Monday, December 6, 2010

Saving the world from Bible stories

December 06,2010
The Feast of St. Nicholas
    Brabant Lake is not a reserve but this does not mean that we are free from band politics. We understand that the common law wife of Laerence Buekert, Rebecca McLeod  has been me paid by La Ronge Band  for as long as they have lived her to stop our influence in Brabant Lake. Many people who happen to members of that band may find this an offensive use of tax payer money used supposedly on their behalf. Law
    Rebecca was on council for many years when there were only two members. Mr. Buekert was paid to rebuild the rink. Three years later we still have no rink. He was paid to build the town hall. It was up for bids but Eugene McLeod , the mayor and Rebecca, the councillor decided that was an interference so they got the job at pay with all expenses paid.
Lawrence installed the furnace and did it wrong so at least $20,000 is going to be needed to redo the heating system plus numerous trips for others to fix and restart the furnace.
    Meanwhile Rebecca and Lawrence, ever vigilant to their mandate to stop us work very hard to make sure not only that no students come to the mission school but that people do not come to St. Mary’s Bible Club and other mission events. Booze and drugs are a common tool of persuasion. As reported children hanging aroung poker rallies are now the in thing to stop them from learning and practicing Christianity. While Lawrence has given our children and students dope more than once we have tried in vain to include their daughter in the Catechism class of basic Christianity.  Not only do they not let her attend, which is most certainly their right, they made a point of having as many children as possible in their house on Tuesday evenings, the former time. If Mr. Caswell came to ask the children if any want to attend Lawrence has got mad at him that he is interfering with his daughter’s “guests”
    Many people have complained that Mr. Buekert does not pay his workers, does not pay his bills, pads expense accounts and does shoddy and sometimes dangerous work. Yet he has been allowed to continue to operate a monopoly on construction and maintenance work in the village. Apparently on assignment for a North where drugs rule comes with a lot of political protection.
    Our position has been Buekert / R. McLeod may be annoying at times but they' re community members so keep quiet. Their position is it is their job to stop us from being community members. Any person who is on the down line to distribute drugs in the North has forfeited his right to be exempt from public criticism on that issue alone.