Thursday, January 27, 2011

pre- election beat-up

January 27,2011
 Firstly, some people wanted clarification in the posting “ Historical Anecdote.” : I never brought up the subject of homosexuality, the number of homosexuals in the armed force, the RCMP or anywhere else. Sgt Mansbridge brought it up and continued to bring it up so he could trap me into saying something that could be used against me and so I could be charged under hate laws. It was he, not I who said there are lots of homosexuals in the RCMP.
    He called the claimed suicides “ murders” as I do in many cases. He let me know that the RCMP know that these alleged suicides and accidents such as Bert Horan, Elias Charles are murders.
    Sgt Mansbridge clearly came to offer a bribe with considerable pressure and I turned it down. He was furious and some element in the RCMP continues to be furious at me for a variety of reasons. I never wrote about this before because I was rather hoping the RCMP, which is after all Our RCMP would smarten up. I didn’t want to duly blacken their name. After what Sgt. Presler tried or is trying to do to us I decided my silence was not appreciated. There were a lot of things in the posting that my husband didn’t know. I was also motivated by fear. Yes, I am terrified many times. But I try to make sure the fear and terror doesn’t stop me. I don’t believe that fear is an excuse not to act, not to speak.

Pre- election beat-up
    Every time there is a pending or possible pending election there is harassment to us. This absurd court case is a case in point.  How a political party fights an election is indicative of how they would govern. What we are learning what the Lib- NDP would do from this are the following( not an exhaustive list.)
1.Contempt of Court: I had two judgments made against me in a civil case when I could not make the court . I appealed this. Zatlyn wanted them to stop my blog entirely. The three judges said that the blog was in the public interest. They however upheld the decision of Madame Rathery. I said that I was appealing that to the Supreme Court.  The RCMP said that the Appeals Court was not allowed, that I had no right to go to appeal it at all. Therefore I am to be treated as if the case was never under appeal as opposed to the truth which it always has been under appeal.
    The Saskatchewan Appeals stated that my blog was in the public interest. Zatlyn defied this ruling and destroyed my blog in its entirety.
.    I am involved in a civil case and the RCMP has no jurisdiction in civil law. They are
 vigorously working for the antagonist.
2. Theft of Property: I do not own our house. My husband owns it in its entirety . I had the title given to me but I transferred my right to my husband and notified Land Titles Office. All the same. Zatlyn put a lien on the property . I was told that they can’t do anything about the lien until the property is sold. We have no intention of selling the property.
    Any other property we have is in the mission’s name, L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. We bought property in that name thirteen years ago.
    Zatlyn and his client with the help of the Southend RCMP want to force us out of property that is not my property. I am the only one being sued. I have no money and no property and do not have to pay because the case is in appeals.
3. Violation of security of person: I assumed that this wrongful arrest and charges would be dismissed but when we did not hear from the RCMP I e-mailed Sgt. Presler a few days ago. He said that my husband was informed on Nov. 25 and that is all that I need to know. When I told him that I had some serious health problems that soon would be corrected so I’d like it postponed  he stepped up the pressure and said that I would be arrested and put in jail if I did not attend.                                
4. The end of due process and independent legal counsel: Sgt. Presler ORDERED me to go to Legal Aid . He told me that there would be a trial on January 27 which means that he had no intention of allowing me to plead Not Guilty and ask for a trial outside of the North. This in fact is no trial, no court at all. It is only a show trial where the verdict is already written
    This is how the Lib- NDP operate to terrify me not to write a blog. They will not clean up corruption in the North. They intend to destroy those who expose it..  It doesn’t seem to be working. I can WRITE blogs, Reading is difficult for a few more weeks.
    My husband and I have written e- mails and fax to the Crown Prosecutor’s office, the RCMP.and have solicited the help of lawyers. We have received no indication that the court will give me an adjournment.  This is the fifth time that the courts on various occasions have refiused me  an adjournment due to lack of transportation and health reasons. Others get it if they have a carnival meeting or have to go to work. Gay