Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Government Theft

January18, 2011
    What is the going jail sentence or alternative measures  for planning to completely destroy a house and property that does not belong to you?
    What is the going jail sentence or alternative measures  for evicting people out of her house that does not belong to you?
    What is the going jail sentence or alternative measures for selling property then for thirteen years claiming that it still belongs to you and trying to steal it from the owners?
    Our jails are full but I just wanted to put things in perspective.
    I..Sask Housing Corporation, specifically Mr. Vaughn Skogstad of La Ronge Housing Authority made a decision that an empty house is not going to be sold but is going to be completely destroyed. This house is needed. This house has wood heating( No $300 a month fuel bill.) The surviving owner wanted to.sell it at a very reasonable cost to a family member. Another party was also interested in buying it. Skogstad et al decided that this house would be destroyed on the excuse that there was too much mold and that it was inhabitable. This was never an issue until some people wanted to use it and own it. Apparently SHC did not want an alternative to their services. That is they do not like houses privately owned and sold.
    When I made inquiries I was assured that the house always belonged to SHC. We will assume that the woman who told me that was misinformed.  Today we learned that the house and property does NOT belong to SHC and has not for a long time: Source Land Titles Office, Prince Albert
    Now we yahoos in Brabant Lake are pretty flat footed about registering titles but SHC clearly knows how to do it and has some properties under their title here. This doesn’t happen to be one of them. And Mr. Skogstad knows it.  Thus he misled the corporation and thus the legislative body to whom he is ultimately answerable.. He stopped people from using badly need housing.  He denied people the right to buy and sell private property. He planned for the house and property that does not belong to him or his employee, SHC to be destroyed. Now what if some young buck who had an attitude and too much to drink conspired to destroy a home? See you in criminal court, Buddy. And Mr. Skogstad , director of La Ronge Housing can get away with this and keep his job?
    II. After an incident Mr. Skogstad ordered some people out of a house next door. That at the time didn’t bother us. Skogstad, in his capacity as LLRHA director said that the house belonged to SHC and he could make that decision. Now this house has always been considered private property . A social worker was demanding why the present occupent wasn’t paying tax arrears. Interesting. Why would anyone have to pay taxes if a house  doesn’t belong to him? And when did social workers become tax collectors? There is adequate provision that social services can pay rental or house payments including taxes on behalf of a client.  Why was a social worker trying to push a house back into crown property by creating an issue about back taxes, an issue that social services can solve?
    Today we learned that this house does indeed belong to a private person. Vaughn Skogstad had no business ordering people out of house that SHC does not own and has not owned for a long time.
    III. In 1997 L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord, under that title bought a lot for $2000 which is exactly $2000 more than anyone else has paid for a  lot. We put $600 down that Southend people had collected for us after a fire. The cheque was accepted and cash by the Northern Municipality office. Mr. Charles McKenzie was mayor at the time and working with Mr. Kam Lao, administrator got approval of the purchase by the  local council. Some time later without our knowledge the property was put up for tender. It was advertised reet in The Northerner and on the door of the Town Hall. This we saw on Easter Sunday of that year.Northerners rallied to our cause and southerners raised money so we could buy our own property. We won the tender and administrator Cliff Friesen faxed us the details of the purchase. We still have those papers. Thirteen years later our title is not registered . The municipal office every year has sent us a tax notice for the property. We don’t pay the bill because schools and churches are exempt from taxes. However these bills are proof that the office knows it is the school’s property. This year Mr. Randy Braaton seemed to concede that the school truly is exempt . We now learned that the property is still registered as crown land. There are some people who are so mad at Brabant Lake becoming a viable community they want to destroy it. No one is above the law, not even La Ronge government employees, even if they’ve been getting away with criminal activity for a long time. Gay