Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Protection for Northern Children

March 17,2011
St. Patrick’s Day
    There is a good story in the international news. A pedophile  ring centred in Hague, Netherlands and spread throughout the world has been busted. Hundreds of arrests have been made and at least 60 children have been rescued from child molesters and pornographers. One of those arrested is a man from Abernathy, Saskatchewan . Abernathy is near Regina in the south of the province.
    Question: Netherland children deserve an international ring of police experts as do Taiwanese children, Australian children, chilren of the United Kingdom and more.Children are manipulated and kidnapped from their parents’ protection, sexually abused and pictures are taken of them where these pictures are spread throughout the world via the internet. Information on how to access children is also spread. The sexual abuse of children is fought around the world and in this case with expertise, international cooperation and success. Bravo. But why are children of Northern Saskatchewan exempt from any protection?.
    A five year old child in Brabant Lake is molested.The known predator is seen at Local Advisory Council meetings, on the streets , the store, at the other school yard. He threatens John Caswell about reporting him at the LAC meeting. He will be performing, bossing and making a big and noisy splash at the Brabant Lake Carnival this weekend. The community is expected to have fun, smile and jolly up while a known rapist is just part of the scenery, the crowd and the inner circle of organisers.
    I am not aware of all Peter McKenzie’s victims. The first one we met was when we were in town the first week in 1996. He had raped a fourteen year old girl. The girl had gone to the police. Nothing was done about it. He raped a ten year old girl . Nothing was done about it. He raped the same person when she was a young adult. She reported him and we took her to court. Nothing was done about it. He raped a seven year old girl. This was taken to the police . Nothing was done about it. The victim, one of our students, however has been in jail, and is a severe alcoholic and drug user. He raped the girl’s younger sister at 7 years old. The girls’s aunt, three hundred miles away, went to court over and over with the little girl. Peter got adjournments for about two years. The aunt, with a nursing baby and in need of an operation asked for an adjournment. Once. This request was used as an excuse to drop charges against Peter.
    A man from Southend who was charged with child molesting is housed and welcomed by Peter into Brabant Lake. This is a case where something was done about child molesting. The man is sent to pretty little Brabant Lake!
    The rationale is child molesting is just part of the manifest destiny of northern children. They are used for barter for protection and pleasure of the Higher Ups. Therefore when victims, their families, their teachers( the Catholic school ones) object they are attacked. To date the only persons other than the victims who have been punished are myself and my husband . I have had numerous court appearances , some of whom I couldn’t attend and some I  don’t even know about their existence and am expected to pay a fine of $58,000 plus and hand over other people’s assets. Virtually all the harassment that we have received stems from the fact that we consistently object to the protection of the drug trade and sex abusers.
     The two are closely related. Boys and young men are given drugs in exchange for their body.  Gormley mentions Judge Bekolay, a Romanow appointee, who used  young aboriginal men from remote towns.  I am not aware of the age of Bekolay’s victims but fourteen year old boys are not considered young men by law or custom.  It has been emphatically reported to me that fouteen year old boys have been used in payment of drugs and in payment for legal protection for themselves or for  others. Gormley states that these were aboriginal men that a criminal Bomek befriended. Boys and young men from remote northern towns rarely go to court in Prince Albert. Some go to jail there and a few live there while going to school. Northern boys and men go to court in or near their local communities. They come in contact with the legal system by local RCMP and by the La Ronge court offices. There are more people involved than one PA judge, an NDP appointee “ whom everyone knew was gay.”( Gormley)
    Meanwhile Peter McKenzie, known murderer of Elias Charles and known rapist is free and will be a big man, just ask him, at the Brabant Lake Carnival.
     Gay Caswell is not free. She is under bench warrant and is expected to appear at the Southend vandalised Youth Centre ( Court) April 28. I can’t even remember why. Oh yes. I was not keeping the peace by riding back and forth to the school where I teach and I appealed and am appealing the court decision that I am to give a La Ronge crown prosecutor $58000. I was suppose to ask the crown prosecutor’s permission before appealing. Gay