Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Respecting the Wishes of the Dead

March 29, 2011

    While there is ample evidence that Quebec is full of corruption, anti- Christian forces and statist thuggery there still is the Quebec that we love. Father Andre LaChappelle lost his life on March 11 while he rushed to be with his parish in Sendai, Japan.  His ten  fellow missionaries did not rush to go home but are serving their various parishes in Japan. They know that they may be the last chance for many to receive the Sacraments. In Quebec a friend of Father LaChappelle explained that Father went to Japan so that people could be free and happy. There are still people who believe that the Christian Faith is the source of happiness and freedom and are willing to give their life to reach others with that Faith.
    When I went to the Girvin Reunion I was shocked to learn that my brother Warren deleted my entry about our sister Judith and about my family from the history book. At the Fisher reunion our children watched with amazement when my sister Joan edited my entry in the history book. These little irritants become rather big when we were told by the same two that my brother Eric left no will, that I couldn’t go to the memorial service in Montreal, Meanwhile I was told by an honest Quebec authority that I was his heir and that he left considerable money to me. In the last month we have been promised a copy of my brother Eric’s will twice. We were told that this is the will from 1999 to 2005, that the 2005 will is different. We have also been told that the will which does not exist came into existence in 2005 and it does not mention me.  We were also told in writing that Mr. Stephane LaRose is “ no longer implicated in the will of Eric White.” We were also told by silence that the Samuels Law firm after taking a considerable amount of our money will not help us in the least.
    Now the two interesting things about this is my brother Eric died on Sept.16, 2004 so of course there is no real 2005 will. The second is although we have seen pictures of this will so far it has not arrived in the mail although many other things from the same source do,
    Meanwhile a Regina businessman who gave amply to the mission assured us that after his death we and the mission would be financially protected. This was the position taken by his heir in the first two months of his father’s death. Then he reversed himself. The father obviously did not.
    No we haven’t missed a meal . Everyday there is more than enough work to do. But my brother Eric and this businessman made commitments that are not honoured by those with whom they were entrusted . Doesn’t that matter anymore? When there is little respect for the living there is no respect for the wishes of the dead.
    Eric enabled Canada to receive an Emmy for Telecommunications breakthroughs that greatly expanded the international entertainment industry. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned film was sent to CBC via bomber jet. When her grandson, Prince William will get married we’ll see it live on the spot at Westminster Cathedral.  The difference was made by pioneer electronic engineers like Eric.That is only a few of his accomplishments. He lived in Quebec for 40 years .A Montreal lawyer can absolve himself of his responsibilities to his client whenever he decides and whenever the Samuels, the Curateur Public and he have had their cuts?. Eric and the Regina businessman wanted to support us and the mission. The issue is not what you, lawyers and others  think of us. The issue is are wills going to be respected or not ?. Gay