Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don Morgan, In Conflict

January 22,2011
    This is my third blog today. These are not written out of desperation or panic but by a sense of resolution and completion. In the scientific method one collects data and arrives at a conclusion which may or may not fit the hypothesis. In life a similar process takes place.
    Judge Robinson and the RCMP did us a brave and helpful thing on November 25 when they told John Caswell that they have no direction to deal with my charges and arrest. They have to get orders from Regina ( the Legislature.)  I thought that meant that cooler heads would prevail and the Ministry of Justice would see that this nonsense is dismissed. However when the next court date January 27 was fast approaching and we had heard nothing we began to wonder. As a safeguard I wrote an e- mail asking that my court appearance  be postponed because I can’t drive, can’t see and can’t be sure that I wouldn’t have bouts of blood poisoning .When I received the answer “ if you do not appear in court you will be arrested” what is really happening and has happened began to be clarified.
    The Minister of Justice , Don Morgan has been directing or allowing my persecution from the beginning. When you are the Minister and answerable to the Legislature what you allow your staff to do is the same as directing them to do it.
    1. It was he who put in writing that despite our winning an appeal SHC could, well past the date of their right to appeal, make us go back to closed doors hearings and do what they want.
    2. It was he who allowed a court to make a ruling against me when I could not attend, had no representation and no input .
    3. It was he who rushed the Appeals Court , allowed no postponements, allowed only a few hours and ordered the absurd conclusion: I can’t have a trial in a libel case because my allegations are serious. No wonder that the judges couldn’t face me out of shame.
    4. It was he who allowed my arrest and manhandling when we were obviously in the process of another school year. It was he who allowed a violation of the peace to be defined as going to and from school and to the homes of my students. It was he who stated that I had not been allowed the appeal in the past nor am I allowed to work at taking  the appeal to the Supreme Court in the future. Therefore I had defied the original court order, was charged with a criminal offence and was threatened with immediate jail.
    5. Very importantly, it was he who allowed L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord to be struck from the registry twice and who allowed constant and irrational harassment of invented regulations and expenses that would be impossible for us to meet.
     This is an incomplete list. Not only did he know about these things so did the public yet he refused to correct any injustices.
    He now has determined that I must go to court when nothing that I say will make any difference because the matter is out of the hands of the judge and the RCMP. Stalin Show Trials couldn’t do it better.
    It is a waste of time to ask, why is he doing this? The only issue is how fast is he to be removed from his position and justice be restored. Honourable Morgan was found to be in a conflict of interest situation by having the Liquour and Gaming Commission under his wing. He obviously is in a conflict of interest by having justice in his jurisdiction when personal vendettas for reasons unknown ( to me) are more important. Gay