Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theft of Privacy

March 13,2011
    I can safely make the claim that no Christian should be a member of the New Democratic Party. I can as an extrapolation of the Ten Commandments, Biblical Teaching and statements of many Popes. Under papal infallability in matters of faith and morality the popes have warned us and condemed socialism many many times. The NDP have always seen as legitimate tools lying, stealing and killing family loyalty and growth, initiative, and people’s reputation.
    In this series which will continue throughout the next few months I will begin by talking just a little on the NDP’s theft of privacy. Personal privacy is a right and a possession. It should not be violated without good and sufficient reason. I will use my own experiences not because I or we have suffered more than anyone else in the province. I haven’t . But because this is the case that I know best.
     When we lived on 29th. Street in Saskatoon our house was tapped. We always felt it but didn’t want to admit it. If we tried to explain things to the children they would come back with the NDP line from various sources. To have a conversation that was safe we would have to  go to a restaurant. It has now been confirmed that it was tapped by a well known NDPer.
    Vaughn Skogstad and Ms. Topping admitted smugly at a Rentalsmen hearing that our phone was tapped and that they had access to all our conversations. There was considerable evidence that our bedroom in particualar was tapped. It was impossible to say anything at the table or in the bedroom that wasn’t spread all over the North. One of the reasons that I began the blog was if the enemy is going to know all our business I’ll at least make sure  possible allies will know the truth of what is happening. No it wasn’t because I have a loud voice. I can have one but not loud enough to reach 175 km away or 1000 km to Regina..
    People in the community were well aware that we had no private conversations and thought that it just the way the Higher Ups can do things. Perhaps that is the worst thing, that people grow up believing that people in power can do anything they want and the safe course is to just accept it.
    There was plenty of evidence that the two classrooms were also tapped as was the phone. We still assume when we have or send a fax that  the janitor of the other school who is the NDP controller has access to it.  I put this in the past tense but I doubt if it really is in the past as do many of our callers.   
    I complained to SaskTel . The CEO and  Premier Romanow’s law partner, Don Chin assured me that someone personally tapping your phone is a very serious crime.  He was very careful not to deny that the government may be tapping our phone.
    For what crime? For the most serious crime in Saskatchewan which is being an opponent of the NDP.
    The NDP freely use government files in particular health records to justify smear campaigns. Dale Eisler, former journalist in the legislature asked me once when did I quit drinking? Now I have never drank as in getting drunk and can probably count the glasses of wine that I have had in my life on my toes and fingers. For the most part I would be classified as a teetotaler. How did he come to this conclusion.? My health records show that when I had my first child I went to a doctor who treated alcoholics because I had hypoglycemia.
    My children and many other people  have been told that I had two abortions. The basis of this was I had two miscarriages( spontaneous abortions) at St. Paul’s Hospital. When Mr. Herman Rolfes was the Minister of Health there was a form a pregnant woman had to carry that stated number of abortions; spontaneous, induced. Then the tally of the two types was in the corner. Mine read 2 . It was I who stopped this misleading form before I was a member of the legislature. Stay tuned. Gay