Monday, July 29, 2013

A Man for the Seventies

July 29,2013
    After Trudeau Junior wafted about the country collecting $257,000 for the price of people being able to see and hear him speak platitudes and talk about sharing their values he is finally letting us know what those values are. To date:
I. After the Terrorist Attack on the Boston Marathon Junion stated the solution is not strong and immediate force to stop terrorism but to be Sensitive to root causes. He thinks we should be Sensitive to the cultural tradition of killing wives and daughters when they become annoying. In short HE SUPPORTS SHARIA LAW WHOSE BASIS IS KILLING THE INFIDEL ( THE REST OF US) IS THE WAY TO GO TO HEAVEN.

II HE SUPPORTS ABORTION ON DEMAND. His father without any pre- election or post election  public debate brought in legalised abortion, legalised contraception and sterilisation, legalised homosexuality and legalised easy divorce.  After the carnage of killing 2 million Canadian babies a year  his son’s platform includes continuing the slaughter..

III HE SUPPORTS THE LEGALISING OF MARIJUANA.  Evidence against the harmful effects of marijuana was suppressed for many years. Now there is even more mounting evidence against its harmful effects which includes an epidemci of mental illness , suppression of the immune system making people vulnerable to  diseases and incapable of
fighting existing conditions such as TB, AIDS and Cancer. To use marijuana as a pain suppressant is merely a way to increase and accelerate death among the sick. Marijuana is now considered one of the most dangerous drugs with long term personal harm and destruction of the culture and economy. It is not a “soft drug “ but one that recent research puts it above heroin.
    We will keep you posted as J.Trudeau unveils his platform for the demise of Canada. It is as if he doesn’t hear, see or comprehend suffering. His views are outdated , unthinking preserved in a moral and intellectual vacuum. He has never heard of post abortion syndrome of the damage done to women and to men after the murder of their child? He does not know that we are a very underpopulated country? He has not heard of the mounting evidence of the humanity of the unborn from conception? He hasn’t heard that the rejection of abortion in the country is mounting especially among the young?
    There is a very simple cure for those who advocate legalised marijuana. Try teaching math at 9 AM to a bunch of students who have easy access and use of it? We have experienced cultureal camps with free alcohol and free dope. This summer we experienced a cultural camp alcohol and drug free  The difference is more than night and day, more like hell and heaven . Many communities including this one are seriously trying to get rid of drugs. When we go to Stanley Mission we experience people with joy and industry. Trudeau intends to undo all the good that people are doing and ignore all the violence, death, crime and cruel indifference that drugs produce.
    Junior is a young man with ideas frozen in the past. It is hard to visualise him without seeing wide lapels, floppy pointed collars, and bell bottoms.He was incapable of understaning that you do not charge $23000 to a group working at helping poor children and walk away while they are left with unpaid bills. He is incapable of understanding that one’s duty is to stop terrorism not to be Sensitive to the terrorists. He hasn’t heard that abortion kills babies and harms forever women, men and grandparetns. He hasn’t seen or hasn’t read that drugs destroy indivuduals and communities. It is like he has been insulated his entire life from the realityothers live.   Gay