Monday, November 22, 2010

LaRonge Housing continues to bully others

November 22, 2010
    It has just been reported to me that La Ronge Housing Authority is up to its old tricks of using housing to harrass parents who have exercised educational choice.
    In 2009 we came home in a blinding snowstorm to find the door of our house was locked to us. John broke a window to crawl through to save us and our supplies. La Ronge Housing had us charged with breaking and entering. The charges were dropped and our house became our house in title. La Ronge Housing has never fixed that window although they were clearly in the wrong. Throughout the housing war the locks of the house were changed five times with la Ronge Housing systematically destroying our locks, that is our private property. No reimbursement has been made.
    When Peter McKenzie had orders to break into our house at midnight in October 2006 he and his team took an ax, rocks, and logs to smash down our door, destroyed it, the frame and marred the outside wall. The three were never required to pay anything to us or to La Ronge Housing and the ring leader plus his boss(es) never spent a day in jail.
    The parent of one of our students needed to get into his house. He couldn’t open the door, broke the lock and replaced it at his expense with another lock. La Ronge Housing has informed him it will cost him at least a thousand dollars. What is the discrepancy? Peter McKenzie was attacking us while destroying property.According to the northern controllers this is a public service. The man who was only trying to get in his own house and paid for any damages ( one little lock) is faithfully sending his child to the Catholic School. This according to the northern controllers should be punished. The usual punishment is to threaten people with loss of their home. This kind of stuff has been going on for fifteen years. Since the controllers chased Catholic education our of the North before we came they obviously used worse and more effective tactics in the past.
    Let get this straight. It is not illegal to send your child or yourself to a Catholic school. It is enshrined in the constitution of Canada since 1867. The right to Catholic schools has been ongoing since people like Saint Margueiite Bourgeoys got off the boat in the 1600's. The right to Catholic education did not change when Wolfe and his men in skirts( kilts) climbed up the rocks to the Plains of Abraham and in twenty minutes passed most of  North America from the hands of the French to the British. The right to Catholic education had to be enforced or Saskatchewan would not have become a province in 1905.
    There is one province, Saskatchewan. There are not laws, rights and respsonsibilities for the south and different or no laws, rights and responsibilities for the north. People in Prince Albert and south have a right to Catholic education. People north of Prince Albert have a right to Catholic education. If there are no Catholic schools then people have a right to establish them. Once established people have a right to send themselves or their children to them. If there are people who are harrassing, punishing, threatening people who exercise educational choice then those people are doing something morally and legally wrong. They should be stopped;that includes the people of the La Ronge Housing Authority and their bosses.
    It is not wrong to get into your own house even at times in an inconvenient way. A lock does not cost $1000. We bought enough of them to know.
    La Ronge Housing Authority’s job is supposedly to help provide and maintain housing for people. It’s job is not to control people and take away their individual and family rights. If the people do not understand this then the people should be changed. If the Authority does not understand this then it should be disbanded. Gay