Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can we please hear from Regina?

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Councillor McKenzie was trying to store some bags of flour in the town hall. The La Ronge Band gives its members flour to help them have basics. Storing the bags and picking them up at the hall is a long held practice. He couldn’t do it. Neither he, the other councillor or the mayor had a key to the hall. Peter was told that it is now the practice in all northern communities that  only paid employees of the La Ronge Municipal Office can have keys. Elected people cannot have keys all over the north. He was going to find out if this is really true. Bon Courage.
    When a government replaces a socialist government the civil servants make sure that independent schools using A.C. E.( Accelerated Christian Education ) curriculum are harrassed. This was extremely upsetting because they were solid Devine Supporters not to mention The Divine . They held a rally and yours truly got things turned around. We had two children in such a school at the time.
    Since the SaskParty got in the Socialists in northern Saskatchewan have worked very hard to make sure Regina bullies us personally, the mission and northern communities in ways they wouldn’t dare do for fear of making their party look too blatant. Getting the conservatives to do the dirty work of the ousted socialists is an old game and one that politicians should have long since learned.
    So: Honourable Mr. Reiter, Minister of Municipalities and Minister of Northern Affairs is it really Your policy that all semblance of local decision making is revoked in the North?
The councillors have no say as to who if anyone is hired for rec. director, office staff or for the water treatment plant. They have no means to voice their objection to shoddy erratic work . They are councillors and mayor only by approval of La Ronge.  La Ronge doesn’t want any arguments, that is the normal debates and disagreements of democracy, doesn’t any talk of serious issues like drugs and doesn’t want any on site accountability.
    Mr. Reiter wrote the former mayor, Solomon Hardlotte and addressed the letter to our house. Solomon hand wrote five legal pages of abuses by the Administrator and sent in a petition signed by just about every adult in the community. Solomon reported to us that the letter was three pages extolling the great job that the administrator is doing? Is Mr. Reiter really in a position to know or to care when he can’t even figure out that Hardlottes have their own address and mail box? Does he think that Solomon can’t think or write for himself? He did go to an Anglican residential school that produced literate people don’t forget.
    It is time that the Minister makes it very clear that his policy is democracy, free speech, criticism and debate will not be tolerated. It is time that he told us that elected people should have no responsibilities and authority It is time that he explained that the purpose of northern communities is to be a base for dependency, the drug trade and an excuse for highly paid civil servants. If these are not really his policies then perhaps he should inform the staff and their victims. We don’t expect any direct communication as we have had none to date. However if he wishes to send any letters to us to our neighbours we’ll probably get them eventually. Gay
 P.S. THE ADVENT SONG by John Caswell is now available on  youtube. com “superlndn”. Don’t forget the italics. Have a blessed Advent yourself. G.