Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UNESCO blows its cover

June 01,2011
    The last priest in La Ronge was driven out in 1998 because the socialist political guru didn’t approve of his prolife position. Father Hermann OMI distributed some sheets to schools explaining UNESCO’s position on abortion and encouraging no involvement for UNICEF at Hallowe’en.The guru wrote an attack on the priest  in The Northerner, the local paper. The parish council felt compelled to go along with the wishes of the self- appointed political officer and voted against the priest.  The then President of the Council explained  “you can’t get in a media war with somebody like _________( the name I officially delete).” The only media war was three months later Fr. Hermann wrote a reply. It’s only criticism to me was he wasn’t aggressive enough. The Oblates did not defend him. Fr. Hermann moved to a trailer separate from the Saskatoon Oblates then died supposedly of a heart attack. There are those who question the cause of death.
    The ruckus from the beginning seemed very strange. I thought it was public knowledge at least in Catholic circles that UNESCO was involved in abortion. I also thought that Catholics run the Oblates and the Parish and not a Northern  political controller .
    UNESCO stands for United Nations Education, Social and Cultural Organisation. As of late it has been distributing pro- homosexual “ educational” kits around the globe, including to the Catholic country Brazil.  When many priests became involved in mixing communism with Catholicism , called Liberation Theology, many of the Faithful became involved with Evangelical Christianity. Liberation Theology has since  been banned by Rome. Both Catholics and Evangelicals are not amused by the Brazilian Socialist government’s pro- homosexual push.
    The rationale is to prevent bullying of homosexual students. Does this sound familar? All over the world schools are being bullied to promote and proselytise sodomy in the guise to stop bullying of homosexual children . The materials are pornographic and are clearly a tool to sexually molest children.  There is a cartoon of a child masturbating while fantasising about having sex with a man. Note: Children are not being warned against child molesters. They are taught they should WANT to be molested.  It would seem that INTERPOL should be moving on this crowd.
    The President Ms.Bianca Rousseff  has pulled the curriculum but the Christians are not letting up the fight. She has said however it is necessary to respect differences. Christianity and families apparently are not one of the differences that deserve or will get respect.
    Conclusion: This push to obstensibly protect homosexual children is really a push to teach children to accept deviant sexual behaviour, to accept adult sexual predators and to silence their screams for help.  Children learn if you don’t like being molested then you are going to fail the anti- homophobia course; you are going to be considered a bully and a bigot; your family may be investigated by the government.
    This isn’t a McGuinty original . This is a world wide movement to prey on children. It is as criminal as the international market in child pornograpy over the Internet. In 1998 Father Hermann was kicked out of the North and banished by his own order because he simply wanted to educated people on what UNESCO and its affiliates are doing.  Because I wrote about this in the past I am being sued with still  no proper legal redress. UNESCO has more than exposed themselves and their real anti- family agenda. Father Hermann is dead. Father Hermann was more than right. The deceit and child abuse in the classroom continues throughout the world.  Gay