Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prolife Reality Check

March 09,2011

    Recently a prolife leader e- mailed and said that she was disappointed in the SaskParty and didn’t know to whom to support. Get Real. The game is over.
    In 1985 I tabled a pro- life bill in the legislature. Dwain Lingenfelter immediately began shouting and encouraging other NDPers  to do the same. It was hard for the electronic system to even pick up the words for Hansard. That my friends, is the official NDP position.  It  always has been, always will be. If you don’t like the subject shout the messenger down. If and when you can destroy the messenger.
    It has always been amazing to see a province full of strong pro family people, pro- lifers, Bible Colleges, Catholic schools and colleges, and full churches consistently allow or encourage the election of the NDP. The NDP with no real opposition, destroy Catholic hospitals, dilute Catholicism in Catholic schools, promote the sexual abuse of minors, steal on a grand scale the theft of your money, destroy family farms and businesses and more. The NDP come back into power again and again because Christians let them do so.
    We should have got rid of abortion a long time ago. We didn’t, not because of the politicians whom we elected or allowed to be elected. We didn’t get rid of abortion because prolifers want perfection of one political party and will allow anything from the pro-abortion party which is and always has been the NDP.
    Prolifers complain that they can’t trust this or that  non- NDP party. Prolifers have you ever considered that you can’t be trusted, that your integrity and sincerity is questionable. NDPers Bangas organised the Run for Life from Saskatoon to Regina, encouraged every one to raise money for prolife. Many MLA’s personally shelled out money for them and John Caswell raised the most money. The Devine Tories were overwhelmingly prolife. Then Mary  Banga informed me that they would not support Devine’s reelection and would encourage others to do so. Her husband who worked for SaskWater would have to commute to Moose Jaw, which is thirty miles away on a paved highway or they would have to move to Moose Jaw. Therefore a prolife Premier and caucus were not a consideration if it meant the inconvenience of a high ranking civil servant. Alex Banga was amply rewarded for his services to the NDP by becoming head of SaskWater and Mary has or had a teaching job in a large Technical School although she has no teaching training, certificate or degree.
    NDPers were put in place in the Regina Prolife and in Catholic Parish Councils to make sure that nothing really was done in the Prolife arena for twenty- five  years.  They came out in the Federal election to encourage prolifers, “ in solidarity with life” not to vote for local prolife candidates because Harper said something they didn’t like.
    When Prolifers stay home and refuse to vote they vote for the pro-abortion candidate and party. They act out of a sense of  purity , self- righteousness, and spiritual pride and let the NDP win.
    The NDP as a party or as an individual candidate is never an acceptable prolife alternative. If an NDP candidate says that he is prolife you can’t believe him. If he was truly prolife he wouldn’t be in the NDP. The exception to this was Freddy Thompson and Lawrence Yew. Freddy told me many times that he quit being NDP but Lingenfelter needed his memorial service for a campaign platform. The Prolifers may say that an NDP prolife candidate is acceptable but that is not the NDP party position. A little or big lie at election time is acceptable but no NDP politician will be allowed to implement any prolife policy or even stand up and vote Prolife.
    The present provincial agenda is to utterly bury the NDP at the polls at the upcoming election. The Prolifers need to increase their credibility by starting to shovel. Gay