Friday, March 25, 2011

Who catalogued the boys

March 25,2011
15th. Anniversary of L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord
    To recap: Exlawyer Bomek has available a catalogue of northern boys to show Judge Bekolay. He chose one, then when the chosen boy arrives Bomek informs Bekolay. Bekolay arrives at Bomek’s home and uses the boy while Bomek is part of the action. There is pornographic pictures of naked boys on the walls of the room. The police investigate and find a diary which details the action, names, place and time.  This scenario is repeated many times and not one but many northern boys are used. SaskJustice and the judge consortium of Saskatchewan decide that Bekolay had a “ conflict of interest”. Gormley thinks he should have been charged with “ behaviour unbecoming a judge.” As a reward Bekoly gets his yearly salary of $195,000 but doesn’t have to do any work.
    Not until we got a copy of Gormley’s book did we hear anything of this. No one mentioned it to us , we never saw it on the news. To our knowledge MBC, Aboriginal Radio did not cover this. CBC North did not cover this. No one cared that northerners were not fully informed that sons, nephews, students , community members were being catalogued and sexually abused by a judge in sex orgies.  Not only did no one care it seems that there was a deliberate media block in the North. This isn’t the first time.
    Bekolay resigned as judge only after his illness became public. It is more than hinted that his illness was AIDS related. So the judge not only turned young boys into morally wasted, confused young men, with drug addictions he likely did his part in spreading AIDS throughout the North.This is just a conflict of interest? Just unbecoming behaviour?
    It is serious criminal actions that concerns child pornography, selling boys for legal favours and drugs for sexual purposes , transmitting and spreading a deadly disease through the use of minors.  It is complete contempt for the people of the  northern half of the province. To state it is racist, a display of hatred to a specific group of people is an obvious understatement.
      Excuse me. This issue is not closed. There are many unanswered questions. Here are
  a few. Bekolay was the President of the NDP while NDP Romanow was leader and Premier.
Obviously Romanow and Bekolay were the best of friends. Romanow would never tolerate a party president that he couldn’t use. Romanow would know of Bekolay’s life style . It was stated that everyone knew that Bekolay was “gay”. It is hard to believe that Romanow did not know of his preferences and social life. Why then did Romanow immediately make Bekolay a judge ? It is not likely that Bekolay developed a preference for boys en mass just after he became a judge and in his fifties. Why was this not investigated as a paedophile ring with investigations throughout the NDP leadership including Romanow ?
    Gormley mentions there was no evidence that the  judge was influenced in his decisions .Huh !? If there was no evidence it is because the investigators including SaskJustice made sure that they could find no evidence. It is very strange to have an investigation that does not include the homes, communities and contacts of the victims.
Why was this not done?
    These victims come from communities 900 ,600, 400 km away from Prince Albert. It is very unlikely that Bomek made contact with these boys when they asked for a double fudge, rocky road ice cream cone at Bomek’s stand. There had to be some transmitters. Who catalogued these boys? Who gave permission for the photos? What other information was given to the judge such as age, orphan, mother not available et c?This is a very important question. I repeat, who collected the pictures for the catalogue? Who was Bekolay’s northern contact? This must be answered.  Gay