Monday, July 18, 2011

Montreal is the Cradle of Canadian Law.

July 18,2011
    Two seemingly unrelated news items  came to my attention . Historians and archaeologists are digging up Canada’s first Parliament underneath a parking lot in Montreal. No marker,plaque or sign indicated that this site in Place d’Youville ( as in Ste. Marguerite d’Youville) was the home of the representative government of a country that included both Protestant and Catholic, both French and English. It was burned down in 1842 by political outrage that the people of the Papineau revolt were going to be compensated for their losses.
I like many other people  did not know that the first combined parliament was in Montreal. It is one of many obvious proofs that Canadian history and culture is Quebec history and culture. Quebec can no more separate from Canada than it can separate from itself. It is also one of the many obvious proofs that the separatists were not only trying to destroy the geography and economics of Canada but trying to bury our common historic and cultural roots.
    The second piece of news was seemingly private news. Our nephew Sam put in an envelope last month’s appointment card in which he was to go to Charles Le Moyne Hospital as an out patient  for an injection. Sam according to a tick on a form supposedly had schizophrenia. When I disputed that, they ticked another square and said that he has psychosis.   The point of this “illness” is that the Quebec government can keep all of his father’s money obstensibly to pay for his care.  It doesn’t take well over a million dollars to force someone to have a drug shot to keep him off balance. That is why they lied that my brother left one tenth of the actual amount of the inheritance. Sam is a prisoner in his own home while the government has stolen his freedom and his ( and according to the will, my) inheritance. He can’t refuse these injections or they will come and lock him up . I have been writing about this for about four years. We have made three trips to Quebec , have paid for a lawyer that worked against us, and have gone to court to find all legal decisions were made before we entered the court room. Mail between Montreal and here has been edited, confiscated and stolen which every word you prefer. So why doesn’t someone do something? People give an Anglo or Gallic shrug and say that’s Quebec, that’s health care in la Belle Province, that’s just another Montreal racket.   Montreal happens to be in Canada and has been for a long, long time.  Quebec is not a separate country that is paid for by Canada. My brother worked for the CANADIAN Space Agency among other contractural work. If you can watch more than your local CBC station you have Eric W. White thank.
    Sam is a Canadian by birth. He has all the rights and obligations of any Canadian in any province. The Quebec Charter of Rights state he has a right to expect help in an emergency. Sam is the victim of a political scam of people in the Quebec health care system. This is a human rights issue and a criminal issue. There may be many more Sams in Quebec. According to the judge we’re not being treated any differently than any other family in Quebec. That means lots of families are being robbed by phoney health care issues.
     In Canada there is no city or province that is above the law and beyond basic human rights. People involved in criminal activity in  Montreal do not have immunity to do whatever they want . Montreal is a centre and core of religion and law for all Canadians well before Confederation.  We don’t have any money to fight this since they’ve got a large chunk of my money. But protection from criminal activity is not supposed to be just for the rich. Time to uncover more than history in Canada’s holy city. Gay