Monday, November 22, 2010

The victum provides the ammunition.

November 22, 2010
    Whenever the public curateur wanted to refuse us something, which is always she would say “ Sam dawnt want dat.” It is interesting that our nephew is according to the Govcernment of Quebec so out- of- it that it has to steal well over a million dollars from the estate of Eric White , chief engineer of the Canadian Space Agency, to look after Samuel Raymond but all theological, financial , medical, social, and lifestyle decisions are dismissed with “ Sam don’t like that.”
    I recently received a hand written letter from the present public curateur in which she or whoever wrote it states that we cannot have $2000 to finish paying for a memorial stone in Girvin and cannot  have our trips to Montreal summoned by court orders reimbursed because there is no finances to pay for visits.
     Get this straight. There is well over a million dollars which belonged to Eric which now belongs to us to look after Sam’s inerests  and to help us survive and build the Catholic Mission L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. The Quebec government will not let us have $2000 for Eric’s stone in his home town. How do I know all these things?
    Public servants with access to information from the Curateur Public, the hospital and other places have sent it to us.
    Samuel Raymond White has sent it to us.
    It has been sent to us through daily mail which says nothing or is repetitive and then daily mail which says a great deal.
    We have bank statements with personal hand written notations from a lawyer, photos of bank cards, assets lists, stock exchange lists showing dividends and lump sums.
We have the name and address of Eric’s lawyer. We have a photo of the encased will.
And much more.
     The public curateur gave a copy of one bank statement to our Quebec lawyer who so far has worked consistently for the Curateur public and has done absolutely nothing for us except take $1500 from us. The law firm is Samuels and Samuels. It is the office of the Consul for Serbia, a federal government appointment.  The office is in the prestigious centre of Montreal’s wealth and influence area. The statement was less than one- tenth of the actual amount of Eric’s financial estate. He asked us if we knew of any other places in which Eric had money. We didn’t at that time.
    Now I don’t have a cent for a trip to Montreal.  This theft is such that there should be criminal investigations on the Curateur Public office, the “ medical care” of our nephew, the complicity of the doctor at Charles le Moyne Hospital out- care and more. It is time that this is handled by people with clout. Apparently tired greying missionaries with gaps in their teeth and shappy clothes don’t cut a power figure in the courts and law offices of Montreal. Sister Mary Judith, Brother Joshua and Brother Nathan are also designated overseers according to the Curateur Public legal document . A friendly lady with braces and a religious habit and two young men in cassocks definitely would impress even today but they are under vows of obedience to their Superiors and of poverty so they can’t help us unless there is considerably more help from other sources.
    We get very nervous if Sam’s letter is not in the mail.  Sam’s life could be at risk by what he has already sent us. This is one reason why it is time to continue to make this scandal very, very public. Please help. Spread this e- mail and tell people my new blog address : com.
    And please do not hold back donations thinking that we will soon get our rightful money from Quebec. We are generous when we have resources but right now we need every donation that has been laid on your heart to give. God bless. Gay

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