Friday, February 11, 2011

The Three in One Unholy Trinity

February 11,2011
    On Wednesday in the House of Commons we were given a great blessing. We were shown what is the priority agenda of the Liberal- NDP- Bloc Quebecois.  A private members’ bill of an NDP member passed by a majority.  This was NOT a government bill. It was a bill that had the backing of the three opposition parties whose members outnumber the government party. At present we have a minority government. The opposition can pass what they want if they can agree. They can agree on the agenda of perverting little children into thinking that they are not boy nor girls but can be all kinds of variations. They can agree to forcing this agenda on the rest of us from public bathrooms to school curriculum to censorship of Biblical teaching, to marriage registration et c et c. The Planned Parenthood pornographer Sol Gordon liked to call himself “ polymorphous perverse.” Well this bill makes the polymorphous perverse crowd protected and rulers. They want this concept  entrenched in the Constitution. Now this bill has to pass the Senate and be ratified by all the provinces. There is a very good possibility it will never get through the hurdles.
    However we now know what the Left Coalition wants. This is their party platform.  Nationalising every functioning industry, disarming our country and destroying the military, attacking the monarchy, dividing the country into warring ethnic groups, and taxing businesses into oblivion are all secondary. The big issue, the overarching unifying theme is imposing sexual variety on everybody including and especially our children.
    Now let me explain this very clearly: A vote for the NDP is a vote for the Liberals and the Bloc Quebecois. A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the NDP and the BQ( Separatists). A vote for the BQ is a vote for the NDP and Liberals. There are three ways to vote for the destruction of Canada. It is a Three in One Unholy Trinity.  The Liberals can no longer paint themselves as the ones to stop the Separatists. The NDP can no longer pretend that they are for the little guy not those rich, snobby Liberals. The BQ can no longer claim that they speak for the people of Quebec. The people of Quebec are still for Family and Faith . Most would find this platform as repugnant as the families in the rest of Canada.
    The alternative to the Left Coalition whose main agenda is the promotion and entrenchments of sexual variety, is a Conservative Majority Government. Oh but you say you don’t like Harper because.......    We are not voting for God.  He doesn’t need our vote. He’s already In and watching. We are only voting for a prime Minister and government who will stop the Left Agenda of destroying the Family.
    It would be a good idea to make your political decision now. One party supports the family as the basic institution in society. That party believes in families having the right to raise their children and having Christian norms protected in education, publication, and in speech. The other, a Left Coalition believe in protecting mulitple sexual variety as a social norm and a coercive force on everybody. Decide. Then go to work to protect your family and mine.  Now. The war has been declared. Gay