Friday, May 18, 2012

A totalitarian racist has his name on a high school

May 18,2012

    “ The ill health of the natives are of special concern because they mix freely with the whites.” Sigurist Report 1944
    Some years ago I was told that they are considering changing the name of Ste. Maria Goretti School because nobody knows who she is. It seemed that the logical approach is to look up who she is and teach people starting at the school students ,what they discovered. She is a 12 year old girl who chose death over losing her virginity. She forgave her would be rapist before she died of his knife wounds. She was canonized in 1950 and is a special patroness for youth in the area of chastity. I have not heard that such a terrible thing as a name change was done.
    However another educational atrocity was done in the west of Saskatoon. A high school was named after Tommy Douglas. It would seem that a logical approach would be to find out who is this man and what did he believe and do. We all know the hype and the bare facts. He became the CCF Premier while soldiers were away in Europe fighting WWII. He supposedly brought in medicare and obstensibly anyone and everyone would have died on hospital steps due to lack of funds if he hadn’t done so.
     His biographers McLeod and McLeod as well as James Gray , former editor of the Winnipeg Free Press mention that Douglas’ campaign manager was the Saskatchewan Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.  His party attracted hard core Communists or Socialists.( Lenin used both words interchangeably.) He followed the Regina Manifesto, a doctinaire communist platform He also attracted KKK supporters from the defunct Anderson government. God apparently was not amused when the first law the Anderson government passed was solid in your face anti- Catholic persecution.. God sent a special drought on top of a world wide depression as His vote. Douglas took that politically homeless anti- Catholic group and welded them into a socialist victory.
    Douglas like Hitler of WWII and the leading Prussians of WWI, was a  convinced eugenist. Douglas’ Master Thesis was The Subnormal Family dated March 17,1933. The subs just happened to be Catholic immigrants . His solution to these people whose ills included being a messy housekeeper, using prepared mustard, having a child out- of -wedlock was  compulsory sterilisation and institutionalisation with the separation of the sexes ( of man and wife.)
    As Premier he made himself Minister of Health. He called in Dr. Sigurist, a Communist from John Hopkins Univerity to write a report. The Sigurist Report included everything and more that Tommy Douglas believed by his Masters’ Thesis.  Sigurist was appalled that the natives were not segregated to die without tainting and infecting the  superior  whites. It is said in McLeod and McLeod that Douglas accepted the report and said “ great!” and went on to apply it.
    Like the Soviet Union Douglas used mental hospitals for political dissidents. Soviet doctors were used as consultants and visited the hospitals. When Ukrainian immigrants wanted to tell people of the horrors of communism they were locked up for “ treatment.”  Well to do people had their farms or businesses liguidated into the hands of the corrupted Minister of Finance, Fines while they were imprisoned in an institution with less civil rights than any prison at the times. The inmates were used for experimentation. If one was in danger of escaping and telling people what was happening they upped the “ therapeutic” electric chair and killed him. The family would receive a letter that their loved one “ died peacefully in his sleep.”
    The North Battleford Hospital is torn down. The papers and documention are still in the Scott Building in Regina.  They have been used as attempts to discredit political enemies by smearing the family.  They and many other available sources would aid in telling the real story of this racist totalitarian, Tommy Douglas.  Gay .