Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time to Return to Canada

    A common tactic of preparation for totalitarian governments is to create blocs of special interest groups on racist, ethnic or sexist lines. Official spokesmen are financed, controlled and lionised in the media while other members of the group are effectively silenced. The best example is the so- called women’s movement.
    A handfull of women such as Betty Freiden who is now disclosed as a Communist agitate for change and get others to follow. It is made to assume that these women speak for all women when in fact many women always had opposed them and still do. They demanded abortion on demand, 24hr.child care and affirmative action. Obstensibly they were speaking for women when in reality they were a component of a larger scheme
    The NDP- Lib in Canada financed these women , gave them media attention, provided a fund so that they could challenge their issues in court while traditional women who wanted protection of the unborn, responsibility for rearing their children and jobs and good wages for their husbands were ignored, insulted, and treated as obstructionists to progress.
    Likewise Federation of Sask. Indians was financed, controlled and lionised in the media while natives who disagreed with them were and are silenced. Their goal is to create a nation financed by another nation , that is Canada. This nation will be anti- Christian, loyal and controlled by them in line with those who control them. No alternative native groups are allowed and no voice except theirs is heard. Since they get funding, keep other natives poor which helps them look needed, few natives can compete as individual or  group spokesmen, There is no legal justification for their funding and control. They have created in secret an
alternative government whose income and resources are still largely unknown to the public. With tax payer funds they have had easy access to the courts and have been virtually unchallenged. The government funds both sides and has a projected conclusion before the court begins. If the courts are too open negotiations are done in secret with the government funding both sides.
    Now the most blatant example of this game is the Metis Association. The Sask. Metis Association has no funds or resources other than those given by the taxpayer. They pick and choose their members and allow no dissenting voice. If you are an impediment to progress you aren’t allowed a Metic card or, shudder, Metis Passport. This so called passport can be reovked any time and belongs to the so called Metis Nation. The Metis follow the line of the SFI. Their provincial funding is unconstitional. They have been given access to the courts to obtain things they would never get in a legislative assembly with free and open debate. Courts are done in secret with the taxpayer funding both sides.
    All these groups are obvious politicals lobby groups with controlled membership. They should not be receiving ANY tax money because they are a political machine with political goals. All of these groups inhibit free speech and open debate. They are not a voice for the metis because the metis are as diverse as Canada is diverse. They are a machine to silence others.
    A court decision that is processed in secret with a fixed “ fight “ is really no court decision and should be treated likewise. Negotiations that are done in secret with foregone conclusions and a charade of two opposing sides are no negotiations especially when othe peoples’s country, resources, and rights are threattened and are fettered away on the negotiation table without their representat6ion.
    Canada does not have to be run by the courts. Democracy and free speech served us well. The Constitution and Tradition provides for fundamental rights such as due process in law. We have a loop hole. Legislative bodies can pass laws that start with NOTWITHSTANDING THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS. This gift to our freedom was given to us by Socialist Premier Allen Blakeney in the wee hours in a hotel room while Romanow and Chretien were rearranging our country according to their agenda. Let’s use it. Gay