Friday, November 19, 2010

Larry Charles Missing

    URGENT BULLETIN: Larry Charles of Brabant Lake is missing. His grandparents , Solomon and Lydia Hardlotte have not heard from him since Wednesday  The police in La Ronge, Stanley Mission and Southend have been contacted.
    He is 20- 21 years old, of slight build. black cropped hair . Last seen he was wearing a light- blue jacket not a parka. Northern readers please spread this news. If you have any information contact the police, his grandparents in Brabant Lake or us.
    For some reason not yet known my original blog has disappeared, hopefully temporarily. The new blog is Please inform people so they can keep in touch. Please spread this news. Thanks. It is now 24 below here and probably as cold elsewhere.
    Larry is a student and next door neighbour of ours. He had not been attending school lately and has been travelling back and forth from La Ronge to home here in Brabant Lake in an irratic matter.  All readers please pray for him and pray that he will soon be found. Thank-you. Gay