Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Harper removed Wrong Thought Laws

JMJ July03, 2013 I was visiting in Hamilton, Ontario and a lady, a long timer in the pro- life movement, was telling me that the Liberals had passed legislation to build internment camps and had given authority to have special police forces to deal with dissidents. She said she had asked Jim Hughes to write about this in the pro- life media such as Campaign Life News and in the INTERIM. The lady was concerned because she said that being a pro- lifer made her a dissident and she and others like her could be targetted . Jim said “ I will have nothing to do with conspiracy theories.” Mr. Hughes, an act passed in the House of Commons is not a conspiracy nor a theory . It is an open and public event that effects for good or ill every Canadian in any part of the country. Why would you not write about a very serious act of aggression against the human rights and even life of every Canadian? There were meetings about these interim camps in the West. The author Michael D. O’brien mentions the camps , the special forces and people simply dissapearing in PLAGUE JOURNAL. This is one of his shorter novels. It exposes factual truth about present events. Highly recommended. . Last year Campaign Life Coalition put out a newsletter in which Jum Hughes, editor called the great human rights victory , Bill 304 a “ Human Rights Claw Back. “ Now claw back is a union term that means that a right gained is lost. It is a negative term associated with reversals. Bill 304 was a private member’s bill supported by the Prime Minister which passed with no help from the Liberals or NDP. It removed hate laws, that is laws that gave the government power to prosecute us not for our actions but for our alleged thoughts. Since Human Rights Commissions enforced them the person was deemed guilty until proven innocent and financial punishment, psychological suffering and infringement of privacy and conscience immediately ensued. When Don Morgan, then Minister of Justice allowed the Court of Queen’s Bench to send me to jail without trial he did so on the strength of the Hate Laws. Liberal lawyer, Tom Schuck, well known in the pro- life movement , would not help me in any way not even with one phone call.for a postponement. IF THE STEPHEN HARPER CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT HAD DONE OR DID NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT REMOVE THE HATE LAWS HE AND HIS GOVERNMENT DESERVE TO BE RE- ELECTED WITH A HUGH MAJORITY. The day the judgement came down against Bill Whatcott a court case was made public on Newfoundland CBC. Bill Whatcott had been a former homosexual and then converted to Christianity. He published and distributed literature warning people that homosexual and lesbians were advertising for minors for sexual acts. He did so by duplicating part of their own newsletter. On the strength of the Saskatchewan hate laws the Supreme Court reversed the decision of Sask. Appeals Court. In Newfoundland a priest who had befriended boys from ardent Catholic families throughout the province was found guilty of sexual abuse of minors. The Prosecutor recommended 10 years in jail, the Defence went for 8 years. The priest not the parents and boys,was going to jail.It would seem that Saskatchewan could become as sensible and progressive as Newfoundland on justice and human rights issues. The hate laws protected the guilty and persecuted the innocent. Fundamental to freedom of the media, freedom of religion, freedom of association , right to educational choice, right to equality and due process before the law is freedom of expression. If you can’t think and say what you believe to be true then you have no other rights as well. The inane non- news of CBC and other media outlets, the corruption of our courts where no defence is allowed, the censorship in university and schools, the prosecution of priests and preachers stem directly from the hate laws and the thought tribunals of the Human Rights Commission. Gay