Friday, February 4, 2011

Is this your number

February 04, 2011
    There are a lots of reasons for rejoicing. One reason we know much good is happening is the level of harassment phone calls we receive at school.
    I missed a phone call so I “ star 69ed” it.  I was told “ the last number that called was 1-306-352-3526. I knew this was a Regina number but it wasn’t a government number because those are 787. I phoned the number and a woman began her spiel.
    “ I am from Canada Revenue Agency Appeals and would you please explain your reason for appealing. Ever since CRA under the Liberal regime took away my income tax return for drawing a cartoon against gun control I have been appealing. At first they arbitrarily said I owed $40,000 then after numerous letters it was reduced to $4000. I still wasn’t satisfied since I didn’t believe we owed anything and they owed us a considerable, to us, pile of income tax returns. I kept appealing and the bureaucracy kept pretending that I hadn’t appealed and blah, blah, blah. The last time was over a year ago in which I sent an appeal to a BC address. This woman told me her phone number is 403-231-5262 and asked would you please explain your reason why you are appealing. I hadn’t reiterated that for sometime and as usual was amazed at their illiteracy or my inability to communicate in writing.  She then read this script of why my appeal was rejected. From not understanding my reason for appealing to a judgment in seven minutes. Wow. And why the Calgary phone number?.
    I told John . We quickly decided this was garbage. I phoned her Calgary number. She wasn’t in. I left a message that we weren’t accepting this.  She phoned back and said then I would have to go to income tax court. Promises,promises. I asked why she was at a Regina number. She denied it. I told her that I had contacted her at the Regina number. She denied it. I needed my noon cuppa.
    We have had numerous letters and phone calls from CRA that are contradictory, blatantly fake, and  have no return address. Anyone can produce a CRA letterhead on the computer in five minutes. We have been contacted before and after office hours. Would you believe an Ottawa civil servant would phone you from Calgary at 8 am your time ( 7am theirs) on Saturday? They get the name of our director wrong. The Regina/ Calgary babe was very angry that “ they” hadn’t told her the charity had been officially in existence since 1997, but had told her 2003. She had never received documentation of this or that and would you please send those records? Ha, ha, ha. The Calgary fellow said that we had been chosen for auditing. Then he phoned and said that he wasn’t coming up since he had to use his own vehicle.( Get serious. No civil servant uses his own vehicle on this road) .  Would we please send all our files to a PA address instead? Ahem.
.     The trouble is some of the staff from the real CRA act as arbitrary and goofy as the
 fake ones. They seemed to meld. Do some do free lance after hours? Get assignments from disgruntled civil servants in Regina who are getting their fingers slapped?
    Former Premier Grant Devine used to say “ We need a government as good as the people.” Like a lot of seemingly corny cliches there is a great deal of truth in that. Saskatchewan people are not crooks. You don’t go to Davidson, or Hafford or Humboldt and get ripped off.  People help each other on the road. They respond to emergencies and charity appeals whether it’s a local or international crises. They love organising social events with lots of  donated home baked food. Yet some civil servants seem to spend their entire time plotting with other civil servants to mess up and destroy individuals and initiatives. Some are a vicious criminal element who believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want. To date some of them have never been proven wrong. It would be a good idea if there were a concerted effort to change that. Gay