Sunday, January 2, 2011

Transitional Demands and other Communist Tools

January 02,2011
The Ninth Day of Christmas
    Dr. Lejeune of France, pioneer in research of Downe Syndrome, and a devout Catholic recounts a statement of a feminist who was advocating abortion. She said “ We are against all aspects of Judeo- Christianity . Hence we are against the family. Hence we attack the family at the weakest link, the unborn child. Hence we are for abortion.”
    Annie Besant( died 1933) was a leader of birth control advocacy and  neo- paganism often called New Age or Wicca. She joined the socialist Fabian society and promoted contraception and abortion. This has been the long  standing position of socialists and communists since the inception.
    In 1970 there was a founding conference of Feminism in Saskatoon. Some women wanted to work for poverty among women. Others, the hard line socialist strategists said the important issue is Abortion on Demand. Why? A leading Trotsyist explained that one needed a transitional demand. That is a demand that the present capitalist system cannot give without its own destruction. Thus we have to agitate, promote, propagandise for abortion on demand. Now that doesn’t make too much sense in hindsight because abortion is a very lucrative business for many. Yet what this committed communist meant by the nefarious capitalist system included the institution of the family, including monogamy, that is a life time commitment of one man and one women. She knew as her communist controllers knew that abortion would destroy the family.
    Her views carried the day and were eventually soundly adopted by other socialist groups which included the NDP(New Democratic Party) and the left wing of the Liberal Party which is now the mainstream Liberal Party.
    The purpose of abortion is to destroy Christianity, the institution of the Family, and to create a chaotic society of autonomous people who can be easily controlled by an anti- life demonic one- world- government. The political conveyor of abortion were communist groups controlled by international leaders. Yes there really is and was such a thing as an international communist conspiracy.  The conveyors of that communist Transitional Demand are the NDP and the Liberal Party. One must include the Bloc Quebecois whose present leader was the editor of a Communist paper.
    Not one pro-life action, private member bill, petition or resolution to protect human life has ever been initiated by a member of those three political parties. If there was that person would be immediately silenced and expelled from the party. The NDP member of Parliament for northern Manitoba was kicked out of her former party because she voted against same- sex marriage.
    In 1986 I campaigned around St. Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon. I told people over and over that the NDP have a resolution passed that no hospital refusing to do abortion will get provincial funding. One St. Paul’s nurse at the door of her home yelled “You’re full of s..........!” ( deletion mine) When the NDP became government in1991 they immediately  stopped funding of St. Paul’s maternity ward, destroyed Holy Family Hospital in Prince Albert, and pushed abortion and sterilisation at St. Elisabeth’s in Humboldt by dismissing the board and replacing it with one of their own.  Ile -a- la- Crosse got a spanking new hospital and the package includes no Catholic morality.Of the sixty hospitals closed by the NDP the first priority for destruction was always the Catholic hospitals.  The NDP politicians  are controlled by the party and the party resolutions. Voting for Catholic NDPers is useless because the NDP MLA’s and MP’s .People like the late Father Bob Ogle are just used as smoke screens. This priest had to stand up in the House of Commons and read the official NDP position on abortion. No Catholic should vote for, run for and work for the NDP.  Gay