Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Government vs Private Property

March 20, 2011
       A Constitutional Rights group is working to put the right to own property in the Constitution. Before we had a Charter of Rights ( Trudeau 1982) and just had inalienable rights protected by natural law, tradition and precedence the right to own property was unquestioned. I support their efforts. It does not mean that we don’t have property rights. God gave them to us and the law assumes it is so. If you don’t believe me consider what would happen to you if you shoplift. Two NDP Members of  Parliament did so.  Lorne Nystrom stole a glass lens carrier and Sven Robinson stole a ring to give to his boyfriend. Both of their political careers are over. As a man thinketh so is he.  The NDP position always has been that all property belongs to the government and is held by individual groups at its discretion.
          At times they have moderated this position.  The original CCF (1933) wanted the government to own all the farm land but this policy was not adopted openly because it would rebel the voters. However there has been numerous attempts to get all farm and even city land  in the hands of government. The NDP never give up on their ideology.
The key issue of being NDP is you must be more loyal to the NDP than to your religion, your ethics and in many cases even to your family. That is why  it is a sin to be NDP. It violates the First Commandment amongst other Bible teachings.
Some people did not realise what was happening .However the present practice that churches, charities, church groups. religious orders, clubs et c cannot own property unless they are registered to the satisfaction of bureaucrats in the Ministry of Justice is a serious and clear attack on religious freedom, and freedom of association.
Some will say, oh well maybe they won’t attack the churches and groups that already own property  Maybe they won’t attack existing property right away. Why should we have left freedoms today than we had a few years ago? Why should a church or parish organized today or tomorrow have an organization and structure imposed on them from the government?
Some will say Maybe the Catholic Church, the Freemason Lodges, the Unions and political organizations can be exempt.  Some definitely will be exempt from full and honest compliance because the government will play political favourites. Why should there be rules that obviously are going to be applied by political favouritism? The Catholic Church should have no more or no less property rights than the Jehovah Witnesses or any other group. Do not think for one moment that the Socialists will treat the Catholic Church with respect.  They may start by giving the Church of the Four Corners a hard time because the Pastor is stuck on a few moral issues but they will never stop  until they have destroyed the Catholic Church. The NDP stacked parish councils are not going to protect the parishes but are going to be used to compromise the Church.
Premier Wall wants less footprints of government on business. That’s good. But it seems strange that Corporations  has a mandate to reduce government interference while the non- profit corporations were truncated from the body and left in Justice. It would be very nice if the hobnail boots of  government would cease trampling on charities and churches. Gay.