Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reasons to Rejoice


    It may not be obvious but Tories had a good day yesterday as did pro- family, pro- life people in Canada. Here are some of the reasons why we can rejoice.

1. The NDP went from 100 seats to 13. There big chance to form government is gone. They can’t even be power brokers.  Quebec Separatism is gone. Extreme Green is gone.

2. The NDP and Liberals have pushed pro- life, pro- family out of their parties and into the Conservative Party. The Conservatives made them welcome and now they will be a major obvious factor in a Tory leadership race.

3. There are those who are jubilant because “ It’s the end of the Left” as one caller told me. It’s not the end of the Left but it is the end of what is called the Hard Left but we do have the Chameleon Left, the Liberal Party, in power. When the Liberals take positions identical to what the NDP would take people will be opposed just as they were opposedd to the NDP.

4. Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Conservatives, will have no end of opportunities to expose the Liberals and advance the Conservative solutions. It’s the time in the John Wayne Movies where the Duke throws away the gun , gets up close and starts pounding away. The Conservatives finished as Conservatives and the Liberals finished as Left as the despised NDP. Let the Fun begin.

5. In Politics . how one loses determines the victories in the future. Stephen Harper’s speech to a cheering crowd in his Calgary campaign office was a great victory in loss, event.

6. After 3 wins and even after disgraceful gerrymandering of Rob Clarke’s seat , despite the loss., the Tories are an established force in the North and will continue to be a viable force in the provincial election.

7. There were real issues in the North that people began to understand. It wasn’t controlled completely by who passes out the booze and dope.

8.We can rejoice because God says rejoice always.

9. When Brazil already had a Communist president people began a rosary crusade to save their country. The rosary crusades are just beginning here . God’s campaign isn’t over even if the election is.  The Communists were already  in control of Austria , yet after a constant rosary crusade they packed up and left the country.

10.  A Christians’s job is to make converts to Christianity. Political change follows. The Liberals are on a comfortable mountain that we can turn into an active volcano against their culture of death agenda.  Resume the battle.