Monday, December 13, 2010

Pushing people out in the snow

December 13,2010
    We’re having classic blizzard folks which has been preceded by 40 below weather. Diamonds and multi coloured crystals dance through the snow drifts.  Meanwhile amidst the beauty albeit inconvenience northern thuggery stomps through the land.
    Since our ten year horrific fight with public housing absolutely nothing has changed. Mr.Vawn Skogstad is still head of La Ronge Housing Authority. Mr. Roger Parenteau is still in control in the Prince Albert office. And the same corruption continues. Housing is doled out as part of a clique’s social policy.
    One family who has consistently sent their child to Our Lady of the North School last year was informed that La Ronge Housing would give them a house in La Ronge. This offer was initiated by the Housing Authority. Why? So they would not live in Brabant Lake and use the mission school.
    This year the father is off welfare, has an important job maintaining the water treatment plant. It is crucial to the safety of the community that we have a capable person doing this job. So any bravos from La Ronge Housing? Not a chance. Leases and rental reviews are signed in March but as an extra harassment this family is expected to sign a new lease now or be kicked out. La Ronge Housing likes using December for their arm twisting. People are easier to frighten when blizzards are raging . Rent is supposed to be 25% of a person’s gross income. LLRHA is stating that he must pay 60% of his gross income in rent.
He has two alternatives: to move or go back on welfare. Next time you hear people complaining about the lazy bums on welfare remember government housing policies push people back on welfare. On welfare people get get water, utilities  and fuel supplied. Off welfare every tank of water costs $40. That averages to about $160 a month. Fuel costs about $300/monthly. So in a gross income of $12..1400 approx this person is expected to pay over $500 rent plus $600 for utilities. He has to use his skidoos to travel to the lagoon every day. And this family of five does not food etc like everyone else. Don’t forget everything costs more 2 hours north of La Ronge.  One can’t buy groceries travelling by skidoo.
    So LLRHA know that they are being unreasonable. So what is the motive?. This family thinks that they have educational choice like the rest of Canada.  No other landlord could get away with the criminal activity of La Ronge Housing. Yes, I said criminal. It is criminal to change laws and regulations to suit a political agenda. It is criminal to take money from people by threat and force. It is criminal to try to make people homeless for no reason except some people don’t like independent people who think for themselves North. Criminal is breaking, bending, changing the law for a persons’ benefit and for the harm of innocent victims.
    When we finally got the papers for our house it was stated that the cost of the house was $20,000. We had to pay $25,000. So why the extra $5000 ? That was for imaginary arrears which they invented just as they are inventing that this family has to pay $500 rent instead of $300 or less. People go to jail for stealing $5000 or $200 monthly or for shop lifting a $50 item so why are these people allowed to continue? What happened to the SaskParty’s promise of 0 Tolerance to corruption?
    Also what happened to the rent- to- own provisions ? What happened to helping people get off welfare gradually? It seems cost effective to help low- income working people by giving them water and fuel along with those on welfare until their income is sufficiently high. Some northeners are building viable communities where there were none. Others are working to destroy families and communities. Well Regina, who are you backing?