Monday, April 21, 2014

He's a pothead who wants to kill your grandmother

JMJ April 21,2014 Easter Monday He’s a pothead who wants to kill your grandmother: You should: (A.) report him to the police. (B) don’t let him into your community. (C).make sure no one has anything to do with him. (D) stop him from being prime minister of Canada. (E) all of the above. J. Trudeau (aka Junior) is a blatant pot user, advocate and crusader for the legalisation of marijuana. Any Northerner who sees his many photos can recognise him as under the influence of the weed. He wants to legalise it. That is his most important and pervasive issue as leader of the once reasonably respectable Liberal Party of Canada. Since he wants to legalise it, it must still be illegal. So why is a very public person doing what is illegal in a very public forum and getting away with it? In Canada marijuana is legal for medical reasons only. There is no justification for medical use of marijuana. Not only that it contributes to the early demise of people with AIDS, cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, respiratory problems and more. It breaks down the immune system so one’s body cannot fight viruses and germs of any kind. It causes and/or contributes to mental illness and contributes to many violent crimes. However it is legal for the rationale of health. So what disease hasJunior that justifies his pervasive and extensive use of cannabis? Shouldn’t the public be allowed to know? If there is no medical justification why is he not arrested? A mountie explained to me years ago that they let off users if they give them information of their suppliers? So who is or are Junior’s supplier(s)? That seems to be a very important question . Corollary to that : who is contibuting so heavily to the funds of the Liberal Party? The international drug cartels desperately want the legalisation of marijuana. Marijuana is a higly dangerous drug in itself but it is The Entry Drug. Hardly anyone uses cocaine, heroin, speed et c. without first using pot. The drug dealers know it you can get people on marijuana you can get them on other drugs. They have a vested interest in the welfare of Junior’s Liberal Party. They also are quite capable of making sure donations are made under very respectable businesses and individuals. Junior’s pot crusade is putting Canada into the hands of the international drug conglomerates even without him becoming prime minister. We are working very hard to educate people on the dangers of cannabis. An excellent example of the harm is Junior himself. (1) He seems to have lost his short term and long term memory. He has difficulty with details. When asked what he objects to in the new Elections Act, he says all of it, scrap all of it. He offers no reasons for specific objections so he covers up by saying all of it should be scrapped. (2) He dresses and acts inappropriately .He seems to believe that the electorate will swoon over him if he reminds us that he has chest hair. He doesn’t wear a tie on many serious public appearances and forgets to button his shirt or even to wear one. (3) Like his father he uses profanity in public. He also doesn’t care. After the Senior Trudeau used a particularly offensive term he claimed he said “Fuddle Duddle” . We have a second generation Fuddle Duddle person who doesn’t even bother to lie about content. (4)ltMost seriously, when one uses marijuana the first thing that is switched off is one’s emotions of compassion, empathy and feelings. One is indifferent to the suffering of others. That is marijuana’s most serious harm and why it causes many violent crimes including the murder of parents. There is considerable evidence that Trudeau Junior can’t respond to sorrow, suffering ,and the heroism and struggle of others. He charges $23000 to a charity working on behalf of children of the poor. He has nothing to say at the death of Mandala of South Africa. He is not available when there is an issue calling for statesmenship that rises to acknowledge the human dignity of others He makes a joke about the suffering of the Ukrainians with Russian tanks on their border and doesn’t bother to apologise. Common to marijuana users HE DOESN”T CARE THAT HE DOESN”T CARE . He has no ability to evaluate his own selfish and boorish behaviour. Yes, the Liberal Party of Canada really did vote VIRTUALLY UNANIMOUSLY FOR EUTHANASIA. Euthanasia is defined as homicide ,that is murder, in the Criminal Code of Canada. It is killing the weak, handicapped, and elderly because they are weak, handicapped and elderly. It is the ultimate act of Indifference and denial of the dignity of persons. J. Trudeau flaunts the laws of Canada, corrupts youth, puts our country in the hands of international drug operators, and leads us to barbarism. He is a slob as well. Gay