Thursday, July 7, 2011

McGuinty shows who's boss

July 09,2011
A former teacher in Saskatoon told us last year that she was praying to stop the homosexual influence in the Catholic Schools. Apparently she knew what was coming.  We received a reply from Mr. Miles Meyers who states he is the Coordinator of Catholic Education for Regina Catholic Schools and co- author of the Caring for Students and Staff document.
    This is the Saskatchewan equivalent of Premier McGuinty’s homosexual push in Ontario. Mr. Meyers says that the document is not available to the public but will be released to education directors in the fall. Note this whole process completely by-passes parents and school boards. Parents according to Meyers are not in control of their children’s education not even by their elected representatives. We can get the homosexual recruitment programme from the nearest Catholic School Division in the Fall. L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord is alive and well.But it is obvious why those pushing these programmes wanted us out of the educational loop with no recourse to ministry mail - outs. We have never claimed to be a cut above the parents. Our Lady’s School is to serve families not to control or destroy families.
    The Canadian Bishops have made it clear that no programme that usurps parental authority and responsibility or contravenes Catholic moral teaching is acceptable.  McGuinty has blatantly stated that Catholic Schools MUST HAVE homosexual clubs. McGuinty has in effect stated that Ontario is to run as a totalitarian regime. He as Premier can over ride parents, families, and  the Church . He says that they don’t have to be called Gay and Straight Alliance Clubs. Planned Parenthood destroys parenthood by encouraging parents to kill their children. Vile sex education is called Family Life Education. In Saskatchewan without having the binder available you can guarantee that Gay and Straight Alliance Clubs are called Caring for Students and Staff. Saskatchewan including Catholic Schools rubber stamped sex education that began in Annaheim, California and blew to Ontario. In Saskatchewan   Catholic Teachers put their names on a committee that came up with identical sex education that SIECUS created to be used throughout the world. McGuinty has offered school boards the option of renaming and hiding a homosexual recruitment programme. That’s his only option. It’s okey if you lie. Otherwise do as I say. The number one priority is satisfying militant homosexual activists.
    In Sask.,Meyers and company can spend their summer reading their binder and reading the statement from Catholic bishops. They can then decide what if anything are they going to release to the school directors and the public.
    McGuinty is an elected Premier in the country of Canada. He is violating every right, every historical and legal tradition and basic tenants of the oldest laws in Canada. McGuinty for starters should resign immediately. Premier Wall in Saskatchewan while facing an election in the fall should recognise that there are other issues besides potash.There is the authority and responsibility of parents to raise their children befitting their convictions. Of course the NDP- Lib are promotors of these programmes but there is more to government than being no worse than your opponents. Enough. Parents of Canada. Say No. Catholic Schools have a right to exist. Catholic schools have a right to be Catholic. Mrs.Gay Caswell