Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Living in fear

January 03,2012
    A lady from Southend rushed into my hospital room.  Since a nurse was busy John  got the story later. She was trying to get home to Southend with her baby and had no ride. Who gets medical taxis seems to be very arbitrary. Her children had been apprehended and she was afraid that when she got to Southend the present legal kidnapper would take her baby. She said that she hadn’t been drinking when the apprehension occurred. We have known this lady for 16 years. Her children went to the mission camps and we never saw any evidence that her children were mistreated or neglected. She said that the apprehender has a son who is selling booze and drugs from her mother’s home.  She wanted to start a petition to get the apprehender fired because of that. We hope that she does get the petition but we also know organising and signing such a petition is very risky because your children or grandchildren may be at risk of being yanked from your home. You will have a very hard fight with no lawyer and financial resources to help you. Wherein is the issue. How do Southend people protect themselves from Southend highly paid personnel with more than the power of professionals but none or little of the creditionals?
    In the Southend clinic a woman with a grade three education is running the place. She can get a highly qualified experienced nurse fired but the nurses cannot get her fired. She is well known as a person who wants power but is not willing to be trained. She is not the only one. A person with a bad infection was trying to make an appointment. She was using our phone. They put her on hold and with no explanation they hung up. She tried again. Although this person is an adult who speaks English she could not get an appointment until John phoned the next morning and very emphatically insisted.
    We have been told to come to the clinic at 10 am on a week day. The clinic was not open until 1 pm. We were left sitting until everyone left. Then an hour later, Ms. said “oh,do you want to see a nurse?”
    Our daughter had a broken hand from a sports accident. She was left sitting all morning while anyone with any concern no matter how trivial was attended. It is undeniable that Brabant Lake people in most cases are dealt with with distain or simply ignored.
    It occurred to me recently that there are people who live and die and have never experienced competent, caring health care. When they get out of the Southend clinic loop they likely will experience such in La Ronge and city hospitals. By then it is often too late. What could have been curative is now a palliative care situation.
    When a person decides to be a nurse or health care personnel that person proves his commitment by training for two or four years after grade twelve. When a person can get a position by political manoeuvrring they have skipped the basis that proves they want to serve not be on a power trip.  What does this do to a respect for education when people see that unqualified people can get jobs that can impact for good and ill on many people? Often young people are cynical with little hope of a good future. They see the corruption but believe little can be done.  When effort, work and training is not respected and rewarded why bother?
    When people access health care from the Southend clinic and do not get it or get deliberate or otherwise incompetence it is a serious health risk . In my case I believed that I was getting antibiotiques and could not understand why the infection was getting worse. In many cases it would be better if the Southend clinic was closed until run properly.  Gay