Monday, July 15, 2013

Was Melvin H.Smith murdered?

July 15, 2013
    A native from British Columbia sent me a book OUR HOME OR NATIVE LAND?
by Melvin H. Smith Q.C.  published in 1996. It was a “ Globe and Mail Bestseller.” By the preface and first chapter I was very disturbed. We have lived with some of the injustices and bullying he describes and predicts in the book. But I had never heard the root causes of this exposed in any media forum. On page 15 he states that the Bank of Montreal has created its own aboriginal unit complete with its own vice- president. Ron Jamiesen. This is a direct quote from Mr. Jamieson:
    “ The fact is by the end of the decade aboriginal people in Canada are going to own or control a third of the Canadian land mass and be the recipient of $5 or $6 billion .”
    Recipient from whom? By the taxpayers of the rest of  Canada.  The book describes over and over negotiations entered into by the unchallenged and new assumption that Canada belongs to the aboriginals ( Natives, Metis, Inuit et c.) and we must pay them for the use of “their country”. Many natives including the lady who sent me the book reject this but they have been ignored as much as white, oriental, black Canadians have been ignored.
    The native and white bureaucrats and lawyers who support this view have adopted the Quebec separatist rhetoric of sovereignty with Canada paying the bill. If native separatists  own or control one- third the land and Quebec separatists claim they own one- fifth of the country that means Canada could be controlled by people who claim eight- fifteenth of the country. That means more than half of Canada could be controlled by separatists. That means the dissolution of Canada and the subjection of human rights especially of those who are controlled in the separatist occupied territories.
    By the time I was one- quarter through the book I decided not to read further without consulting the aurhor as to his solutions to rectify or prevent this scenario.  We phoned the publishing company. The number was no longer in service. John looked up Melvin H. Smith in the internet. We found that he had died in 2000 at the age of 66 years. His papers are at  Trinity Western University and there is a lecture series under his name. No cause for his death was given anywhere. Mr. Smith obviously was a Christian ,probably did not smoke or drink heavily. He looked very healthy in the few photos in the book.
    I reread a section that I had marked with a big explanation mark and question mark.
Mr. Smith had appeared before the House of Commons  Standing Committee > The tone of his arguments are reasoned, documented and logical. There is no racist rant . This is what the Parliamentary Secretary , Mr. Jack Anawak said after Mr. Smith, a constitutional authority had made his presentation.:
    “ My response is very short. I was looking forward to this particular meeting with you., Mr. Smith. However on reflection having thought about it while being here, I’ll say that we Inuit are hunters and we believe in making sure an animal doesn’t suffer when we’re going to kill it. I see the same thing in your attitude._ the attitudes you have towards aboriginal  peoples , the people who were first here and so on..
    “ So my ownly comment is that rather than prolonging the death of the attitudes you have, I thinkit would be better to have it, quick kill and thus... will .. not respond ,,to...any... ..of... your concerns. “ Page 49
     The media blocked out any coverage of Mrs. Smith’s presentation and also of the words of Mr. Anawak.
    Mr. Smith is compared to an animal that should be killed. One can’t kill quickly an alleged attitude without killing the person. The author dismisses the statements as sarcasm and vitreol.  It sounds to me like thinly veiled death threats.
    The public, both native and white  have been kept in the dark with secret negotiations, secret expenses, secret results. That is why Mr. Smith wrote the book. The public deserves to know how did Mr. Smith die. “ Foul play” certainly needs to be considered.  A thorough and public investigation needs to be made.
    One can order OUR HOME OR NATIVE LAND from Amazon Books> New, it costs about $87 , used: $12. Wriiting this book by one way or another cost Melvin H. Smith his life. It deserves to be read for the sake of our Canada. Gay