Thursday, June 20, 2019

Let Mr. Diefenbaker Speak!

June 20, 2019

    In 1968, American B52's were doing simulated bombing raids over Saskatchewan skies. It was part of their war effort against the Communistic North Vietnam.  A student at the University of Saskatchewan was passing out leaflets in Marquis Hall,.protesting this activity. He gave one to Right Honourable John Diefenbaker, former Prime Minister .

    Mr. Diefenbaker, took it, looked at it and said “ I disagree with you but I’ll defend your right to do what you’re doing!.

    Thus was the view of the man who gave us the Diefenbaker Bill of Rights. Perhaps we should pause and review it. Diefenbaker was not giving us rights . He was listing the rights given to us by Almighty God. He made that abundantly clear.

    Because we are human and made in the Image and Likeness of God we have inalienable rights. No government, law, commission , bully can take them away from us. Everybody at least gave lip service to this. Even the Communist Party of Canada was forever ‘defending civil liberties ‘ if it suits their purposes. The Maoists ( Marxists - Leninists ) had another slogan : NO FREE SPEECH FOR FASCISTS !  And they would define who they were.
    In the continual arguments of the Left the Maoist have carried the field. That is the dictum behind the former Hate Laws which the Harper Government removed.

are all wiped out by hate laws.  The rationale is we don’t want “ to appear to be too right wing.” One instead wants to be in reality a Maoist?

    The issue is not to be Right or Left Wing. The issue is to be Right or Wrong. Hate laws are totalitarian, a licence to bully . Hate laws are WRONG.    Gay

Sunday, June 16, 2019

We need Equality Before the Law.

June 16,2019

    We have been told that the Trudeau government intends to give a dying shot to decadence and suppression by passing a bill censoring all mention of homosexuality unless slobberingly  endorsing their lifestyle.  Thus the concept of equality before the law will be destroyed.

    In the DNS reign of northern Saskatchewan XB to whom who I’m not suppose to mention by name became an obvious antagonist. I didn’t know why . I thought for sure that he must be pretending to be a lawyer. I encountered him because he was determined that nobody could live in northern Saskatchewan who was obviously pro- life, pro- conservative, pro- Christian. As part of his arsenal of persecution he made it understood that marijuana was considered legal ( 21 years before its legalisation becme law) if not mandatory.   No school, no health care practioner could say anything against marijuana or even other drugs.

    He launched a legal battle against us when we distributed 5000 pro- life newspapers. Of course he didn’t say what were the reasons. He jus said that I was to go to gaol ( his spelling ) . He was behind the fight to evict us from our home which was a public house.
I was told that I had to have a court by telephone when I said that a gangrene foot was making me ill. I picked up the phone and was told that I was going to jail and I couldn’t say anything. Why was not mentioned . I got off the phone while he was still talking and we headed for Calgary which was Prime Minister Harper’s riding.  First we sent a news release to tell what was happening.  It was budget speech in Ottawa so the Prime Minister was obviously not there but I talked to his staff as I did to Jason Kenney’s staff.

    We went home trailing blood and bile across Alberta and Saskatchewan.
I launched an appeal. With the help of the appeals Court staff I prepared a factum. It discussed at length the human rights violations. The court was in secret. No sign was given as to what was happening behind closed doors.  Without any mention of the contents in the brief the three judges ruled me Guilty . I immediately stated that I am appealing this to the Supreme Court.  No steps were given to me as to how.

    Meanwhile XB kept having court with himself and got a decision that I owed him $50,000. Since this came from no legal court that I had any input I naturally ignored it. Meanwhile a few months later the Conservative government of Stephen Harper eliminated the Hate Laws

    MACLEAN’S magazine had a headline. Canada returns to the True North Strong and  Free. No pro- life paper mentioned it as a victory/ Jim Hughs , liberal toady of Campaign Life Coalition called it a human rights roll back.

    Some years later I was talking to our son Daniel. I said to this day I have no idea on what basis XB thought he could put me in jail.  He said because of the hate laws. I was attacking a homosexual.

    I never knew that XB was a homosexual: a censoror , a drug user and drug pusher, a corrupter of children, a communist bully , yes. If he was a homosexual it was irrelevant and never mentioned by either side. We don’t go to the same parties, nor have common friends.   He however had many tools to bully and many contacts in Liberal and NDP circles.  He probably was up for a judgeship despite losing his license to practise law many times. It is not right to give XB and others rights and legal protection that others do not have. A truly just and inclusive society depends on Equality Before the Law.   Gay

Friday, June 14, 2019

Generous ,great, but we're hurting now.

June 14, 2019
    Our Lady of the North School and Mission have had two major thefts and is undergoing a third.
1.The late Mr. Fred Hill , philanthropist was our major donor to build the mission. He assured us that we would be looked after after his death.  His son , Mr. Paul Hill had his lawyers write a letter that stated that there is no funds for us nor will there be. Others have asked on our behalf to reinstate us.  Mr. Paul Hill has refused.

2. My brother, Eric Wallace White, former chief engineer of the Canadian Space Agency  made me his major benefactor with provision that his son be under ouru custody so we could look sfter him as much or as little as was needed. If you look at a Canadian Five dollar bill you will see what Eric built: The Canadarm, Dextera and others. He was chairman of the International Space Agency. We were informed of this by his lawyer, M.LaRose and by the social worker looking after his and his son’s interests.   The Quebec government, named the most corrupt in Canada made the will null and void and claimed that all the money is needed for the state to look after Eric’s son, Sam. The public curator makes sure Sam has cigarette money.                                        .

3. For the past few months we have been told that we will get the money to build our planned 12 unit facility , complete with chapel and rectory. We have been told by our friends and by our foes. The fact has gone from Saskatoon to Brabant Lake many times over plus is known in Austin, Texas, and Chicago . We have been villified by Anti- Gav e- mails. We have been told to get out of town by those who resent anyone who may get a head of them. We have been sincerely congratulated on our good fortune.  But we have not been told by anyone who has the authority to write a cheque or e-mail us even urgent money.

    In the meantime we are behind in our utilities , we need medical supplies since my husband is my health care practioner , and our part time workers haven’t been paid.

    Is the game that some think if we’re not properly informed it will give them time to lobby so we never get the money we are informed coming our way? I kept quiet about being denied money after Mr. Hill’s death out of loyalty to the family, a loyalty that Paul Hill does not share with us.

    I have no loyalty to the Quebec government but haven’t a voice strong enough
 to stir outrage. After  all what’s a few million to the Quebec’s Lavelin’s scandals? 

    Ste. Theresa of Calcutta liked to say that she encouraged people to give til it hurts.  We thank  people who have carried us with their sacrificial $100 , $200 cheques but frankly we and they need some very wealthy people, who can give and are willing to give to make real the international buzz.    Gay

Monday, June 10, 2019

Thank You, Brenda Foster of Delta Airlines

June 10, 2019

    On our way home from Chicago we had an hour stop at Minneapolis- St. Paul , at least that was what our itinerary said.  We waited at G9 and finally got to board the plane. We then waited for the pilot who was storm late. He arrived, then we waited some more.  Then we were told that we can’t take off because Saskatoon airport is under construction and the construction crew can only work at night. So we had to deplane. 

    John was travelling  by wheel chair because his walking isn’t yet  up to airport speed. DELTA was handing out discount slips to hotels.  These were good if  you could afford any hotel. We couldn’t . They gave us a voucher for Comfort Inn. A staff lady paid out of her pocket for our taxi to Comfort Inn. We were immediately told when we got to the hotel that they were full. DELTA keeps sending them people when they’re full. They don’t know why DELTA is  doing this.  John said that we have a voucher for this hotel . They weren’t interested . They let us use their shuttle to the airport.  It was now midnight . As we got to the airport we met a staff lady on her way home.
    She knew us from G9. She had given us the voucher for Comfort Inn. She immediately turned around, helped us to get through Security again, went back to her desk at G9 and started making phone calls. She confirmed that there was room at Fairfield Hotel and that we had a voucher. The taxi would be paid by DELTA. The taxi driver complained bitterly that a DELTA voucher is just like a free trip . Since we couldn’t do anything about his demand for a compulsory tip he wouldn’t lift out our luggage. Fortunately we travel on the assumption that I am going to have to lift what we take.

    The Fairfield Hotels are lovely. It was now 1:30AM. I had asked the DELTA  lady if she was getting overtime for this. She said no.  “ I just didn’t want to leave you high and dry. “ I said  that I am going to write a blog telling people what you did for us. I hope DELTA   will somehow read it.   Brenda probably got home at about 3: 00 AM.

    The next morning we had a delightful breakfast at the hotel. We learned parents with  their small children had stayed at the airport all night . An East Indian lady who could speak no English had slept on the floor with no cover other than her lovely but thin sari.

    The plane left 12:40 pm.  They put John and thus ,me at First Class, Up front. By now the fellow travellers to Saskatoon were not only familiar faces but friends whether or not we knew each other names.

P.S. Somehow in the quick stop at Comfort Inn, John had picked up a pen. It said
 4 ChOICE.. Strange. A terrible abortion bill had passed in Illinois four days before.   

Monday, May 6, 2019

Jodi Wilson-Rayboultand Jane Philpott -Heroines or Rats leaving the Sinking Ship

May 06 ,2019
Saint Bishop Laval

    Jodie Wilson Raybould is considered a heroine because she stood up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and because she told the Truth. So far so good. At one time it was considered any honourable person , particularly the Minister of the Crown is telling the truth. If it was found that a person was deceiving the public while holding office then that person was expected to immediately resign.  Telling the truth was considered the norm, not an exception.  Dr. Jane Philpott also a Minister of the Crown , also resigned officially rather than going along with interference of justice.  Bravo.  There are those however who see them , not as ethical warriors but as rats leaving a sinking ship.

    Philpott is a medical doctor and was chosen to usher in Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. The actual parliamentary debate was a few hours, then Trudeau invoked closure while parliamentarians were waiting to speak on this life and death issue. No complaints from Raybould  and Philpott. No interjections of protest against denying discussion to people elected to serve the public.  Philpott pushed death to debate just as the sick, troubled and elderly would soon have death pushed on them.

    Phiilpott , as a medical doctor voted in favour of legalising marijuana yet it is already established that cannabis causes mental illness, lung disease including cancer , loss of short term and long term memory etc., etc. . She did not call for further research , she had no concerns about addictions. Recently she prated nonsense about keeping “ our kids safe”.  From what ?  The Hell’s Angels who have cornered the market of legal and illegal drugs? From losing “ our kids” inability to function for the rest of their lives due to a marijuana habit begun at 12?

    Likewise Raybould as a Crown Prosecutor must have seen the evidence of expanded criminal and aberrant activity as marijuana became more and more acceptable. She also would know that so called legal safeguards are impossible to enforce. The likelyhood of cops barreling up or down the roads of interior B.C.  to stop a 15 year old from toking up is as absurd as it is northern Saskatchewan.

    Raybould made no protests that legalising murder  in the name of euthanasia and assisted suicide. She never said that this would be used as a means to conver up murder of any kind.  She never said that there are no safeguards to killing anyone against their will.  Neither Raybould or Philpott mentioned that the fatality rate of euthanasia and assisted suiceide is 100%.  No survivors.

    Then Raybould discovered that there is corruption in a very large engineering firm based in Montreal, that Trudeau does not want this corruption to be exposed or punished, that Trudeau and his mandarins are protecting this company which is owned twenty percent by the Quebec goverment. Raybould does not like this company protected. Once again , bravo.

    But what about the corruption of not allowing members of parliament to speak against the ultimate corrupt bill of legalising murder? What about handing our country over to Hell’s Angels and the other international drug cartels?  What about giving 10.2 million dollars to a Muslim Terrorist who was not treated gently by the Americans?

    It’s nice that Philpott and Rayboiuld found a reason to blow the whistle on Trudeau. It’s nice that they found something they didn’t like about the Liberal modis operandi . Maybe now that they are out of the Liberal Caucus they can find their moral compass that they lost along the path to being a Liberal cabinet minister.   Gay

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

An Open Letter to St. John Cantius Parish

April 24, 2019
Easter Wednesday
Birthday of  John Caswell

    On 29th. St. W, in Saskatoon, Sask.  there is a little church called Westmount Mennonite that supports 15 missionaries overseas.  It is a well known dictum in evangelical churches that take their faith seriously that if you want your church to grow supports missions.  St. Paul heard the Macedonian cry and responded. St. Patrick heard the Irish call this former slave to walk among us again and give them the Faith.  St. John Cantius on Carpenter St. Chicago has heard the cry to buy a 2.2 million organ that originally was built in Quebec, Canada. They do not ignore their home turf in the inner city but to my knowledge they support no mission outside of Chicago especially in this country from when came the Gospel.

    Fr. Marquette and a Metis ( French and Indian mix ) called Joliet in a canoe brought the Gospel in the area now called Chicago . They were from Quebec, Canada, a place that  was spreading the Gospel a hundred years before the Mayflower ( Pilgrim boat).  The first Bishop of what is now called the United States was Bishop Laval of Canada. (This does not include the Spanish missions ).

    We have been sending a Macedonian cry to St. John Cantius since seventeen year old  Joshua with his worldly goods in a Canadian army bag landed on the Cantian  steps to help “restore the Sacred.”    Since then we have given them  a Father Nathan to join Father Joshua, we have produced countless blogs to defend attacked Pastor Phillips. These have reached several European countries including Rome and have been acclaimed by orthodox Cardinals. We are still fighting to defend the exiled, innocent Founder of St. John Cantius although it seems to some at times his home parish has quit the fight.
    Last year on Ash Wednesday we went again to Chicago. We felt like pariahs at St. John Cantius  so we hid out at St. Paul of the Cross. However the pastor there said he had been assured that some individuals in St. John Cantius would help us with our growth plans.    This is the only time we heard this but of course  St.Paul of the Cross then didn’t have to hear our plea after hearing this. We had made none.

     We are trying once again to make a presentation of information and appeal. We have a place to stay. We have no room yet for a presentation. It will NOT be within St. John Cantius and will NOT be an official meeting of that parish.  So far we have no plane fare. We are hoping to go for a week in May.  Yes , I am a very good speaker . Some times I even gust to entertaining.  John can even sing a few songs from his repertoire of Out Reach  that he wrote himself or picked up from countless up home sources.

    In answer to the question why don’t you go to your chancery office for funds? Our archdiocese office is about 1400 away round trip. It is a mission archdiocese, larger than the country of Germany with about 15 priests. In the 23 years of our mission we have never received any money from the Archdiocese and have never asked for any.  We wish we could give to the archdiocese but make our donation the work of this mission. We are the only Catholic School north of Prince Albert . In Canada, Catholic Schools are protected and receive much public funds but we exist solely by private donations.  Come to the information  meeting in Chicago and you can learn more.  But first we need your help to get there.   Gay Caswell    Happy Birthday Mission Partner John Caswell

Our phone number is 306-758- 2041 or 306-758-2046 E- mail is and we can be reached on facebook messenger under John Caswell

Monday, April 22, 2019

You have two choices death or death.

April 22, 2019
Easter Monday

    In the Hitler era of WWII the Naziis would drive around in a van with Children’s Charitable Transportation Society written on it. They would pick up alleged handicapt children , take them to a centre and euthanise them, that is kill them. The parents and other family members had no choice.  Their children were gone, their parental rights and responsibilities were usurped by this totalitarian regime.  Consistently whether it is communist, atheist or fascist in all repressive regimes parental rights are crushed. On November 11 we lay a wreath to remember the terrible atrocities that happened , especially but not exclusively to the Jews. We thank those who fought and possibly died to free the world of this evil.

    Now the evil is with us, in Canada.
    To quote THE  EPC  Newsletter April 2019 “ Hannah  Cement is a 62 year old Orthodox Jewish woman with Down Syndrome and dementia. Her substitute decision makers - her family- refused to consent to a “treament plan “ that would withdraw all treatment and care including food and fluids and provide only comfort care “ Comfort care is an euphemism for death by injection.

    There is no difference here than what the Nazis did in WWII except it is being done by a Judicial Board in Ontario. The judge is judge Lora Patton.  The ruling states “ All investigations and interventions will cease.”   That’s it. The state has ruled Death for Hannah Cement.  Her family has no say. Period.
    The article does not tell us if her death has already happened . Please make an urgent appeal to Premier Doug Ford , I Queen’s Park . Legislative Building ,Toronto , M7A  1A1  Write protests or  make phone calls to any legislative member wherever you live. E- mail is  
    Ontario , under Premier Wynne had mandatory perverse education against the wishes of parents. Premier Ford said he would immediately stop that upon his election. We must restore parental rights in the area of health care as we work to stop euthanasia completely in Canada.

     No such board should even exist. It over rides religious convictions, family authority  and the Constitution of Canada on several major points.

    Remember ALL LIFE IS TERMINAL . There is no other destination except you get to choose eternal occupation in Heaven or Hell.  Killing people or yourself early is one way to choose the possibility of hell.    Hannah Cement and Ontario need our help now.   Gay