Monday, November 19, 2012

CRA Charities needs a thorough investigation

November 19,2012
    There needs to be a complete and thorough investigation of what Canada Revenue Agency is doing to charities and how other people are using the agency for their own ends. We and board members have received at various times phone calls after hours and on weekends, have gotten phone calls and letters from people impersonating RCA personnel. No I don’t believe that the Surrey CRA Appeals office farms out their work to a LegalAid lawyer in Regina. No I don’t believe that letters to CRA just magically disappear without help.
    Pro- life executive members  tell me that they are required to get letters patent which can be obtained according to Ottawa from Regina and according to Regina from Ottawa. Our forms never mention that. Could it be that there are several forms that CRA has devised for various groups? Does the YMCA get one form with no request to reapply, active pro- life groups get another form and we get a form tailored- made to the maximum amount of interference and invasion of privacy?
    The letter of revocation ( which is invalid) states that all the Charities assets should go to donees. A donee we assume are those people who have benefitted from the donors So which nursery school student would get the 1910 Catholic Encyclopaedia? Which student still struggling with drugs get our complete set of Deitrich von Hildebrand? Some years ago a person no longer living here demanded that she get our green houses to grow pot. Would this be her chance? A visiting RCMP staff-sergeant was shocked when we mentioned that we had been away for some time. The windows, flower pots, buildings were untouched. He said “ in (large northern community) where I just left these things would have been destroyed. It shows that the people in Brabant Lake respect what you are doing.
    Indeed with a few exceptions the people of Brabant Lake respect the mission’s property, efforts and standards. They watch out for our interests and protect our property to the garden hoe and grass whip when we are gone.
    The letter from CRA mentions that one must have a letter of good will from the larger organisation. We are a Catholic lay mission. Are we to get a letter from every Catholic? the priest up the road?  We don’t have an Archbishop. Would the Pope do? We once got a letter from Rome but the Pope is kind of busy.
    The mission is a school. Are we to get approval from the Public School Board that controls a third of the province’s education? Foisting that on us was already tried in the Andrew’s NDP report that was going to phase out independent schools by 2006.
    Organisartions and charities develop because of a preceived need. They usually are not welcomed by their competitors. Tom Monaghan did not get a letter of good will from Notre Dame, Indiana  before he founded Ave Maria University.
    Activist civil servants who are NDP and against traditional values do not give us letters of good will but years of a whole lot of letters of irrational bureaucratic bullying. Since the non- socialists are in government one would assume that they should be in trouble not us.
    We strongly suspect that there is no legislation that supports what CRA is doing. Probably most of the Members of Parliament and Senat have no idea what CRA is doing. Judging by the occasional CRA employee who tries to protect us there are CRA employees who disagree with what is happening.
    Time to do another little video this time about” the gouvernement du Quebec.” Don’t miss John’s songs. Remember and “superlndn.” God bless. Gay