Saturday, January 22, 2011

Notwithstanding Commonsense

January 22,2011
    Interference in a court by Ministry of Justice staff
    John Caswell on November 25 was told that the reason no one knew how to proceed in the charges against me was the court is taking orders from Regina. Why? Why does a female in the Minister of Justice Office decide what the Court of Queen’s Bench in Southend is doing? When we objected to the refusal of the court to properly try a case of child molesting we were told that the Minister of Justice cannot interfere in a court case. That seemed very strange because the purpose of the Ministry of Justice was to see that the courts run in a just and legal matter. That does not mean that a government department should determine the outcome of a court. This is blatant political interference from staff in the Ministry of Justice in a court case. There is no logic whatsoever in my arrest and there is no logic to keep it going. Please read the blog that was written earlier today. In additions to the reasons given why I should not be expected to go to court is the very good reason that the Ministry of Justice is interfering in decisions of the court and the judge. This is unethical, illegal and is usually a good case for a Minister to step down.
    Notwithstanding The court has ruled that a law protecting the right of Commissionars not to “ marry” people of the same sex is unconstitutional. The minister of Justice is seeking options to write a constitutional one. Here is a really effective and easy one.: You write up exactly the same law but start it with NOTWITHSTANDING THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS.
    That right is in the Charter of Rights. This is a tool that is part of Canadian law. It was put there by four socialists, then Premier Alan Blakeney, then Minister of Justice Roy Romanow, the Federal Minister of Justice Jean Chretien, then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
    When laws are written and passed in the legislature, then rejected on the basis of the Charter there is no reason why they cannot be kept by the legislature. When politicians refuse to use the Notwithstanding clause they really weren’t committed to the law in the first place and are not committed to rule by the legislature.
    Canadian Magazines self destruct
    In our last issue of Canadian Geographic there is an ad to buy Canadian magazines because they are balanced There is a picture of a man and wife figurines on a wedding cake and two women figurines on a wedding cake. The ad is saying that Canadian magazines present both sides , therefore should be read. Part of the decision of December 22, 2009 Supreme Court decision said that libel did not occur if there has been an effort to present both sides.  A militant group is running with this and forcing magazines to take both sides on moral issues. Magazines and newspapers have a particular market and a particular set of moral standards. To have to present both sides on every moral issue is to say that one cannot be published unless one is a moral relativist.  That is forcing the absolutist position that there is no right and wrong only opinion. We will not be renewing Canadian Geographic for this reason and for its absolutist position that global warming exists and is a serious problem. It gets tedious reading at 40 below.
     More Injustice in the Ministry of Justice
    Consumers Branch responsible for the Non- Profit Corporation used not to be in the Ministry of Justice. It should be immediately removed. Civil servants have distorted the regulations of the law, practised blatant harassment and inequalities. There never was a reason to reverse our enrollment as a non- profit corporation twice and there is not one now. It has been an ongoing illegal harassment because some staff don’t like Catholic schools especially if they’re run by uncompromising Catholics. They, not we, need to get in line with the law. Gay