Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wrong Way to Get Even

December 27,2010
Saint John the Apostle
The Third Day of Christmas
    In 1985 there was a pro-life bill before the Saskatchewan legislature. It was going to be passed by a landslide. However the then Minister of Justice snookered us by sending it to Appeals to decide its constitutionality BEFORE it was passed. The bill was not at all defended in the Appeals Court. A lot of MLA’s were very angry. So was a lot of the public. The NDP infiltrating the prolife organisation and controlling parish councils came up with the strategy that this would be an excuse to convinve people not to vote for the Conservatives. One Conservative who never ran again sabatoged that bill. Therefore a lot of prolifers were targeted for defeat. The Tories did get in again but with reduced numbers. The NDP came to power and for 17 years the anti-life forces reigned. Catholic, thus pro-life ,hospitals were closed. The labour room of St. Paul’s Hospital was closed. Due to incompetence, lack of staff and lack of ethics many sick and elderly people died when their lives could have been prolonged to a natural death.  The courts became more corrupt and more lawyers and judges were used to being controlled by politics. Catholic schools were more compromised to become more like the secular schools . Academic standards fell and ethics fell. Catholic country schools were closed.
    Voting against the Tories was a really dumb, no really evil, way to get retaliation for one Minister of Justice who messed up his fellow MLA’s as much or more than the public.
    Now guess what? People are saying that they are not going to vote Conservative anymore because the bill against coercing people into abortion didn’t pass. It didn’t pass because some Tories went along with Prime Minister Harper in a free vote on a private members bill. I said to a Winnipeg resident, make sure that Rod Bruinooge wins in a landslide. She wasn’t interest . He can look after himself. Excuse me every MP who stood up and voted for that bill has garnered a whole lot of new and more vicious enemies. They stood up for life. That means that the prolifers have to stand up for them. That means phone their local offices and tell them that you are available when needed. Tell them why you are going to work for them.
    Liberal leader Ignatieff says he is a Liberal in the style of Pearson. That means he is a communist because it is now publicly known from East Germany files that Pearson was a communist. If I know that, then Harvard  Professor Ignatieff  knows that.
    The socialists have been anti- life since their communist  Fabian roots in the 19th century. They just took a while to make that one public while engineering and fabricating  the public “demand.”
    NDP self- proclaimed  prolifers in the prolife organisation and in parish council have blood on their hands for letting the NDP get back in Saskatchewan. If people vote against the Conservatives or stay home and don’t vote they will permit the Lib-NDP- BQ come to power. Our country will die and so will the lives of the unborn and the vulnerable.
    What Harper did is bad strategy, bad politics and bad ethics. Attacking the Conservatives wholesale is bad strategy, bad politics and very bad ethics.  In 1985 prolife conservative expected to be supported by prolifers and to be returned to the legislature to try again. The prolifers were too busy showing their sincere and not so sincere misplaced outrage by working for the NDP one way or another. Premier Grant Devine sat through a Mass in Gravelbourg where the bishop told people in French that “ there is more to politics than your religion.” Get that. Catholic leaders were telling people DON’T VOTE prolife.
    If the Catholic Faithful have stayed faithful with that kind of leadership then why are they surprised that Conservative leaders do wrongheaded things? We vote for the best party and the best politicians of sometimes poor choices. We are not voting for canonisation only  for election or re- election. If you’re in a position to do so go after  the politicians who did not vote life at their nomination meeting. It is unlikely that Harper’s nomination will be contested since he is the leader of the party and will remain so likely until the Conservatives are defeated. Don’t let that happen.
    That Gravelbourg bishop almost died in a serious car accident.  He is now in a monastery and spends his day in prayer. He has plenty of time to think of his priorities in the past. We certainly don’t wish a car accident on anyone. However let’s see what would happen if we all prayed daily for Prime Minister Harper. Pray that he will be willing to put the prolife issue on the short- list political agenda where the people of Canada put it. We are commanded to pray for the king who presently happens to be a Queen and for governing authorities  by the Bible.
     By the way when one prays the simple prayer “ God save the Queen” we are praying for her dominions, her heirs, her prime ministers, her governments, her courts and her elected officials. “Her” is also our land ,our  prime minister, government, courts and officials. Funny how Liberal and NDP Catholics ridicule us for ending our meal time prayer with a quick “ God save the Queen” .
    Harper is not a Catholic Christian but he is a Christian .A book was written ridiculing and warning people of the Christian element in the Conservative government, He should be proud of such an attack. Maybe we forgot to tell him so.
    It is wrong for a politician to vote against life and puts a Catholic politician in danger of excommunication.  We have a responsibility to support those politicians who have had the courage to be pro- life in actual real votes not just in rhetoric. Allowing an anti-life party or coalition to get elected would be a terrible anti- life action on our part.
    God bless you and yours this Christmas season. Gay