Friday, February 24, 2012

Media Hypocrisy

February 24,2012
    In the February 27( arrives early in our northern snowbank) issue of MACLEAN’S Brian Bethune asks all the right dum questions to Cardinal Collins of Toronto now in Rome.
Bethune He says that upmost in the public’s eye is clerical abuse of boys. He also says that the Catholic schools may lose their public funding if they don’t tow the line of Gay Straight Alliance Clubs. He calls it the anti- bullying policy of the Ontario government ( still Liberal, albeit minority govt). Collins says all the right and polite things. I’m not a cardinal so maybe we the public, should demand logic and an end of hypocrisy from the media.  Their position is this:
Clerical abuse of boys: bad, very bad. They’ve got that right.
Psychological and sexual abuse of boys and girls from mandatory government policy in schools by teachers, peers, older students and others outside of schools. Good, very very good. If schools do not comply they should lose public funds
    Why do not more people publicly speak against this absurd contradiction? The reason is the media bullies people who think that they, not just their prey, should be accountable for their asinine non- think  positions.
    The government does not have an anti- bullying policy in education. The government has been aggressively bullying elected school board officials, teachers, student, parents, administrators and tax payers. The government has been and is threatening Catholics if you do not abandon your religious convictions you will not get tax payer money for your schools. It has already bullied public schools to the point that they are a moral wasteland.  There are at least thirty-seven Catholic ethnic groups , plus conservative Jews and Muslims who are being bullied and who are facing religious persecution from the Ontario provincial government The bullying is blatent, intense, prolonged and vicious.
    The Ontario government position is against the laws and traditions of Canada.
    Catholic schools were never a junior partner or subsidiary  to the public schools . Catholic schools existed and were protected by the French and by the English long before Confederation. All around the world Catholic schools were the norm and standard and the Protestant schools were an imitation of them. It was a condition of Confederation that Catholic schools must be protected. Many court decisions have ruled that Catholic Schools have a right to be Catholic and to be autonomous from  Protestant Schools.  When the issue came up that French and English schools are important, not Catholic and Protestant the court has ruled that Religion is the key whether or not the schools are in French or English.
The BNA 1867 and the Charter of Rights 1982 make it clear that parents have the right to decide the education of their children: not McQuinty, not the homosexual lobby, not the bureaucrats but parents. In Canada parents have at least two main choices: Catholic or public  schools. These parents and children are not to be penalised, marginalised, financially drained, or hauled before commissions for their choices.
    Cardinal Collins says the main group that is being persecuted throughout the world are Christians. We can’t immediately do something about the terrible persecution in China but we can and must stop the persecution of Christians in Toronto by McQuinty’s henchpersons. Gay