Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Court: Dangerous and Out of Control

April 22,2015

    Every second day the Supreme Court has given us another “judgement” to continue to reshape Canada in its own image or at least in the image of the present Liberal Party which is essentially the same thing.

    Religous freedom especially freedom to express, teach, act on Christian convictions is to be outlawed. If you repudiate your own former lifestyle as sinful. criminal and exploitative you must keep quiet about it if that former lifestyle involved homosexual acts. If your conversion story and present evangelisation may offend others who are still involved in the lifestyle you will be fined and fined heavily.  How does this differ from those former  Moslems who are persecuted because they convert to Christianity other than minus the beheadings?

     The Supreme Court expects every legislative body at any level to be exempt from religious expression. It states one must be “ neutral” which means one must assume the non- existence of God, Divine Providence, Our Father. A disgruntled councilor in a local Quebec council did not like the prayer before deliberations  An obvious solution is he could come five minutes late .But that wouldn’t have given the  Court. an excuse to force people to deny their own Faith and the Faith of their Fathers.

    The Saskatchewan government immediately stated that the prayer at the beginning of the day’s deliberations would continue. It is highly recommended that every judgement , every where , about anything be treated in the same way until the Court goes back to responsible behaviour . How can one do this? Firstly what powers does the Court have to enforce their nonsense? I have not heard that internment camps for people who lack compliance are in operation...yet. Nor are there special police forces to round up people who pray in public or read Bible verses that offend...yet. 

    A legislative body can preface every bill by “Notwithstanding the Charter “ and every five years on a slow Friday morning it can renew the Notwithstanding clause on all legislation passed five years ago. If there is legislation that clearly violates human rights such as the former so called hate laws , it can be deleted or amended by parliamentary procedure. Canadian democratic traditions clearly were and are sufficient to maintain a free and responsible country.

    There is no possible way that the deluge of  judgement coming down from the Court could have been created and issued with meaningful public input and debate.  Most people do not know what the issues are before the Court  and do not have the authority, finances or legal representation to present their knowledge and convictions. The whole procedure is very much orchestrated against the public. It is designed to push what would never be passed by elected officials

    Judgements that claim to help victims or potential victims really are designed to protect vice and criminals, including international crime cartels. Giving drug addicts centres and supplies give drug dealers easy and known access to their market. Drug use is made acceptable and expands the international drug business. Allowing  medical use of marijuana expands the marijuana market and all other drug markets. It also assumes that there is medical validity to marijuana. There is no medical justification for pot and much known research to prove that marijuana creates mental illness, causes birth defects on children and grandchildren of users, causes serious lung diseases, breaks down the immune system making other illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, and  diabetes including glaucoma worse.

    Likewise the Court’s  insistence on centres to house the prostitution trade helps the pimps and the customers but  makes the prostitutes more vulnerable as their exploitation would be subsidised and given government approval.  The Federal government deflected some but not all the harm of this judgement.

    And if someone steals, rapes or tortures at gun point, the fact that the criminal is using a gun won’t affect his court time so says the Supreme Court. Enough already. Gay

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Protecting Canada from Dictatorship

April 16,2015

    Alex Schadenberg of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition wants a Royal Commission on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.  He also wants the Notwithstanding Clause invoked to defend the Criminal Code defining Euthanasia as Homicide as it still does. When he went to the Supreme Court in the Carter Case he said that Parliament not The Supreme Court should decide such issues.

     There is the compelling issue. The Supreme Court must be forced back into the limited authority it held prior to 1982 and Parliament must be the supreme legislative body. A handful of socialists knowing that the electorate would never accept their agenda  gave the Supreme Court the power to turn the Dominion of Canada into a dictatorship of eleven appointed for life lawyers cum judges. To date the judges have ruled without legal tradition, against basic logic and against the Canadian Bill of Rights, the written words of the Charter of Rights and four hundred years of Christian culture.

    The Court’s decision to attempt to impose Assisted Suicide on Canadian people is their worst act to date  and the most blatant example of why they must be stopped.

Their direction was set with the imaginary and false right to same sex unions to be called “marriage”. It was quickly followed by the decision that a person does not have a right to repudiate his former lifestyle and does not have a right to photocopy and distribute what a group has published, even when that group is advertising for illegal activity, in this case statutory rape.

    One recent decision that has been ignored is the decision that Canadian soldiers coming back from duty must have a right to marijuana for battle fatigue. Like most Canadians I know nothing about the lifestyles, habits or expertise of the judges but maybe it is time that thorough research on them should be  done. We do know that the head judge was living common- law when when she ruled that shack -ups should be treated like marriage. It is likely that not one judge making that decision is a medical expert on the psychological and physical damage of marijuana use. The public was not aware of the pending decision . No anti- marijuana experts with money, lawyers and a public organisation had any input into the decision.  Marijuana users themselves are the most deluded group about this deceptive drug. It is a legitimate question to ask if these people were or are pot users? There are many other similar legitimate questions that point to conflict- of- interest issues.

    Recently the Supreme Court ruled against a Saskatchewan labour bill. Maybe some like that ruling. The provincial government that was elected by the majority of people in that province, does  not . So what was wrong with battling out issues the old way: a government is elected, if it makes unpopular decisions people can vote them out and new laws can be made. It’s called democracy. The Supreme Court as Supreme Rulers are absurd and are going in the direction of dictatorial thugs. We can and must restore Canada for the protection of us all. Gay

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice and selfishness

March 31, 2015
Holy Tuesday,
    There is one disciple who betrayed Jesus. Judas Iscariot regretted what he had done and hung himself.  There is one disciple who denied Jesus. Peter repented, shed many tears of remorse and went on to be the first Pope. Suicide is the ultimate act of cowardice and selfishness. It is murder of oneself. Assisted suicide is murder with more than one person involved. Obviously, one cannot undo the act. One faces his Creator in a state of mortal sin.

    In the newspaper INDIAN LIFE, March - April 2015 Adalee Russell gives her personal testimony “My Story, Beauty for Ashes.” These are the actual words of the picture caption. “ My father didn’t  want me. He told me so. He made me feel unloved and worthless. Later in my teen years things got worse: More dad’s angry, drunken rampages. I spent so many nights huddled in the corner of my room, in the dark, in tears. Then on Sept.1, 2013, my dad pulled a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He killed himself, abandoning my mother, brothers and I , and hurtling us into a world of hurt and uncertainty.”

Note. Her father did many harmful things but the worse was that he killed himself. All members of his family are victims of the act. The pain will last a life time.  If the story changed that her father went to a doctor and got help killing himself would that have been better? Of course not. Her family would have been betrayed and abandoned not only by the father but by the medical personnel and establishment of her country, by the educated elite, the law makers and the legal system.

A large extended family that I have known for decades have gone through many difficulties but by far the worse thing that has happened according to them was that a grandson killed himself.  Similar situations are experienced by many families. How could the members of the Supreme Court,  Trudeau Junior and others have escaped this reality?

How could Perry Bellgarde and other Professional Indians keep silent over such an obvious threat to native people?  How could they have escaped the reality of families and communities  already suffering from suicides and murders masking as suicides?

The  very fact that the highest court in our country has tabled an opinion that suicide is acceptable and a positive choice will have already generated suicides and murders. If the Supreme Court says its okey why should a person in confusion and teetering on despair not take his life, or the life of another? The Sask. College of Physicians and Surgeons has added strength to suicidal acts and murder of others by treating the opinion as law.

Many sick and elderly people are already scared to go to a hospital or nursing home for fear that they will be killed. Their fears are legitimate and growing.

A public hearing that focuses on the pros and cons of assisted suicide will add fuel to this death fire.  It makes the unthinkable, thinkable. Murder becomes a public debate, an academic discussion, a legitimate option.  One needs a serious , expansive research and public hearings on how to curb the power and authority of the Supreme Court.  It has become a clear and present danger to our democracy, our country, our inalienable rights and our lives.  Gay

Sunday, March 22, 2015

No Choice in the Death of Logic

March 22, 2015

    It is assumed that within the Chamber of the Supreme Court of Canada there is a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the back and above the heads of the nine sitting judges. Given the recent decisions of that once august body a more appropriate showing would be pictures of Hegel , Marx, and Sartre. 

Sartre, an Existential Philosopher concluded that it makes no difference if a person chooses to help an old lady across the street or chooses to bash her over the head with a brick. Since there are no moral absolutes one simply has personal choices. There is only actualisation. What one actualises or chooses is only to be judged by personal preference.  This conclusion was inevitable once secular philosophy embraced Hegelianism with its dialectical theology.

Traditional Logic states A cannot be Non- A. Non- A cannot be A.  An apple cannot be a non- apple. Right cannot be wrong. Good, in itself, cannot be bad. This does not exclude the possibility of better or poor choices depending on the situation because the choices are to be judged according to moral absolutes such as Life or Honesty.

Hegel stated that there is something else. A dialectic is made between A and non- A which leads to another A or A1 which in turn leads to a dialectic between A1 and non- A1 giving rise ( or fall) to A2 which creates a dialectic of A3 and so on.

The best and most understandable explanation of this is found in a small, readable book, ESCAPE FROM REASON by Francis Schaeffer Sr.published about 1969 available from Amazon for a few dollars.

 This unproven and illogical new- logic was used by Karl Marx to develop the theory of Dialectical Materialism.  Dialectical Materialism states that there are no moral absolutes except, according to Marx , to make the Revolution. Thus one can vilify one’s opponents, state the most outrageous lies because he may oppose “ progress” to the worker’s paradise. Millions have been slaughtered in the rational of this philosophy in Russia, Cambodia, Viet Nam et c.

The approximate age of a Supreme Court Judge would be post 60's . They would have gone to University when Hegel’s dialectic was no longer debated but was accepted as the new Absolute. The reigning philosophy on all Canadian secular campuses was and unfortunately still is, “THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE EXCEPT THAT THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE.”  The death of Logic and of Reason is the Culture of Death.

Ergo, a former homosexual is fined heavily for exposing  the promotion of criminal behaviour of sexual abuse of minors

Drug addics are merely “ actualising “ their choice of a destructive lifestyle that includes theft, violence, self- imposed illness and death. The Canadian taxpayer must permit and pay for their choice.

Prostitution controllers and customers are exercising choice, a choice that enslaves young males andd females giving them little choice. The Canadian taxpayer must permit and pay for this choice according to the confused Court. The Tory government deflected much of the harm of this ruling.  But why must the Elected be forced to only React to rulings rather than legislate according to the authority given to them by 35 million Canadians?

The traditional symbol of the medical profession is a snake held up on a cross. When a plague raged among the Israelites Moses held up a gold snake on a cross. Whoever would look at the cross would live just as there is spiritual and living life in Christ and the Cross. According to the new ruling (not in effect yet) a more appropriate symbol would be an old lady who may be helped or murdered by the Choice of an actualising  person stronger than she.

The ruling would expand the choice of those stronger, with more “pouvoir”( power, wealth, authority) but would kill choice for the weaker, confused, and exploited . Sartre’s old lady wanted to cross the street. There is no room for her choice in the Culture of Death.  Gay

Monday, March 16, 2015

Eleven Culture of Death Gurus vs 35 Million Canadians

March 16, 2015
The anniversary of the death of St. Jean de Brebeuf

    For well over 115 years the people of Canada had the final say in how their country should be run. They elected people in territorial, provincial,and federal legislative bodies and those people passed laws..Parliament was supreme. Then in 1982 socialists Trudeau (Sr.) Chretien and Romanow devised a scheme to give massive powers to the Supreme Court. Then Premier Allen Blakeney was troubled by this move and said he would not support their programme unless there was a Notwithstanding clause, that is the elected could state despite the Charter ...and overturn decisions of the Supreme Court.

Whatever  your  views on the late Allen Blakeney (and Hansard has many pages indicating mine were very negative) we all should be very grateful for his insight and courage to stand up to his fellow socialists to save democracy in his and our country.

At first it was not apparent what had happened. Judges, lawyers and the Supreme Court were still steeped in traditional views of law.  Then a new trend arose. A country could be reshaped, or even destroyed by nine unelected, unaccountable tenured people who wished to impose their philosophy not legal logic on the rest of us. It was 11 vs. 35 million people and the 11 appeared to be winning.

They have the philosophy that no one should be made accountable for their decisions, weaknesses, vices, criminal acts or destructive habits. The government, that is the tax payers, that is you and I must accomodate, protect and pay for other people’s destructive behaviour. Peoples right to freedom of expression, conscience and religion is secondary to the imaginary right to make harmful decisions and not face the consequences of those decisions. A few examples.

1.No parliamentary body passed a law that redefined marriage so that the definition,  purpose and nature of marriage could legally include two people of the same sex. Parliament passed a law to protect the proper definition of marriage. Then the Supreme Court decided that there is within the Charter a right to same sex “marriage”. There is no such right implicitly or explicitly stated. It states that everything in the Charter would equally apply to men and women. That means both males and females have the right to life, due process, freedom of religion et c. It does not mean that males and females are now to be treated as if no differences exist. The Liberals were in power and immediately passed a law consistent with the Supreme court decision.  They didn’t have to write or pass such a law . They knew that they could use the decision to do what they wanted to do anyway. The Liberal convention had buttons stating “ It’s in the Charter, Stupid.” Thus began the hype that if you didn’t buckle down to the 11 unelected bullies you were stupid.

2.Bill Whatcott is a Christian and professed former homosexual. He works at undoing some of the harm of his former life style. He distributed a sheet published by a homosexual newsletter that shows men and women were advertising for sex with minors( under 18 )and children.  He didn’t write or publish the page. He merely distributed it. The Supreme Court stated that he attacked a group protected by law and therefore had to pay a large sum to the alleged offended. The “ offended” are offended by their own publication? The publication was  advocating illegal activity. Mr.Whatcott just drew the activity to some people’s attention, a perfectly legal and commendable action.

3. The Supreme Court’s response to drug addicts was to state that the government had to set up centres so they could have free supplies to ply their habit and in many cases frug business. Diabetics have to pay for their own needles and other supplies. Drug users get them free  in their very own facilities according to the Supreme Court.

4. Prostitution is a dangerous, life threatening occupation that is plied by young boys and girls who are at the mercy of controllers and customers.  The Supreme Court response was to state that the taxpayer must fund facilties so the controllers, customers and oh yes those whose bodies are being used can have a clean, warm, available spot for their activities. The pioneer roadhouses are now to become modern day state businesses? 

5. No surprise on this one. The Supreme Court, the Eleven Culture of Death Gurus decided that the Right to Life is really the Right of Death and stated that doctors should help their patients die. The Supreme Court has blatently stated that they want Legalised Murder.
Enough .

 The Notwithstanding clause must be invoked while Parliament works to defang the unwarranted, absurd and evil power of eleven people who are mistaking themselves for not only the Voice of the People but for God.  Gay

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

La Ronge: Cocaine Capital

March 11, 2015
In Memory of my father, Eric Wallace White Sr., on his birthday

While we were in La Ronge for the Rekindle your Faith Retreat we passed out zip- lock bags of information. The contents included with some variations pro- life pamphlets, Morning Glory retreat manuals, holy cards and anti- marijuana information. We chose apartments and ran out after doing the apartments near Northlands College.

A week later I  received a phone call from Nortep according to the phone screen. An unidentified voice stated he was from Nortep and that there had been a lot of complaints  from students, staff and administration about the information that I had distributed.  He said Nortep has a policy of complete neutrality. If anyone wants information  they can seek out their own sources. He did not say on what specific issue: The Kof C picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Magnificat? Medical Evidence against Marijuana? The Connection between Breast Cancer and Abortion? Nor did he explain what is the rationale for a tax funded College if students are to seek out their own sources on what they want to know.

He said that they are going to put up No Soliciting signs and if I am there again I would be charged. The apartments were completely open with no security doors in operation. When I met anyone they were friendly and cooperative. I was not soliciting a vote, donation or selling anything or even inviting people to the Retreat.  I was only in the hall ways but they obviously had a large residue of drugs. Afterwards I had difficulty breathing and hearing , all too familar signs of a second hand drug experience.

The voice explained that all these apartments belong to Nortep. I said that it is very despicable for an educational establishment to practise censorship. He said that this was in the residence and not in the college so it wasn’t censorship. He hung up. I phoned back because I wanted to discuss the high level of drug usage and drug soliciting . There was no answer, no answering machine, no receptionist.

The voice had been all too familar. It sounded just like the voice of a well known cocaine user and distributer.

This person with that voice at the Prime Minister’s Opening of the Northlands Mining School was telling people to kick out John and I. We were there by invitation of Hon. Rob Clarke MP.

The person with that voice in 2012 had a telephone kangaroo court to order me to go to jail .
( I did not comply but went to the Prime Minister’s constituency Office in Calgary instead.)

The person with that voice was the main push in trying to kick us out of our home in 2008.

One of his customers agreed with me that this person “ had his fingerprints all over this one.”

If this guy is really on staff at Nortep then we have a very serious drug problem and anti- education problem at Northlands College in La Ronge.  Cocaine in the North pollutes mining, including uranium mining, education at all levels, and implodes the economy so one legitimate business after another is struggling to survive. Many don’t make it. More later. Gay

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is NOT a done deal!

March 5,2015
    The Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons has informed the public that they have by tomorrow to give their input on their guidelines which would deny doctors the right to have a conscience on the issue of killing their patients either through assisted suicide ...or other means. Suicide is murder of one self . Assisted suicide is an act of murder of the doctors and staff who help or push the person to kill himself. If it is done through medicare it is another means that the taxpayer must accept and pay for murder.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons is acting outside the law by drawing up guidelines on an activity that is defined in the Canadian Criminal Code as homicide. There is no law in Canada that legalises assisted suicide. Why have they created guidelines based on an illegal, unethical  and immoral practice?

THE SUPRME COURT OF CANADA DOES NOT PASS LAWS. It gives opinions on existing laws . The Parliament then can decide if it will go along with those opinions. If it is outrageous such as stating doctors have a right to kill their patients based on the Charter’s Right to Life obviously Parliament or any provincial or territorial legislative body should reject that. The simplest means is to pass a law that states “ Notwithstanding the Charter the Criminal Code
will not be change on the issue of euthanasia , suicide or assisted suicide.”

In Nazii Germany doctors led the way on eugenics based killing. Long before Hitler got into power they were teaching and practising killing the handicapt, elderly and undesirables.

When abortion was legalised by Trudeau Sr. in 1969 it was rationalised “that the law had to
change to  keep up with the practice. In other words: A lot of doctors are doing abortions;. therefore we have to make their illegal abortion practices legal by legalising abortion.” 

The College, notorious for their contempt for public opinion against abortion , forced sterilisation and parental rights is playing a political power game of pretending a law has been changed and their preferred practices are now legal.  They are clearly out of line. The fact that they would draw up guidelines..which were probably drawn up before the Supreme Court decision and then give the public a deadline to give input shows their lack of ethics and the brutality that has now replaced the Hippocratic Oath.

The Charter reiterates our inalienable right to Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press ( and other media). The College by their actions  has violated and wants to continue to violated all these rights .

There needs to be clear guidelines, policies and laws to protect the religious and conscience rights of medical, nursing and other health care STUDENTS. They need to be especially enforced on medical college entry interviews. These standards must continue throughout the students’ years and throughout employment.

Catholic Hospitals and Medical Services must have equal funding, restoration and expansion and must be allowed to be fully Catholic in all practices.

People must have the right to medical choice including private insurance, private doctors and private care outside of Medicare

The real role of the  Supreme Court must be made public. When they overstep logic, law, language and work to push us into an anti- culture of death and barbarism they must be stopped. Notwithstanding their arrogance and that of their  henchmen like the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Gay