Saturday, March 5, 2011

Letter to Ms. Myers

March 05,2011
    The following is a letter we wrote in response to Ms. Myer’s letter. It is not her decision or job to deregister a school. When we met with a former director of Independent Schools Ms. Myer was in attendance. She let her position  that education decisions comes from the government down ,be known. This is the socialist position and is not the tradition and laws of Canada. Saskatchewan had one of the highest standards of edcuation in North America. Then education became a political tool for a socialist anti- family agenda. Now our standards are below the national average.  See yesterday’s Gender Rights. If we do not stop this schools from nursery up will be a very dangerous place for children as they will be manipulated into sexual perversions. People like Ms. Myers do not want any educational choice. They do not want  Catholic schools to be Catholic.

March 05,2011

Ms, Terry Myers
Executive Director
Regional and Integrated Services,
Dear Madam,
    Thank- you for your letter of March 01. It seems very unusual for a civil servant to write and then to insist that we respond to someone else.We had a deadline to meet on February 28. Your letter is written March 01, the next day. It would seem that there is a step that is missing which is an opportunity for us to explain why meeting that deadline was not within our control and ability.
    1. Mr. Caswell contacted the office  responsible for safety inspection They stated that they were very busy and that they would get back to us. They were presently working in a community much larger  and much farther North than ours. We and they cannot help the distances and demands of their office. We however have been working on several safety and maintenance issues ourselves which have , to us, been a considerable financial outlay and have used the efforts of adult students and Mr. Caswell.
    2. We have consistently met the criteria for maintaining our corporation status throughout the years. We have made financial statements and have had them reviewed when necessary. They have all been accepted by by Canada Revenue Agency and many by Consumer’s Branch with their stamp on them. According to a Chartered Accountant with considerable expertise in the field, the Consumer’s Branch expects an accountant’s review when (a) the income of a non- profit corporation is at $250,000 ( b) when reinstating a maximum three years of reveiw are requested.  In our case they are demanding ten years of review when the charity’s income has never been close to $250,00 and are around $70,000 in 2009 and about $50,000 in 2010. Those in Consumer’s Branch have stated that they have a commitment to honour a past antagonism  of a Mr. Monte Curle ( person personally unknown to us ). It seems that the failure to reinstate us is clearly with  staff in Consumer’s Branch especially since they accepted and cashed our fee payment in January 2009.
    We have received from the ministry of education a report indicating Saskatchewan n is considerably behind the rest of the country in math, sciences and reading. We have been vigourously working to upgrade and maintain high standards in those areas in a mileu where illiteracy in grade 12 students is not uncommon and where many do not reach beyond the third grade.
    Also may we remind you that the Constitution states that parents have a right to decide the education of their children and themselves, the right of Catholic schools must be protected and  people have a right to an education. We have given people an education when no real education or none at all was available . Parents ,their children and adult students  are often very bullied by choosing this independent Catholic school.  It would seem that the Ministry of Education should be helping to make sure that people’s constitutional rights are protected.  Your arbitrary letter stating we have no recourse and that we are punished because of legitimate circumstances by one government office and clearly by undue harassment by another seems an attack not only on us but on the constitutional rights of others.
    The school’s operation will continue.We expect a reconsideration of your letter.
Thank- you.
Mr.&Mrs. John Caswell.

c.c. Premier Brad Wall
c.c. Honourable Donna Harpaur
c.c. Mr. Kevin Gabel, Supervisor of  f Independent Schools
c.c. Mr. Daryl Arnott, Northern Regional Director