Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Facing reality

December 21, 2011
    This is the season of repentance. I am finally beginning to realise how evil things are  without Christ. A grandmother takes $10 /hr of government money to sit in a hall and help corrupt Wollaston, Southend, Black Lake but what is the most shocking she has worked and worked effectively to make her children and grandchildren drug users. She has been known to phone the mission school to make arrangements about her wares.  All this was done in full cooperation and knowledge of the La Ronge Municipal Office.
    Some years ago she and her husband went door to door protesting a man involved in child molestation. We fully supported them and thought what they were doing was ethical and brave. Recently I heard the rest of the story. This grandfather has been sexually abusing his orphaned grandson for years. He gives him dope. He is now very addicted and is on the way to being destroyed. This boy at 14 went to the mission school but was called into sexual service in La Ronge to pay for legal immunity over the murder of his father. He returned to the mission school in his twenties.
    At that time I was teaching older ones in the morning, small children in the afternoon while John was teaching the older ones. This student did not understand that John intended to teach him science and history et c. He thought that he would get booze, snacks and smokes for sexual services. No one has ever got a bottle out of us and the idea that a student would think the mission school is about sexual services was to say the least astounding.
    Administrator Val Antoniuk did not want to hear of this ongoing sexual abuse. Molesing girls is wrong to this crowd. Molesting boys is acceptable because it is a reflection of the homosexual lifestyle and therefore should be protected as “ a right.”
    There are many boys in the North who have no legal protection from being sexually abused by older brothers, a father or grandfather. They have never heard that the age of consent for homosexual acts is 18 years old. Before that it is statutory rape.  People have heard that you can’t say anything against homosexuality. Therefore they think that if they protest their mistreatment this would be against the law. That is exactly what paedophiles want them to think.Protecting homosexual behviour under hate laws has been a green light to abuse boys.
    This may be the season to be jolly. First of all it should be the season to face reality. A world without Christian ethics and Christ  isn’t working.  Gay