Monday, March 21, 2011

Stalking the Victims

March 21, 2011
First Day of Spring, Cold and Windy, lots of ice and snow
          There are two myths about northerners and sexual abuse.
1. Parents and the victims don’t really mind. They don’t know any better and never do anything about it.
2. Perpetrators get drunk and just slip into improper behaviour. They didn’t plan to do it.

Parents, relatives, community members and victims many, many times have reported abuse, rape, molesting and evidence of murder to the RCMP and to crown prosecutors, have gone to court over and over to no avail. They know if there is not a long conviction they may be the next one to be murdered or raped. Despite the many set backs and very real retaliations they still do come forward and try to get legal action against murderers and rapists.
There are women who have suffered terrible abuse and it has taken years for them to manage their life. All people, boys and girls, adults, are meant to have privacy and ownership of their body. Marriage is a life commitment, publicly sanctioned by a marriage ceremony between one man and one woman. Sex outside of marriage is always exploitative and open to the exploitation of others including children, theirs and others. When a boy friend lives with a woman with children the children are 48 times more likely to be abused than when the couple marry and take family responsibility for the children. This was told to us by a man who was chaplain on death row when Canada had death rows.
In at least two cases of sexual abuse of small children in Brabant Lake, the children had been students of ours. There was a prolonged and concentrated effort on the part of Peter McKenzie and his girl friend to force the parents to pull the children away from the Catholic mission school. Peter and Sarah were and are always on the forefront of trying to close down the mission school. The one time last year when I was at a meeting with them, Peter took the opportunity to blatantly tell me that three small girls can no longer go to the school.  One of those three was pulled by her frightened mother and became his victim.
Our students are day not residential students. However L’Ecole Notre Dame teaches them that they are made by God and are answerable to God. That puts courage and direction in their lives and helps the whole family to believe in their own dignity, destiny and duty.
 At least two boys who were students were pulled from the mission school became fodder for the catamite- drug scene. A catamite is a boy who is used by an older man for sexual purposes as a type of sex slave. Socrates had one.  In this column the word is much preferred over “gay”. The boys were not “gay” and their age certainly wasn’t 18 or over but their bodies were used for payment for favours from La Ronge Higher Ups. To La Ronge I might add other points South.
Some people in Regina who have cooperated in the persecution of ourselves and the school did not know that we were trying to protect children and youth who were being abused and were and are being attacked by their abusers. It is very difficult to understand all the issues when the action is 800 miles away. That is why basic laws must apply though the whole province and country, such as laws against murder and rape. This is why Regina should not attempt to micromanage every school, every charity and every community through arbitrary and interfering bureaucrats with their own ideological and life style preferences. Gay