Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Higher Up corruption

January 25,2011
    We used to take people to court in Southend often. Whatever someone had done we didn’t want to compound the problem by their missing court. We haven’t done that for a long time and as far as we know there has been little need for anyone to go to court. That is good news and we are very proud of Brabant Lake  One would think others like the RCMP would be as well.
    There is a lot of lawlessness in the North. What is surprising that there isn’t more . Many people have grown up in a mileu of corruption, favouritism and helplessness. They are the victims . It is time to turn our attention to the crimes of the “ Higher Ups.” No one can be more “ Higher up” to most people than someone who can take away their home and someone who can put them in jail.
    This is a few of the recent incidents of corrupt, lying, bullying power.
    The LaRonge housing Director, Vaughn Skogstad, pushes out a family into cold and temporary homelessness. The reason? The head of the household is trying to work for a living and support his family of five.    The Sergeant in a volley of appalling e- mails orders me to go to Legal Aid.  I mean orders. What is a mountie doing choosing and ordering someone’s legal coucil?. The mountie informs me that there will be a trial on Thursday, that they have a “ witness” from the Law Society of Saskatchewan and I must be there or I will go to jail.  We were told that as soon as the court gets direction from Regina I can enter a plea. When I plead  not guilty a trial date would be set and I have a right to ask that the court be moved out of the North.
    Instead I am ordered to phone Legal Aid Monday morning which is the same as saying I am ordered to plead Guilty. There will be no legal arguments, no cross examination, no legal history allowed. I will not be able to say anything, only the Legal Aid lawyer will. (Ahem,) That’s kind of like my singing for Celene Dion while she looks after the twins.
    People often tweak me or vigorously lecture me for not going for medical help.  My cataracts and recurring blood poisoning are a direct result of being forced to live without electricity, use a propane stove while the windows were boarded. This was brought to us by Vaughn Skogstad and the antagonist in the court case. When I explain to the mountie that I have some medical issues that will soon be corrected he steps up the pressure and realises they can get me while I’m vulnerable.
    To date we have had difficulty getting legal help not just due to finances but because lawyers, with very good reason, that their legal career will be destroyed by the Ministry of Justice. Defending me used to be a ticket to judgeship. Like drugs, don’t expect corruption to stay in the North. It spreads all over the province and eventually country. Gay