Friday, March 11, 2011

How it works

March 11,2011
    Tommy Douglas, first socialist premier stated to have a socialist government you must have a socialist civil service.  He greatly expanded the number of civil servants and made sure non- socialists were fired. The Fabian ( socialists of the 2nd International ) writers make it clear that the power and number of civil servants must increase to implement socialist policies. Elected officials can’t be trusted because they are answerable to the people who elected them. Those people, the electorate, are the ones who need to be “ reconstructed” whether they like it or not.
    Whenever a non-socialist government in Saskatchewan is elected the entrenched civil servants 1. Smarm up to the elected government 2, pretend that they are on side. 3. blatently persecute allies of the government.4. conspire constantly to defeat the government.  When a socialist government is in the civil servants persecute conservatives and anyone interfering with their agenda but they do it quietly and expect their victims to be muzzled for their own good.
    When the Devine government came in, civil servants in the Department of Education immediately manipulated a not- very- conservative Conservative Minister of Education  to state that all private schools especially Christian independent schools using Accelerated Christian Education curriculum are to be outlawed.   An alarming action indeed to a group of people who were staunch soldiers for the new government. They were not outlawed and eventually legislation was passed to protect home schoolers and independent schools. That legislation is now being used to harass independent schools. The MLA who led the fight to  protect those schools was myself.  Some civil servants in the Ministry of  Education have never forgotten or forgiven that.
    I have the habit of naming names when the uncivil servants do us dirties because they are the people with power and who are never answerable to the public. Elected people are responsible for the actions of the bureaucrats but often by the time they hear of the recent injustice they have been immersed and implicated  in the civil servant action.
    It is appropriate to complain about specific civil servants and ministers who are unwilling to reign in their “servants”. But that does not mean the cure for elected people who sometimes do not control the socialist employees or even sometimes  act like the socialists is to punish them by letting the socialists become government again. That is punishment to ourselves and to everyone else in the province.  Likewise,it does not mean that the cure for politicians who have not done enough for prolife is to allow the anti- life party to become government again.  That is allowing babies and the elderly to be killed out of personal spite against some politicians.

MYERS AGAIN: It takes more than a week to get a letter from Regina to Brabant Lake. On March 03 we received a letter dated March 01 from socialist civil servant Ms. Terry Myers. The letter stated since by Feb.28 we didn’t have a safety inspection done (safety office was busy) and since consumers branch hadn’t reinstated our status in paper( deliberate refusal to cooperate) we are deregistered. She said we could reapply again at a later date. ( The better to harass you, my dear) That letter had to be composed and sent well before our supposed deadline. She wrote the letter apparently because she couldn’t trust reasonable people in the Ministry to do so but she wants us to make them answerable. Classic.

QUEBEC AGAIN: About six years ago I received a phone call from a person working out of Charles le Moyne hospital stating that according to the will I have an inheritance from my brother, Eric White and John and I were responsible for our nephew.  Then, a few disgruntled people claimed that Eric died without a will. More than once we have been sent photos of the will which has my name. Now the story is that there is a will but it doesn’t mention  me. We have asked for a copy of the will many times from Eric’s lawyer, Mr. Stephane LaRose . My calls were not answered in either official language.
    Meanwhile our lawyer Kalman Samuels did nothing except help the other side while taking our initial $1500.
    Today I received this letter from Mr. Stephane LaRose .It states
    RE; Eric Wallace White
Mrs. Caswell
    In response to your letter dated February 7th, 2011, we inform you that we are unfortunately no longer implicated in the file of the deceased mentioned above.
    “Implicated” ! C’est le mot juste. ( It’s the right word.)
    Meanwhile it appears some mail from our nephew to us, is being stopped . He phoned us to tell us what is being sent but it has not come. In practice whenever he says he is sending us something it comes within a week or so.  Please pray for his safety and well being. Gay