Friday, January 28, 2011

A Time Not to Listen

 Fr. Alphonse de Valk is (a) a priest (b) a useful and valid historian on the pro- life issues © a good critic of Catholic politicians who aren’t Catholic. For all these reasons he deserves respect. He does not deserve to be the final word on election strategies.  In the last Federal election he thundered don’t vote Conservative because Stephen Harper doesn’t like the abortion issue. Ergo the NDP Catholics( who also are very inconsistent Catholics) phoned people and asked them to be in solidarity for life so stay home and don’t vote. These NDP workers told Catholics not to vote for ardent Pro- Life Christians Kelly Block  and Maurice Vellacott amongst others. Now how would this advance the prolife cause?  What is the point of pro-lifers, and  Catholics disenfranchising themselves and allowing only anti- lifers to decide our leaders?  This served only one purpose: to attempt to shore up support for NDP- Lib politicians . Consistently de Valk is silent about the evils of the LIB- NDP as a party. Party Policy is more important in the Parliamentary System ( Cdn) than the Congressional System ( U.S.) .
    While rummaging through old Choose Life News and It’s Time newspapers I saw headlines such as Federal Conservatives virtually stop all funding of Planned Parenthood. Conservative Government refuses to fund abortions overseas. Harper firm that Abortion is not a solution for poverty among women.  Do you think that we would ever get headlines like this from a Lib-NDP- BQ government? The Liberals for years have been funding contraception, abortion and sterilisation through the UN. When Bush said no, they said Yes and offered our country as a front for PPF.
     Do you think Bruinooge, Block, Vellacott , Kenny et c et c would survive in a Left Coalition ? Not for a day, not for a vote.
    Harper was wrong to work against the Bruinooge bill. However maybe he is tired of being pushed by the Obama- Clinton bullies. Maybe he is tired of prolifers who expect him to be a Kamakaze PM for the cause while they don’t pay their debts at election time.

     Pro- lifers should not just vote for conservative pro- life candidates. They should phone up the MP or candidate and offer their services from now to the night of the election. We should make sure every Conservative Pro- Life candidate has plenty of funds, plenty of workers, and plenty of protection from anti- lifers in and out of the party.
    Ever since I have had contact with Fr. Alphonse de Valk he has been viciously anti- Conservative, also Mr. Campbell, both involved in Catholic Insight. They had never supported any of our pro- life efforts, whether it was Bill 53 Freedom of Informed Choice  patterned after the Akron, Ohio Ordinance that was the first Supreme Court victory, and written by Ministry of Justice staff. They never supported me in my legal victory against PPF pornographer Sol Gordon.   It is up to these entrenched Liberals  to explain to us what is their positive alternative. See the blog Pre- election Beat Up. Do people really think that if we don't have free speech and legal rights that we are going to have pro- life victories?
    When  my husband, John was in Pre- Med and was being persecuted  due to his pro-life views and those of his wife the de Valk crowd  never supported him and never helped him at all. Their confrere's response was " Protestants are stupid." It doesn't seem that any of them believe that our I.Q. has increased since we became Catholic. I might add  that it doesn't seem that their attitude has changed any throughout the years. Maybe they're suffering from " hardening of  the attitudes."
    We should not only be making sure that the Conservative candidates are pro-life but as much as possible every constituency official from President to poll captain and scrutineer are pro-life. . You can't do that from the outside. You can't do that if pro-lifers are encouraging Lib- NDP victory. To stay home and not vote is a vote for a Lib-NDP- BQ  coalition government. And Catholic Insight  should have the insight to see that.  Gay