Saturday, March 19, 2011

More on Protection of Criminals and Attacks on Freedom

March 19,2011
St. Joseph’s Feast  Day
St. Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, Patron of Canada

    One of the people arrested in the United Kingdom as part of the paedophile international ring was a boy’s scout leader. You can bet he is no longer a scout leader. Peter McKenzie who has been known to kill and molest is still at large in the community and enjoying himself at the Brabant Lake Carnival. His girlfriend Sarah, a procurer and facilitator to him, and he ran the Children’s Fun Night. The children and the community learned:
1. If you are molested just accept it and have fun or don’t spoil it for the rest of us.
2. Peter can’t be stopped and knows he has protection in La Ronge if not Higher Ups in the Lower Downs in Prince Albert or even Regina.
3.Killing and molesting is a powerful argument to get your way in the community.
4. A molester has a perfect right to have contact with children , to make himself look like everybodies’ favourite uncle and children’s party man.
5.A child’s life and future is not as important as Peter’s right to be front row and centre in any community event.
    Despite this, notably absent were several families with small children . Today he will be competing for Trapper King. The model of a skillful, self- reliant trapper is usually not the Mad Trapper who devoured his own family. Councellor John Caswell couldn’t take anymore and had to absent himself from the macabre site. Two other councellors are staying on to control the situation and protect  financial resources as much as they can.
     Why is Brabant Lake getting no  help on this?
  A few facts:
 1. Enough evidence against Peter for the murder of Elias Charles has been given to the RCMP over and over to convict anyone else for life. Peter has never even been hauled in for

2. When he went to court due to his second last known victim it was the Queen vs. Peter but the public prosecutor was not the public prosecutor but a junior lawyer from Legal Aid. Legal Aid lawyers are under the control and pay of the Ministry of Justice.

3. When the crown prosecutor sued me and got a judgment against me while I was unable to attend court he cited passages that mentioned Peter McKenzie and Sarah Charles, Minister of Justice, Don Morgan and others but did not mention him. Why does this particular prosecutor feel personally threatened by passages mentioning Peter et al?

4. When I phoned,and e- mailed the Minister of Justice requesting that Peter’s court be removed outside of Southend, Reindeer I was told by his executive assistant that the Minister of Justice can’t interfere in courts and the police.  I asked that justice be facilitated. The court was the fartherest possible distance from the victim and her guardian but the closest for Peter. The E.A. did say that I could write a letter and he would answer it. Meanwhile Peter went free because the victim’s guardian asked for one adjournment while Peter had had about ten adjournments.

     In 1997 we put a down payment on Lot 5, Block 5, Brabant Lake the nucleus lot for L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. The payment was accepted and cashed by the Municipal Office. In 1999 the La Ronge office  put our property up for tender. Due to public pressure from Northerners we won the tender to our own property. We were promised in writing that the school would have title to the land.  We kept asking for it. We recently asked for it again. Quess what? Since the Ministry of Justice arbitrarily pulled our incorporation status from the records the school can’t have title to the land, so says Information Services Corporation.
Guess what? Hold on to your hat. The Ministry of Justice concurred that that is true.
    In October 2010 Premier Wall appointed Honourable Tim McMillan responsible for  Corporations, ISC  and other departments. The Corporations Branch was taken from the Ministry of Justice as was the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. It was found that Honourable Don Morgan had a conflict of interest on the gambling issue. The non- profit corporations act has always been administered under the Corporations Branch. Strangely these siblings though not siamese twins were separated.
    Honourable Mr. McMillan was given a mandate from the Premier “to foster economic development by identifying and eliminating regulatory or bureaucatic requirements that serve as barriers to growth.” Meanwhile the corporations part that was left behind in Justice continued its harrassment to us unabated, not only did not eliminate any regulatory or bureaucratic requirements but made up a whole new patch. An official in education was told that schools and church have to renew their status under the Non- Profit Act every six years, It’s not true. But hey, when you run the province by a corner in Justice who cares ?
    We were told that no institution or group can have title to land unless they are incorporated under the Non- profit Corporations Act. That means according to this no church, no parish, no prolife group, no religious order, no summer camps, .no sports association can own property unless Justice says so and says so at least every six years.
     Does it mean that no union, no Lodge , no political party can own land unless it is so registered.  Do you think that secret societies , political parties and unions are going to prepare a financial statement every  year, listing their assets, income , expenditures and liabilities where it will be made acceptable and will be subject to the usual confidential practices of the Saskatchewan goverment which is and has been no confidentiality at all? Do you think that they are going to accept a mandate that they must have an accountant acceptable to the Ministry as was told to us?  Do you think that they will accept handing over the names, addresses, phone numbers of their boards , number of voting members, number of non- voting members and requirements? Do you think that they will accept a bureaucrat deleting from their mission statement those things considered  objectionable such as the Ministry deleted in January 2010 the mandate of Our Lady of the North School the words, a school from nursery to grade 12?
    One of the reasons that Saskatchewan prolife groups. churches, bible colleges and charities  are often so silent when the interests of their reason- to- be are violated is they are hamstrung and intimitaded by the NPCA and Justice bureaucrats. The Act imposes on a group a particular organisational style and decision making which is not conducive to getting things done. That is the intention. To my knowledge no Catholic Parish is registered under the NPCA. If it was it would be a violation of Canon Law bccause it changes the structure and nature of authority. We were told yesterday by implication that that will change. That is the intention.
    Remember the Minister of Learning, Andrew Thompson made public a report that independent schools would be under the authority of public schools and by 2006 no independent schools would exist. The agenda may be slowed down by a change in which party officially governs but it will not stop as long as Justice bureaucrats can destroy our freedom of association and our right to educational choice.
    The ISC was created by the NDP . Gormley gives it full marks. Its time to look again
 at the hidden agenda of the ISC- Justice connection. The role is to see that no organisation, group, or  charity exists without their scrutiny, approval, and inteference. This my friends is deep core totalitarianism. The Societies Act was repealed when the NPCA was passed. I’m sure a copy could be found to be used where needed. Gay

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