Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What homosexual doctors tell us

August 02,2011
    The following is more information from Dr. Gilka of Physicians and Scientists for a Healthy World.
    Increased incidence of health problems in homosexual males:
    The Gay and Lesbian Medical ( GLMA) has been established by homosexual and lesbian physicians. In August 2002, GLMA, released results of their survey of the male members’ health status. GLMA president , Christopher E. Harris M.D. and Vincent M.B. Silenzio M.D. , M.P.H.documented that homosexual males are much more prone to develop various health problems including certain types of cance. Apart from the rare type of concer such s cancer of the tongue, the homosexual males are also much more prone to develop commonly appearing malignancies especially cancer of colon, rectum, testicle and prostate than hetersexual males.
    Based on the results of their survey, GLMA published a special information sheet for their members, advising them to bring it to their physicians to let them know what kind of cancer, rarely appearing diseases and other health problems they should be checked for. Many health problems, such as infection by Cryptosporidium, are extremely rare or even unknown in hetersexual individuals with healthy immune systems.
    ...even AIDS appears mainly in homoseuxal males because of their tendencies to have suppressed immune systems already before any contact with HIV infection.
    Additionally, in the last few years because of the increased belief by many HIV patients that AIDS is curable, there has been a resurgence of many sexual practicies which compromise the immune system, such as group sex. The behaviour further increases the risk of contracting HIV infection, and other sexually transmitted diseases.
    This list prepared by the Gay and Lesbians Medical Association is based on the results of a survey of the health problems of their male members. It was released in August 2002.
1. Increased incidence of infectious diseases
    -HIV/AIDS ( about 1000 -2000 times higher incidence in homosexual males
    -pubic lice
    -hepatitis A
    -hepatitis B
    -hepatitis C
    - anal papilloma

2. Increased incidence of cancer, especially
     - prostate
     - testicular

3. Increased incidence of eating disorders
    -anorexia nervosa

4.Increased incidence of other psychological problems

5. Increased incidence of addiction problems, especially
    -street drugs
    -amyl nitrates ( poppers)

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