Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jealousy will get you nowhere.

January 11,2011
    Tch, tch, are we having another temper tantrum? Some people are jealous of Brabant Lake. It is not so obvious to those of us who live here but Brabant Lake is noted as a community that Turned Around. Some people are jealous of Turned Around communities. They resent in many ways that Brabant Lake is a model community and is on the way up as people’s lives improve and are on the way up. “ Up” we hope means eventually we’ll reach Heaven when we die. There still is a lot of work to do for all of us on that plan.
    We have learned that the attack on the Kevin Lindskog household is precisely because he is working and is the local Water Treatment Plant Operator.  There are those who want Brabant Lake not to be a viable independent community and want to force it to be part of Southend Indian Reserve or Grandmother’s Bay Reserve.  They want us to get water by a pail in the lake . While safe water is an international issue some actually want our water treatment plant and distribution to be closed. Strange:In 2005 centennial money was suppose to go to a complete water system to our houses. Now where did that money go ?
    There is no mention whether Southend or Grandmother’s Bay wants this and there is absolutely no interest in Brabant Lake for such a bondage. This plan surfaces now and then when a handful of people can’t stand that Brabant Lake can’t be controlled. They can’t stand that Brabant keeps acting like it has the same rights as any other place in Canada.
    Now the truth is if you live on a reserve you also have the same rights, laws and obligations as any other person who lives in any other place in Canada. The controllers believe that they can stop you from figuring that out so they want to make a non- reserve a reserve. There happens to be people from at least four reserves living here plus metis plus whites. We like being Human Race First Nations. We have no intention of being taken over by people who could benefit from our example and are welcome to live in this non- reserve..
    Regina and Prince Albert are listening to our concerns about LLRHA bullying people and arbitrarily putting up their rent. One staff member asked me, is the house in question “affordable housing.” Now affordable housing is public housing with a fixed rent. No one ever told us that such housing existed. Obviously people need that housing so they can go to work without being penalised with a huge rental increase. Isn’t it strange about all the things that we are never told ?
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