Monday, March 28, 2011

Denying Jesus

March 28, 2011
            Ever since a priest kicked me in the teeth for kneeling at Communion I have recommitted myself to never take Communion without kneeling. The priest did not do any physical harm  but he did firm up my resolve. Churches generally leave me alone on this issue except Southend where the priest has let us know that he doesn’t want us in the building. One reason he gave is “ some people in La Ronge don’t like your blog “. Recently I’ve written a lot about those few people in La Ronge who don’t like my blog..
            I thought otherwise, I’m safe. When we go to Prince Albert for medicals  we can make it to the Mont St. Joseph Mass. We were told that we can’t stand for the Gospel because of the people in the wheelchairs can’t stand. Okey, whether or not this makes sense we don’t stand.  Yesterday two songs were sung with Alleluiah included. This is Lent. That word shouldn’t be sung. Both of us kept silent about it . Then before I get out of the building I am strong armed against my kneeling at Communion.( Not by the priest.)
The argument or command  was rationalised because it seems that I have difficult kneeling. Of course I often have difficulty kneeling for various reasons One reason is that having a cataract doesn’t improve one’s balance which is why we are in Prince Albert. John is always there so we don’t disturb the flow. Now it is time to go on the offensive on this.
It often is difficult to kneel for Communion without a Communion Rail so why is there no Communion Rail? The answer is because they have been removed.( except kept in the Anglican Churches. God bless them and may they come to our rescue by joining the Catholics.)   And why have they been removed? The answer is to stop people from kneeling. And why do or did  they want people to stop kneeling. The obvious answer is because it facilitates denying the Actual Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
It is a heresy to deny the Actual Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. People can never be wrong and in sin alone. They need to campaign to get other people involved. Probably most people who stand at Communion and at the time of Consecration would say that they believe in the Actual Presence. So why do they do it? The answer is that they don’t like the prospect of being bullied while leaving the Mass and they don’t like  being different from other people so they do what all those other people do who don’t like being different.
Whatever way you cut it if you don’t kneel when you can including with difficulty  you are participating in denying the Presence of Christ. The Wise men knelt to the baby Jesus. Numerous Biblical passages stress  that people knelt to Jesus and stress that in the End all people will kneel to Jesus. What right have we to impose a practice that states “Jesus, You are not my Lord an my God.”
Rather than those who kneel being constantly put on the defensive it is time for those who refuse to kneel to explain themselves. It is time for religious orders who have removed or never built Communion Rails to explain themselves. It is time for bishops who have ordered the removal or the non-building  of Communion Rails to explain themselves. It is time for bishops who were innocent of the practice of former bishops to correct this injustice.
In the Mass as in other events in life we use our bodies to speak and to reinforce truths and attitudes. If you don’t kneel to Jesus when you can, you deny Jesus. Gay