer. The human body hasn’t changed. But the censorship of the truth of pot has become almost total.

    It is very easy to determine the harmful effects of marijuana. Just visit northern Saskatchewan long enough to really listen to what people are suffering.  Northern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate per capita than anywhere else in Canada. How come? For forty years the DNS gurus made drugs not only legal but virtually mandatory.  The police weren’t chalking up crime rates over people toking up.  Last year there were 65 murders. That’s not counting the murders that were dismissed as suicides or the ones done by staff in hospitals.

    Mark Romanow of Youth Services in La Ronge for twenty years has been telling people that marijuana causes violence including murders yet people still persist in believing that pot makes one peaceful and loving and full of flower power.

    Once marijuana becomes legal the government will never seriously reexamine its harmful effects because it will have a vested financial interest in keeping the cash flowing through taxes and their very own drugs and booze joints.  There will have to be more police more mental health services, more costs of  vehicle and industrial accidents, more children in foster homes and more people on welfare instead of working. In the long run the cost of legalising marijuana will far out weigh the boost to government coffers.  Not only do people like Salinger and Justin have a death wish , they are in a compulsive hurry to destroy us and this country.  Not only does Justin have a passion for assisted suicide he wants to assist Canada and the Family into suicide.

    Marijuana kills. It kills your conscience. It kills your thinking process. It kills compassion. It kills your body’s functions includig reproduction.  It leads people to depression and suicide even without help.   Stop, think, examine the evidence. Stop the rush to legalise poison.  Gay

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Excommunicate Justin Trudeau

Nov.16, 2015

    On May 14, 1969  Pierre Trudeau began his career as Prime Minister. His first bill was the Omnibus Bill that decriminalised homosexuality, made divorce legal, legalised contraception , sterilisation and abortion. One cabinet minister, Paul Martin Sr. resigned because as a Catholic he could not support legalised abortion. All those things in that bill were contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, a Faith held at that time by most Canadians.  All these things are still contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

    Pierre Trudeau went on to liberalise abortion more and more. Hospital committees were rubber stamping abortion and sterilisations.  The hospital committees were disbanded for the charade that they were. Abortion on demand became the reality.  Trudeau was pressured by an abortionist in Montreal, Mr. Morgentaler, a fraud doctor who had had three years of medical school.  Morgentaler wrote him a letter, preserved and exposed in MACLEAN’S magazine., that stated Trudeau was to get him out of jail because his cabinet ministers were using his clinic for their mistresses and his cousin, Dr. Trudeau was referring patients to his clinic. In short Morgentaler was blackmailing Trudeau to continue support  of his abortuary.
    Many, many times Trudeau acted outside of democracy and outside the House of Commons. He used government by fiat: much like a Yul  Brinner in THE KING AND I: “ So let it be said!. So let it be done!” These were called Orders in Council. That is how Canada got rid of the death penalty, a move which greatly increased murders and other crimes.

    Millions and millions of lives of Canadians would have been saved and many souls would have been saved if the Catholic Church in Canada had excommunicated Pierre Trudeau immediately after the Omnibus Bill. The Church leadership  did not move. It did not particularly lead the protest against abortion although many Catholic lay  people did take up the fight . The Catholic Women’s League presented a petition of a million names against abortion.

    This week his son Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau ( aka Junior ) made public, orders that his appointed Minister of Health was to draw up guidelines for Assisted Suicide. There is a Chairman and Committee in place to conduct public hearings on the issue in the wake of the Supreme Court Decision. If it had not been for Pierre Trudeau the Supreme Court would have never had the power to make any such decision.  Junior has totally sidestepped the public, the hearings and Parliament . He has said before he ever warmed his chair on the government side of the House of Commons that there will be Assisted Suicide whether Parliament or the Canadian people like it or not.
    Then after letting the media, us and his Cabinet Minister know what is the Will of the State in the best Louis XIV tradition “ L’ Etat, c’est moi.” he is bouncing off to the International Scene to wow others with his looks and his pot eyes.

    Junior has already made his International mark.  Stephen Harper was a leader in the fight against ISIS, the Muslim Terrorists . Since Harper was defeated and Trudeau became PM with a promise to end defence tactics against Terrorist Extremists, the ISIS have become more bold and more bloody. There has been 6 terrorist acts in Paris killing hundreds of civilians. ISIS knew which Prime Minister they wanted and they got him

        The Catholic Church in Canada has an opportunity to correct an error made on a Trudeau in 1969. It is time to tell Junior, withdraw moves towards Assisted Suicide immediately or be excommunicated.     Gay

Friday, November 13, 2015

Boys and Men are missing, used, and murdered too.

Nov. 13, 2015

    The Charter of Freedoms and Rights states that all rights “SHALL EQUALLY APPLY TO WOMEN AS WELL AS MEN.” Axiomatically that means both men and women have a right to life and to justice.  It is unconstitutional to have an inquiry on missing females without an inquiry on missing males.
    I am deliberately using real names because I want real found people and/ or at least real information.
    Junior ( Albert)  Swanson of Peepeekesis Reserve was a nine year old good friend of mine. I was 18 and on a Summer of Service Project  when I first met him. We would read poetry together. When he walked to school big boys would rape him. He then liked to stay at home and play with the girls. He was pushed into a so called sex change operation and went off to Vancouver. That was the last I heard of him. It is not likely that he became a writer of literature teacher. The likely prognosis is he became a prostitute . He was sexually mutilated over 40 years ago. The operation was unheard of and morally unthinkable to most people at that time. As in many things, doctors and social engineers were practising on natives long before a procedure became public and pervasive as it is today.

    My niece  Pauline James was treaty, beautiful and dark. Her father is a Salish Indian from the West Coast.  Her mother thought she was doing drugs. The mother received criticism and little other help. For at least twenty years no one had heard from her. Then Pauline contacted her mother. She had a daughter and a man in the United Kingdom. A month later her mother heard that she died allegedly of a blot clot. Now clearly there are many unanswered questions. Her untimely death may have been convenient for someone or some people who did not want too much information to come back to us and to Canada.

         Why is it now fashionable to be concerned about Pauline James but it has never been and is not fashionable to be concerned about Junior Swanson?

    A real inquiry would expose a great many evils such as:

 1. The abuse of children on reserves and reserve schools run not by a Church but by an Indian band.

2. Acts of incest and sexual abuse in homes and foster homes not by dead nuns and priests who can’t defend themselves but by people who will want due process in law.
3. The sex trade connected to Casinos run by Indian bands.

4. The number of murders that are dismissed as suicides and the increase of suicides and fake suicides since the Supreme Court declared assisted suicide is fine.

5. The growing trade of boy prostitutes and catamites.  A catamite is a boy kept for homosexual purposes. Socrates had one.

    The natural reaction to this list is that the things I mention happen in “ white” homes, communities, and schools as well so it is unfair to point out native homes, businesses and schools. To this opinion, I totally agree. It is unfair. It is as unfair as to be concerned about people of one colour and one sex who go missing and to ignore other missing people.  If we concentrate on the importance of human life and the evil of using and killing humans it becomes an issue for everybody. It does not lend itself to expensive conferences with access to casinos, drugs and prostitutes or to government pay outs to a group of people, some of whom may have been perpetrators , not victims. Gay

Monday, November 9, 2015

Women Clergy. Bin There-Endured That

Nov.09, 15
    In the 4th. Century of Christianity a heresy began called Arianism. Eventually three- fourths of the bishops were Arianists. Yet this heresy was stopped and the truth of Christianity reasserted itself. How did this false teaching and practice stop? For two reasons: The pope was not an Arian. The faithful, the lay people were opposed to it and would not succumb to the direction of the bishops. A bishop or an archbishop has authority in his diocese or archdiocese but he does not have authority to change, alter or suppress church teaching.  He does not have the authority to lead the faithful out of the Catholic Church.
The Church has not approved of women clergy. Therefore a bishop cannot approve a woman clergy or should not take steps to give women the authority of a priest by any other name.
In our two decades of being Catholic we have endured two situations where a woman was or is functionally the head of the diocese or of two parishes.
This creates obvious problems.:

1. The Church becomes a female activity. This happens in all denominations which have women clergy. The men simply do not want to buckle under to female leadership or compete with a woman. They drop out and so do boys. In Southend Confirmation class there was only one boy and about six girls. The nun prefers young women as functionaries.

2. Men are to be the spiritual leader of the home. A woman church leader does not encourage or reinforce that role.

3. Since the woman leader acting as a pastor does not have real priestly authority many things are a threat to her power that a priest would ignore.  She expects us to hand over our property including our vehicle and get lost because she prefers another couple as “ spiritual directors” in Brabant Lake. Note: We have never claimed any such title. We are lay missionaries who have a private school . Brabant Lake is our one and only home. Southend is our parish.

4. It denigrates the Mass. A woman CANNOT perform a Mass but if Sunday after Sunday she stands at the altar and passes out consecrated wafers when a priest does come and perform a Mass the proper reverence and meaning is lost.

5. Many people commit the sin of receiving Communion unworthily. They are confused. The woman leader cannot hear Confessions and give Absolution but she is willing to hand out Communion to those who may be in mortal sin. The reality of Sin is down graded. Thus the need for Confession is downgraded. Communion just becomes a community club symbol.

6. Other truths of the Catholic faith are downgraded. The woman “ pastor” is acting outside of Church Authority . So why not have differing opinions on abortion, homosexual liasons,  euthanasia or the Actual Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

7. Women lose their role as a primary example of service and nurturing as they strive for position and power.  The woman may see her “ pastoring “ as a service but it leads her and other women to emphasise position over caring.

8. Women are often guilty of leadership by manipulation. Since they have only the power they can garner and not real Authority they use such tactics as answering e- mails and letters with their twist. Men like to be gentlemen and not confront women especially as to how they treat other women. Thus women are often abused by so called women “ pastors” and by the bishops who encourage them.  Gay

Saturday, November 7, 2015



    While the Socialists were creating a fantasy Peoples’ Republic of Northern Saskatchewan the Church stepped in line with a Northern Church. It served the same purpose as the National Church in China or the Constitutional Church at the time of the French Revolution.  Tenants of Catholicism were put aside and placed with a political agenda. The Left ruled , therefore the Left( or Liberal ) Church ruled. The Governing Political Rulers were over the Church. Catholic Education had to go. Northern Lights School Division admitted bluntly to Regina ( Sask Government) that they were created to eradicate Catholic Education. Catholic Donors have been told the same. Therefore they were to understand that L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord could not exist. In the main Regina and Le Pas, Chancery Office willingly complied.  It apparently was and is understood that the Constitution of Canada, Church Authority and Canon Law are totally irrelevant.

I. Catholics have a right to the Mass and the Sacraments. Only a Priest: male, trained and ordained can perform a Mass or administer the Sacraments, except in an emergency baptism, Sometimes there is a shortage of priests but this cannot be used as an excuse to create a shortage by coercion, and threats. Lay people and nuns cannot replace a priest. No priest or bishop has a right to tell them otherwise or transfer priestly  authority outside of Church Law.

II. Catholics have a right to Catholic Education. The argument is made that the taxpayer can’t afford to maintain two school systems. Many communities are in the majority if not totally Catholic but they don’t have Catholic books, Catholic resources,and Catholic Culture because there is not an avenue to help them.  Our Lady of the North School receives no tax money yet a great deal of tax money is used to attack it and to attempt to duplicate its free services .

III.. Catholics have a right to know Church teaching , that is Authoritative and not the preference of anyone including a bishop. A brief list:

1. Contraception, sterilisation  and abortion are wrong. Voting for a party or candidate who advocates abortion is wrong.

2. Suicide and assisted suicide are wrong. Suicide is murder of oneself. Helping one to commit suicide is murder. Voting for a party or candidate who advocates these things is wrong.

3. Euthanasia is murder. Killing the weak, sick and elderly is a particularly cruel murder.

4. Same sex “ marriage “ is not marriage and is not moral. Helping such a liason is wrong.

IV. Catholics have a right to privacy especially in their communication with clergy. If a priest passes on what is said in the Confessional he is automatically excommunicated. Spying, tapping phone calls and home conversations is illegal and especially disgusting when done by a priest or relative.

V. It is a sin to be racist. It undermines the dignity of the person, destroys the conomic, social and spiritual aspects of a community or a country. Holding a pale skin person in contempt or excluding him from employment and community events is as bad as a “white “ person doing that to a dark skin person. Racism must not have any place in the Church.

This is for starters.  Gay .

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spying and the New Nice

St. Martin de Porres,

    In 2001 Fr. Lemay asked John and I to go to a Conference in La Ronge on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. He obviously was bothered about something. Of course we went. We were 4 years old Catholics but had heard blow by blow descriptions of the awful trends in the Church for thirty years. Fr. Ravenscroft, the Vicar General from Le Pase  and Sr. Anne Lewans were moving things around in the sanctuary and arranging chairs in a falsetto chummy circle complete with flow chart in the hall. Fr. Ravenscroft immediately hit that we were the Old Guard that must be nullified. He talked about old people claring at us who went to Masses at All Souls  when everything was black and miserable. Now its light and joy.  At the meeting he emphatically stated that there are NO MORE PRIESTS and lay people must be trained to have services. It didn’t say there is difficulty finding priests. He said that the day of priests were gone. I went into the sanctuary and wept . If I had known what else we’d endure I would have wept harder.

    In 2002 we took about a third of our village to World Youth Day in Toronto. At Wawa, Ontario we were having a great time eating home- made baking and visiting. The party spirit ended by a lady who had been very jolly to us telling us that we had to leave. Fr. Ravencroft had talked to her. In a Mass I was lined up for Confession and visiting with a girl from Romania. Fr. Ravenscroft went up to the presider and told him to end Confession and start the Mass just before  it was my turn. He was tracking us through our entire journey.
    A few years later we heard Fr. Ravenscroft left the priesthood “to marry” a man.

    In 2003 our son Joshua  went off to Chicago with all his possessions in an army tote bag to become a priest.  In 2005 his old brother Nathan joined him. In 2014 both were ordained priests by Cardinal George in the historic St. John Cantius Church. Seventeen people from Saskatchewan attended the event.  They are the first priests ever from the Mission Diocese of Keewatin- Le Pas. No one from the Chancery office in Le Pas was there.  On at least four occasions from the pulpit of our home parish in Southend it was stated that these two were not “ from their own” in the archdiocese. Joshua and his younger brother served at that altar with Fr. LeMay for years.

    Meanwhile our daughter, Sr.Mary Judith was teaching at a black Catholic School. She never hid her beliefs in Catholic morality , nor did it occur to her that she should. She was asked to leave because her views on same sex liasons were consistent with the Catholic Church.

    On Oct. 20 the Bishop from Le Pas phoned me at my request because I wanted an acknowledgement of his receiving  a lengthy letter that I wrote . He ridiculed me based on spying that a priest visiting in our home did for them.  He jeered about the persecution of our daughter over her views on same sex mockery of marriage.  He stressed that I was “ not nice”, which apparently is the newest capital sin . I could almost take his insults and his sneers until he got to our daughter’s commitment to Catholic Truth. Thus three bishops later Fr.Ravenscroft’s lifestyle is nice And I am definitely not.     Gay

P.S. The English didn’t think St. Joan of Arc was nice, either, Gay

Friday, October 30, 2015

How the Anti- Church uses Natives


    St.John Paul II warned us of a great conflict in the Church between the Church and the anti- Church.  These words are similar to the Popes in history and the anti- Popes who set themselves up as rivals in authority.  The modern day split is often called Liberal Catholics and Conservative or Orthodox  Catholics although this is inadequate and often misused. The key issue is do people, clergy or lay people accept the authority of the Bible , Church Tradition and Rome. These three are not incompatible. The Catechism of the Catholic Church constantly backs up its statements by Biblical references.

    There is no issue dearer to the heart of the anti- Church than obtaining female clergy followed by practising  homosexual clergy. To create a forum to argue the need for alternate clergy  once again Northerners and natives are used and abused.  Priests are deliberately driven away from the North. Evidence? Sure. We used to have priests from all over to come to summer camps. Bishop Sutten and Fr. LeMay never opposed us. Fr. LeMay warmly welcomed them and was glad of their company. Then another priest came who did not recognise us as parishioners but refused to let us have any priests even though he did not have the authority.

    We raised funds to bring in a priest from Manitoba who happened to be an exorcist and who had been  here before. The Southend priest phoned him and absolutely refused to let him come on our private property and told people not to come to our camps which they had been doing for ten years.. When we asked him what he was doing? He yelled at us “ And you even brought in an American!!!”

    As publicly known ,the Vicar General would not let our son, Fr. Joshua  say Mass in Southend where he had served under Fr. LeMay and at La Ronge where we had entered the Catholic Church. John Caswell thought it a victory that he even managed to say Mass in Brabant Lake.

    Exorcists are especially despised by so called “ native spirituality” advocates. We were denied the right to have another priest who is an exorcist as we arranged an anti- New Age Conference. There is no more obvious proof of the demonic spiritualityof this New -Age with- Feathers crowd than their horror and hatred of exorcists.

    Meanwhile “ Sunday Celebrations” are used to promote lay replacement of clergy and the Sacraments with lay people, usually women. Some Natives communities throughout Saskatchewan are given nuns to replace priests even though there may be priests blocks away in urban settings or in travelling distance away in a rural setting.  I know of no non- native community with a nun attempting to replace a priest .    So called “ native spirituality” is used to adulterate then replace Christianity. Then nuns and lay people are used “to meet their spiritual needs” . Thus natives , against their wishes, are manipulated  to advance the cause of women clergy and the dissolution of the Sacraments. This is racist, cruel, dishonest and anti- Christian.

    Christianity is about “ setting the captives free.”  Jesus is the liberator. The tools are the Bible, Church Authority and the Sacraments where a priest: male, trained and ordained, in the name of Jesus, acts.
    John and I spend so much time trying to bring in priests because priests bring us Jesus in the Eucharist and in the Sacraments. Many nuns likewise are trying to help, not replace, priests.  Gay