Monday, March 14, 2011

Sexual abuse continues

March 14,2011
    In the last few weeks in our community a five year old has been molested by a man who has been sexually abusing little girls, teenagers and adult females for two generations. He is the prime suspect for the murder of Elias Charles. In Brabant Lake it is not in the category of suspect but it is considered a known fact.
    He is still in the community. A review: Peter McKenzie went to court in La Ronge for sexually abusing a seven year old girl. Before he did so 26 adults signed that they did not want him back in the community. I made a partial list of his victims of the past.  We made sure that the RCMP and the Crown Prosecutor got a copy of the signatures and the list just in case no one checked the records. The result was in hours after the court Peter McKenzie was back in the community. I wrote a blog and told of the outrage. I thought this the wiser approach than having our neighbour confront the RCMP in his and our state of anger.
    The crown prosecutor was used to running the North without criticism. He pushed LLRHA to kick us out of our home. While we were under seige in a house boarded up with the electricity turned off the crown prosecutor had his lawyer demanding an apology in court for what I wrote. He had a court on May 2008 while we were still holding up in our house. He had a court in Sept, 2008 in which I explained that I did not have the means to attend and would appeal the decision if it was not dropped.  I went to Appeals Court in Sept,2010. I was told that the allegations were serious so I couldn’t have a trial to defend myself. I said that I would appeal this to the Supreme Court.
         On Oct. 2010 I was arrested by two RCMP because I had not paid $55000 plus interest based on the Sept. 2010 decision which is still under appeal. I was told that I had not erased his name from my blog. I had done so against my better judgement to buy time unsuccesfully to prepare for court.  I asked the two mounties who put them up to this? One said “ I AM NOT AT LIBERTY TO TELL YOU.” He didn’t shout it but I want you to notice that in Canada we now have surprise evening arrests and the police claim that they can’t tell us who is our accuser or who is their authority.
    I went to court January 28 when I couldn’t see and was very sick. The judge or any court personnel weren’t there but they were processing young people at 3 minutes a head via the phone.  I made an appearance as stated and left the multimillion dollar youth centre that is clear evidence of massive and prolonged vandalism.
    John Gormley in his book while giving a good but very incomplete expose of court personnel using young natives from northern Saskatchewan for sexual orgies flippantly states “ we can’t have open season on crown prosecutors.” Well Gormley what about open season on 5 year old girls, and 14 year olds, and ten year olds, and young women in bed with two children, and a 20 year old man with his face shot away? What about a court system that won’t allow a person a trial because “ those are serious allegations .”
    Crown prosecutors should be open to criticism precisely because their job is to defend the defenceless including little girls who are sexually abused and then have to have rapists as part of their village. While some people are murdered the courts and police are wasting their time over civil matters because someone in the public is offended that their suitablity for a public job is in question.  Gay