Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Ten Commandment Check List

October 16,2011
    The Ten Commandments are a yardstick by which we measure our actions, motives and involvements. We need to apply them to evaluate political parties and politicians before we mark our X. When we vote for a candidate and political party we are endorsing the roots, policies and tactics of that party. We become part of their record and are accountable for their positions
Let’s evaluate the NDP in light of the TEN COMMANDMENTS

I. Thou shalt have no other God but God. To an NDPer the NDP becomes their creed, their loyalty, their philosophy and life style. Their graven images are the Family of Crown Corporations ( government control of business), the civil servants who work to run our lives, their Sturdy Stone Building, Fines Building, SaskPower Taj Mahal are their graven images. It used to be described as Making the Revolution. Now it is more like Maintaining Power so we can be our own god .

2. Thou shalt not use the Lord’s name in vain. The Social Gospel which is the main spring of Saskatchewan socialism is not Social Justice as described by the Prophets and in the beatitudes It is turning Christ’s Gospel into the heresy that man through politics and class strugle can achieve the New Jerusalem, a paradise on earth, without classes. It has never worked anywhere but the socialists in Saskatchewan have believed and do believe in a moral superiority in which they can be their and everyone else’s saviour whether everyone likes it or not.

3. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Holy. If God is not God then out of expedience we can have activities that squeeze God out of Sunday, the Sabbath for Christians.

4. Honour Your Father and Mother. This Commandment makes it clear that the first authority and government is the Family. When people attack the authority of parents they are attacking the first and most important governmental institution. Socialists such as the NDP always work to denegrate and replace the Family. They do not want parents to be in control of health care such as vetoing abortion and contraception for minors. They do not wants parents to have educational choice. In the North the NDP pushed out Catholic education and educational choice. They push sex education that attacks morality and the family. They push psycho games such as Magic Circle that violate the privacy of the home and teach children to despise their parents. They push government raising children at the earliest age.

5. Thou shalth not kill. The NDP have been and are in the fore front of pushing abortion which is killing unborn babies and euthanasia which is killing the sick, imperfect and elderly. They had a policy platform in 1981 that any hospital which refuses to kill babies will not get government funds. As soon as they were back in power in 1991 they began destroying Catholic hospitals including St. Paul’s maternity ward.

6. Thou shalth not commit adultery. The CCF- NDP pioneered liberal divorce laws and were very proud of it. They encourage young people to be involved in sex by promoting contraception and abortion and by sex education which is pornographic. They encourage and legislate immorality such as any kind of perverse activity and distort the purpose and meaning of marriage.
7. Thou shalt not steal.  The NDP have no respect for private property. It is one of their historic hall marks. They believe that the government  should own farm land, property in the North, institutions, schools and hospitals. They often destroy businesses so that they can take them over. No contract or title is safe with the NDP.  Northerners are so use to this that they forget or do not know that it is very wrong and very bad for families and individuals when they never can call a home, a piece of land a business their own. When northerners have property rights it will decrease greatly the indifference, drugs and alcohol people have towards things.

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness. The NDP use a systematic policy of disinformation to destroy people. They will collect information by invading the privacy of mail, telephone, home conversations and will use it to invent stories. They will encourage family members and friends to disclose private information. They will institute underground smear campaigns  in such a way that the victim can never answer or even know about it for years. They will change the stories to suit the audience. This is not an exception but is an ongoing trademark of their operation. They will plant people in coffee shops, work places, neighourhoods whose job is to dessiminate lies.

9 and 10. Thou shalt not covet they neighbour’s wife, home or any employee or thing that a person has. It is said that Jealousy is the sin that has the dominor effect. When one covets one opens oneself to the possibility of lying, stealing, adultery, murder and putting yourself before God. Envy and jealousy is the fuel for the NDP machine of hate. The NDP do not encourage cooperation and respect between employer and employee, teacher and student, neighbour and neighbour. They encourge hatred and treating people as enemies. When others are doing well they want people to resent effort and reward rather than working hard to achieve themselves. They don’t want to encourage initiative. They want people to believe that there are limited opportunities and resources and that people need Big Brother, that is an NDP government to see that they get a tiny share of a very limited pie. The NDP is The Party of Envy and Hate.
    When you work for, vote for the NDP you are participating in these sins. That is why that Popes throughout history have warned people against socialism and against voting for their platform such as abortion. Gay