Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bathroom Law Goes Beyond the Bathroom

March 30,2011

    The so called Bathroom Law, the Gender Rights Act endorsed by the Liberals,NDP and Bloc Quebecois goes far beyond the bathroom. This is In Your Face Control of Canada by an anti- family minority. It is not about helping Johnny who likes playing dolls accept his personality. It is about Johnny accepting that he really is a Joanny. If Suzy kicks a soccer ball the change agents former teachers will be there to help her understand that she really is a boy called Sue. No one will be able to graduate from or get to University unless they accept one confused herm is just as good as another. After all we can’t have doctors, lawyers and nurses who defy the Constitution. The notorious homosexual parties of the Education College, U of S will become a mandatory first year class.
    We already have a situation in Saskatchewan where a small clique in the Justice Ministry can decide if you are entitled to have an association or group. If they don’t like you or if they suspect that you harbour incipient Christian morality you won’t be allowed to be registered as a Non- Profit Corporation. That means that you and your group will be rendered illegal and will not be allowed to own property including the property that you already have. Every church of every denomination will be under attack. The Catholic Church will be especially vulnerable because (a) She owns a lot of property ( b) She’s effective ( c) She doesn’t allow women priests. The Churches finances and organisations will be scrutinised by Gender Rights police.  Giving to Development and Peace will not only be mandatory that lot will be running the show. Profamily groups will be outlawed and giving Church funds and help to them will be considered an attack on human right. When Brent and Josh and other sweet couples like those featured in Country Living Magazine want to get married they will not only force a Commissioner of Oaths to marry them but will expect the Priest, the Cathedral, the Hall and the CWL as caterers to be all part of the show.
    The Catholic Schools already full of diluted Catholicism will become outlawed or will become an heretical ghost of their former self.
    There will be absolutely no gains for the prolife movement. Men don’t have babies. Therefor women don’t have to carry babies. The anti- lifers in the early seventies had a slogan “ If men got pregnant abortion would be a sacrament.” Men don’t get pregnant. Women do and abortion will be considered a sacred right and rite paid by the taxpayer of course.
    As former Lib leader Paul Martin campaigned, the Notwithstanding clause will be scrapped. The only provincial governing body willing to use the Notwithstanding clause is the Quebec government. Socialist Allen Blakeney would not go along with the Trudeau Charter of Rights because he said that it would shift power from the electorate to the Supreme Court. Therefore he insisted that a clause Notwithstanding the Charter be inserted so governments can protect themselves from the Charter. Look, when a Socialist gives you something hang on and run with it.
    Under Gender Rights every law, regulation and policy will be under review.  Forcing change will be a government growth industry. We now have the absurd situation of the Minister of Justice asking the Supreme Court what laws can be passed to protect the conscience of ministers and commissioners of oaths. Unless we are willing to use the Notwithstanding Clause the provincial legislatures might as well close shop and go home. We’ll just get bulletins now and then from the Supreme Court as to what laws they like.
    Judge Bekolay who participated in sex orgies using northern boys will have a bronze statue of himself in the courts as a pioneer in Gender Rights. Well he didn’t equally use girls but he gave us northern courts that certainly protect child molestation judging by the Southend Court.
  The Left Lib Coalition really don’t care about stupid policies like pretending to give more money to students. What they want is the minds, souls and bodies of the students. The three Her Majesty’s Disloyal Opposition Parties have never supposedly agreed on anything. The Liberals are supposed to be against the Separatists. The Separatist are supposed to be committed only to messing up Quebec. The NDP are supposed to be for the working man.
Now they have come out with an issue in which they all can agree and make a Coalition that could defeat a Conservative government. Nothing matters more than imposing an anti- family agenda on all Canadians.
    This Three in One party must be equally defeated to the point of decimation to force them to get back to the reality that a political party must attempt to appeal to the majority of Canadians, and operate within a free and democratic society. Fight. Gay