Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for a real Investigation

March 24,2011
     No person has coloured left politics in this province more than Roy Romanow. He also helped change Canadian social, political and moral fibre by being Trudeau’s toady to give us the Charter of Rights which has invisible or imaginary rights like same sex so called “marriage” but does not have the right to own property. When past Premier Grant Devine called Romanow “a spineless playboy” a reporter in the press gallery told me “ Devine almost got it right. Playboy usually refers to someone who likes girls.”
    The first legal  appointment that Romanow made was elevate a Prince Albert lawyer Bekolay to judgeship. Bekolay had been the NDP Party President. “ It was no secret that Bekolay was gay” to quote Gormley. Bekolay had a friend  Bomek who was a disbarred lawyer who was serving time for sexually molesting 20 clients.  How could a lawyer get to sexually molesting 20 clients? Why didn’t the clients stop coming ? Were they forced to go to him such as in a Legal Aid situation?
    Judge Bekolay became the PA contact for the Gay and Lesbian Health Services Group. Ex- lawyer Bomek would give pictures of “ young men”, more accurately boys. One was a “ young man” from northern Saskatchewan whose initials were JD . Bekolay liked his looks and used him in a room full of boy pornography.  To use northern boys in such a way was a regular occurence The details were discovered in Bomek’s diary from 2003 -2004.
    As the Ministry of Education knows we keep good records . It just happens in the 2003-04  year we had a student whose initials are JD. I would really like to see those photos. It is a very good possibility that I can recognise more than one of the boys. Now that year we had a wonderful Christmas concert. I had a broken ankle, cast and crutches. On Dec.16 rehearsal I gave a JD a shove to give him direction without words. On Feb.26 I was charged with assault for that shove. After spending $24,000 of donated money to protect myself and the mission the charges were  dropped. I would like to know the exact time that the police found the Bomek diaries. Somehow I think that the assault charge were dropped immediately after that.
    Sask Justice found no evidence that Bekolay was ever influenced by these favours and blackmail diary. Too bad Sask Justice and the RCMP don’t work with us. We believe that there is plenty of evidence that boys at least as young as 14 have been used to pay for legal favours, such as no investigation into possible murders, and no charges for bootlegging and drug dealing . These favours were not for the boys but for relatives or a foster parent. We believe that more than Bomek and Bekolay have been involved in this type of action. Our belief is based on very reliable sources.
    Why was Bekolay so protected before and after the diaries were found?  How could Bomek get to 20 molested clients before he was disbarred? Why didn’t the diaries lead to investigations in northern communities so people like us could give and receive relevant information?  Why are the people who give evidence of sexual abuse, drug dealing, and possible murder so often attacked by the courts and police while the perpetrators are protected? The NDP were in government for 17 years in their last stint. Their people are in place in the courts and especially in the Ministry of Justice. Their people are “spineless playboy”  Romanow, former NDP President Bekolay, those who fed him boys and those who protected him.  A real and thorough  investigation should begin. Gay